It's my birthday (Yay!) So to celebrate I am giving a special pre-release of chapter four of Banshee of Hogwarts, It is almost complete, however the songs and most of the weekend aren't here. This hasn't been pre-checked and may contain errors or plot ideas that may not exist in the final rendition of this story. Any glaring errors or plot holes pointed out will be fixed before the final release. It's similar to a Game Beta or alpha.

Chapter 4: The First Week (Birthday Pre-release)

The Next morning Athena wakes up and smiles. It seems that Daphne and Tracey had sleepwalked over to her in the night. Athena smirks as she decides to have some fun with them. She waits a few seconds as they wake up and loudly comments "Wow… Last night was fun"

"WHAT" both Tracey and Daphne shout!

"Well first you two came over and then you started talking about using your tongue, I asked you to prove it and one thing lead to another. You've got an amazing tongue" Daphne turns bright red, Tracey looks horrified, Athena's face remains impassive for a few seconds, Athena then loses the battle to remain serious and bursts out laughing. Daphne and Tracey then both turn red in anger as they realize they've been had by Athena. Athena eventually stops laughing.

"In truth you two probably sleepwalked over to me at one point or another, come on let's go have a shower. I also curious as to why neither of you questioned the fact that all three of us are fully clothed?" Daphne and Tracey slap each other in the back of the head for that comment; they really should've noticed that little fact.

Athena quickly gets herself ready and heads to the Great Hall for breakfast, a curious change happens to her demeanor, when in her private room she is cheerful and quite humorous, however when she walks out her room she becomes a perfect Pureblood Lady, her somewhat cold demeanor actually endears her to the older Slytherins who can recognize such etiquette.

Athena quickly makes her way down to the Great Hall, some of the older students who are already up stop and gawk at her as she walks past. The Slytherin students just nod politely to her. Athena although she's only been here less than a day already loves Hogwarts, she loves walking through the corridors, she loves the dark gloomy dungeons (Banshees of all types are drawn to dark and cool places) She loves the high vaulted ceilings. Athena knows that if she could she'd live here, Hogwarts is a place of great magic and that draws her (Athena is also drawn to ancient architecture) She walks through the open doors of the Great Hall and a hush falls over the students gathered there, then like a bubble bursting the noise of several hundred students talking returns. Athena sits down at the Slytherin table, across the table Draco Malfoy freezes up as Athena's eyes fall on him. "Malfoy!" Draco stiffens up.

"Y-yes, Lady Potter-Black" Athena grins at the fear in Draco's voice.

"Since you've done a good job keeping Crabbe and Goyle presentable I have another task for you" Draco gulps

"What is it, my lady?" Athena smirks

"Don't worry, all you have to do is prevent Crabbe and Goyle from making fools of themselves in class, can you do that" Draco sighs in relief, another easy task.

"Easily, My lady" Athena smiles

"Good" Athena then turns away from Draco and starts helping herself to breakfast, as she is eating Athena opens up her Advanced Potions book she has with her and starts reading.

"Good Morning" Athena politely comments to Daphne as she and Tracey sit down.

"Good Morning" is Daphne's equally polite and emotionless response to Athena. Tracey just shakes her head as she watches Daphne and Athena try to outdo each other's 'Ice Queen' persona, the rest of the Slytherins nearby watch as well, despite its chilly nature watching two girls try to make themselves a better 'Ice Queen' than the other is quite entertaining to watch.

"Good Morning, Miss Greengrass, Lady Potter-Black" The king of emotionless Severus Snape cuts in. Athena and Daphne turn towards him, Snape hands them each a piece of parchment. "Here is your time table, please don't lose it as you only get one copy" Athena and Daphne nod.

Lessons Timetable

Potter-Black. Athena, A. Slytherin, Student ID 227-S


9:30-11:30 Transfiguration Professor McGonagall Class - 1-1

13:30-15:30 Charms Professor Flitwick Class - 4-2


9:30-11:30 Astronomy Theoretical, Professor Sinistra Class - AT

23:30-1:30 Astronomy Practical, Professor Sinistra Class - ATT


9:30-11:30 Defense against the Dark Arts, Professor Quirrel Class - 3-4

13:30-15:30 Herbology, Professor Sprout Class - GH 1


9:30-11:30 History of Magic, Professor Binns - Class - 2-3

Thursday Afternoons Free


9:30-11:30 Potions, Professor Snape - Gryffindor, Class - Dun 6

Friday Afternoons Free

Class Legend. (Level-Room), Dun=Dungeon, AT=Astronomy Tower, ATT=AT Top, GH = Greenhouse.

Saturday and Sundays

Electives available:

Morning: Magical Art, Muggle Art, Vocals, Basic Care of Magical Creatures, Finances, Noble Etiquette (Dress Robes required), Dueling and Strategy

Afternoon: Spell Creation, Basic Arithmancy, Basic Ancient Runes, Ward Creation, Ward Breaking, Advanced Potions, Advanced Herbology, Advanced Charms and Advanced Transfiguration

Two Electives may be chosen for each morning and afternoon up to a total of eight. Advanced Electives require permission or invitation from the professor in question. Dueling, Spell Creation and Strategy require permission from a Guardian and/or Head of House (Family or Noble not school), Class locations will be given once an Elective is chosen.

"Hmm" Athena muses.

Daphne looks over "Elective huh, what are you thinking of choosing?"

Athena hums "Maybe Vocals, Finances, Noble Etiquette and Dueling for the morning and Spell Creation, Basic Arithmancy, Basic AR and Ward Creation for the afternoon"

Daphne laughs "How are you going to get your head of house to agree to that?"

"I wouldn't laugh Miss Greengrass" Snape cuts in, Daphne and Athena's heads both jerk upwards to look at him, they had forgotten he was there "Remember her title is Lady Potter-Black not Miss Potter-Black, that indicates that she is the Head of House for both Potters and Blacks, most likely due to the 'Last of Line' clause. So Lady Potter-Black needs no acceptance from another to do any subjects. Also I notice you are reading a book on Advanced Potions Lady Potter-Black, May I assume that you have an in-depth understanding of Potions then?"

Athena nods "You may professor; however I have no Practical experience"

Snape nods with a small smile "At least you have a head start on the theory" Snape then moves away smiling, happy that at least one student wouldn't be a 'Dunderhead' as he so often stated.

Daphne shakes her head "Only you could get on professor Snape's good side on the first day"

Athena smiles "What can I say, I'm just that good. Come on, eat up, we've got Transfiguration first"

Athena, Tracey and Daphne quickly finish their meals and Athena races off to Transfiguration.

