Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

Disclaimer Only Melody, Jess, Sam, Rachel and any other characters you don't recognise belong to me! The others belong to Queen JK Rowling! The plot belongs to me as well.

Lauren- Let's get on with this then! Sirius- Okey dokey! James- Hey, I wanna see what my son does! Let's get going! Remus- OK. Just slow down! Lauren- Yeah, I'm writing! Sirius- Lets go to Honeydukes and get some Pepper imps! James- Ok. Remus- Let's go! :: The marauders disappear to Honeydukes!:: Lauren- But what about my- Ok, looks like I'm doing this on my own! :: turns to the audience:: Enjoy my story!

Chapter 1

Melody Malfoy woke to the soft hooting of an owl in the bushy trees. She gazed intently out of the window, as if waiting for something. Her gentle black eyes shone in the bright summer moonlight as she wondered about something she usually thought about I wonder what it's like to be Normal. Melody Malfoy wasn't normal at all. She didn't really know where she belonged. She didn't belong in the muggle world or the wizarding world. She was even different to her family, who were wizards and witches. She was a witch, it was just that she had more powers than any normal witch or Wizard would ever have. Her powers were also more powerful as well. She was in fact, right then, the strongest thing on this earth. No one would mind that, right?

Wrong. Melody hated it. The 14-year-old thought about all the trouble it had caused. All the schools she had been to. Every thing. Although, of course, this year would be different. She would go to school with her older brother, Draco, but better yet, be in Draco's class. Melody had skipped a year and now, instead of entering into year 4, she would be in year 5. How great was that? Better yet, no one would know her secret. They would think she was just a normal witch. Not a psychic. That's the name she was given, because she was telepathic and a seer. She could also do magic without a wand or incantation. Not only that, she could change into any animal at her own free will and do some form of apparating.

So it was pretty cool being the powerful dude. It didn't mean people didn't trust her. Most did though, so that was good.

She needed people to trust her for this plan to work.

Melody gulped. She wasn't sure how she had gotten into this mess, but that didn't matter. She absolutely hated what she was doing. Working for this dude wasn't right. This secret was deadly. No one could ever know what side she was really on. Especially not Harry Potter. Melody heard a rustle beside her, making her jump. She looked around, quickly, wondering who was there. She sighed as her eyes fell on her baby tree monkey, Doger. She loved Doger to bits.

True, tree monkeys weren't allowed in Hogwarts, but she'd find a way to smuggle him in some how. She grinned, she had never been afraid of bending the rules. She never would either. No matter how powerful she was, Melody would always be a trouble maker Melody continued to jump at each sudden noise or movement, until she decided she was being stupid. She lay back down and tried to get to sleep. Although, of course, she couldn't.

A long way away, Harry Potter was having that exact problem.

Harry fought with his pillow, as he struggled to fall asleep. He had had so many nightmares over the past few days and each of them stood out vivid y in his mind. Why couldn't they just stop? In fact, he wasn't even sure why he wanted to go to sleep. The nightmares would just return again. In a way, though, a part of him wanted to go and face the nightmares, because each one of them was about a part of his family dying. One time there would be an aunt, or a Grandfather. Maybe, just maybe, the last nightmare (If they ever stopped) would be about his Mum and Dad. If only I could see them just once more. Just once. 'It's never gonna happen. They're all gone. You're the only Potter. Face the facts.' He said to himself. 'I wouldn't be so sure.' A familiar voice said behind him, making him jump. 'P-p-p-professor Dumbledore! What are you doing here?' Harry's' emerald green eyes met Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. 'Harry,' He said. 'I have some good news. The ministry of magic has located some of your father's family. They were in hiding. They are your Fathers two sisters and younger brother. The eldest sister also has two children of her own.' 'What?' 'I know it's a shock. You can leave the Dursleys and come and live with them if you like.' 'YES PLEASE!' 'Ok, get your stuff packed and I'll come and pick you up tomorrow morning.' 'Umm, sure.' And with that, Dumbledore left. Harry rushed around, getting his stuff together. He was still amazed that, for one, he had family, other than the Dursleys, secondly, he would be leaving the Dursleys and last, but not least, his Headmaster came to visit him in the middle of the night to tell him. The next morning, Harry stood by all his stuff, waiting by the fireplace for Dumbledore to arrive. 'Harry!' Dumbledore stepped out of the fireplace and dusted off some soot. 'Let's go.' The Dursleys stood, cowering in the corner. 'Harry, it's at 'The Potter Manor' Ok?' 'Yep.' Harry said, shakily. He hated flooing. Dumbledore stepped back into the fireplace and shouted 'The Potter Manor.' Harry followed suite.