Warning! Abuse and Semi-Detailed Violence. Readers are warned.

Prologue: Rise of the Banshee

"Banshee, a XXXXX Rated Dark/Light Creature, many wonder how it can be either Dark or Light and that depends on the type, the lesser Banshee more commonly known as the Dementor and the Common Banshee are both Dark, while the Greater or True Banshee feasts only on the life force and magic (But not Soul) of those with Evil intention. No one is quite sure why this is but because of it a True or Greater Banshee is considered Light, but do not let that fool you, they can be just as vicious to those of the Light if provoked"

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them (Unspeakable Edition)

Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whining, Surrey.

Vernon Dursley while normally somewhat abusive to his step-niece Athena Artemis Potter had be confronted with an unsavory discovery, Some place called Hogwarts (Ridiculous name) had found out Athena was a Freak and wanted to teach her how to use that freakiness. That wasn't going to happen no sirree, As Vernon debated on what to do he drunk more and more of his brandy until it hit him, they couldn't well teach the girl 'magic' (Even in his mind he felt disgusted by thinking the word) if she wasn't alive now can they.

With a dark gleam in his eyes Vernon ripped open the door to Athena's cupboard under the stairs and dragged her into the cellar, Petunia and Dudley Dursley both looked at each other as they heard Athena's screams of pain and saw her being dragged into the Cellar, they knew what Vernon was planning and both began to pray for a miracle, they would have helped Athena but for two things. First they were terrified of Vernon and second they didn't want Vernon to start attacking them instead.

Down in the cellar Athena screams as Vernon begins to lay into her with his fists, she screams as her ribs break, blood starts leaking from her mouth, and lower regions as her stomach, lungs and wombs start to hemorrhage under the assault Vernon is placing them under, in her pain she starts to scream "Mommy, Daddy please help me, please help me"

THUD. Vernon having picked up an old bat of Dudley's left in the Cellar starts beating Athena, first he breaks her legs with it, then her arms. Finally he slams it down on her abdomen and wave of blood stains her underwear. Vernon then slugs Athena hard as he can in the face and walks away, locking the cellar door behind him.

Athena lays in the darkness choking on her own blood and feeling more numb with every second, around her a pool of her blood spreads. Athena can feel the pain in her stomach and starts to cry for the fact that she may never be able to have children, ignoring her eminent demise she curses Vernon for taking her chance of having children away from her. Her last curse before Lady Death claims her is 'I'll kill you Vernon, no matter what I'll come back from the dead and I will kill you'

Place Between Life and Death

Athena suddenly feels warmth, she opens her eyes to see she is no longer in the cellar, instead she is lying down on a warm sandy beach, around her are dozens if not hundreds of red seashells, she looks around to see three strangers in the distance. One is a Man with messy black hair, another a Woman with Red hair and Emerald Green eyes. The Last is a Woman with Pale White Skin and Luscious Black Hair that goes down to her waist, she is wearing elaborate black robes with black flowers outlined in silver all over it. She gasps weakly. They look towards her and the Red-haired Woman and the Man start to cry and run towards her.

James and Lily Potter had wondered why Lady Death had called them hear, but before they can speak they hear a gasp and when they turn to the source. the see a Girl on the sand, surrounding her are hundreds of Red Seashells, she isn't wearing anything but some rags that might be underwear, her skin looks like it might be pale, but they can't see its color under the thousands of bruises. Her arms and legs are bent at unnatural angles and several of her ribs have broken through the skin. Her hair looks like it might be black but is currently a dirty brown from the blood that has dried in it. Her left eye is Emerald Green, but her right is Red and barely visible under the swelling black eye around it.

Then it clicks, they know who they are looking at. "Athena!" Lily and James shout before running towards the broken body that is their daughter. They kneel next to her and instantly realize the Red Seashells are actually the pool of blood surrounding her body.

"M-m-mommy, D-d-daddy, you c-came I-I c-called" Athena weakly coughs up blood "Y-you finally c-came, V-Vernon g-got angry a-at me, s-strange l-letter. D-do you k-know what a H-Hogwarts is, t-their l-letter made V-Vernon a-angry. H-he hit m-me, I-it was s-so cold. P-please d-don't leave m-m-mee-" Athena falls unconscious after the last word.