Daphne and Tracey race after Athena "Wait a minute Athena; we don't know where the classes are?" Tracey comments. Mutely Athena shows the back of the time-table to Daphne and Tracey and they see a map on it. "Oh, I didn't notice that"

Athena smiles "I doubt most would, I think it's a test of our observational abilities. Or the professors just love playing pranks on the students, which wouldn't be so bad, if they do I'll just have to respond in kind" Daphne and Tracey both shiver at the mischievous smile on Athena's face at the prospect of pranking, it didn't promise anything good.

Azkaban, Sirius Black's Cell.

For some reason right as a Dementor is visiting Sirius gets the irresistible urge to do a victory dance, that any muggle would recognize as similar to Michael Jackson's Thriller dance moves, the sight of Sirius gleefully dancing like his mind was gone in front of a confused Dementor shocks Bellatrix Lestrange almost back to sanity, almost. Sirius mooning the Dementor at the end of his dance finishes the job.


Athena smiles with euphoria as she gets the feeling she'd just made someone very happy, she shakes the feeling off and heads to class.

Athena, Daphne and Tracey make it to Transfiguration five minutes before the class starts, they notice the door is open and look in. The only living thing in the class room is a cat sitting on the teacher's desk, Athena studies the cat for a moment before she smiles and winks at it, as she expected the cat winks back at Athena.

"Come on girls, let's sit down and get ready. I have a feeling we're going to need all the study time we can get to in order to succeed at this class" Athena comments as she makes her way to the left front row.

Daphne frowns slightly confused "Why would you say that Athena?"

Athena sighs "I read the entire textbook before school started, the theory is pretty complex, but since none of the other students are here let me give you a simple piece of advice" Daphne and Tracey lean in, McGonagall sitting in cat from on her desk also listens in. "While the Theory is very complex, I've found the practical seems fairly easy if you remember three basic steps, First visualize what you want the object to change into, second put the belief that you will change the object into what you have visualized into the spell and finally make the motion and speak the invocation. If you have a good visual and you believe it's going to change, it will." Daphne and Tracey nod dumbly, and then quickly realize how helpful that advice will be.

McGonagall is amazed by the simple yet well reasoned advice Athena gives her friends. She quickly realizes two things, One Athena is mostly likely going to be a prodigy at Transfiguration and two, she will probably have several happy moments due to Athena, the girls has already shown she has some ability to teach. If she helps Athena reach her potential she might add another Transfiguration master to the field. McGonagall inwardly smiles and then inwardly pouts 'Too bad she's in Slytherin, probably most of my Lions won't understand what she just said for several years'.

Athena leans back in a stretch, as she relaxes from the stretch she quirks her head and can hear the students getting closer. She smiles at this and relaxes a bit more. Athena watches as the students stream in. Neville after spotting her ignores his housemates and sits down next to Tracey, the two of them quickly start talking and comparing housemates and their favorite classes, apparently both Tracey and Neville have a knack for gardening and are looking forwards to Herbology on Wednesday. After the newcomers have sat down Athena looks at the instructions on the board and starts writing. After a couple of minutes two girls from Gryffindor, an Indian girl and another who apparently is a gossip monger according to gossip walk in. The gossip monger looks around and says "Thankfully the professor isn't here yet"

McGonagall jumps from her desk and mid-jump turns from a cat into a woman, the two girls a left awestruck along with the rest of the class except Athena who had already figured out where the professor was. "Miss Patil, Miss Brown you are both late, five points from Gryffindor each. Oh and Lady Potter-Black please take Twenty points to Slytherin for your very impressive breakdown of the basics of Transfiguration earlier." Athena nods respectfully to McGonagall for the complement and the points.

"Now I want you all to know, Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts" McGonagall stops and glares at Crabbe and Goyle who were joking around trying to set each other on fire with the matches on the desks, Athena likewise glares at Malfoy who pales knowing that he's going to get it for letting Crabbe and Goyle run amuck. McGonagall continues "Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned" McGonagall looks around and sees Athena's raised hand "Yes Lady Potter-Black?"

Athena sighs "Would you consider removing Crabbe and Goyle as they have already shown they aren't suitable for this class?" McGonagall looks approving as does the rest of the Slytherins; they aren't too impressed with the two idiots as it is. Malfoy thanks all his lucky stars she didn't include him as well. He then pales as Athena shoots him a dark glare.

"I'll talk to professor Snape about it, what would you have them do instead of Transfiguration?" McGonagall queries Athena

Athena's mouth splits into a grin that is just downright vicious "Well, I think Mr. Filch would like some help don't you professor?"

McGonagall smiles wickedly "Yes, I believe he would as well. Now, the first thing you will notice is the match on your desk, your first task is to transfigure that match into a needle, the spell to do so is written on the board"

Athena glances at the board and almost effortlessly turns her match into a needle; she then starts helping Neville, who was having problems having not heard her advice earlier. Daphne and Tracey while they haven't yet done a perfect Transfiguration are well on their way.

"Thirty points to Slytherin Lady Potter, Twenty for such quick and precise spellwork and ten for tutoring another student" McGonagall smiles, inwardly she is a little sad, she had hoped that James and Lily's daughter would be in her house, but a single glance of her last night had told her everything, she was a Slytherin through and through, at least her ability to force the Slytherins to work harder might make the Gryffindors step up their schoolwork in order to outdo Slytherin, then McGonagall gulps 'Dear Merlin , if that girl is as good or better at Quidditch as her father we haven't a chance'

Athena sighs happily as the bell rings and heads to lunch, she enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of working on transfiguration, but she was very hungry now from all the work she had just done. Athena stops as she hears an annoying voice that hadn't shut up all through Transfiguration.

"Hey, how could you say such things about your own housemates to the professor?" Hermione Granger's piercing voice nearly screams at Athena.

"Simple, it was the truth, I recognize that those two aren't the smartest in our house and would rather they do something productive instead of sit there with glazed expressions on their faces" At Athena's response all of the Slytherins including Crabbe and Goyle nod, Crabbe and Goyle knew they weren't smart and were quite happy to get out of Transfiguration, even if it meant helping clean the castle.

"It doesn't matter; you have no right to decide such things. How could you be such a heartless bitch to your own housemates?" Hermione flings back at Athena.

Athena scoffs and move closer so her nose is almost touching Hermione's "How could I be such a heartless Bitch, listen you little know-it-all you were the one who brought the issue up in a corridor full of people, I had the decency to at least wait until only our year level could hear before pointing those things out in class, so you had better shut your mouth before I do it for you" Hermione's glares at Athena before slapping her across the face, Hermione then shakes her stinging hand not expecting Athena's face to be so solid. "Oh you're so gonna get it now little bookworm" Athena slugs Hermione in the face breaking her nose and the two quickly fall to the ground, punching, slapping and even biting each other.

