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Infinite Stratos: Rise of the Valkyries Chapter One – The First Step

"Hold the line!" yelled a soldier, covered in a dark grey trench coat with a blue tinge and wearing a gas mask.

Fire burst forth from a nearby hovering armoured vehicle. The soldier threw himself onto the hard asphalt ground as a fragment of a wrecked gun barrel flies over his head, tearing through a nearby tree before imbedding itself into the side of a house.

"Artillery support incoming, sir," reported a Legionnaire, an advanced 'true' AI robotic trooper, through the Battle Communication Network. As the soldier registers the message, a flash on his Heads Up Display appears, showing the estimated area of affect of the artillery shells. With a huge wail, active guided Earthshaker Shells fired from rail artillery stationed on the tower looming over the city landed on the ground ahead of him. Explosions reduced the suburban area ahead into debris, affectively decimating the enemy units.

"Charlie, command has given the order to retreat within the borders of the tower, the universal warp charge is ready," said a synthesized male voice in his head.

"I copy Nav," replied Charlie. "All troops fall back to within the borders of the tower. We're getting out of here."

He turned around and sprinted at inhuman speeds, passing the Legionnaires. Activating a jetpack on his back, he flew onto the nearest apartment building on the outskirts of the dense urban areas. Taking out a long barrelled rifle from a weapon slot at the side of his jetpack, he released the safeties and allowed the rifle to charge up. Energy pulsed within the rifle as a rectangular scope rose from within the rifle into position. Aiming at an enemy, the targeting system in the scope causes the aiming dot in the sector to turn red. He zoomed onto the head, a yellow glowing four-eyed creature in red carapace armour that looked like a demon themed Murloc. He then fired.

A blast of energy burst from his rifle in the form of plasma, travelling at extremely high velocities thanks to the projectile acceleration system in the rifle. The head of the creature exploded, causing the rest of its body to lift of the ground and traveling 6 meters backwards. Charlie targeted the next creature, firing the lightweight semi-automatic plasma rail rifle at 2 shots a second as he gave covering suppression for the retreating forces. When several transport gunships, Valkyries, flew past him, he stowed the rifle back on his back, and used his jetpack to take off after them. As he got closer to the tower borders, he could see large burning fireballs blowing up on energy shield underneath it and the true magnitude of the size of the tower was made apparent. It was metallic red and massive, supported on four legs on the four corners of the city, so tall that the top of it was above the clouds. A flash on his HUD alerted him to a 90 second countdown till the warp. When he and the transports passed through the citywide shield, the countdown was at 10 seconds. After landing on the checkpoint bridge separating the main city from the mainland, Charlie could only look behind him for what seemed like an eternity as the final wave of transports flew through the shield against the orange nuked background. He caught a glimpse of three more nukes going off in the far distance, the light bright enough to blind anyone not wearing an anti-glare visor, which for him was built into the lens of his metal gas mask. Then, Charlie's world flipped outside down when the countdown reached zero.

An extremely bright blue light outshone even the light from the nuclear explosions, reducing Charlie's vision to whiteness as he was knocked back onto the ground. Tremors caused vibrations to shake through his body, causing the ground to rumble like an earthquake. The city trees swayed around, with a few power lines toppling over. His senses were overloaded and he could not think as he just kept his eyes shut. Then, it suddenly stopped.

Opening his eyes, Charlie saw something that he didn't see for two whole years, a pale blue sky. Getting up and helping a nearby Valkyrian soldier up to her feet. He heard calm rushing waves washing up along the checkpoint, the bridge having seemingly disappeared with only a cut off road proving its location, which was a stark contrast to the violent tides that beaches and docks were subject to. A cry from an animal brought his attention to the sky, and seeing a white bird with an orange beak. Nav determined it to be a seagull, which as Charlie recalled was supposed to be extinct at least five years ago. This calm, serene moment was then interrupted by a video call in his helmet. He answered it.

"Charlie, everything all right at the bottom of the tower?" spoke a man in his late forties. A military trim haircut that awkwardly contrasted with the business suit the man was wearing. The man's name was Bill Sharp, Charlie's uncle.

