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"Seth, get the roast beef flavored chips! I like those best." I called from across the isles of the shop we found in Leicester Square. Bella's wedding present to Seth and me was an all-expenses paid trip to London. We stayed in the apartment they used while dealing with the Volturi and its central location couldn't have been more perfect.

"Only if you get a jar of Marmite," he called in response. I couldn't believe he liked that stuff. It looked like crap spread thinly on bread…it literally looked like shit on a shingle…and it smelled and tasted worse.

"Excuse me." A little old woman called in the cutest British accent ever. "You're from America?" I loved how their statements were questions and you could only tell the difference from the inflection.

"Yes, ma'am," I answered. I picked up a jar of the nasty brown gook that Seth now loved to eat on his morning toast.

"OH! That is so exciting!" she smiled warmly at me. "I spent some time in Chicago when I was much younger and I always enjoyed it so much. Your Independence Day celebration was always such a treat for me. Tell me, did you get to see some firecrackers or were you here?" she chuckled at something in her memories.

"Well, yes I was still in America then. We didn't see a big display but we shot some off ourselves," I replied. I found it so sweet that would ask me about the holiday commemorating the day my country told her country where to stick it.

"How do you find yourself here in London? Are you traveling or here for school?" she asked me. Seth came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"We're on our honeymoon." I replied proudly and looking up at my handsome husband as I kissed him under his jaw. If I shifted just the right way I could feel the sore evidence of our overactive honeymoon activities.

"OH! Look at you two! So young, so full of life!" She began digging in her purse and she pulled out her wallet. "You young people need all the help you can get." I was a little alarmed as her crooked knobbly fingers sifted through different coins in her wallet. I couldn't possibly take any money from her and I didn't know the polite way to refuse. "AH!" she exclaimed and her thumb and forefinger clenched a little silver coin. "Here you go, Sweetie."

"Oh, ma'am, I couldn't!" I tried to protest, but I could tell by the set of her jaw and the joy in her eyes that to refuse would not only be futile, but it would hurt her feelings.

"Nonsense. That's a silver sixpence and it will bring you wealth and happiness. You take that now because my dear Henry is dead and if it can bring someone a tiny fraction of the happiness it brought us, then I would be selfish to keep it," she explained through eyes made watery by the recollection of fond things. I couldn't argue with that. Before I knew what I was doing, I had gathered her up into a hug.

"Thank you. I will keep it always," I smiled. "Until, of course, it becomes time for one of us to pass it on." she returned with a sweet smile, we said our good byes and headed out to Windsor.

"Great, you found it!" Seth was happy with the jar of nastiness I held in my right hand.

"Yes, and I am not kissing you after you eat that stuff until you have brushed your teeth. Honestly." I scolded. We went to the checkout line and paid for our picnic goodies.

"Whatcha think'n 'bout?" Seth blinked at me lazily as we lay on a thick quilt. He surprised me, not with the picnic—I knew that was coming, but with location in the countryside outside of Windsor. We toured the castle and then he hired a driver to take us to a very secluded spot overlooking the idyllic English countryside. He spread out the blanket and the food. He even brought a bottle of wine. I didn't know anything about wine, but is tasted nice. The whole scene was perfect. And private. The wine made me feel giddy and loose. I rolled over from my back to my side and placed my hand on his heart. Our lips were inches apart and I could smell his spicy woody scent mixed with the freshly mown grass and feel this hot breath on my cheek.

"I'm thinking about how you've made all my dreams come true." I leaned in for sweet kiss which he gladly bestowed on me. "I've loved you forever and been in love with you since I hit puberty and you gave me your heart; I couldn't see my life without you and you married me; I've always wanted to come to England and here we are on our honeymoon." I kissed him again seeing the love wash over his face. "I'm just wondering when I get to meet David Tennent," I said. It was hard for me to keep a straight face when his smile faltered and comprehension wiped the confusion off his face. But I kept going. "I know Alice would have helped you with it—you know, predicting where he'd be so I could 'bump into him' and all—but don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise."