The other students gather around in the classic schoolyard fight circle and one of the Gryffindor boys shouts out "WOO, CATFIGHT" The students start screaming encouragement to the two girls fighting on the ground.

Nearby Snape and Flitwick are watching the whole thing, Snape turns to Flitwick and says "Two Galleons says Potter wins"

Flitwick grins "Three says she wins and leaves a mark on Granger's face other then the broken nose"

"Deal" the two teacher's shake on it.

Athena adds kicks, claws and elbows to her fight with her opponent while Hermione just tries to keep herself in the fight, Hermione quickly starts to look battered.

The fight goes on for ten minutes before Hermione is knocked out by Athena's devastating surprise head-butt. Athena gets up and smirks at the four long scratch marks she left on Hermione's right cheek. Snape hands over Three Galleons to Flitwick, grumbling a little but happy to see a Gryffindor get hurt, especially by one of his Snakes.

Athena strides towards the Great Hall with not so much as a hair out of place, Hermione on the other hand looks like she went five rounds with the Whomping Willow and lost, her broken nose gets a lot of attention from the other students in her house, but when they see Athena glaring at them they quickly decide that helping Hermione isn't worth ticking off the dangerous looking Slytherin.

Athena spots Malfoy trying to hide and makes the come-here hand-sign to him, unable to avoid it Malfoy walks over to accept his punishment. Athena looks him over for a second before hissing "You were supposed to keep those two in line, you've already failed" Athena then hits Malfoy with a series of Jinxes and Hexes that leave his skin Scarlet and his hair gold, with boils and a Permanent Wedgie applied to him. "Now as punishment it should take a couple of days for those spells to wear off. Until then deal with it" Athena spots the Slytherin house gathered around her "Until Malfoy's new color scheme wears off you are not to speak or even interact with Malfoy anywhere. Understood?" The house nods "Very well, Malfoy you will sit at the very end of the Slytherin Table and every class you will sit with the other houses until your punishment is over"

Athena then storms through the Great Hall doors to the Slytherin table to eat lunch. 'Damn it Malfoy, if you had done your job I wouldn't have to clean up after you' Athena growls to herself as she eats lunch. Daphne and Tracey on either side of her just shrug, they might not have been friends for long but they realize that Athena needs some alone time. Flora, Hestia and Michael on the other side of the table all shrug as well.

Snape walks in the Great Hall and is surprised to see his godson sitting there in Gryffindor colors, but then he smirks as he realizes that Athena must have told him to do something and he already failed, Snape walks up to Draco and says "Draco, what did you fail to do?" Draco looks up at his godfather but knows he isn't going to get sympathy so he sighs

"I was supposed to keep Crabbe and Goyle from screwing up in class, but they decided to try setting themselves on fire in Transfiguration. Athena had them removed from the class, which reminds me professor McGonagall will probably be speaking with you soon. Afterwards well… you saw the fight between her and Granger, it was because of the way Athena so coldly denounced Crabbe and Goyle's abilities, since I screwed up my punishment is to look like this for two or three days, and while colored like this be ostracized from the house and be forced to sit on the edge of the table or with the other houses till it wears off." Snape grins and Draco shudders.

"Well, it looks like I made a good choice in Athena, she'll keep this house in line" Snape then heads to the staff table, where he can see Minerva trying to keep her laughter in check and failing somewhat. Scratch that, failing spectacularly, just like the rest of the student body and most of the professors. Even Dumbledore and Filch are chuckling.

After a lunch full of laughter at Malfoy's expense, Athena walks towards her first Charms class. As she walks in she sees the Professor. Professor Flitwick is unlike other professor in the fact that he is in fact Half-Goblin, As she walks in he makes a small motion with his hands, Athena recognizes this motion as a sign of respect and nods to him, Flitwick smiles brightly at her. "Lady Potter-Black, I must thank you"

Athena frowns "May I ask why?'

Flitwick's grin becomes almost incandescent "Thanks to your superb fighting skills I won three Galleons off of Professor Snape, nice head-butt by the way"

Athena smiles as Hermione glowers in anger "Thank you Professor" Athena notices Hermione's glower "The pleasure was all mine" Hermione nearly breaks down and screams right then and there.

As the rest of the students walk in Athena apologizes to Daphne and Tracey for being so cold to them at lunch, they just wave her off with "Don't worry about it, you have to deal with Malfoy being an idiot and Granger being a shrew"

From behind them Michael Hemlock a Slytherin first year leans forwards and says "Yeah, don't worry about it Athena, all of us snakes knew that you needed some alone time and gave it to you" From either side of him Flora and Hestia nod their agreement.

Athena sighs and then turns back to them "Thanks Michael, Flora and Hestia. I needed that" After speaking with them at dinner last night and breakfast, Athena had been happy to discover some more friends to talk to. Flora and Hestia are the nieces of the two Famous Carrows. Their mother, the younger sister of the Carrows was murdered when she refused to side with the Dark Lord. Their father, a cousin of Daphne's hid them in the muggle world for most of their lives. Flora and Hestia are about 4'6" with pale white skin and brown hair; their eyes are a striking shade of green. There are only two ways to tell them apart, the first way is their hairstyles Hestia wears her hair in a braid while Flora lets hers hang loose, however they occasionally swap styles in order to trick people. The other way to tell them apart is their personalities, Hestia is quite open and friendly to those who approach her, she'll befriend anyone but if you start to torment people without good reason she'll forget you faster than you can blink, while Flora is fairly sarcastic to those who she doesn't know, due to her nature Flora embraces anyone who takes the time to befriend her and would go through hell for them.

Michael on the other hand is a member of the Ancient and Noble Hemlock family that hails from Russia. Despite being Russian his skin is actually olive similar to that of someone from Greece or Italy, his family has connections to noble Wizarding families from nearly every country in the world; he spent most of his life in Australia with his cousins the Daggerworth Family. Because of this his skin is darkly tanned. He's quite tall for his age being equal in height to Athena at 5'6", He has messy long brown hair which he has tied into a pony-tail, and he's quite muscular due to him practicing several martial arts and Kendo. Able to speak French and Russian in addition to English. His eyes however are the most striking feature of his body; Michael like most Hemlocks has glowing silver eyes. In Athena's opinion the best part of him however is his laid-back personality; he'll seem ignore any insults sent at him; however he then later makes crushing comebacks to whoever insults him in front of as many people as he can.

Michael then leans back as professor Flitwick starts his class. Unlike transfiguration the charms class begins with an overview of each year and what they are going to be doing in those years.

