My feelings
Part three
Our feelings

"Do you think I am ready, Greninja?" Calem asked as he looked out at the small lake at the back of Kiloude city. Even though he asked his first Pokémon that question he already answered it himself. No. how can he be ready. He will never be able to catch up to her. Who was he kidding?

He looked over at his silent Pokémon with a raised eyebrow, it usually answered him. He watched as its eyes suddenly widened and before he knew it his Pokémon was knocked off its feet by an overly excited Delphox. The Delphox's embrace was returned as his Greninja excitingly greeted its friend.

"Delphox?" Calem questioned. His ears picked up the sound of panting and he turned to the steps to see Serena looking back at him. She was beautiful, her eyes twinkled and her smile grew.

"Se….Serena…." His heart pounded and his face grew warm as he looked at her but those feelings left him as he watched the tears streak her cheeks and a feeling of concern overwhelmed him. "Serena?!"

Serena looked at his handsome face and sweet eyes and her heart pounded harder than ever. Her face grew warm but she did not mind. She was so happy. So happy her tears returned. She saw his concerned expression and just smiled back, continuing her run and embracing him she cried.

Calem was too shocked (and too pleased to be honest) to move but after a moment he slowly wrapped his arms around her and embraced her tightly.

Serena fell to her knees in exhaustion and pulled Calem down with her so they both kneeled on the grass, hugging each other tightly.

"Serena….what's wrong? Why are you crying?" he finally asked, not wanting to let her go but too concerned to remain silent.

"I have been looking everywhere for you, you idiot! I want to travel with you, I want to be with you! Don't you dare leave me again! Don't….Don't you dare…."

"Th…..Then lets….lets travel together." Calem stammered. He had no idea why he was saying that but was very pleased with the response. Serena looked up at him with the most beautiful smile as she nodded her head.

Calem went bright red as he looked away, pressing her head back to his chest so he could not see that beautiful look. Maybe he will try telling her later. Right now he was alright with just having her in his arms.

He felt like she admired him, and that made his heart glad.

That feeling of loss left her, and that made her heart joyful.

'If I stay with her will I continue to feel this way?'

'If I stay with him will I never feel loss again?'

There is only one way to find out.