Lily and James are shaking in anger at Vernon Dursley suddenly a voice interrupts them "While your anger is justified, please remain calm, I have something I want to ask you" Lady Death's voice pierces through the haze of anger. James and Lily look at Death and Lily asks "What do you want to know my Lady?" Death smiles "I want to ask you if you are fine with me sending Athena back to the world of the living" "Of cour-" "But, there is a cost, In order to send her back she would have to become a True Banshee, she would become a monster that feeds on other monsters, she would however gain back all that she has lost. I ask you then, would you let your daughter live, even as a monster?" James and Lily look at each other for but a second "Yes" Without hesitation they reply in Unison. Death nods and waves her hand over Athena, suddenly Athena's wounds are healed and she looks to be in the peak of health, her skin however is now the same unnaturally pale white as Lady Death's, her hairs tips are now silvery-white for the last inch and a half. She begins to radiate silvery white fog and she fades slightly, almost like a ghost. Athena opens her eyes and they are still Emerald Green but they glow with Unnatural power. Then Athena Vanishes.

Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whining, Surrey, Cellar.

Athena wakes back in the world of the living, her clothes are gone but the blood surrounding her rises up and molds itself onto her body, turning into a black dress similar to Lady Death's but with Silver Snowflakes instead of outlined flowers. Athena smiles softly to herself for a second then her face is filled with rage as she remembers what Vernon did. She stalks up the stairs like a dangerous predator. She reaches the door and finds it locked, without even blinking she turns her nails into talons sharp enough to slice through dragonhide and rends the door. Vernon who had been terrorizing his wife and child in front of the door turns as he feels a fragment of the cellar door hit him, his red face suddenly goes white as he sees Athena standing there with anger, no Pure Undiluted Rage, on her face. Before Vernon can even take a step Athena grabs him, moving faster than any human could ever hope to. Athena then cackles madly, not unlike a certain female Death Eater and whispers in Vernon's ear "Well, Uncle. Did you know us freaks can come back. Guess you didn't" Athena squeezes her hand and severs Vernon's head from his shoulders.

Petunia and Dudley while disgusted don't make any attempt to help Vernon, they had had enough and were happy to watch him get his just deserts. Petunia watches as Athena drops Vernon's corpse "You know you can't stay here anymore Athena" Athena just nods, Petunia sighs "I guess you would want to anyway right?" Athena nods "Well let me tell you about the Wizarding world, you see you mother and you are witches. Using wands you can learn magic, I give you some instructions on how to get to Diagon Alley and when you're there go to Gringotts, you should be able to access your parents vault, use the money to buy the goods in the letter and a house. I'm sorry for not helping you Athena" Petunia then describes Diagon Alley and how to get there, she gives Athena some warning about the Goblins and how the Purebloods will act towards her. Athena smiles and whispers something in Petunia's ear. Petunia then hustles Dudley out the house. Athena then turns the gas over on without lighting it. She waits ten seconds before walking out the back door and throwing a lighter back through the open door. As she walks away the gas ignites and the house explodes in flames.

Athena jumps over the back fence and walks towards London and a new future.

A/N I'm hoping that this story will be liked. It's going to be very in-depth and descriptive. Athena will be a Slytherin and will quickly grow to be the power in that house. However she will also be respected and feared by all the students, by the second or third year she'll be the nominal leader of Hogwarts.

Now for some more detail about the True Banshee. Athena can't be slain by anything normal, the killing curse won't work but some other very power spells like Fiendfyre or something similar will work on her. She can mist or ghost through walls, she constantly emits fogs around herself, as she grows more powerful the fog will start to act like a Dementor. As stated her nails can grow into two-inch long talons that can slice through dragonhide, her skin is quite resilient but flammable, as long as the flames are incredible powerful, as stated Fiendfyre or Dragon Flames are pretty much the only thing capable of injuring her. The Patronus will weaken her and cause her to flee like a Dementor, however if the wizard or witch casting the Patronus is weaker than her Athena will just ignore it. Later around Book 5 or 6 she'll learn to use the mist to travel like a Phoenix and will be able to bypass wards and the Fidelis (Is that how it's spelt) charm. Athena can communicate with Dementors and Lesser Banshees (The Banshee Lockhart talks about is a lesser Banshee) and will have a level of control over them.

All in All Athena is powerful but has weaknesses and like any other sentient can grow too arrogant, also she can come back from the dead but has to wait anywhere between a day and a Millennium depending on what Lady Death decides, of course this also means she can't come back as well if Death decides that.

Yes Athena will have a child at some point.


P.S I'm thinking of doing a PJO Crossover after Athena defeats Voldemort. It would be pretty interesting for Athena the Banshee to meet Athena the Goddess. The Lady Death thing will also be answered if the Crossover happens. No pairing has currently been decided.