The schedule looks something like this:

First Year: Basic Charms

Second Year: Household Charms

Third Year: Memory Charms

Fourth Year: Specialized Charms

Fifth Year (OWLS): OWLS Level Charms and Basic Warding

Sixth Year (NEWT): NEWT Level Charms

Seventh Year (NEWT): Charm Creation and Advanced Warding

By the end of the class Athena's eyes are filled with stars, she can't wait for the later years when she gets to study the more advanced charms and spells. Athena has a very uneventful dinner speaking with Daphne, Tracey, Flora, Hestia and Michael.


Tuesday morning Athena gets up without any teasing of Daphne and Tracey, they seem to have remained in their own beds. Athena decides to be merciful. She then walks to the showers and has her shower before getting changed into her school uniform. Athena leaves the showers as Tracey and Daphne walk in. Athena nods to her friends and says "Good morning you two"

Daphne and Tracey blearily reply "Morning" before yawning.

Athena giggles at the state the two girls are in before she starts walking towards the Great Hall. Athena nods at Michael, Flora and Hestia as they fall in step beside her, they start talking about classes as they walk towards the Great Hall. Athena opens the doors for the group and they find they are some of the first students to enter the hall. Athena stops for a second and then side-steps a cream pie that came flying from a small launcher on the Gryffindor table. Michael catches the pie and starts eating it, he notices Flora and Hestia staring at him "What? I'm hungry!" The twins then shrug to each other and steal some of the pie. Athena just shakes her head at this.

Athena then starts to head over to the Gryffindor table, once at the table she walks till she is about midway down, stops and comments "Nice try boys, but your trap made noise. I could hear it, next time oil your contraption or place a silencing spell on it"

From under the table two red heads appear, one turns to the other and says "Well what do you know George? This Slytherin is lecturing us on traps"

The other replies "I thought she was lecturing us on pranks Fred, or are you George?"

George (Or is it Fred?) responds with "Its Tuesday I'm Fred today and your George"

Fred (Or is it George?) replies "How about Forge and Gred?"

George nods "Righto, I'm Forge"

Fred nods as well "And I'm Gred"

Athena shakes her head at the twins "Your mental, that's what you are. Fred" Athena looks at the left twin "George" Athena then looks at the right twin as they both have shocked expressions on their faces. Athena giggles internally at their faces before continuing with "Please don't attempt to prank me or my friends again, or you won't like the result" Athena then turns away from the shell-shocked twins and walks back to the Slytherin table, noticing Neville talking to a Hufflepuff girl with black hair at the Hufflepuff table, while another pair of Hufflepuff girls with red and blonde hair sit opposite to him talking to both him and the girl next to him, Athena waves at Neville who waves back, before going back to the conversation with the girl and her friends.

Tuesday's morning class is easy with them being only Astronomy, having been taught a lot of Astronomy by Walburga Black due to the Black family's love of astronomy and astronomically based names. Athena is able to quote facts and legends that even Hermione does not know, to the bookworm's anger and frustration. Athena smirks as she walks out of the Astronomy Theory class room. The rest of Slytherin laughs at Hermione's expression, except for Michael who is sleeping on his desk with a full stomach from the pie, yet somehow when Professor Sinistra wakes him up and tries to interrogate him on the lesson he answers all her questions perfectly. When Athena asks him about that as they are walking out the class he simply says "It's a skill I picked up sleeping through my lessons on Pureblood etiquette" Athena giggles at the answer and walks towards the Great Hall for lunch.

Lunch is an utterly unremarkable event with Athena just eating with her friends, Malfoy sitting at the far end of the Slytherin table by himself, silently sobbing, and Neville eating with the Hufflepuff girl he was talking to a breakfast at the Ravenclaw table.

The free afternoon until the late night Astronomy Practical class, Athena spends it reading and talking with her friends next to the lake. She watches as the Weasley twins dunk Malfoy under the water, Malfoy is actually laughing and having a blast with the twins (Who were happy to get another cats-paw inside of Slytherin, Although they know better than to attempt to prank Athena and her friends. Michael seems to be getting a little too friendly with the twins as well. Athena idly muses on what he might be up to). Hermione goes up to scold them only to join Malfoy in the lake. The screeches Hermione lets rip with make Athena wonder if she is descended from a Banshee. Everyone else just breaks down laughing at the bookworm of Gryffindor being soaking wet and looking like a cat that's just been dunked underwater. Athena saved Hermione's book-bag with a little bit of magic, then proceeded to shamelessly steal the rather racy romance novels she found inside of it, well most of them, Tracey and Michael stole… Ahem… Borrowed (Wink, Wink) a couple of novels as well.

The Astronomy Practical class was pretty normal with Athena quickly pointing out constellations and galaxies while Hermione glares at her in anger. The teacher, Professor Sinistra openly praises Athena, before scolding Hermione for not doing her work. That made Athena's day. Along with the days of pretty much everyone… no everyone in the class except Hermione.


Wednesday starts off fairly slow, while Daphne and Tracey had once again shifted over into Athena's bed she chooses not to tease them, this time. Athena quickly gets herself ready and walks to the Great Hall with Daphne, Tracey, Hestia, Flora and Michael. They quickly find a seat and start eating. Malfoy walks in with some relief on his face as the punishment spells have worn off, Athena nods slowly in his direction. Malfoy quickly understands the hidden message 'Strike one, don't mess up again or else!' Breakfast soon comes to a finish and they walk out just as Ronald Weasley comes screaming in late, just before he can grab some food to eat it disappears. Athena just laughs at the look of horror on his face.

Defense against the Dark Arts is one epic failure in Athena's mind, Quirrel stutters so much that he can barely be understood. Through the lesson Athena feels the deep hunger she felt when she devoured the Horcrux, she frowns. 'Is there a Horcrux present in this room? It's not like I can just ask unfortunately, I'll figure it out, eventually. Maybe the professor created one so that he wouldn't have to worry about dying again' Athena then shrugs and starts to read ahead in the textbook, she had already read half of it but still had the later chapters to read. However Athena loves to read and doesn't mind doing so when otherwise free.

Lunch is a simple affair with no immediate flare ups or problems. Malfoy seems to be openly crying tears of joy that he no longer has to sit away from the rest of his house, the rest of Slytherin is secretly crying tears of sorrow, they once again have to sit next to Malfoy. Athena eats more then she usually would having gotten extra hunger cravings from her time in DADA.

After lunch is Herbology, after the disappointment of Defense against the Dark Arts Athena wasn't too optimistic. However that changed the moment she walks into the Greenhouse, Professor Sprout quickly musters the class and has them working. Although they aren't yet working with dangerous plants, they are learning the basics or Herbology. Athena loves the class, quickly discovering her green thumb. In the years to come this would end up as Athena's second favorite class, after Potions that is. Athena and the rest of the class laughs openly at Malfoy being tangled up in some vine like plant, They laugh harder when Hermione tries her know-it-all routine and ends up just as tangled in the vines as Malfoy.

