Hey , so this is my first story , please be patient and feel free to review and rate along the way, it is based on a videogame named : The last of us , and yes, it is zombia-apocaliptic , a liittle bit of a cliche , but it's one of the best stories i've ever experienced, so if you know the game i hope you like how i interpreted it, and fnally this is a full on NARUSAKU, although it wont be instant but i'll try to make it happen as fast as i can.

The Last Of Us


- October 10/2012 , 8:00 PM -
It was a peaceful night in Konoha, a small town part of the Fire country. A little blond girl leaning softly on a young man of the same hair color. She had the most precious blue eyes accompanied by golden locks, just like her father.

"Hey dad...? Happy birthday "she whispered to the young man.

"Thanks baby girl" He said as he looked at her with adoration , he was only 15 years old when he had her, he had taken the responsibility for himself as her mother left them only 2 months after her birth... He was only glad that she looked nothing like her.

"I bought you something "She passed him a beautiful watch, silver styled, it looked familiar, and he had seen it before, perhaps on a magazine or a movie.

"How could you afford this?" He was needless to say, in complete shock, it looked fairly expensive.

"From all the drug money..." She joked

"Huh... Maybe you could help with the mortgage then" he replied with a smile.

"you wish" she started to lean against him one more time, only to drift off to dream land. He looked at her lovingly , 12 years ago he was lost, alone with this little girl and had no idea how he was going to take care of her , he and his brother had being without parents since age 10 , but he refused to let her suffer the things he did . He decided to be both mom and dad , so he pulled himself together , his brother got him a job in the KPO , Konoha's Protection Organization , which although had a lame name, their agents where just as skilled as ninjas. Now he stands here 11 years later. He was 26, an elite agent, and a true father ..., a truly proud father that is. He, Naruto Namikaze was pretty happy with himself. He took his daughter and carried her upstairs to her bed.

"Sleep tight, I love you..."

- 4:00 a.m. -

She woke up startled by the sound of a phone ringing loudly. It was her father's.

"Dad?! Your phone is ringing!" But he didn't answered. So she picked it up.

"Naruto! Shit! It's happening!" The voice ranged
"What? OH it's me uncle Sasuke!... What, what's happening?" She said curiously

" Listen Nathalie I need to talk to your dad! Now" Sasuke's voice was filled with despair.

"But I can't find him... what's going on uncle Sasuke?" She was a little scared, her uncle was so brave and now he sounded terrified.

"Nathalie find you dad and-" she couldn't longer hear his voice.

She ran downstairs


"Dad where are you?!"

No response

she ran to the kitchen, still trying to find her dad. The back door suddenly burst open. She almost had a heart attack, but quickly relaxed once she saw the familiar blond male with whisker marks.

"Daddy! Uncle Sasuke was looking for you"

But he ignored her, he knew what was going on. There had being talk about a virus in KPO , one that disabled neurons and altered human form. He thought it was kind of funny, he even joked about it "oh like zombies then? what a cliche..." But now everything was so real, the thought of losing his baby girl to one of this infected people. No way. No. He was an elite agent that was not going to happen.

"Honey, there's something wrong with the inuzuka's ! Stay close" He tried to calm her down but a violent sound made her nervous again. Then they saw it, it was their neighbor, Kiba, but he didn't look like himself. Not at all. His face was bloody, his eyes looked black, his skin had a brownish-greenish tone, and finally his teeth looked rotten. Naruto was nervous. He knew what was going on, but still, it was the first time he saw one, then time froze. Kiba started walking around the room, then it hit him, he was running towards his daughter. No way in hell. Naruto quickly reacted. He took his gun and shot him straight in the head, Kiba's already lifeless body fell over his little girl. She was terrified beyond measure.

"uhh… d..da…dad , you-you just… just…" Nathalie was suddenly speechless, Naruto felt terrible, Kiba was a very good friend of his, one of the few guys that lended him a hand when he needed. Years ago , when he started looking for a decent place for him and his daughter , the inuzuka's did more than just letting them crash at their place, they helped him get a great deal for their existing home, and Nathalie loved to go over their place to play with Akamaru , that loyal dog of theirs. Yes, they were good friends, but now, everything was different, and Naruto didn't had time to mourn, or even console his daughter, because his goal extended even further. He had to survive and protect her, at all costs.

