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A Hero Again

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: What Just Happened

Kyoko had just killed herself for many reasons. One was to prevent herself from becoming a witch. Another was to give a chance to prevent Sayaka from dying alone.

Which was why it was a shock when she found herself looking at the blue sky in the field.

"What?" she asked managed to sit up.

She looked around, she realized it was a small park somewhere in a town.

She looked at herself, she was not in her magical girl costume but her hair was still down.

"Okay that hell is going on?" asked Kyoko.

She deiced to look around, as she did she quickly realized she wasn't in Mitakihara Town anymore.

How she still needed to know where she was… and maybe steal some food. That was when she saw a small store called the Urahara Shop, she realized since it was small and she probably didn't have her powers that would be the best place to do it.

She went inside, she stared looking around and saw that everything in there was traditional sweets.

"Can I help you?" asked a man with blonde hair, wearing a green and white-stripped hat.

"Oh yeah." Answered Kyoko, "I'm a little lost. Can you tell me where I am?"

The man stared at her.

"See I'm on road trip with some friends and I wanted to know which city I was in." said Kyoko.

"Oh I see." Said the man suddenly becoming cheerful, "You're in Karakura Town."

"Which is where exactly?" asked Kyoko.

The man once again stared at her.

"If you're trying to get to Downtown Tokyo, it's still far off." Said the man.

"I see… thank you." Said Kyoko.

As she left she subtly stole some Dango however before she could leave a very large man tried to grab her, however instinctively she dodged.

"What was that for?" asked Kyoko noticing his apron.

"You didn't come in to ask for directions?" asked the man.

Kyoko gritted her teeth.

"Great you noticed." She muttered handing back the Dango she stole.

"Keep it." Said the blonde man.

"What?" asked Kyoko.

"You don't have any money, do you" asked the blonde man.

"No… I don't…" muttered Kyoko.

"Well considering you're on a road trip I bet all of that money is going to gas." Said the blonde man.

"Right…" answered Kyoko, "Thank you…"

Kyoko ran off deciding it was best to leave and never come back.

"Why did you let her off?" asked large man.

"You saw how she dodged." Said the blonde man, "And the fact she has no idea where she is…"

"You don't think?" asked the blonde man.

"I do…" answered the blonde man, "Tend to shop… I'm going to follow her."

Sometime later Kyoko was sitting by the river eating the Dango.

"Great what do I do now?" asked Kyoko.

She weighed her options, it was find a way back to Mitakihara City, then again what was the point… she had no Soul Gem anymore… even if she was somehow alive and blasted to Tokyo there was no way she would make another contract…

"How am I even alive?" she muttered to herself.

That was when she a scream for help.

She turned around and saw a woman running away from a monster.

"Please help me!" screamed the woman.

"Oh man…" muttered Kyoko, "What the hell is that thing."

She knew at least she still had her magical girl reflexes.

"Hey!" yelled Kyoko.

"What?" asked the woman, "Wait you can see me?"

"Of course I can." Said Kyoko, "Why wouldn't I be?"

That was when noticed the woman had a chain sticking out of her chest.

"I don't get Tokyo fashion." She muttered.

"What?" respond the woman.

She grabbed the woman and jumped away from the monster, however the monster which resembled some sort of cat with a strange bone white mask and a hole in its chest, quickly followed.

"That thing is bad." Muttered Kyoko, "How man I going to save her?"

She didn't know how or why… maybe it she did on a subconscious level but somehow she transformed into her magical girl form.

"What?" she said.

That was when the monster roared.

"I'll have to worry about that later." She muttered.

She created her spear and ran towards the monster. She managed to cut off its head very easily. Causing it to vanish.

"What was that?" muttered Kyoko.

That was when she and the woman heard applauded. She saw it was the blonde man.

"I take it that was your first hollow kill." Said the man.

Kyoko immediately got suspicious and point her spear at him.

"Okay who are you?" asked Kyoko.

"If you come with me I'll explain." Explained the blonde man.

Kyoko gritted her teeth.

"How do you know anything about me?" asked Kyoko.

"You're not the first Magical Girl to die and wind up here." Answered the blonde man.

Kyoko gritted her teeth, "Fine…" muttered Kyoko realizing since she still had no idea what was happened knew she had to go with him.

He turned to the woman, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you crossover."

"Thank you so much." Said the woman.

Kyoko followed the man back to shop. She brought to a living room where she waited for a bit for him to return.

That was when the large man came in with tea and snacks and soon the blonde man came in, then sat down in front across form her.

"So you want to know how you got here, don't you?" asked the blonde man.

"Of course I do." Muttered Kyoko.

The man took out a fold fan and put it front of his face.

"Sorry I don't know the reason." He said answered.

"What!" yelled Kyoko.