"Raven…I…" he stuttered trying to tell me that this was not in my future and I was having so much fun. "We didn't…I mean, I would have tried…" I slowly smiled revealing my ruse and he looked a little miffed. He sat up and moved away from me.

"Seth!" I laughed. "I was kidding." I sat up with him and tried to get his attention. "Seth?" Was he really angry with me?

"What? You were kidding about making all your dreams come true or that I failed to help you meet your dream man? Damn Raven, isn't this enough?" Suddenly I felt like crap. He had done everything I mentioned and worked so hard to plan this picnic in the prettiest spot I could imagine and I asked him for more as a joke.

"Yes," I said in all seriousness, recognizing how I always demanded more. "It's more than enough. It's more than I ever dreamed. Seth, I'm sorry. It was a thoughtless thing to say." I touched his shoulder and while he didn't pull away, he didn't respond either. "Seth?"

"Give me a minute," he huffed. He was pouting. And it was cute. And it turned me on—not that that was hard to do as of late. So I did was any newly married woman would do with her pouting husband... I took my shirt off. I was sporting a little, sheer, white bra today since I wore a white tank to match the long flowing skirt I wore to cover my matching G-string. I saw his head twitch as his eyes registered what I had done.

"Okay." I said as I moved to sit in front of him. I could give him a minute. "I'll just sit here and wait then." I said running my thumb along the shoulder strap of my barely there support garment and then pulled it off my shoulder. "You can help me when you're ready." The strap fell down my arm. "Oh, my," I said, grinning up at him. The corner of his mouth was raised in a half amused expression. "Do I put it back up or…" I ran my other thumb along the other strap and pulled it down my other shoulder. "…or make the other one match?" I finished my question. "It's such a dilemma. Or…" I teased some more moving both my hands to the clasp nestled in between my scarcely masked breasts "…do I just take the fucking thing off?" I knew what my swearing did to him and it was evident that my plan worked from the way he shifted on the blanket. So my fingers undid the front clasp, but my palms cupped my breasts so they were still hidden. Mostly. I'd come to realize that I was rather well endowed and that Seth really saw them a gifts for him to unwrap.

"Has it been…" Seth's voice squeaked, so he cleared his throat, "has it been a minute?" He managed in a much deeper baritone.

"You're the one counting," I murmured as I let the scrap fall off my body, briefly revealing what he wanted to see and cupping myself again.

"Then I think we're good," he said, allowing the other side of his mouth to curl up in a smile. "Are you going to make my dreams come true and let me see those?" he asked and pointed to where my hands concealed his favorite play things. I dropped my hands so that I could shimmy my skirt over my hips, down my thighs, and below my knees. I just left it behind me as I slowly crawled to him.

"I'm sorry," I said sincerely. "What can I do to make you feel better?" I asked knowing exactly what would make him feel better so I pushed him back to lie on the blanket. I kissed his lips longingly, trying to show him how badly I wanted to make it up to him. His blazing hands ran up my back and then back down to my waist while I continued to attack his lips. He pulled me up so that his lips sucked in my nipple and then his hands moved down to my ass, squeezing and pulling me closer. I moaned as he bit me and soothed over his nip with his tongue.

"You have too many clothes on." I said as I pulled on the hem of his shirt. He sat up a little and pulled it off for me. Meanwhile, my fingers found the button of his cargo shorts and made quick work of unfastening them. I didn't wait for them to be shed before I wrapped my hand around his unharnessed length and began to pump. "No underwear, you dirty, dirty man!" I remarked as he moaned.