"Listen Nathalie, we are in trouble ok? you have to listen to me, we have to get out of here! Got it?" He looked at her seriously, she was shocked and sad, but also knew that her dad knew better. She silently nodded. Then someone busted into the house, But to their relief it was Sasuke, his half-brother, they had being together since both can remember, Their mom had a bad experience with Sasuke's dad, only to leave him for Naruto's, they had a estrange dynamic going on, but they were happy, until one night : They were told that the three of their parents had decided to move, apparently Fugaku , Sasuke's Dad was complaining about the couple's moving decision to the land of rain, saying that he had little time to bond with his kid, so they convinced him into moving there as well, so they were traveling to get every paperwork done, leaving Naruto and Sasuke alone, as it would only take one night or two days at most, for them both who were such a couple of self-sufficient boys, it would be easy. Sadly they never came back. Some family friends helped the duo , but nothing could console them .There where a lot of stories of what went wrong, Their ship sinked, They got mugged… they really didn't care, the important thing was that they were gone, forever. From that day they had something very clear, and constantly reminded one and other of it "It's just you and me against the world, bro. There's no one else you can really trust but your own blood" it was like a creed, Half-Brothers with a vow to defend.

"Hey! Come on!" He brought a jeep, so Naruto instantly climbed in after he placed his daughter on the back sit. They drove off, and even got to see a couple of infected ones. She was horrified, not only of the infected, but of the people, they were killing each other victims of the frenzy around them, Naruto told her to close her eyes. Abruptly they where stopped by a huge line of cars, apparently everyone wanted to head to Sunagakure, they should've think of that, it was the closest town to Konoha. They where so busy discussing "Teme's" ( which was the oh-so loving name sasuke got from naruto) great idea, that the waves of people coming through took them by surprise. Naruto quickly took his daughter on his arms, and Sasuke followed him, they found themselves surrounded by both infected and people, Sasuke took his gun and looked at Naruto.

"Go dobe…"

"What?! Im not gonna leave you to die!, remember, it's-"

"I know, you and me against the world, but you have Nathalie, plus I can hold them in a flash, after all I'm the best" he finished with his signature smirk, even at these types of situations he was still so big-headed , arrogant bastard, but he was his arrogant bastard.

"Fine" and with that he ran , as fast as he could , his girl still on his arms hugging him tight

" Daddy… im worried for uncle sasuke" she said almost crying

"Oh.. baby girl, me too, but he'll be okay" he said with an encouraging smile.

"ughhg-ughhgh" they heard something speaking nonsense, of course it was an infected.damn it!. Naruto cursed his luck , of course it wasn't just one it was a whole pile of them.

"Close your eyes Nathalie" He took his gun out and started shooting, from every angle he could, but they were way too much for him, he felt desperate and started shooting randomly, suddenly all of the bodies started to fall, Naruto couldn't believe it, it worked he thought, it did!, turns out another man in a dark suit with an assault rifle was following them. Naruto felt thankful and a little depressed, but never the less they where safe.

"Thanks man!—uhh- wait , what are you doing?" the man had turned to face him and his daughter , aiming with the gun, he had a cellphone on the other hand.

"Hey… yes… he's here but… I'ts only a child… O-okay" He sighed "Sorry"

"Wait … I work for the KPO! You-you can't" but it was worthless. The last thing he knew he was trying to cover his daughter as the bullets flied through the air, then the sound of a much stronger gun, maybe a shotgun, and then they fell on the floor.

"Naruto, are you okay?" Sasuke's voice woke him up. He had successfully defeated all of the infected, and a couple of normal ones. He saw that guy aiming at both them and as fast as he could shot him straight on the face. Naruto looked at himself, he had no injuries. Then he turned to Nathalie shit , she was covered in blood, agonizing.

"Baby.. don't do this… please don't leave me" he was crying trying to stop the bleeding " your gonna make it , please!" she looked at him, saddened.

"Survive daddy, I love you…"

Then she was gone.




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