Charlie looked back from the waterfront inwards towards the downtown core of the city. Most of the above ground tower lines had fallen, with some vehicles crushed under them. Fire hydrants had broken and water was pouring forth as soldiers and Legionnaires rushed to try to repair the damage. "There's damage all over the city, but nothing irreparable or irreplaceable within a month Sir. What about on the top of the tower?"

Bill sighed, "Better than the predictions were, and Charlie, I don't think you'll have to call me sir again, the readings show that we have escaped that universe and thus the war. We finally have peace."

At that moment, tears suddenly began to well up in Charlie's eyes. The reality of the moment had just fully come to him. The number of sacrifices that had been given for this moment, they weren't for nothing. Seven years of hardship. They had finally done it, humanity was preserved, and he finally finished keeping his promise.


"Yeah, I'm just feeling really happy, that's all. Really, really happy," replied Charlie.

"Well, take the Laurentian elevator back up to central command, I want you to be there when we launch the observation and communications satellite."

"Yes sir."


"I mean… uncle."

Right after the video transition disconnected, Charlie lifted his metal gas mask onto the top of his helmet like a visor and rubbed his eyes with his black leather glove hands.

"Well, that was a nice moment," remarked Nav, "for a few seconds before that I thought that we would be discontinued."

"Yeah, I guess… well Nav, we should get going." Charlie started walking at a brisk pace towards one of the two central columns containing the tower lifts.

"Miss Dunois would have been happy for you operator."

Charlie paused mid step with a faint flicker of regret crossing his face.

"Indeed Nav… Indeed."

Meanwhile, just 1000 km away.

Ichika raised Yukihara to block Tatenashi's Rusty Nail. At the last second before the blades met together, the blade of the Rusty Nail somehow curved around the Yukihara. Ichika quickly dodged to the side, but not before the Rusty Nail slashed the right side of his IS, bring his last 10% of shields to zero. Ichika groaned as he once against lost to the ISA's student council president the representative of Russia. He waited for the forthcoming lecture on his mistakes, which was indeed coming towards him.

"Ichika-san, your movements are still too predictable. Sometimes it's better to evade the incoming attack completely," stated Tatenashi.

In fact, it appeared that Tatenashi had fifteen minutes of lecturing in her mind, when the school wide PA system turned on.

"Attention please, would all students with personal ISs come to Orimura-sensei's office. This meeting takes priority over all activities.

"We'll continue this talk later," stated Tatenashi as she dragged Ichika over to their meeting place.

Chifuyu Orimura's office

"Everyone, thank you for coming on such short notice," said Chifuyu to the group. "Yamada-sensei, if you please."

Yamada-sensei turned on a monitor on a wall of the room to a news channel. The live video that appeared showed an extremely tall red structure in the ocean visible from the city. The tagline read, "Mysterious tower suddenly appears of the coast of Japan." The news reporter was saying a few words.

"Just about 30 minutes ago just one week after the 2nd school term has started, if you walked up to the waterfront and looked across the water, you may have been surprised to see this red tall structure that reaches into the cloud layer. It was detected by the government after what appeared to be a satellite launch from the unidentified structure, and shortly after by pedestrians in the waterfront vicinity. Although we reached out to the government for info, we have not received any word from the government about it. After the break, we will discuss people's theories about it."

Suddenly, a pair of fighter jets could be seen soaring across the sky towards the tower. Yamada-sensei turned off the monitor at that moment.

"Given the size and magnitude of the unidentified structure, we must assume that the entities, if there are any present in the tower, must be technologically superior and have deep pockets," Chifuyu stated, "The nations of the world have all being alerted to its presence. The government wants us to be on standby and provide support should any hostile situations occur. If that indeed happens, be prepared for anything."

Everyone was shocked by this event. A mega structure suddenly appearing in the ocean out of the blue? Laura was about to say something when Chifuyu's cell phone rang. She picked it up.

"This is Chifuyu speaking… Yes… Yes… I understand. We'll be right over there. Yes sir, right away." She hanged up. Speaking to the group, she said, "It appears that the government have managed to contact the unknown group. In fact, the government was contacted as soon as the military jets were within viewing range of the tower. The people of the structure have immediately prepared a delegation to meet at the nearby military base. We are to be part of the welcoming party there. No questions until we get to our destination."