"You're the one who stripped in the middle of the English countryside and you're calling me dirty?" he asked through his panting smile. "Not that I mind." I removed my hand and pulled on the waistband of his shorts while he lifted his hips so I could slide them off. He was still sitting up when I climbed on top of him and slid down on him, wrapping my wet heat around him. His hands encircled my waist and his lips found my other nipple and began sucking and nipping again. My fingers tangled in his hair to give me leverage to continue the up and down, up and down movement that brought both of us immense pleasure.

I discovered I loved this position early on because we were so close and I was in control. I drew his face to mine and he looked into my eyes. "I love you so much," I said. "I'm sorry I was so ungrateful." He smiled and kissed me deeply and his hands moved up and cupped my breasts and finally his fingers pinched me causing me to gasp with pleasure.

"Apology accepted." And then the tone changed. He grabbed me by my hips and began to guide me, moving me faster; up and down, up and down. Rougher and harder.

"Seth, fuck!" I groaned as my movements grew faster and harder. He stared at my boobs as they bounced and he grunted in time with them. This was not sweet and gentle lovemaking. This was fucking—plain and simple. It was carnal and wanting, and even a little animalistic. And, boy did it turned me on.

"You have dirty fucking potty mouth, don't you?" He asked as he flipped me on to my back and took control with a wicked smirk and a glint in his eyes. His mouth consumed mine and his tongue probed and dominated my mouth stroking the ridges of my palate and battling with my tongue. His hands pinned my knees up to my shoulders as he pounded in and out, in and out. He pulled back from his searing kiss and gazed intently at me; then he closed his eyes to better focus on the sensations he was both giving and receiving.

"You. Fucking. Like. It." I said, each word coming through a thrust and pant. He growled and released my knees, lifted me up, and flipped me over again. On my hands and knees he entered me from behind. God I loved this, too. His lips at my ear; the moisture of his chest sliding against my own perspiration as we moved together in the warmth of the English summer sun; I could feel his hot breath in waves that sent shivers down my spine. I rocked back into him as he slammed into me; our motions a synchronized counter point to each other. When his fingers, so deft at their magic, found the nub that would lead to my undoing, I knew it wouldn't be too much longer before I reached the summit.

"More, Seth. Fucking harder!" I called and he bit the shell of my ear as his fingers complied. He was rough and dominant and I loved to watch the wolf take over. His grunts matched my mewling as his cock filled me. His fingers swirled around my pearl, and his breath heated me more than I thought I could possibly stand. The spiraling knot in my center wound tighter and tighter with every thrust, breath, grunt, call, and caress. We had been fucking like rabbits and he knew every one of my buttons to press.

"Cum, baby! I want to hear you!" His words, low and commanding, pushed me over the edge and I fell, screaming my decent and pleasure. Seth was right behind, in every literal sense, grunting his release and satisfaction. He held on to me through the last of his spasms and then he kissed my cheek. He didn't pull out or leave me right away. His hands roamed over my body, teasing me, soothing me, taunting me, loving me.

"You are so good at that," I whispered as we finally lay on the blanket, all wrapped up in each other, sweaty and panting.

"We have been practicing a lot," he said through a stream of light kisses that only stopped when he spoke.

The Cullens had purchased a sizeable building called The Stanford in downtown Seattle, just a few blocks from campus. The brown brick, three-story building stood overlooking the corner of Brooklyn Avenue and 42nd street. There were plenty of restaurants and shops all around and we could all walk to campus in a matter of minutes. I couldn't believe that this was all ours, the poor kids from Indian reservations.

The University of Washington agreed, I'm sure with the help of Jasper's legal expertise—and special influence—that this could be an official dormitory for students studying at the school under the college-bound program we set up. Leslie, Mark and Bear, representing their tribe, were also attending and we (meaning Bella and the Lannigans) had plans to extend the program through other reservations as well. The condition for students receiving aid was an agreement to return to the reservation of origin and live and work there for a specified amount of time. Since most of Jake's pack was already attending school, they were there to protect any Quileute who would attend school. Sam's pack would protect those on the reservation.

