So, guess who finally passed GTA Vtoday,(meaning possible spoilers, maybe idk don't read if you haven't finished)after two weeks of having it? This girl!
And I can honestly say that I was so sad to have it end, like I developed some emotional ties to that damn game.
Anywho. This is just a Little fanfic idea i have toying around in my head. I feel like the GTA storyline would get a kick of having a women, who I picture to be, just like Trevor around, and who knows, maybe even two, if you're catching my drift.
Anyway, let me know if it's any good, and if any of you play GTA Online for the Playstation 3, be sure to drop your gamertags in the comments, or if you feel more comfortable, in my PM's.
I'm just starting to play online so it's all a bit new to me, and all of my friends have Xbox so it sucks.

Setting: Somewhere near the edge of Paleto Bay
Time: Approximately one year after the Union Depository Heist.
Rating: T for foul language, might change later on.
Please read authors note/background on the bottom, after the story of course.

"Do you smell that boys?" he asked rhetorically to both Micheal and Franklin. He placed his dirty hands on his hips and sniffed the air, for no apparent reason. "That, my friends, is the smell of a job well done!" He laughed to himself as he leaned on his truck.

"Sure, dog. If you call us barely making our sorry asses out of there in time, then yes, motherfucker, it was a job well done!" Franklin snapped. He was nearly killed back there, and the bullet that grazed the top of his shoulder was enough to make him want to give up this stuff for good.

"Hey, watch it." Trevor snarled, quickly changing the atmosphere of the situation.

Since their Union Depository heist, Trevor had barely spent any of his money, he had absolutely no idea on what to do with it. Sure, he had bought a few new planes fr his airfield, and invested a couple thousand dollars on his industry, but other than that, the money just sat in a pile, hidden under the floorboards of his room.

He had taken a few anger management classes, which all ended in great calamity, but what can you expect from someone who is a walking,breathing, ticking time-bomb? One thing did pay off though, he learned to control his anger by just a tiny bit. Meaning his explosions came a few seconds later than it used to.

"Calm down boys, no need to fight, we're all friends here." Oh, if Micheal only believed that himself. He was only there because his was coming down to his last hundred thousand dollars, it hadn't even been a year and the De Santa family had already blown eighteen million dollars. Way to go, Los Santos.

"More like partners," Franklin mumbled under his breath as he stuffed his dufflebag in the trunk of his car. Trevor caught his remark, but decided it would be best to let it slide.

"You know, I kind of miss how close those old heists made us." Trevor admitted with complete sincerity.

Micheal scoffed. "Close? You call us trying to kill each other on multiple occasions close?"

"Well yeah, you're still here, aren't ya? Close." He confirmed.

"You niggas still as whack as I left ya'll a year a ago, dang."

Trevor laughed maniacally and grabbed Franklin in a headlock. "Well these "niggas" are gonna start hanging out again." He grabbed Micheal as well and continued. "Dinner, my place, tomorrow. You'll regret not coming, if you don't that is." And with that, he laughed once more and dropped the pair on dusty road. He climbed onto his truck without hesitation and drove off. "See you fuckers tomorrow!" He shouted as he drove off.

"Damn. That nigga trifling as hell, dog." Franklin said as he stood himself up and brushed himself off.

"Tell me about it, F. But there's no avoiding him. Sometimes he acts more like a clingy ex-girlfriend than an old friend." Micheal said as he pushed his share into the trunk of his car. "I'll bring my family along, there is less of a chance he'll go batshit crazy with the kids around." He rested his head on the trunk and sighed.

Franklin sighed and opened the door to his car. "Guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow, dog."

"See ya, F." Micheal waved before getting into his car. It was going to be a long drive home, and an even longer fight with Amanda over the Trevor scenario. He slammed his head on the steering wheel a few times before finally deciding to floor it and go home.

Trevor pulled up to the driveway of his house, puzzled by the expensive looking car parked outside of his trailer. He tightened his grip on the wheel as he narrowed his eyebrows at the living room light that was turned on, and the shadows that walked around inside.

Just then, the name that seemed to have all of the answers spewed from his mouth as he slammed his truck door, letting everyone know he had arrived. "ROOONN!" He shouted, taking the wooden steps two at a time, just as his front door swung open, reveling the frightened old man. Trevor grabbed him by the neck and pushed him toward the steps, dangling him over the first step as he gasped for air and clawed at his grip.

"M... mo..."

"Moo? What are you a fucking cow? That's great you fucktard." Just as he lets Ron fall, which broke his second wooden step, a haunting voice called from behind him.

"Now, tell me boy." Trevor tensed up, his frightened eyes darting to Ron, who sat trying to catch his breath. "Is that anyway to treat a guest," her old, wrinkled, red tinted lips took a sip of the scotch in the glass cup as she chuckled. "When your mom is home?"

Trevor was speechless. Last time he had seen her, she was a figment of his imagination, but if Ron had seen her, than that obviously wasn't an illusion. It had taken him a few weeks of therapy, and five different shrinks, to get through his mind that his mom hadn't actually been there.

"Ma! Is that r-really you?" He asked as his hand reached out to touch her face. She quickly slapped his hand away and scowled.

"Haven't seen me in fifteen years and this is the welcome party I get? Should've just stayed in prison." She hissed as she walked back inside. "Oh yeah, by the way, you're sleeping on the couch." She straightened out her shirt and took on last shot of scotch before walking into Trevor's room and, eventually, knocking out.

"Wow, Trevor. If I would've known you were such a momma's boy, I would've called her here years ago." Trevor glared at Ron, and if looks could kill Ron would be done three times over already.

"Speak of this to no one. If I find out that you have told even a single soul about my mom, I will skin you alive and feed your sorry ass to the Jaguars." He muttered through clenched teeth. "Do you understand?" Ron gulped loudly, causing Trevor to smile. "Good."

Background:Micheal is running short on Union Depository funds and decided to call the crew up for a small heist, landing them with a couple thousand dollars each. Franklin is happy with his new earnings, especially since he has just settled down with a lady(yet to be named, might be accepting an OC for this roll). Trevor has attended multiple therapy and anger management classes in the past year and is somewhat more... "calm" now.

Author's note:

I will be needing two, and only two(for now) OC's for the story, maybe if you submit one and i like it they could be a minor character, idk... maybe. XD
I'll need A wife for Franklin. and A possible love interest, if not, close friend for Trevor. Anything else can be submitted and will be taken under consideration.