Hi guys! Not sure if you remember me since I have taken a break from here a few months. But I really miss writing fanfics, so I'll try to write as often as I can, but right now I have loads of homework, tests, essays etc. so I don't have that much time left.

Please observe that pretty much that happened in Glee during High school happened in this story, altough Mike wasn't apart of it.

So here you go, an brand new Tike story! :D


It was a suprisingly cold day in October, and I was walking towards the head building. I was wearing a pink dress, inspired by the 60's. It was my favourite dress, so I'd like to think about it as a piece of lucky clothing, I could really need it today. It was the first day at college, I was in a brand new town and I had no idea who my classmates would be.

I stepped into the big building and already felt a little anxious because of the big crowd. I pushed myself forward and got a few backs in my face. I guess it was like back to freshman year in high school, I was on the bottom, invisible. My High School career had been a succes actually. I started as a insecure, stuttering girl that didn't really know who I really was, but I ended with many friends, a national trophy for Glee club and a massive boost of confidence! But as I was walking in the crowded hallway, trying to find the head office, it felt like my confidence dropped a little. I auditioned for NYADA this spring, I sang a moving ballad and thought that I'd nailed it. But I didn't come in. I was constantly crying for the entire summer to be honest. But I got in to NYU, it was in the middle of a semester, but that woudn't change anything, right?

"Hello", I said as I walked into the head office. A woman in her 50's with blonde hair and kind blue eyes looked at me.

"Hi! How can I help you miss?"

"I'm Tina Cohen-Chang, I'm a freshman and I start today."

"Oh!" The woman said and immediatley started looking through a pile of papers, she didn't look very organized. "Miss Chang!"

"Cohen-Chang", I quickly corrected her.

"Miss Cohen-Chang, sorry", she said and glinted a smile towards me. "Here's your schedule", she said and handed it to me. I gave it a quick look, I started with a dance class right away. I send Artie, my roomate, a thank in my head, since it was his idea that I should bring dance clothes. Me and Artie dated Freshman year in High school, it really helped me, and if it wouldn't for him I was afriad that I would have might still been the old gothic Tina, with no hopes and dreams, at least no one that I believed in.

We broke up in Sophomore year. Or, I broke up with him to be exact. I just wasn't feeling that spark anymore. I didn't date more, well, I did actually go on a few dates, but nothing lasted. Artie dated alot though. I was really happy for him, but still I was a little jealous. How come that he found love so easily and I couldn't?

When he heard that I had come into NYU, he asked me if I wanted to move into his apartment. It was small, but I would fit in he promised. I would be forever thankful.

"Welcome to NYU, I hope you will feel safe and at home here", she said.

"Thank you", I said and walked out of the room. Well that went smooth, no rosacea or stutter, which I could easily get in nervous situations.

I oriented myself towards the dance classroom. When I finally found it, I was ten minutes late. I quickly changed to my black dance pants, my turquoise Nike's and my pink top. As I was running into the room I put my long hair up in a ponytail. My class had already started, they were doing some kind of waltz I guessed, but I wasn't sure since dancing had never been my thing.

"Stop, stop!" A masculine voice shouted. I turned to him. He was pretty tall, he had black hair and wow- I couldn't help but look at his massive biceps. "Who are you?" It took me a few seconds before I realized that that question was for me.

"T-Tina Cohen C-chang", great, now I'm stuttering. "I started t-today."

"And why are you late Miss Chang?"

"Cohen-Chang", I corrected him. God, why could no one get my name right?

"Don't correct me", he said threatening. "I asked you why you're late."

"I couldn't find the right classroom, I'm sorry Mr-"

" ", he said. I saw some students smiling at eachother. 'They have the same last name!' I could tell that was what they were thinking. "Well then you should have come here earlier today. We don't have time for late people."

"I'm s-sorry", I said and found myself blushing.

"And know we're 23 in this class, which means that we're uneven and I can't pair you up", started to look mad and I felt the impulse to run away. "Then you have to dance with me, great", he said and didn't really sound like it was that great. "Do you even know how to waltz?"

"No, not really."

He sighed. "Okay." He turned on the slow, classical music from his boombox and grabbed me, pretty violently. He put his arm around my waist and started dancing with the music. I didn't know how to waltz, and it became pretty clear now. I stepped on his feet and walked in the wrong direction constantly. I could already tell that wasn't my biggest supporter.


"Was it really that bad?" Rachel said as she ate from her vegan pizza.

"You have no idea, he hates me", I said and sighed.

"He sounds hot though", Kurt said and drank some of his diet coke.

"You're engaged Kurt, I don't think you can think about men like that anymore", Santana said.

Me, Artie, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine and Santana were sitting around the table in their apartment and were eating pizza. Me and Artie visitet their apartment pretty often since it wasn't so far away from ours, and they had a much bigger place. Me and Artie's place got too crowded sometimes.

"Shit, should've thought about that before I acceptet that ring!" Kurt joked and kissed Blaine on the cheek.

"Back to Tina's problem", Rachel said. "Me and Miss July pretty much started a war towards eachother, and we solved it. So don't worry Tee, he will love you one day."

Funny thing is, he actually did one day.