So my mom bought me a new clock and all I hear as I type is the stupid tick-tock,hence the first six words of the first paragraph. ANYWAY this chapter is kind of, off character and I know this, it was sort of an introduction to one of my newest submitted OCs by turquoise (btw I hope you I did her in character., and Idk its really a filler chapter. Next chapter will be better, and might have a little surprise for all of you. Maybeee ;D. Puerto Rican Promise. Ohh and check out my newest GtA story, called Operation:Get Away. Um other than that, hope you enjoy, and yeah! :D

Tick tock… Tick tock… Tick tock. The simple repetition, along with his excessive banging on the counter, was enough to drive Trevor more insane than he actually was. His mother was long gone by the time he was home, leaving him a subtle note that said something about buying clothes, and he didn't believe that one bit.

She had been the cause of his abandonment issues so the nervousness that flowed through his veins was not surprise His eyes scanned the small trailer home and he almost managed a smile. The place was clean, cleaner than it would ever be if he had even bothered to clean it. It was almost as if Mrs. Madrazo had stopped by and cleaned it up herself, but he knew that would never be the case, no matter how hard he wanted it too.

His eyes met with the clock and he sighed, heading toward the fridge and pulling out a beer. Nothing calmed him down more than that, or maybe a hit, but he wouldn't try that in case his mom walked in. Gosh, look at yourself, Trevor, he thought, you sound like a thirteen year old scared of his mom. Grow up you old fuck.

His head abruptly found the counter top and he sighed, not bothering to hiss at his newly formed bruise. He body lay unmoving, and it wasn't until his door creaked open that he realized his mom was home.

"Trevor!" She said, a hint of annoyance in her tone. "I can't believe you invite people over and you don't even have the decency to cook for them, thank God I bought these groceries. Move aside, I'm making pasta." She set her groceries on the counter and headed to his room to get changed. "Go outside and help your friend with my stuff."

Curses flowed from his mouth like the blood in his veins, but it didn't stop him from doing what he was told. He was met with a cool, mid-winter breeze. It rarely ever snowed in L.S, and snow was one of the many things he missed from North Yankton. It just got… cold, nothing special about one of the sunniest places of the world.

"God, you lazy old fuck, help a lady out." A familiar voice called from behind the trunk of his mother's car. "I come here to see you and I end up pack mule for the famous Mrs. Phillips, by the way, fantastic news that she's in town."

Trevor sighed, mentally beating himself up for ending up in a situation like this. Tellie was his fuck buddy, every time he needed her, she was there. But on some level, deep down in his gut, he knew that he had more than just sexual desire for the twenty-four year old. He had his good days with her, and his bad days with her. "Get outta my way, kid." Today was one of his bad days.

Tellie narrowed her eyebrow and clenched her jaw. She came over to hopefully smoke a bit or have a drink, not get treated like shit for no apparent reason. "Not very neighborly of you." She hissed as she grabbed a bag of groceries and pushed past him with her curvy figure. "Especially towards someone who wanted nothing more than a good time."

Trevor rolled his eyes, after a long, nerve wrecking day like today he honestly didn't want anyone over,but the small trace of common courtesy that he had told him not to cancel dinner plans he had made with his "friends." He grabbed the last three bags, which were all from clothing stores, and closed the trunk. From inside his house, he heard his mom and Tellie laughing, probably at some terrible pun the twenty-five year old made. He had to admit, her horrible jokes were one of the things he most liked about her.

"So, how'd you find out about my dinner plans, ma?" He asked as he went up behind his mom and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. She shrugged him off and nodded her head toward Tellie, who sat facing the, recently fixed, Television.

"You are a terrible drunk texter, Mr. Phillips." She said, a smug smile on her full lips. She pulled her iFruit out of her pocket and toyed with it. "Hope you don't mind, but I told Drew and Johnny. Drew said she had a boxing match tonight and Johnny said familia is first so it's just us and my two favorite men. A-fucking-mazing!"

Mrs. Phillips shot Tellie a look, that went unnoticed by the young women, and continued her preparation. "Yeah… right. Still doesn't explain why you're in my fu-damn house." His interchanged curse word was noticed, but his mom decided against scolding him, for at least using a better word.

