Michiko-chan again, here's a grimmhime, for I am one myself !

Warning: Language


The Taste

Orihime sat silently in the cold sand of Hueco Mundo, her eye lids heavy, her body limp. Blood trickled down her chin as she took in deep breaths as she held her knees up to her chest, she felt tired for she had been training for hours along with Sado. She was out of breath and her muscles were sore as she moved to wipe the blood from her chin, she heard shuffling behind her and immediately glanced back prepared to fight. Her eyes widened to see a bright blue hair and a cold stare watching her, she quickly stood though her body begged her to stay seated, "Grimmjow...what's wrong?" Orihime whispered with worry clear in her expression, but determination to protect clear in her eyes. The longer Grimmjow stayed silent made the tension grow inside Orihime, she twitched as pain suddenly jolted throughout her body and her knees gave out. She closed her eyes tight as she fell to her knees, expecting to hit the ground with a thud, she felt strong arms wrap around her.

"Tch, you humans are too weak," Grimmjow mummbled as he knelt down on the ground and sat Orihime down. Orihime watched with wide eyes as he let her go, he slowly met his own cold, blue eyes with her surprised gray ones. She said nothing as her voice was lost and her mind was clouded as their eyes never left each otherand Orihime could feel her heart soar just by looking into those beautiful blue eyes. Grimmjow slid his hands off of Orihime and sat down himself beside her, he began to dig in his pockets and took out two wrapped rice balls, "Here, Getaboshi sent it, I guessed you were hungry," Grimmjow mumbled as he tossed one over to her. She clumsily caught it with a small blush as she held it in her hands, he had actually worried for her, her eyes were wide and surprised. She glanced over to him and he had already begun to eat, so he wasn't planning on leaving again? Orihime quickly unwrapped the roll and chomped it down in one bite, her eyes brightened as the amazing taste of red beanpaste filled her mouth. She looked over to Grimmjow, her eyes bright and happy and a small dot of red bean paste on the side of her chin, "So I was right, you do like that type of thing, you shouldn't eat so quick though, I ain't bringing you another one," Grimmjow mumbled as he took another bite out of his own food. Orihime stopped, Grimmjow had filled it with red bean paste? H-How did he know...why would he...?

"I-uh..." Grimmjow looked over to the side to see Orihime struggling to get her words out with a full mouth. He turned his head toward her and lifted his free hand up to her face, he slowly wiped off the crumbs and paste off of her chin. They stayed like this for a minute as Grimmjow's eyes became heavy as he looked into hers, Orihime was breathing heavily as her blush became darker and she could feel him slowly leaning closer to her. She held her breath as she gulped when he was about 3 inches away from her, she closed her eyes tight and fisted her hands no prepared for what ever he was planning to do.

"I was thinking, Onna, what does that taste like anyways? I've never tried it before," Grimmjow stated as his lips was now touching Orihime's lips, she could feel his warm breath on her eyes and her skin prickled with goosebumps. She was too weak to move or to stop him, but she could speak and at least attempt to wake him up from acting this way.

"G-Grimmjow, I-I, y-you wouldn't like the t-taste..." She mumbled as she opened her eyes a bit to see his eyes boring into hers, she gasped as his lips pushed into hers forcefully. She felt his large, harsh hand become gentle as they grabbed onto her arm and pulled her into him, then on to her waist holding her close. He ran his tongue into her mouth and was able to taste the sweet, yet tangy red bean paste, he smiled in pleasure at finally getting what he was 'aiming' to do in the first place. He held her close as he crawled on top of her, still not stopping his actions, and Orihime was frozen from shock as she allowed him to do what he pleased.

"Tch, I think I do, Onna," Grimmjow mumbled as he seperated his lips for a moment, Orihime was shaking under his touch, her breathing heavy, just like his. He looked into her eyes and saw they were clouded and tearful, but still lustful, clearly, he had just stolen her first kiss, and he did one hell of a good job at it. He couldn't help but smirk as he moved away from her, letting her form go, "you are way too innocent for your own good," Grimmjow said as he turned his gaze to the right to see a certain carrot-top watching them, "Ya enjoy the show, Kurosaki?" He asked with a wicked smirk. Ichigo's face was filled with confusion and anger, his reiatsu rising as his eyes became dark and fearsome.


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