The building was purchased almost as soon as the initial deal was struck with UDub and Esme and Bella had been secretly working on renovations ever since. By August it was ready for us to move in. There were studio apartments, one bedroom, and two bedroom suites. They were decorated in a fusion of modern and classic themes. Each apartment had a small kitchenette for individual cooking, a bathroom, and furniture to adorn every room. Comfortable beds, functional desks, and squashy couches and chairs for relaxing. It. Was. Perfect.

Another factor adding to its perfection was it was basically up to the governing board what rooms were assigned to whom. At the time we moved in, that board consisted of Bella, Billy, Sue, and Esme. So, keeping our needs in mind, Seth and I were given a two bedroom suite in the corner of the third floor. I don't know who made the decision to put us far away from everyone else, but it was a good thing. Apparently, I was quite vocal in…my…enthusiasm, which Seth loved, so he never stifled it.

Leslie and Leah were both assigned one bedroom apartments on the second floor while Mark, Embry, and Bear claimed studios on the first. None of us kidded ourselves in thinking that Mark and Leah would be spending much time in separate rooms, but we tried to make it look like separated floors between genders. Quill decided that he needed to have a skill so he could support Claire when the time came so he finally enrolled to become and x-ray technician in UDub's radiology department. He was assigned a two bedroom on the first floor, that way when Claire and her mother came to visit, they could stay with him. All the others were reserved for visitors like Jake, Billy and Sue, my dad, any of the parents, or any of the Cullens who may want to drop in, though they had a house not too far away.

"Bella! It's just too much!" I said. "It's perfect, but it's just too much." The petite vampire turned to me and placed her hands on both of my cheeks.

"Raven, we have stolen the lives of every Quileute who has phased and doomed them to a life of servitude to protect their people from our kind. While most of them do it willingly and even lovingly, we all feel responsible. Seth is my brother. Jacob will be my son. I nearly killed you. We owe you all so much, that, buying a building and setting up a perpetual fund that will grow itself, is the least we can do. We altered the course of the tribe's future and we want to make sure that it is towards a brighter one." I knew that if she would have been able, a tear would have graced her porcelain face. "This was your idea. We just ensured that funding wasn't a barrier."

All I could do was nod and shed tears for her. She was so earnest and I think she liked being able to do something with the stupid amounts of money they had. The Cullens were, indeed, very generous with their gifts and it made me reflect on how everything in life is a double edged sword. Everything can be seen in a negative and a positive light. All actions can have a negative or a positive consequence. The Cullens were making the most of their immortality and, for this portion, we were the beneficiaries. I had chosen a similar course for my mortality and for a time our roads converged. I was grateful for that.

"Well, we couldn't be more grateful," I said and another tear slid down my cheek.

"Now, go see your apartment with your husband!" she urged. "I know he's up there waiting for you." My stomach fell to the floor. It still amazed me that I was married. It still amazed me that I was married to Seth. A year ago, I pined for him and wished he would see me as something other than his best friend from childhood. What a difference a year could make. I smiled at her and ran up the two flights of stairs to christen our new apartment.

"Leslie, what do I do?" I was scared and amazed and scared and excited and scared. We slowed our pace to a walk and it gave Leslie time to catch her breath.

"You have to tell him," Leslie huffed as she tried to catch her breath and wiping sweat from her brow.

"I can't tell him until I'm sure," I returned. I wasn't ready for that yet. We weren't ready yet. We both had two years of school left. I clasped my fingers and stretched my arms up over my head and inhaled deeply. I was going to have to run a few more miles after Leslie cooled down, but her progress had been amazing.

"Wait, you're not sure? Haven't you taken a test yet?" Leslie asked with an amused look on her face. I shook my head. "Raven!"

"What? I'm like two weeks late!" I exclaimed as a passing runner did a double take over his shoulder. "Shit!" I didn't need the whole campus to know I thought I was pregnant.