Dinner is just as uneventful as lunch, Athena however relishes in the peace. No longer does she have to worry about cooking for her fat monster of an uncle, Athena quickly shakes her head and dispels all thought of the monster known as Vernon Dursley.


On Thursday, Athena wakes up alone with Daphne and Tracey in their bunk beds. Athena just shrugs wondering why they keep alternating, she hopes they either pick one or the other eventually.

An uneventful breakfast follows, however Athena does learn of the locations of her elective classes, and a request from the vocals teacher to sing at both lunch and dinner on Sunday. Apparently Daphne and Tracey also signed up for vocals and will be Athena's backup singers.

Athena can't even remember the class, she walks into History of Magic and two minutes later is using her books as pillows. However Athena wasn't alone in this, the entire year level all did the same. Athena has to laugh at Hermione's look of rage for falling asleep in one of her classes.

Lunch is again unremarkable, however the prank that the Weasley twins play on their Hufflepuff brother is worth mentioning. They made it so that whenever he went to grab food he would see it as rotten and decayed. Athena almost broke her mask and started laughing at the spectacle of Ronald Weasley breaking down in public, almost.

Thursday afternoon Athena spends by the lake talking with Michael, Flora, Hestia, Daphne, Tracey, Neville, The Weasley Twins and a Hufflepuff by the name of Emily Menrus.

Emily is a 4'7" girl with an olive complexion and is of Grecian decent, her hair is black and reaches her shoulders, and her eyes are brown. Emily's family is a minor pureblood family from Greece that has recently moved to England; because of this she has a Grecian accent to her English. Emily's personality is fairly friendly and like all Hufflepuffs she is very loyal to her friends. Physically she is very willowy and not as strong as other girls of her age; however she has had staff combat training and can use staves to knock larger opponents out. Intellectually she is above average and is fairly skilled in Herbology and DADA. Emily spends most of her free time chatting with friends, she is often seen in the Great Hall enjoying some mud cake after dinner, and other students are still trying to figure out how she got the house-elves to make it for her.

Athena unashamedly sits next to Emily to get some of her cake for dessert at dinner. Emily had teased Athena with it during the afternoon and was now eating her words as Athena sits next to her at the Hufflepuff Table without a care. Daphne and Tracey are next to her. Michael back at the Slytherin table breaks down laughing at the faces of some of the students and teachers. Snape just smiles at the look of complete and utter shock on Minerva McGonagall's face due to a Slytherin sitting at the Hufflepuff table.


Friday however, Friday is special.

Athena wakes slowly; she notices that once again her friends Daphne and Tracey are in her bed. She doesn't bother teasing them and simply tickles them until they fall out of the bed. To a rousing shout of "ATHENA" Athena start to giggle at the look of rage on their faces. Giggling madly Athena rushes to the bathroom with Daphne and Tracey in hot pursuit. They catch her as she is disrobing and begin to tickle her mercilessly. When they stop Athena has a dirty comment that she just can't stop from saying.

"You two seem very happy with your hands on my naked body, is there something I need to know?" Daphne and Tracey then have a massive blush that makes tomatoes seem pale, before they quickly jump off of Athena, Athena then pouts "Aw, don't you like touching me?"

Daphne while still blushing regains her wits enough to stammer back "S-s-shut u-up, its n-not t-that f-funny" Athena just grins before she turns and walks into her shower. Privately Athena thinks 'Yeah, it kinda was, that funny' As she walks out into the Slytherin Common Room Athena replaces her pureblood mask with practiced ease.

Athena walks slowly to the Great Hall with Daphne and Tracey. As they approach the doors of the Great Hall Athena turns to Daphne and asks "What do you think Potions is going to be like?"

Daphne smiles back at Athena and replies "It'll be good, for us. Professor Snape is… infamous for his… subtle favoritism"

Athena just deadpans with "So a brick to the face then?"

Daphne and Tracey choke slightly and then nod, and Tracey responds with "Pretty much"

From behind them comes the voice of the aforementioned professor "And yet the Gryffindors, still haven't figured it out" a hint of amusement in his voice.

Athena doesn't even jump, she knew he was there. Daphne and Tracey however imitate frogs with how high they jumped. Athena just raises an eyebrow and says "I'm more surprised by the fact you seem surprised by that fact. It's the house of the brave and brain-dead, not the house of intelligence"

Snape grunts and says "Just be careful, there are some smart ones. They won't hesitate to take out our 'Filia-Reginae Serpentium'"

Athena fakes a blush and coyly replies with "Oh, you say the nicest things" She then straightens up and says in a voice with about as much warm as an arctic winter "If any Gryffindors are stupid enough or just plain crazy to start something with me. I'll finish it, hard" The nearby students from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw flinch away, the Gryffindors run for their table. The Slytherins? Well, they try not to burst into applause at her commanding presence and her terrifying threat to all of the Lions.

Athena sits down at the Slytherin table to see Flora and Hestia looking at a visibly fuming Michael Hemlock. Athena looks at the unusually angry pureblood who is clutching a silver roll of parchment that is visibly leaking power. Athena frowns at this and says (Ignoring the rapidly shaken heads of Flora and Hestia) "Hey, Hemlock. What's wrong"

Michael looks up like he's about to tear into someone, he then notices that it is Athena speaking to him and relaxes slightly and replies with (To the surprise of Flora and Hestia, who had asked and gotten snapped at) "I got pranked by that idiot Weasley, Ronald. Dumbass, actually tricked me into signing what he thought was a fake marriage contract, only it turned out to be very real" He holds out the roll of silver parchment to Athena and says "Here read it for yourself. One thing I will say, at least Weasley has some intelligence, aside from it being unbreakable. If my new fiancée tries anything she'll lose a lot. He's still going to die, either by my hand or hers. Just don't spread around who my fiancée is, please?"

Athena unfurls the parchment roll.

Marriage Contract


Michael Poseidon Hemlock


(A/N, I'm going to keep the bride AND what she'll lose a secret, whoever can guess will get a virtual cookie and may offer three suggestions to the story that if they don't clash with my plans for the story will be implemented. I will also (If I get the winners e-mail) will send out the future completed chapters out a whole DAY in advance to the winner (with the condition being they don't spread it around) You have until the end of the sixth book to guess, I will only accept a complete answer if you only get the bride's name right and the what she loses wrong, I will just say you got it wrong. I won't tell you that you got her name right. Also if you do get it right, and I'll tell you if you do. You can create a 'self-insert' that'll appear in story and provide the guess, the more detail you give the more I can do. However the characters name will be your penname and your character will be a Slytherin)

On this day 5 September, 1991 Anno Domini. A marriage contract between the two persons listed has been created.