"Before you take out your spear again let me explain about this universe." Explained the blond man.

"What do you mean this universe?" asked Kyoko.

"From what was gathered after you died you sent to another universe." Said the blonde man.

"How do you know that?" asked Kyoko.

"We don't have Incubators here." Said the blonde man, "Nor witches."

"If you don't have Witches what was that thing I fought?" asked Kyoko.

"A Hollow." Answered the blonde man.

"What's that?" asked Kyoko.

"Let me explain the life and death cycle here." Said the blonde man, "When a person dies they're ghost is called a whole. However one of many things happen. If they're lucky a Soul Reaper finds them and sends them to the Soul Society or heaven if you will."

"And if they're unlucky?" asked Kyoko.

"They're either eaten by a Hollow or become one themselves." Explained the blonde man.

"So I just killed a death person?" muttered Kyoko.

"No." answered the blonde man, "A magical girl's weapons can cleanse a Hollow of its sins and sends them to the Soul Society."

"I see." Muttered Kyoko.

There was a silence, "And why should I believe any of that?"

The blonde man was silent.

"I see." Muttered Kyoko.

"Tell me did you ever find what a Soul Gem really is?" asked the blonde man.

Kyoko glared at him.

"How do you know about that?" asked Kyoko.

"I guess you did find out it was your soul." Answered the blonde man, "There is something I can do to prove to you what I'm saying is true."

He grabbed a cane and poked her with it. Suddenly she was flung back.

"What the hell was that for!" yelled Kyoko.

That was when she noticed several things, she was now transformed into her magical girl costume, the second was that she had a chain coming out her chest, a chain that led to her body that was laying unconscious nearby.

"What the hell did you do?" asked Kyoko.

"I separated you from you body" answered the blond man.

{"Wait." Answered Kyoko, "Then my soul…"

"Soul Gem no longer exists in this universe." Answered the blonde man, "Meaning your should once again resides in your body."

Kyoko was in shock, it was the good kind of shock…

"I'm not a zombie." She said.

"Actually Magical Girls would be considered liches since your souls are housed somewhere else and you can powers from them." Said the man putting his fan in front of his face.

"I don't care!" yelled Kyoko.

She looked at her body. She didn't say anything.

"Oh all you have to do is re-enter it and it will be fine." Explained the blonde man.

Kyoko shot a glare at him then did so.

The two sat in silence for the next few minutes.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, "You have a whole new chance to start a life you don't have to fight at all anymore if you don't want to."

Kyoko got up and began to leave.

"I'm going to search for Sayaka and Mami." She said.

"Did they both die in the same labyrinth?" asked the blonde man.

"Why are you asking?" asked Kyoko.

"The Soul Society keeps track of all magical girls." Explained blonde man, "And there are two things you should know. If a magical girl becomes a witch she never appears here."

Kyoko's eyes widened, "What… you're kidding, right?" she asked.

"If either Sayaka or Mami turned into a witch they never came here." Said the blonde man.

Kyoko stared at him.

"Also not every single magical girl who died appears here. There's theories about other universes that are involved but nothing concrete yet."

Kyoko began to grit her teeth.

"Before you go remember you don't need Greif Seeds to fight anymore. Every bit of your magic comes from you from now on." Said the blonde man.

"Whatever." She muttered,

She began to leave when suddenly, the large man reappeared. He had a bag of good.

"Here, since you have no money. I figured you would need food." Said the large man.

Kyoko was surprised by this act of kindness.

"Thank you." She said.

She grabbed the bag and left.

"So what do you think she's going to do?" asked the large man.

"I don't know." Said the blonde man, "But I can't help but get the feeling that she might end up meeting Rukia or Ichigo…"

The large man thought about it.

Kyoko began eating one of the snacks the large man gave to her.

Over for the course of the next couple hours she ate the food that was given to her thinking over what she should do. Then again she had the feeling not to trust, well completely trust him.

"Maybe I should find Mami. Then again if she is in this universe I have no idea if she's in this town." Thought Kyoko.

That was when she and explosion. She saw it was one of those Hollows, and a girl with black hair was fighting it. She heard the two talk about a boy and something about Soul Reapers.

"Great…" muttered Kyoko.

She left the bag on the ground near a light pole and transformed.

The girl has called the Hollow scum, and the hollow was about to reach our and grab her but Kyoko stabbed the Hollow in the hand with her spear.

"What?" asked the Hollow.

"No way…" said the girl.

"So Hollows could talk." Said Kyoko, "I would have thought they would speak gibberish like Witches."

Little did Kyoko know was that with this fight and who she would meet would determine whether not she would stay in this town or leave…

Next Time: Kyoko helps fight off a Hollow, really strong Hollow. However when she learns the kind of person the Hollow was in life what will happen? And just what is a Soul Reaper anyways... Find out next time!