"And you're training to run a marathon? You idiot! You have, like, no body fat. You're lucky you menstruate at all!" Leslie cried. She'd just been accepted to the nursing program, but even without that I knew she was right. So, was it hope I was feeling?

"Well…" was all I could come up with.

"You want to be pregnant, don't you?" She smiled at me. And there she put her finger on it. I did want a baby. But I didn't want a baby right now. But if I was pregnant, it wouldn't be the end of the world…it just meant things would be very different.

"Yes and no." I finally answered. She smiled at me.

"Embry and I had a scare last year, before we were married," she admitted. "I know exactly how you feel. And if Seth reacts anything like Embry, he'll get all goofy and he'll be completely disappointed if you aren't pregnant. But he'll be totally supportive either way."

"You thought you were pregnant?" My jaw dropped. She hadn't told me. "For just a few days. But if you buy the right test you don't have to wait that long. Come on." She pulled my arm towards the gate.

"Where are we going? I have to finish my run," I protested. "And you have to stretch."

"You have run far enough today. We're going to Walgreens." The stern set of her jaw told me not to argue. Leslie was stubborn and the combination of Embry's complete devotion, a straight A average, and dropping sixty pounds had made her extremely confident and steadfast. Sometimes there was no arguing with her. I liked her more and more and more.


Thirty minutes later we were sitting in her one bedroom apartment in the Stanford building that she now shared with her husband, looking at a stick I had just peed on. I thought it was kind of gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

"You're not pregnant," she announced with certainty. And I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"What?" I heard Seth's voice from the door. Shit.

"I'll leave you two…" Leslie looked up at me and didn't even finish her sentence before she left us alone in her apartment.

"You thought you were pregnant?" Seth asked and I couldn't tell if he was happy or sad. "And you didn't tell me?"

"I'm two weeks late and I didn't want to say anything until I was sure." I reached up to sooth the worry lines on his forehead. His arms wrapped around my waist and all of a sudden I began to cry.

"Baby! What's wrong?" Seth said, forgetting that I had kept something from him. He ran his hand up and down my back as he shushed me and tried to comfort me.

"I'm happy and sad at the same time." I wiped my face with the back of my hands. "We still have two years of school left so it scared me to death. But then I thought about all the people who could and would help us and the thought of carrying your baby…well it just made me so happy. I wanted to be pregnant. But then I'd get scared again because we're both so young and I'm so terrified that I'd be like…" I couldn't finish my sentence. I didn't want to think about parenting like my mom. I couldn't do that to a child. But Seth seemed to know what I was thinking.

"You wouldn't do that to a child. You would never be like your mom." He wiped my cheeks with his thumbs and pulled me into a tight hug. "And we have plenty of time to put my baby in you." I chuckled at his phrasing.

"But what if I can't get pregnant?" I sniffled. "We've been going at it for two years and there's been nothing." I worried.

"Raven, look at me." He pulled my chin up with his forefinger. "You've been on the pill since you were sixteen, remember? Your mother insisted. I remember that conversation and how livid you were that she thought you were a slut." I smiled at the recollection. "And you forget that we have an Alice. All you have to do is ask her. I'm sure she won't tell you when, but she will tell you if." And I knew he was right. All of a sudden I felt better. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you." We stood there for a few moments just holding one another. I drug my hand down his back and under his shirt where I teased the skin right above the waistband of his pants.

"Whatcha' doin'?" he asked me with a smile in his voice. He knew what I doing.

"Wanna go practice making babies?" I asked. He didn't need to answer, because I could feel his assent on my bare stomach. Seeing me in my running clothes, which consisted of spandex shorts and a sports bra, always made him horny.

"Not in Embry's room." He chuckled and he began to pull me out the door to our own apartment.

"Wait!" I said as I ran back towards the bed. "I can't leave this here for Leslie to clean up." And I picked up the stick that told me that we were not going to be parents just yet.