The two person are required to marry twelve months after their initial meeting. The marriage cannot be broken or voided by the persons listed or their families without consequences. The killing of either person mentioned or their family by the other person or their family will result in the consequences listed. The consequences are that:

Michael Poseidon Hemlock will lose his magic, his position as heir to the family of Hemlock and all his worldly possessions, which will be distributed to the remaining members of his family. His family will enforce the contract or their magic will be taken and their worldly possessions given to charity.

******* ******* will lose her *******, her ****** and her ***** ** ****** * ******. Her family will police this or they will lose their ****** ***** and ******.

As long as one of the two persons mentioned signs this in front of a witness then the contract will be sealed.

Upon the day after the wedding ceremony, as long as the wedding has been consummated. Then the other must sign to admit that this fact has been done, once this is done. They will no longer be bound by this contract with the except of attempted or successful divorce, upon which they will forfeit all the items mentioned above.


Michael Poseidon Hemlock – Groom

Ronald Bilius Weasley – Groom's Witness

(In Story A/N, This contract is actually a contest, the first person to correctly guess the bride's name and Punishment for failing to uphold the contract will get a super bonus. First They will be able to suggest three ideas for this story that if they don't conflict with already existing ideas will be included. Any poll their vote will count as three votes as long as they PM me with their vote. Their story ideas will get a high priority in my books so they will get first bite of my attention when I think of starting a new story. Lastly they will get to have an OC Self-insert in this story, which will be written to their specifications (as long as it is within reason) this however will extend to any and all stories I write. So good luck to whoever wishes to try the contest. dragonsong2795 End A/N)

Athena's jaw drops and she barely stops herself from screaming 'WHAT'. Athena takes a deep breath, rolls up the contract and hands it back to Michael. She then smiles and says "Damn, Weasley's days are numbered. Your fiancée will kill him, I hope I get to watch"

Michael just laughs, then he sighs and goes back to brooding, however he does talk to Flora and Hestia. Daphne and Tracey look at Athena and she simply says "Please, don't. I won't tell you. You'll be surprised when you find out who the fiancée is, that I guarantee"

Daphne and Tracey look dubiously at each other before they sigh and say in unison "Alright, we won't bother you. I'm guessing you won't give any hints" Athena shakes her head to say 'no'. They nod in recognition of her refusal to give any hints.

Daphne then asks "Are we allowed to guess?"

Athena nods. Suddenly the entire Slytherin table bursts into whispers. Athena sighs as she realizes that she'll now be flooded with guesses from her housemates.

After breakfast and the first deluge of guesses had pasted, Athena and her friends make their way down into the dungeons for their first lesson potions. Being Slytherins they are completely at ease, they know that professor Snape will subtly (And not so subtly) favor them over the Gryffindors. Athena sighs that Neville won't be here, he was interesting to talk to. Especially when she got into a conversation with him over the difference between raising muggle and magical plants. She also wished that the Weasley was in her class, then she could sabotage him and what the (Most likely Hilarious) results, then again he would probably fail the lesson on his own without her intervention, maybe she could ask the professor for any memories of the idiots mistakes? Athena smiles something to think about. Daphne walking next to her asks "What's so funny?"

Athena smirks to Daphne and says "Thinking about whether or not to ask professor Snape if he'll provide memories of Weasley's screw ups"

Flora from behind her snorts and says "That would make for some good laughs"

Michael breaking out of his little depression chuckles and says "Popcorn anyone?"

Athena and a couple of pureblood Slytherins along with the half-blood Slytherins and half-blood and Muggleborn Gryffindors walking past break into laughter, when the out of the loop purebloods of both houses look at Athena with confusion in their eyes she sobers up and explains "It's a muggle joke, they have these moving pictures called movies at which you eat a special food called popcorn, it's a common joke that whenever something hilarious or interesting happens they suggest getting popcorn and watching it like they would a movie. Basically he said people would pay to see Weasley junior make a fool of himself in front of others and laugh at it" The purebloods then start laughing and a few ask where they can watch these movies, to which nearby half-bloods and Muggleborns give them directions and instructions on how to reach movie theaters and how they can get in. They also offer suggestions on movies currently out, also warning them that some of those movies might not be showing once winter break starts.

Athena sighs as she thinks of her plans over the break, she might not have time to go see a movie. Then she smiles and thinks 'It doesn't matter, they'll still be my friends and I'll see them at Hogwarts anyway' still smiling Athena walks into Potions.

Athena sits next to Daphne with Michael and Tracey right behind them. On the other side of the room Hermione sits still glaring at Athena. Athena noticing the glare looks around carefully before smirking at Hermione and turning away like she had something planned. For the next four minutes Hermione goes nuts looking for whatever Athena had done.

Severus Snape then bursts into the room with a dramatic flourish of his cloak, Athena give him a nine for the entrance, the cloak is nice but his hair detracts from it a bit. Snape then starts the roll-call. He smiles a bit when he gets to Athena's name but otherwise doesn't react. He then turns to the class and says in a whisper that the whole class hears "You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making" Even though he is talking in a voice just above a whisper everyone in the class can hear perfectly, the entire class is focusing on him without the slightest distraction. Athena smirks 'Ten out of ten for the attention grabbing. Nicely done professor'. Snape catches Athena's smirk and smiles slightly before continuing with "As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect many of you in the first year to understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses… I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death – if you are willing to learn what I am going to teach"

Snape looks around the class-room to see the entire class looking back at him with awe on their faces, even the Gryffindors are looking at him with near-worship on their faces. He decides to test Athena's mettle, to see if she is ready to be cast into the spotlight. "Potter-Black"

Athena instantly focuses on the Professor and replies with "Yes, Professor?"

Snape smiles slightly and says "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

Athena doesn't even hesitate "It depends on the other ingredients and the varying methods of preparation. But the potion you are most likely talking about is the 'Draught of Living Death' a potion that causes the taker to entire a comatose state so deep that they are said to appear dead to anyone who sees them"

Snape smiles "Correct, take ten points for a correct answer. Now, please tell me where I would find a bezoar?"

Athena instantly replies with "A bezoar is commonly found in the stomach of a goat and can be used to cure most poisons, however greater bezoars found in the skeletons of dinosaurs are able to cure almost every poison known to Wizard-kind sir"

Snape openly grins, causing the Slytherins to smirk and the Gryffindors to gape in shock "Correct again, take another ten points Lady Potter-Black. Finally What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?"

