Okay, my first Mummies Alive story is started pretty well and I have several different idea's for new ones. But this one really stood out in my mind. So I'm going to start on it (because I have writer's block on the other right now) and this just might help me get unstuck.

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(Presley has had a long time crush on one of his neighbors. A really cute older girl named Tia Alders. But there are several issues that pop up when he's around her. One; She's has a little bit of a twisted personality. Two; She has poor health. Three; She's the reincarnation of Ja-Kal's late wife!)

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"Yay! It's summer!" Presley Carnovan whooped as he threw what was left of his long lost pages of school work in the air, startling his ancient guardians from their latest conversation about Scarab as he continued, "No more teachers, no more books, no more Mr. Style's dirty looks!" The four all stared at him silently as he jumped up on the old couch that they had brought back to the sphinx around the time that they had moved into it and started exploring the city, and jumped up and down in between doing a little victory dance.

"Young prince, please cease at once. You might fall and-" No sooner than the words left Rath's mouth, Presley turned a little too fast and toppled right over the back of the chair and hit the stone floor with an 'oomph!'. Appalled that Presley may have just brained himself on their floor, the four quickly rushed over to check on the boy just in time to catch him laying on his back laughing like a lunatic.

"Oh dear." Nefer-tina said as she covered her mouth with one hand while Armon and Rath both made irked sounds and Ja-Kal sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose while regarding his prince warily. It must be worse than they thought. The fall must have bruised up the prince's brain or something.

"Yes, our poor prince must have suffered a brain injury. A pity too since he'll need his brain when school starts up again."

"Do you think you can fix him Rath?" Armon asked as their prince's laughter died down to a few chuckles and snorts while his body twitched.

"What do I look like to you? A healer?" Rath snapped, worried that the boy may have done great damage to himself this time. Not that his clumsiness wasn't already an epic topic of discussion among them as it was. After all, Presley was always tripping over his feet. Or theirs. Or over the sacred cat. Or their tools, statues, the stairs-

Really someone should have seen this coming since the boy tended to trip over just about everything in his general vicinity. Especially when he was overly excited and not paying attention to things like he should.

"I'm...fine." Presley wheezed as he twitched a little more before finally going still. His head hurt, but not enough to dampen his spirits at the moment. He'd shake it off in a second, when he finally caught his breath. His joy of finally being free from school outweighing everything. Thank god- He didn't have to sit through another boring class or lecture until school started again.

Sighing in obvious relief, the four mummies waited until he finally decided he wanted up before they dared to try and move him. After all they had heard somewhere that moving injured people wasn't good. "Well now that we know you're okay..." Ja-Kal said as he reached down and grasped Presley's arm and hauled him to his feet as he said in a stern tone, "You should not jump on the furniture, my prince. You could have seriously injured yourself."

"Chill out, Ja-Kal. Kids jump on furniture. We run with scissors. We trip over our own feet and fall. We do stupid and reckless things. It's all part of growing up!"

"Perhaps. But it can't be considered normal with as many times as you fall and get hurt." Rath said with a shake of his head as Ja-Kal released Presley's arm so that he could dust himself off.

Presley gave the sorcerer a dark look that Ja-Kal had dubbed the 'trouble' look. The same look he had got from the prince after saying something to offend him then wound up mysteriously in the middle of the nearest park butt naked the next morning when he awoke, startling several blue haired old ladies and giving a few others a real eye full.

He still had no idea how his prince had managed to pull off such a feat, but he had a sneaky suspicion that Nefer-tina and Armon must have helped. Especially since he knew that the prince wasn't strong enough to carry his dead weight over such a distance. At least not without waking him or throwing out his back anyways.

"I'm clumsy Rath." Presley said in a peeved tone as he glared at the sorcerer.

"No my prince, you aren't just clumsy. It's as if you have been cursed with misfortune."

"Ya know, before I met you four I might have believed that. But only if a woman dressed as a Gypsy had told me after robbing me of all my allowance money. But now...hn, not so much." Presley said as he finished dusting himself off and straightened his spine, which gave a loud cracking sound as he did so causing the four to visibly cringe.

Oh that sounded like it hurt.

"What is a Gypsy and why would she rob you?" Nefer-tina asked curiously.

"Because it's how they make their living back in the old days. They preyed on the weak minded... I don't know what they do now." Presley said quickly as he looked around for his backpack. It was almost five pm and he needed to leave. He had somewhere to be.

"What are you looking for my prince?" Armon asked.

"My backpack. It's almost five and I need to leave."

"Do you need to be home early?" Ja-Kal asked as he watched the boy spin around in a circle and almost trip over his feet while looking for his backpack when Armon reached down next to the couch and picked it up and held it out to the boy.

Presley grinned at Armon and took his pack from the man as he replied, "No nothing like that. I'm meeting up with an old friend in an hour, so I need to get going or I'll be late."

"An old friend? This is the first that you have mentioned meeting an old friend."

"Yeah, yeah- That's because I'm trying to drive you crazy. I gotta go."

"Wait! We will-"

"Not this time!" Presley called back as he ran towards the stairs, hoping that he could make a clean get away before any of them could stop him. He got to the stairs easily enough, but didn't notice the banana peel on the third step and let out a startled yelp as his foot went out from under him and he fell down the six other steps as he heard the four mummies practically shout,

"Presley!" As they all came running to see if he was okay.