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Two hours later, after Dr. Wesphalen had drawn blood from Darwin and taken several more samples, neither she nor Nathan Bridger had any indication of what was actually wrong with Darwin.

Kristin dropped her lab coat onto a stool and clambered back into the moon pool, in her wetsuit, where Nathan was stroking and speaking soothingly to the mammal.

The doctor was always impressed by the way that Nathan handled his friend. The captain's voice and calm caresses seemed to calm Darwin in a way nothing else could. Interestingly enough, though, Darwin seemed to perk up the most when the two of them were in the moon pool together.

"Any luck," the captain asked as the doctor made her way to them.

"Every test I've run comes back perfectly normal. I'm inclined to believe that it was indeed simply 'bad fish.' Perhaps his digestive system was disgruntled and his anxiety made it worse. Having you here has probably calmed him because now he certainly seems to feel better," Kristin said.

Picking up the vocoder, Bridger asked, "Darwin, play ball?"

"Doctor Kristin play ball, too?"

Kristin looked up in surprise and noticed that Nathan seemed as amazed as she was at his request.

Nathan noticed that her full lips turned up at the corners and she lowered her head to hide her smile from him.

"Are you starting to get the feeling that we've been had?" Nathan asked, smiling.

"Played by a dolphin?" Kristin asked. "I have a suspicion that our friend here may have had a bit of help."

"Darwin, why do you want Doctor Kristin and me to play ball with you— together?"

Bridger moved his hands between the two humans so the dolphin could see what he meant as well as hear it.

"Darwin want Doctor Kristin and Bridger mates again. Pod split up not good. Lucas worried. Darwin worried. When pod splits big fish come and no more pod. Sad."

"Well I'll be damned." Nathan actually looked ashamed.

"I, uh, I'm sorry, Kristin. I acted like an ass. I just wanted to tease you and it got so out of hand, then I didn't know how to fix it, and then I saw you in that sexy nightgown expecting company-"

The red head cut him off.

"Stop. I'm as guilty as you. I should have just come out and asked you what happened." She looked down and a blush started up her neck to her face.

"I wasn't expecting any company. I was….playing on your jealous tendencies….and I got more than I asked for, I guess."

Nathan smiled, "You did look damn good in that outfit; it, uh, accentuated your assets beautifully."


"Oh, yeah. REALLY." The captain was openly grinning now. "I don't suppose you still have that stowed somewhere do you? I'm just asking for scientific purposes, of course."

Kristin laughed, "'Scientific purposes?' What sort of science experiment would require a negligee?"

Nathan moved closer to her, not noticing that Darwin had subtly moved out from between them.

"Human mating habits."

"Having trouble with that are we?" Kristin asked, wryly.

"Now that you ask, yes, I am having trouble with it. I have this yearning for a fiery doctor that keeps running me in circles and flashing her wares, but won't let me actually get close to her." He hesitated, "Or maybe, I'm rusty and afraid to get close to her, and she's going to have to refresh my memory about how human mating works."

Kristin and Nathan were wetsuit to wetsuit now.

Nathan gently pressed his lips to her full rosy ones, then, unexpectedly, he reached around and grabbed her rear with both hands and pulled her to him.

"I think it might be coming back to me now."

Kristin smiled through the kiss, and, when finished, in a sultry voice, whispered in his ear, "Never let it be said that I ever turned down a student that genuinely wanted to learn about science."

Her arms went around his neck and he picked her up and carried her to the side of the moon pool, helping her out. She reached back and pulled Nathan to her.

He kissed her with surprising hunger and his desire was evident.

"Wait right here." He sprang in the direction of the labs and soon was back with his clothes.

"Are you, uh, still open to giving me a refresher course, doctor?"

Nathan's eyes danced and the chemistry between them was palpable.

This time Kristin grabbed his hand and pulled him along in her wake toward her quarters.

Later, inside her cabin, with their wetsuits in piles on the floor and only the sheets over them, Nathan moved up and over her while he kissed her ravenously, opening her mouth, while his knee moved to open up other possibilities.

Finally coming up for air, he whispered, "Tomorrow, my love, there will be no doubt in your mind, as to whether or not we….."

Laughing loudly, she pulled him to her and positively agreed with him.