Chapter 8: Protecting Friends

To say both Kyoko and Ichigo were angry would be an understatement. Kyoko looked like she wanted to punch him. However Ichigo grabbed him before she could.

"Call it off!" Yelled Ichigo, "Get rid of that bait!"

"I can't do that, the bait has already scattered through the wind." Said Uryu, "The die is cast and soon Hollow will be spreading through out this town."

"Why you…" muttered Kyoko.

"Instead of pushing me around. You should all be running. It won't be easy defending a whole town against a Hollow Horde." Said Uryu.

"Why you." Muttered Ichigo.

"A word of warning. Hollows go after people with high spiritual power." Said Uryu.

"Damn it!" yelled Ichigo realizing his sister.

He ran off to find his sister with Kon following.

"As I suspected he doesn't know…" said Uryu, "Too bad Ichigo Kurosaki, your family isn't the only one with spiritual gifts there are other close you. Since you don't."

"Ahem." Said Kyoko interrupting his speech.

"You're still here!" yelled Uryu in shock.

"I am!" said Kyoko, "It's his friends from school isn't it?"

"Well you are the reason why he's still alive." Said Uryu, "So yes they are."

He watched as Kyoko transformed, she summoned her spear and pointed it as him.

"When this is all over you're going to pay, got it?" Muttered Kyoko.

She then ran off towards the school.

She ran towards the school she killed quite a few Hollows.

Thankfully she arrived at the school when she saw an octopus like hollow floating above Orihime looking nervous.

"She can see it." Thought Kyoko.

That was when jumped into the air and cut off one of the Hollow's tentacles before it could do anything.

"What…" said the Hollow in a woman's voice.

"Sorry, but I can't let you hurt people just because of some stupid contest." Muttered Kyoko.

She then stabbed the Hollow in the face killing.

Orihime watched, "She can fight it." She thought.

Kyoko watched at the hollow dissolved.

"That was a weak one." Said Kyoko.

"What's going on?" asked Chizuru who was there.

"Oh just doing my cosplay practice… I didn't notice you… I tend to get in the zone sometimes." Said Kyoko.

"Cosplay?" asked Chizuru, "Oh you must be that cosplaying middle schooler I heard about."

She looked at Kyoko, "Even if you were older you're not my type…" sighed Chizuru.

"What?" asked Kyoko.

"Orihime on the other hand." Said Chizuru.

"Will you knock that out." Muttered Tatsuki joining them.

That was when Orihime grabbed Kyoko's arm.

"I just remember something!" said Orihime, "There's something I have to show you!"

Orihime dragged Kyoko away.

Tatsuki watched the two leave and started following them.

"Hey wait!" said Chizuru, she then began to pout, "Their hiding something from me."

Orihime led Kyoko to an alleyway.

"So you wanted to ask me things about that, right?" asked Kyoko.

"Yeah…" said Orihime.

"There you are." Said Tatsuki.

"Oh hey…" said Kyoko.

"This has to with the ghosts right." Said Tatsuki.

So you can see them too." Said Kyoko.

Tatsuki nodded.

That was when they heard a roar, a Hollow appeared. Kyoko jumped and cut it apart, causing it to fade.

"What…" said Tatsuki.

"You couldn't see, could you?" asked Kyoko.

"No…" said Tatsuki, "Well mostly, all I saw a shape."

"Okay… looks like I have to play body guard to you then."

"What?" asked Tatsuki.

"Both of you can see ghosts and those monsters called hollows want to eat you because of that." Said Kyoko.

"What?" asked Tatsuki.

Orihime covered her mouth in shock.

"Stick with me and you'll be fine." Said Kyoko.

"What's causing this?" asked Tatsuki knowing.

"Uryu and Ichigo got into a pissing contest and this is the need result." Said Kyoko.

"What?" asked Orihime and Tatsuki.

"This isn't a good place to fight them." Said Kyoko.

They headed elsewhere.

Where to…


"Where are we even going?" asked Tatsuki.

"Don't' ask me." Muttered Kyoko.

That was when another Hollow attack. Kyoko once again summoned her spear. However another Hollow appeared behind her.

Thankfully before it could attack, Tatsuki kicked it.

While it only dissuaded it for a few seconds, Kyoko managed to kill it.

"Are you an idiot?" asked Kyoko.

"What?" asked Tatsuki.

"I asked are you an idiot?" asked Kyoko, "You can barely see it and you don't have any powers."

"You weren't paying attention to it." Said Tatsuki.

"I know that." Muttered Kyoko, "But I've been fighting monsters for more than a year… I'm not some rookie."

"You're just in middle school." Said Tatsuki.

"Well if she's a magical girl then of course she started in middle school. "said Orihime.

Both Kyoko and Tatsuki stared at Orihime.

"I don't think she's really a magical girl." Said Tatsuki.

"No she's right, this isn't a costume." Said Kyoko.

"What?" asked Tatsuki.

"I really am a Magical Girl." Said Kyoko.

"You have got to be kidding me." sighed Tatsuki.

Kyoko checked her soul phone.

"Nothing's nearby." Sighed Kyoko.

She began to think. Then she remembered Kisuke.

"Maybe I should dump you with him.." said Kyoko, "This way I can help Ichigo."

"Who are you talking about?" demanded Tatsuki.

Before she could answer, the Soul Phone began to beep a lot.

"This is bad." Said Kyoko.

That was when several hollows appeared from all over the place.

"This is bad." Said Kyoko.

She created a barrier around both Orihime and Tatsuki.

"What!" yelled Tatsuki.

"It's the only way for you not to get in my way." Said Kyoko.

Kyoko turned her attention to the hollows. She managed to kill one, then another.

Tatsuki watched, she could still barely make out the shapes but she could still tell there were too many for her to handle.

"It's okay Tatsuki." Said Orihime, "I know you want to protect me… but let her protect both of us."

"But she's fighting too many." Said Tatsuki.

She turned to the fight, as it went on the hollows got clearer and clearer for her.

"You can see them now… can't you?" asked Orihime.

Tatsuki nodded.

However with Kyoko fighting, more and more hollows appeared. She mange dot stab one killing however a very large one appeared and swiped Kyoko in the back.

Kyoko's barrier immediately fell.

"Kyoko!" cried Orihime running towards her.

"I'm okay…" lied Kyoko, "This is nothing."

Tatsuki looked at the Hollow. And then punched it in the face.

"Orihime is a my best friend." Said Tatsuki, "Thank you for your help, but I can take it from here."

Kyoko looked at Tatsuki, it hit her that Tatsuki now could somehow see them. She was about to say something but then realized something else.

"I get it now. "said Kyoko getting up, "You've got to focus on what matters most to you and protect it… you really care for her don't you?"

Tatsuki nodded.

"Good…" said Kyoko with a smirk.

"Are you able to stand?" asked Orihime.

"Help me until we get to what I hope will be a safe house." Said Kyoko.

"Don't worry Orihime… everything will be fine. I don't want to see you cry today, okay." Said Tatsuki.

That was when the air around Tatsuki began to glow. It was like energy surrounded her. Even Tatsuki was surprised.

"What's going on?" she said.

"I take it this hasn't been seen before…" said Kyoko.

"No…" said Orihime.

"Interesting…" said Kyoko, "Let's go!"

"Right!" said Tatsuki.

The two ran towards the Hollows... however even with these Hollows dead, others were coming and no one knew if this would be enough…

Next Time: With Tatsuki's strange new ability can she and Kyoko take on all of the Hollows? Or will Orihime have to step in... and even then what does can she do? Find out next time!