"How thoughtful of you." Seth said and then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and I screamed as he carried me down the hallway towards the stairs smacking my ass the whole way.

"God, they're at it again!" I heard Brittany complain to Maddie as we passed their room. "They're like fucking rabbits!" Maddie only giggled at us fondly while Brittany's jealous tone revealed that her apology on my wedding day was less sincere than I had hoped.

"Good morning, Care-Bear, how are you today?" I asked him. He was definitely not a morning person and when I was feeling ornery I took great joy in irritating him with the cheerfulness that follows my morning run. Sundays were "family" breakfast days where the entire building ate from the breakfast buffet in the newly renovated dining area on the first floor. Our numbers had grown significantly over the past four years and Seth and I now lived in a one bedroom apartment on the first floor.

"I am doing just great!" Bear returned in his chipper shut-the-fuck-up voice. He usually saved it for Mark.

"Damn, Bear, you're going to make me jealous talking to Raven like that." Mark smirked. "You'll make me feel like our love isn't real."

"Leave him alone, baby," Leah whispered into his ear. "Shelby canceled on him last night. She's not going to make it for the wedding." I had a seat next to Bear who really did look disappointed and lonely. I recalled the day I couldn't remember Shelby's name at graduation. She'd approached him that day to gauge my reaction and see if I was interested in him. Bear told me that he and Shelby were just going to 'enjoy each other's company' until they left for college. They enjoyed it so much they had a four year, long distance relationship. And, once she realized that I was engaged to someone else, we became very good friends.

"Poor guy," I cooed as I reached over to pinch his cheek. I really didn't feel sorry for him. I knew that she was actually in Seattle and just wanted to surprise him by showing up a week early. Leah and Mark's wedding wasn't for another week. "She didn't cancel." I said as my phone buzzed telling me she was in the lobby. "She just said she wasn't going to make it in next weekend," I clarified. That earned me a glance up from his plate.

"What do you mean?" Bear grumped. "How the hell would you know anyway? Why do you always think you know everything?"

"Because I do. I don't know why you ever doubt me." And took his head in both of my hands and pointed his face towards the door where Shelby stood grinning.

"Fuck a duck," Bear said as he got up and ran to his woman. He grabbed her up and kissed her in a way that made me blush and I was pretty sure I was an insatiable sex fiend. They disappeared down the hall in the direction of his room.

"He's always had a way with words," Mark said. Filling his mouth with some sugar coated chocolate cereal.

"Leave him alone," Leah ordered. It amused me how protective Leah was towards Bear. Truth is, Shelby really softened Bear's rough edges and he was so good to her. She was bright and funny and strong enough to put him in his place—yet she never had to. Bear really knew how to treat a woman well and he did. She had a full ride at the University of Oregon and she couldn't give that up. It had been hard, but they made it work and we think that Bear planned to pop the question very soon.

"Where's my brother?" Leah asked when she was done kissing on Mark which always followed her sticking up for Bear.

"He phased to talk to Jake," I answered. Seth received a phone call this morning and he slipped out of bed and told me he'd return soon.

"What?" Leah said, a little alarmed.

"Hey Raven!" Colin and Brady said together as they entered and walked over to the breakfast bar. They were both in their second year.

"Hey guys!" I was tutoring them in history. "We up for tonight or do you think you got the hang of it?"

"Raven!" Leah snapped.

"What?" I moved my attention back to Leah momentarily and then back to the boys.

"We got it." Colin said.

"But we'll need you to proof the essays for us." Brady finished.

"What the fuck did Seth phase for?" Leah asked trying to get my attention back.

"Okay! Just email them to me." I instructed.

"I don't know, Leah. You're the wolf, not me. Phase and find out." My tone was irritated.