Athena once again replies instantly "There is no difference sir, they are the same plant also known as aconite. It is a key ingredient in the potion to help ease Werewolf transformations. It is also a common ingredient in many medicinal potions of the higher orders"

Snape grins some more, his entire face changes when he grins. He looks more like the kind of professor you want to speak to. One that is enthusiastic (obsessed) about their subject. Snape then waves his wand causing some instructions for a Boil-removing potion to appear on the board. Athena notices them and says "Sir, those instructions. They don't mention the base temperature at which we should create potions, nor do they explain some of the more useful basics. Are you going to explain it, sir?"

Snape thinks for a moment realizing that he had skipped over some parts and then he smiles and says "Why don't you explain it all instead? Lady Potter-Black, come up here"

Athena without any hesitation about speaking in front of the class walks up to the front turns on the spot and says "Okay, since the professor asked me to do this lets go over some of the basics of Potion making. There are four spells you will need to know, Scourgify or Cleaning charm, which is basic and you will use it to clean the ingredients to prevent the potion being ruined by a contaminant. The next is the Incendio or Fire-making charm, which you will use to light your burners to provide extra magic to the fire and increasing the magic in the actual potion itself. The third is the Temperatio or Temperature charm which will tell you the temperature of the fire, for a basic potion you should aim for about 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit), later potions require a higher or lower and more precise temperature. The last spell is the Evanesco or Vanishing charm, this is used to clean the cauldron after you are done to remove any trace of the potion you have just made. These four spells are the only spells you will use in Potions" Athena demonstrates each charms taking the time to carefully repeat the wand-motions "Now for the next stage"

Athena then demonstrates using the potion recipe on the board how to prepare certain types of ingredients, once she is done with that she begins to add the ingredients to the cauldron while doing so she says "While you may not be aware of this the special tools used in potions are basic magic focuses similar to our wands, just vastly inferior. While you are stirring, remembering that the direction of your stir either clockwise or anticlockwise is extremely important, constantly push magic into your stirring tool, not too much, about half as much as you would use for the Lumos spell. Doing this will add extra magic to your potion and increase its effectiveness by anywhere between eighty to ninety percent. It is also key in creating certain potions like the 'Draught of Living Death' or the rare and highly restricted 'Veritaserum' which is also known as the truth serum" Athena then finishes the potion and bottles it into around ten unbreakable glass vials, one of which she hands to Snape for checking.

Snape looks at the potion and then opens it to sniff it, he then smiles and says "Well done Lady Potter-Black, an O worthy potion. To those of you unaware, the Wizarding grading system goes from T or Troll to D or Dreadful to P or Poor, these are the failure grades from worst to best. The passing grades are A or Acceptable, E or Exceeds Expectations and finally O or Outstanding, also again from worst to best. Please note these grades down or memorize them as many professors including myself will use them to grade homework and practical exercises. Since there is just under an hour left, all of you start on your potions. Lady Potter-Black and I will be circulating around the class to offer advice and help. Finally Lady Potter-Black, do you mind doing a practical example in front of the class every lesson and then helping your classmates out later?"

Athena shakes her head "Of course not professor, I'd be happy to help"

Athena would never regret the decision that she made that day.

Athena smiles as she walks out to the Great Hall, Granger hadn't stopped fuming the entire lesson. Athena sighs as she realizes that eventually she'll have to be the bigger woman and end this feud, but while it's still going on she'll enjoy it for all its worth. Athena walks into the Great Hall and sees Neville flagging her down from where he's sitting at the Hufflepuff table, she shakes her head in silent wonder and thinks 'For a Ravenclaw, he sure spends a lot of time at the Hufflepuff table, then again he probably gets better conversation there. Most of the Ravenclaw students spend their meals reading rather than talking, similar to Granger. Now that I think about why was Granger sorted into Gryffindor, she doesn't seem all that brave, then again she'd probably be torn apart in Ravenclaw by the smarter and more savvy students there' Athena's train of thought ends as she sits down on the seat across from Neville. Neville smiles at Athena and says "Athena, I'd like you to meet a couple of new friends of mine" He points to a red-head next to him "This is Susan Bones, Susan this is Athena Potter-Black"

The red-head, Susan smiles and says "Pleased to meet you Lady Potter-Black"

Athena recognizing the last name smiles back and smoothly replies with "And I'm pleased to meet you as well Heiress Bones" Susan nods slightly at the greeting.

Neville, having been brought up on Pureblood politics understands the deeper meaning in this conversation, the blonde girl next to him and Emily sitting to Athena's left don't. Michael who followed Athena to the Hufflepuff table and is sitting to her right however does. This wasn't a simple greeting, it was a meeting between two of the most powerful people (Politically) in the school, ironically set up by the third most powerful person (Politically) in the school.

On one side you had the Lady of the Potters and the Lady of the Blacks, The Families who were primarily responsible for the creation of the Aurors and the Mage Knights respectively, while the command of the Aurors had since been placed in the regency of the Regent of the Bones and the Mage Knights haven't been assembled for years, even though they wanted to take to the field during the reign of Voldemort, but were prevented from doing so by the Black family. As the Lady of the Potters and the Blacks, Athena had the right to assume command of both the DMLE and the Knights of the Realm Arcane and no-one could protest it. Ironically Athena's father James had never been aware of this fact, or he might of utilized it in the war to better co-ordinate the Aurors. In fact due to the fact that no knight-commander has been selected since the death of Orion Black, Athena is automatically the current knight-commander. The two houses of Potter and Black also have three vassal houses each. For the Potters are the houses of Bell, Moon and Perks, while the Blacks have the three houses of Greengrass, Zabini and Hemlock.

On the other hand Susan Bones is the Heiress of the Bones, the family who traditionally has command of the 'Bellatores Aeterna' the Warriors Eternal. The 'Bellatores Aeterna' was created nearly two thousand years earlier when the Roman Empire first conquered the southern reaches of England. The ancient druids of the Bone Keepers, an order dedicated to laying the dead to rest, came up with a spell to allow the ghosts of all those who fell to rise as conjured skeletons to guard the living, when the Wizengamot was founded the spell was altered to instead include all those who fell under the banner of England and the Monarchy. That allowed the controllers of the spell, the descendents of the order of the Bone Keepers, who had come to be known as the Bones family over the centuries, to call up not only Wizards who had fallen in battle, but knights and later infantry. Even the soldiers who fell in the two World Wars could be summoned. Also Susan has to do is perform a simple ritual while spilling some blood, due to the nature of the spell. Even though her parents died when she was a baby she, now that she is in Hogwarts, now knows how to perform the ritual. As a bonus if she is ever in danger a group of the 'Bellatores Aeterna' will appear to protect her. This grants Susan a special title once she comes of age, The Mistress of War. The Bones also have three vassal families, the house of Abbott, the house of the McDowell's and the house of Williamsons.