"Simple. I invited myself." She moved herself onto the beat-up sofa and sat with her legs crossed. Trevor shook his head, using every ounce of power in his body to keep from beating the pulp out of the girl in front of him.

"You're lucky my mom's here," he began, as he bent down so his lips where only inches from her ear. "Cause if she wasn't you can guarantee yourself that I would grab the closest thing to me and shove it so far down your throat that-"


"Uncle T!"

Trevor stood his normal height as the two twenty year olds hugged him tight. He smiled and hugged the pair back. "Hey guys, long time no see. How's college, Trace?" Tracey begins to ramble on about how she has been getting good grades in the past year, and she hosted on of the biggest parties on campus. Jimmy also began to tell him how he had gotten an internship in the LifeInvader company, a path he had chosen due to his extensive knowledge of all things technology.

"Momma Phillips, how you doing?" Michael greeted, hugging the old women close. He hadn't seen her since he died. She hugged him back, oblivious to everything that had happened in the past fifteen years, happy to see one of the boys she had almost raised. He had always been like a son to her in a way. "Trevor didn't tell me you were home. I would've brought you some flowers or something."

"Oh Mikey, always the charmer." Trevor said as he wrapped his arm around his friend and pulled him close. "She was an unexpected surprise." Michael nodded and his eyes darted toward his kids, who were deep into conversation with Tellie. They had met her a few times before, and he was in no position to stop his kids from becoming better friends with a girl he considered to be his daughter.

"God dammit, Michael. Not only do you drag me out here to the middle of Sandy Shores, but you leave me outside, don't open the fucking door for me, and don't wait for me to come in. Great job, De Santa." Amanda pushed through the door, the doorway missing her pregnant belly by only inches. She glares at her children, who were seated on the couch, and they, along with Tellie, stand up and move to the empty dining table.

If there was one thing Trevor had gotten done before everyone arrived, it was managing to steal a big enough table for the dinner. Yes, steal. Even with the surplus amount of money he has, he still steals small things. Old habits die hard.

Amanda lay down, her feet up on the couch and her vision set straight on Trevor. He knew that she had a sort of… dislike for him, but it made no difference to his everyday life so he could honestly not give a bigger fuck. He just brushed it off.

"Ay, yo, T. Sorry I'm late dog. This nigga kept holding me up, it's all good now though." Franklin called from outside. Trevor walked over, and opened the door.

"If you don't want your night to end with a metaphorical mindfuck then run now." Franklin laughed at Trevors comment and entered the house, nearly getting trampled to the floor by Tellie. She was his best friend, how she had managed to make it into their small group was because of him. He saved her once from a bad deal she had made, and ever since then they had been almost inseparable, like brother and sister, but due to him living up in Vinewood, they rarely saw each other.

"F, my dog! What it do, homie?" Franklin and Trevor both laughed at her attempt of acting hood, and Mrs. Phillips just watched with a confused expression. "Where's Mrs. C?" She asked, a little disappointed in not being able to meet the women that owns his heart.

"She's working, homie. I tried to get her to call in sick, but she said she had an important customer today, so I let her be, dog." Tellie pouted and returned to her seat.

"Well, now that everyone's here, we should get serving, huh ma?" Trevor asked, eyeing the food with hungry eyes. He hadn't had a homecooked meal since Mrs. Madrazo's last visit almost a year ago.

"Trevor Alexander, sit down and wait for the food to be served!" Everyone in the room had to struggle to hold in a laugh as he took a seat in between Tracey and Tellie. Tellie nudged him from under the table and Tracey put a supportive hand on his shoulder and sending him a look that read I know the feeling. He shrugged both of them off and kept quiet until the food was served.

While everyone ate, nothing but the sound of forks on plates echoed throughout the small trailer home. It was awkward, and Trevor was glad when it was over. By ten o'clock, the De Santa's and Franklin had left, and Trevor's mom lay knocked out in his bed. Tellie ran to her turk and pulled her hookah out from the back, watching the smile crawl onto Trevor's face. He grabbed a bag of dope that he had stuffed away in one of his pockets and snatched the item from her hand.

"I fucking needed this." He mumbles after a quick hit. Tellie smiled and followed suit, happy that she had finally gotten what she had come for.