Later in an aircraft near the military base

The military class Valkyrie Model 24 dropship flew closer to its destination. It was in coloured in a blue hue to signal its delegation passengers. On each of the sides were the national Valkyrian wings insignia in black along its side. The noise level within the aircraft was about as loud as in the cabin of a 2017 Boeing Dreamliner.

"Reaching our destination sirs," reported the pilot through the comm. Charlie adjusted his grip on the dropship's ceiling handles while looking through Nav's analysis of the coastal architecture and defenses. Looking through it, Charlie realized that they were very similar to the cities that once existed before the beginning of the Great War. In fact, Charlie pondered over the name of the city gathered from the observation and communications satellite, the city was named the exact same name as one of the nuked cities. He noticed a fairly large building on top of a man-made island that had no counterpart in the Valkryian version of the city. Reading the nametag, it was called the Infinite Stratos Academy, or ISA for short. Checking it out in detail, it appeared that it was an internationalized school funded by it's controlling state, Japan/Nippon/Nihon/日本, that trains girls from around the world to pilot ISs. Looking into the definition of the IS, Charlie found that they were basically military class flight capable mech suits that could only be controlled by woman and they represented the highest samples of technology that the world had to offer.

"If only females can use this technology, than life here must suck for males in this world's society," commented Nav, "But the good news is that since your body is a…"

"Shut up Nav," interrupted Charlie in a sharp voice, "Do you want me to disable your voice box?"

"Fine then, I won't comment about how comparable you are to a certain group of meat sacs."

"Nav, what's the estimated military threat the locals hold against us?" said Charlie in an irritated voice.

"55.6% likely to attack should any 'misunderstandings' occur and 8.9% likely to pose a true military threat in combat," reported Nav. The AI allowed Bill to hear this. Bill was the representative delegate for Valkyria. He was chosen since being the CEO of Valkyria's largest corporation, Collosus, and ex-military he held a lot of power and understood the inner workings of the Valkyrian government.

"With a TMT statistic that low, it should prove no problem for security then, but the locals sure seem trigger happy," remarked Bill.

"Well it is true that the threat is weak compared to what the Murlocs offered. But my calculations can cause the threat level to jump by an entire 30% if the data on these 'ISs' are true."

"Why is that?" asked Bill.

"The military grade level of these mech suits is remarkably similar to operator Charlie's Sturmtruppen equipment. Though of course, the flaws that exist in them are about 50% more exploitable in combat and the defense system is about 215% weaker. Then I also have to factor in the inexperience our forces have in dealing with multiple units similar to Sturmtruppen," replied Nav.

"Interesting," commented Charlie.

"In that case, the grenadiers better keep their fingers off the safety and trigger. Or this could get a little messy," said Bill loud enough that the entire entourage could hear.

At the military base

Everyone in the group could see the navy blue coloured flying aircraft from a very long distance away even without optical zoom lenses. A bright blue streak instead of a white streak could be appeared out of what was assumed the aircraft's jets. Its design was similar to aircrafts seen in science fiction. As the aircraft approached the landing pad, the twin propulsion system of the aircraft rotated like a harrier and glided down. Laura could not help but be impressed by the technological standard the unknown state's air force had. The two sliding doors on either side of the craft opened, allowing soldiers wielding some sort of rifles with woodland camouflage patterned armour to get out first. Laura immediately recognized the rifles as being similar than her rail gun, but being the about the size of rifles like the M1 Garand. The soldiers swiftly formed a defensive circle around the aircraft as behind them, a grey trench coat like uniformed soldier with a metal gas mask, which reminded Laura of late WW1 era, uniforms her country used. She quickly deduced that the masked trooper was of elite status given his position to a man in a suit who was probably the dignitary and the vastly different uniform he war. The difference was that a backpack seemed to be outfitted with a jetpack based propulsion system and a golden V shaped insignia was painted onto the helmet. She noticed that on the left shoulders of all the soldiers was the same black coloured wings found on the sides of the aircraft. Looking back at the dignitary and his personal guard, she noticed that they were both glancing at Charlotte, with a hint of a shocked expression noticeable on the man in the suit's face. It disappeared as quickly as it came and he tapped on the shoulder of the bodyguard, causing the bodyguard to quickly turn away and look towards the approaching Japanese delegation as if nothing happened. Laura made a note to ask Charlotte if she knew anything about them. In the meanwhile, Chifuyu was standing beside the Japanese dignitary as the two delegations introduced themselves. Chifuyu, the Japanese dignitary, the elite soldier, and the unknown dignitary were escorted by their respective security into a nearby building. About 5 of the unknown group's soldiers including the pilot remained with the transport. Keeping her distance with the other IS pilots from the main group, she quickly followed them into the building.