"Hey, now," Mark tried to soothe. Just then we all heard a squeal as a very mature looking Nessie bounded into the room. Her long bronze curls flowed down her back to her narrow waist. She had inherited the best attributes from her beautiful parents. She had Bella's slender frame complimented with Edward's height which made her a perfect fit for Jake. She dressed modestly, but her well fitted clothes, designed by Alice no doubt, hinted at a figured envied by supermodels. I'm sure Alice's designs were done to appease Nessie's over protective father.

"RAVEN! We have to talk!" She said, as she placed her hand on my face. I'd finally gotten used to odd little gift of telling me things through touch and her visions. She didn't really mean that we have to talk; she meant she had a ton to tell me.

She showed me a picture of Jake's lips moving as he spoke, though she projected no sound. She did project how it made her feel though, and she was twitterpated. Suddenly his lips stopped, and one side twitched up in a half smile as his face grew serious and his eyes filled with…longing. Nessie projected the butterflies with a question, "Is this normal?"

"Very." I stated aloud as she showed me her memory of Jake kissing her and how it made her feel. "Very normal." I smiled at her.

The vision changed then, Bella and Edward were standing in front of her. Bella smirked at her husband who was pacing. "He did what? Bella, let me see!" He commanded.

"No." Bella asserted. "Not a chance. And we're going to let her go to whatever college she chooses and we're not going with her." Her voice was calm and quiet and firm. Edward stopped pacing and looked at his wife.

"You're insane!" Edward yelled. Nessie let me feel her cringe at his volume. She had never heard him talk like that.

"No. You're insane if you think that we are going to follow Jacob around and keep him from kissing our daughter …and… other things. You know what that will do to your mind. I will not lift the shield of either of their minds to you. But I will show you this." Bella screwed up her face as the effort of lifting the shield from her own mind took great effort. "Do you remember when you were so controlling that you pushed me to him? Do you feel the anger, pain, and betrayal? Do you want to do that to your daughter?" Edward's face fell and a resigned looked of bitter defeat crossed over his face.

"Fine." Nessie's vision showed Edward look towards her. "I do trust you, Sweetie. I just…" Nessie cut him off in her memory.

"See me as your little girl. I know. And that will never change, Daddy." her voice sweet and sincere, "but I am Jacob's imprint and I know what that means now. I can be both and I don't have to choose." The vision ended and Nessie squealed.

"I get to come here with Jake and we're going to go to school together! And my mom and dad…they're NOT! I finally get to be on my own!" I hugged her and we explained to Leah that Jake and Seth were discussing the transfer of leadership from here in Seattle to back in Forks as we head back to La Push and Jake comes here. The timing was perfect.

"This is what you've been doing all these weeks when you said you were up here helping Jake with stuff?" I asked with surprise and awe. We stood in the living room of his childhood home that he had repaired, repainted, and redecorated just for me.

"Yes. This is our home now, Mrs. Clearwater. A proper history teacher needs a proper home and," he led me down the hallway to his old bedroom, "a proper office to grade her papers in." He was always giving me, not only exactly what I needed, but what I wanted, too. I knew I was the luckiest woman on the planet so I turned and kissed him gently to show my approval.

"I love it, Mr. Clearwater. I would love to share my desk with you, since you're going to be grading papers, too." Seth had been hired as the new biology teacher and we were both attending a conference in a week on how to teach AP courses so we could start that program on the reservation.

"Do you want to see where we're going to share a bed?" He asked, sliding his tongue in my mouth. His body pushed me up against the wall, pinning me with his hips. We stood there kissing and grinding for a few minutes before I finally answered his question.

"Yes, show me what I'm sure will be my favorite room." We tripped our way down the little hallway that was littered with boxes from our move.

Not caring where they landed we shed our clothes for a short but satisfying romp on a massive king size bed. We lay in our favorite position, tangled in each other's arms, gazing into the other's eyes.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you, too, Mrs. Clearwater." And I loved the sound of that.

"I've always felt like a Clearwater." I replied.

"We're twined, you and I." he told me.

"You're my twimprint." I said cheesily.