As if to round out this meetings of titans is the one doing the introductions himself, Neville Longbottom. The Longbottoms were the creators of the Department of Mysteries and for nearly 600 years they were the ones to lead it, Neville's father Frank was the first in generations not to be a part of the Department of Mysteries. Neville like Susan and Athena can assume command of the department once he is acknowledged as the Lord Longbottom. However that won't be until he is sixteen due to his grandmother the Dowager Augusta Longbottom holding the title of Regent of Longbottom. The Longbottoms have uniquely five vassal houses, the houses of Weasley, Menrus, Carrow, Nott and Diggory.

Black, Bones, Longbottom and Potter, the four families that effectively created the Wizengamot. Once Susan and Neville were of age a special right comes into play. The Four most Ancient and Most Noble families, the only four families to bear that title. Have the right to overrule the Wizengamot, as long as all four members agree to do so, because of the Blacks infatuation with Voldemort they were gridlocked in the last war from doing so to change laws and increasing budgets so as to make the Dark Lord's rise to power as difficult as possible. Adding on to that the voting power of their vassals who usually but not always (As in the case of the Carrows and Nott's with the Longbottoms) vote with their Liege houses on certain matters.

Athena is only vaguely aware of this having not had the time to be taught the more intricate politics behind the Wizengamot, but both Susan and Neville are very aware of the power block they are forming. Dumbledore frowns as he watches the two heirs and a lady of the four most Ancient and Most Noble houses come together, while he could intervene that might result in them forming against him, a result that could be disastrous to not only his plans but the entire side of the Light.

Neville then turns to the blonde in pig-tails on his right and says "And this is Hannah Abbott, Hannah, Athena Potter-Black"

Hannah smiles "Nice to meet you"

Athena smiles back "And you as well"

Neville then turns to Athena and says "I heard you had Potions first up, what was it like?"

Athena smiles widely and then bursts into a detail description of the lesson, at her friend's insistence Athena teaches Neville, Hannah and Susan (and the surrounding Hufflepuffs) the basics of Potion-making and what they need to know in order to create potions safely and effectively. Athena didn't know it, but her advice would be all over the school within hours, she would soon end up with students of all year-levels coming up to her and asking for help.

After lunch, during the free period. Michael goes to the library to research marriage contracts (As well as to the Owlery to inform his parents of his colossal screw up). Daphne and Tracey decide to go have a nap (in Athena's double bed). Flora and Hestia go exploring the grounds and Athena goes exploring through Hogwarts, while Neville tries and fails to get out of being dragged around by Susan and Hannah. Athena giggles at the look of hopelessness on his face.

Athena walks through the halls of Hogwarts, occasionally stopping and chatting with the portraits. As she rounds a corner she slams into someone with an "Oomph". Athena shakes her head to clear away the daze and is surprised to see she had collided with a girl with… 'Is that PINK hair?' Athena rubs her eyes to make sure she isn't seeing things.

The girl she'd collided with smiles and snickers, then she says "No you're not injured or seeing things, I actually have pink hair"

Athena shakes out of her stupor and stands up, offering a hand to the girl whose still on the ground. The girl grabs Athena's proffered hand and pulls herself up. Athena smiles and says "As fun as it is bumping into strangers, I usually don't let people get that close, at least not until they've brought me dinner"

The girl looks at Athena blankly for a second before sniggering and then outright laughing "Ha ha, that was… snort pretty good. Oh I can't breathe" The girl straightens up and takes a deep breath, and then says "I'm Nymphadora Tonks, but if you call me Nymphadora I'll hex you, call me Tonks"

Athena smiles and says "Nice to meet you Tonks, I'm Athena, Athena Potter-Black"

Tonks' left eyebrow rises and she says "You're related to the Blacks?"

Athena grins "No… I'm the HEAD of the Blacks"

Tonks steps back with a look of utter surprise on her face "You're the Black family head?"

Athena nods "Yeah, I am" Athena frowns "Why are you so shocked?"

Tonks then tells Athena of how her mother used to be a Black family member before she was disowned due to marrying a Muggle-born. Athena thinks the problem over for a few moments before she says "What did you say your mother did again?"

Tonks looks at Athena with confusion evident in her eyes and replies "She's a magical lawyer. Why?"

Athena smirks and comments "Well, I need someone whose good with law to help me out with some projects I'm working on. So having your mothers help would be invaluable. I can also easily add her and you back to the Black family"

Tonks smiles brightly and then grabs Athena in a hug and thanks her profusely. Athena and Tonks then head to the Owlery to post a letter to Tonks mother Andromeda.

After having composed the letter to Andromeda, Athena reads it over on last time to make sure it's conveying the message she wants it to.

To Andromeda Tonks

I'm just a First-Years student at Hogwarts currently, but I would like to request a moment of your time to meet during the winter break on a matter of some urgency of which I believe that your knowledge of Wizarding Laws could benefit greatly.

I am willing to pay for your time and any expenses should you decide to help me out, due to the nature of the matter I'm currently working on I cannot write it down.

I apologize for the secrecy but if certain people were to get their hands on even the slightest bit of knowledge on what I'm working on the results could be disastrous.

Finally as extra incentive, I have a bonus for you that you may find most helpful, whether or not you decide to help me or not you'll still receive it.

That bonus being yours and your daughter's return to the House of Black.

Yours Sincerely

Lady Athena Artemis Potter-Black

Of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Houses of

Potter and Black.

Just as Tonks and Athena send off Hedwig with Athena's letter to Andromeda, Michael walks in, while he is slightly surprised to see Athena and Tonks he quickly gets over his surprise and he quickly puts on an incredibly obvious and fake suave accent and says "Hello Ladies, Athena would you like to introduce me to your new friend?"

Athena laughs at Michael's obvious attempt to cheer himself (and anyone in hearing distance) up and replies with "Michael Hemlock meet Nymphadora 'Don't call me Nymphadora' Tonks" Athena had managed to say the 'Don't call me Nymphadora' in perfect unison with Tonks, causing Tonks to blush and Michael to laugh "Tonks, this is Michael 'I'm so screwed' Hemlock" Michael snorts at the nickname, but nods at how accurate it actually is.

And that's all I've written for this story, To all I apologize but it might still be a while before the rest of the chapter is written. But This ONE chapter takes up HALF my word document for the full story… and it isn't finished yet, it's also my first 10k+ chapter (Hooray!) Thanks to everyone for sticking with this story for so long.

I'm also going to posting a Infinite Stratos/Sekirei Crossover to any who are interested.