Kouha was the first to arrive. No surprise there, and he made sure of it, too. Then Titus came. You were happy that he came so early so that you could study. Kouha seemed annoyed that you were paying more attention to Titus than him. Though he didn't really say anything about it, which was good for you, because you really didn't seem to care. It wasn't long until Judal arrived and he showed up with lots of alcohol, proclaiming that 'what's a party without it'. Then Kougyoku and Hakuryuu came together, followed by Alibaba and that girl he was at the restaurant with. Her name was Morgiana. Then Sphintus came and that was about it...for now. You didn't know who else Judal had invited. Now, surprisingly, people weren't expecting you to have any ideas on what to do, but more of Judal. He got everyone playing this game where there are three stacks of card. One has a person's name on it, another has a body part on it, and the third has what to do. So it could be like 'hit' 'Judal' 'face', which is what you hoped to get. At some of the things being written down on the cards. you figured out why Judal bought so much alcohol. He, Kouha, and Sphintus had started drinking. Kougyoku was drinking a bit too, though she just had a wine cooler and was drinking it slowly. Kouha was trying to get you to start drinking, saying that it will loosen you up, but you refused. "I'll go first," Judal said. It was his idea after all, so there was the chance that everyone was going to volunteer him anyway. He chose three cards. You couldn't help but to smirk at the look that was on his face. "Lick, Kouha, face," he read aloud. Kouha backed up.

"Draw again," he said in defense, starting to drink a bit more after that. Everyone else found this a bit amusing. Though there was no surprise there. Judal was of course agreeing with Kouha about drawing again, but it was quite obvious that everyone wanted to see this exchange go on, and that there was no way out of it. So Kouha closed his eyes tightly because he did NOT want to see this. You pulled out your phone, deciding to be a good girlfriend and take a picture for later use. With an aggravated sigh, Judal walked over to Kouha.

"You BETTER not take a picture, [Name]," he hissed. You nodded. You were recording. Judal reluctantly, stuck his tongue out and licked Kouha's soft cheek. He immediately pulled his tongue away as if tasting something bitter, "Do you have lotion on your face?" Kouha nodded before opening his eyes and running to go scrub his cheek. Judal tried to wipe his tongue before drinking a bit more. It wasn't long until Kouha returned.

"It's only natural that I'd care about my skin so much," Kouha mused as he drew a card, since it was now his turn. Everyone could pretty much guess what he wanted, but it wasn't likely that he would get it. He let out a irritated sigh as he looked down at his cards. You went behind him to read what they were, since you knew that it was probably bad and he wouldn't want to do it.

"Kiss, Titus, nose," you read before letting out an 'aww'. It would seriously be cute to see your boyfriend kissing the tip of Titus's nose. You were definitely going to record this. It was just perfect. Kougyoku also let out an 'aww'. It was no surprise that she would think that this was cute. What was surprising though, was that because of this, Titus started to drink a bit. He was blushing, but it was because of embarrassment. Kouha went over to Titus.

"Let's just get this over with," he mused. He leaned forward a bit and reluctantly kissed the tip of Titus's nose, who's blush deepened. Sphitus looked at you and Kougyoku weirdly since you both looked as if you've seen a puppy kiss a kitten. Kouha wanted his manhood back, so he made his new position of wrapping his arms around you from behind. It was now Titus's turn. He drew three cards and blushed deeply.

"Is it doing something to another boy?" Kougyoku asked, hopefully. Once again, Shpintus had a weird stare. Titus shook his head before reading out loud what he had gotten.

"Suck, [Name], neck...," Titus read this a bit sheepishly. Normally he wasn't the blushy nervous type, but with a game like this and the fact that most of the people in the room were used to being in something that's a porn shop, this wasn't surprising. Kouha's eyes were wide though, and his grip on you tightened,

"Hell, no," he said. He didn't yell it, didn't scream it, but said it in a voice that said 'you damn well know better than to do that'. Titus was at a lost and you pushed away from Kouha.

"It's just a game," you sighed, before displaying your neck to Titus by tilting your head, "Go on." Titus went closer to you, a bit nervously, and trying not to look at Kouha who was glaring. The blonde slowly moved his mouth to the side of your neck and started to suck on it. You blushed and bit your lip and Judal did a whistle. All of that caused Kouha to pull you away.

"Alright, that's enough," he said. You laughed slightly because you thought his jealously was cute. It was now your turn to choose. You looked at your three cards and smiled because you wouldn't mind doing this at all.

"Hug, Kougyoku, arm," you said. Kougyoku giggled because she would be used. Judal pouted.

"No fair, yours is normal," he complained, crossing his arms. You walked over to Kougokyu, ignoring him. She giggled again and extended a thin arm to you. You just hugged her arm as if it weren't weird and something that people do everyday. Once you were done, it was now Kougyoku's turn to choose. She grabbed three cards and her face looked a bit surprised. It was as if she wasn't sure what to really do. You wondered if she had to kiss or lick Kouha because he was her brother.

"Squeeze, Alibaba, ass...," she read. Alibaba blushed immediately and you looked at Morgiana. She looked as if her heart was crushed, which was a pretty big reaction to have, but you didn't know her that well. Kouha, instead of doing a brotherly protest, smirked in amusement hoping to see some drama. Kougyoku sighed and walked over to Alibaba. As soon as her hand got on his ass, he looked as if he were going to faint. Once Kougyoku was done, Alibaba looked as if he didn't want to draw any cards.

"Go on," Hakuryuu said, after a few seconds. You had forgotten that he was even there. Alibaba gave a sigh and drew three cards. Judal went behind him to see what it was and he started laughing. That raised interest in Hakuryuu and Kouha so they went to look. Kouha did the same as Judal and Hakuryuu gave an apologetic sigh for Alibaba.

"K-Kiss, S-Sphintus,...tummy," Alibaba read. He looked scared and you kind of felt sorry for him. Alibaba just stood there, blushing hard. There were a lot of blushes happening that night. Kougyoku smiled slightly, deciding to help out.

"You don't have to do it...," she said. Everyone knew that Alibaba was jitterish about doing something with a female, so you were damn sure that that would multiply if it were about a male. Judal didn't think so and he pushed Shpintus ,who had been slowly migrating to the door, over to Alibaba. The jittery blonde decided that Judal and Kouha would force him to do it, so he picked up Shpintus's shirt and gave his stomach a quick peck.

"Well, that probably counted," you said, deciding to push the game along, "Your turn Shpintus." Sphintus nodded and drew three cards before saying 'thank God'. He went over to Morgiana and licked her forehead. He was probably happy that he didn't have to do something to a male. Morgiana blushed, but then drew some cards. You didn't expect her to say it out loud, but Titus was behind her, so he did.

"Grope, [Name], Neck," he said. You all knew that something that would be kind of 'off' to do might happen. But Morgiana sighed and went over to you, wrapping her hands around you neck, giving it a squeeze. Kouha was smirking and nodding slightly. You figured that he was into this kind of thing. To think he'd have a bit of a sadist side. It was now your turn, and you drew three cards. You smirked at Kouha and went over to him. He smirked back.

"Mmm, what do you have to do~?" he purred. Kougyoku blushed and looked away, she didn't want to see the PDA. You however, punched Kouha, 'low below'. You found out that he wasn't a masochist.

To be continued! Review what cards you want chosen and who you want it chosen by. Be reasonable, though. -_-

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