Sorry guys- I didn't mean to just leave you hanging like that.


The mummies watched for a good twenty minutes as their prince hugged on the young woman totally oblivious to the world around him. As he and his pretty older friend chatted happily just a few feet from them. "Hey do you remember when I was four and dad was in that bad car accident?" They heard Presley ask as the woman rubbed his back like one would a small child.

"The one where he nearly broke every bone in his body?" The woman asked absently. Mostly because there had been five accidents that she recalled. Two car accidents. One motorcycle accident. And two involving Presley's mother and a set of stairs.

Presley smiled and nodded. "Yup. That's the one."

"Yeah, I remember," Tia said as she moved her hand up to play with his soft brown hair, frowning because it had become longer than she liked and wondered when his mother last took the time to trim his hair. "It was you're birthday and you're mom showed up on my doorstep and practically beat the door down then handed you- who were crying by the way- off to me and said she'd be back later. First she had to murder an idiot."

"Yup. That's my mom." Presley said weakly, suddenly wondering about whether or not he should have mentioned the incident since Tia's family situation hadn't been the best when she was younger.

"How is you're dad anyways?" She asked as she looked down at him. He smiled and told her that his dad had finally run away from his mom fearing that if he stayed the next 'accident' would be his last, causing her to laugh softly at the idea of his adventure seeking father running in fear of his wife. If one thought about it, it really was a very, very funny mental image.

"Well..." She said awkwardly before continuing, "At least he escaped before she wound up killing him."

"Yeah. No kidding." Presley said when she suddenly felt a wave of dizziness hit her and staggered a little bit and almost caused herself to fall on top of Presley.

"Tia?" Presley's voice sounded like it was a million miles away as he used himself to hold her up by locking his arms around her waist and cast a worried glance towards the mummies, catching Ja-Kal's watchful eye just long enough to mouth, "Help me dammit!" Causing him to come over to the two of them and quickly scoop Tia up in his arms- nearly taking Presley with him before the boy could let go of the woman's waist.

"What happened?" Ja-Kal demanded as he cast his prince a calculating look as he fell into step beside him.

"For as far back as I can remember, she's had bad health."

"Oh?" Ja-Kal said in a curious tone before asking, "How so?"

"I can't really remember everything since I was so small but being in the heat for too long does a number on her. Being too cold does a number on her. She runs fevers and is usually bed ridden for weeks- Today is kinda one of her good days which is why we decided to meet. But I guess that while she was waiting on me to show- she must have stayed in the sun for too long. You find her a place to sit in the shade and I'll go get her something to drink so she doesn't get sick. The last thing I need is an ambulance being called to pick her up."

"As you wish, my prince." Ja-Kal said as Presley took off in the direction of the concession stand, leaving him to take a moment to pause and scan the crowd, trying to find the others when he saw them all sitting at a table a good distance away with an umbrella over their heads. Making an annoyed tsking sound, Ja-Kal headed for the table where his comrades sat and in a clipped tone, ordered one of them to pull out a chair for the woman in Egyption.

The other's noticing his tone quickly jumped to do as he ordered all while staring at him wide eyed in disbelief. It was rare for him to use such a tone with them outside of battle. So naturally they were shocked and stunned as he set the woman down in the chair and placed a hand on one delicately boned shoulder in order to hold her upright so that she wouldn't slump over in the seat and possibly hit her head and took a moment to examine her up close.

She really was a beauty.

With her long dark hair, her pale, softly tanned skin, the shape of her eyes and lips... The gentle curve of her cheeks, the wealth of dark lashes that created little crescents against her cheeks as her dark hair slipped over one of her shoulders and partially hung down in her face. He moved his free hand to sweep the thick mass of silk back when she made a little sound and frowned a moment before her eyes fluttered open, giving him pause as she opened her eyes and looked up at him with an expression that could only have been called 'familiarity' and said in a slightly uncertain tone. "I-I know you, don't I?"

He started to shake his head no and tell her that she was wrong when she reached out with one hand, faster than he could react and snagged the wrist of his free hand and looked him dead in the eye and said his name before her eyes slipped closed again.