Entering it, she was surprised to find that all of the security had were waiting outside of an indoor tarp tent in a large open convention like room rather than inside a true conference room. Chifuyu was talking with the elite soldier directly outside of the tent's entrance. Laura amplified her sound detection towards them and listened into the conversation, which presumably everyone else was doing as well. They were talking in English, which Laura knew well enough to understand.

"So Charlie, is your uncle in your nations military?" asked Chifuyu to the soldier, who Laura now knew was apparently Charlie.

"Actually, he's ex-military. He's now CEO of Valkyria's most valuable corporation, Colossus, and I predict that that will be the only corporation you'll hear about for a while," replied Charlie. "What's your relationship to your principal?"

Chifuyu paused before speaking, "An acquaintance."

"New or old?"


"You do know that this conversation is being recorded by almost everyone here right?"

"Yes, but how would you know?"

"Because that's what I'm doing, and then I'm getting multiple warnings from my HUD that my voice is being tracked."

"You're being very direct in your answers you know."

"Only when none of this information can allow people to increase their threat level to my principal." Charlie paused. "By the way, I was wondering whether you know the name of the short blond haired girl."

"I do, her name's Charlotte Dunois. Why? Are you into her?"

Charlie chuckled, though the gas mask caused it to sound a bit unnatural, "Of course not Miss Orimura. It's just that she reminded me of someone else."

"Isn't that what all guys say as a pickup line?"

"And I thought that most girls wouldn't know that since the main school system here seems to be single gender based."

This time Chifuyu laughed, "And how did you know that, given you just randomly showed up in the ocean just one and a half hours ago?"

"Now that's a secret I won't tell. But I can hint that the local history databases were most certainly involved."

At that moment, the two dignitaries stepped out of the tent. They shook hands and parted, with the foreign party heading off and leaving within ten minutes.

Laura approached Chifuyu as the transport parted into the far distance. "Orimura-sensei, what did that soldier mean by Valkyria?"

Chifuyu replied, "Well Laura-san, Valkyria is apparently the name of the nation state that's located directly underneath the tower."

"Interesting," remarked Laura.

Three weeks later

Orimura-sensei got the classes attention in the early morning. "Attention students, we have a guest who will be observing and participating in our lessons for the rest of the year. He is NOT a student and cannot control an IS, but you will treat him with the upmost respect never less as an equal."

Immediately whispers came from the rolls of girls.

"A boy?"

"He's participating?

"How can someone participate in the training spars without an IS?"

"Maybe he's just participating in the normal subjects outside of IS training."

A figure wearing a fully grey commissar uniform (without a cloak mind you), with a metal gas mask strapped onto his head stepped to the front center of the class and bowed, speaking in fluent Japanese. "Hello, my name is Charlie Sharp and I will be participating with you all in ALL types of classes. I do apologize for not removing my hat or my visor, but you must understand that I'm not currently authorized by my government to reveal my full identity until later."


And there you have it, the first chapter, almost 3000 words long. After reading a few fanficts from the other stories based on Infinite Stratos, I decided to put a twist on the introduction of people, in which the girls scream in confusion not because there's another guy who can pilot an IS, but because he's wearing a freaking gasmask and won't be seen without it for a while. Now moving forward I have already planned out a few chapters ahead, but I need feedback in order to determine the type of endgame you all prefer, so please review.