Lauren: And here to do the disclaimer is the lovely James Potter James: Hello! Now, remember, Lauren owns hardly anything! Lauren: Yes. James: It belongs to her highness JK. Lauren: And. James: She only owns Melody, most of the Potter family mentioned and anything or anyone you don't recognize. Lauren: Right. James: And don't forget her monkey, Doger. Lauren: Thankyou! ::kisses James on the cheek:: James: Don't forget that she also earns lots of chocolate! Lauren: That's right, except it's hidden, so there. James: No fair! Lauren: Anyways, Enjoy!!!!

Chapter 4

Harry opened his door and gasped. His room was as big as a hotel room. It was en suite and had a big double bed, Television and mini refrigerator. The only thing that made it look like a bedroom was the decoration. It was blue and mahogany. It was really cool. His stuff was already up here. He decided to write to his best friend Ron Weasly. It would give his snowy owl, hedwig, something to do.

Dear Ron, How are you? I'm great! Thanks for the birthday present! It was really cool! You'll never guess what! I have two aunts, an uncle and two cousins! Today I moved out of the Dursleys and into 'The Potter Manor' How cool is that! It has 105 bedrooms! They're huge! Anyway, in the Potter family, there's Dad's older sister, Charlie. She's really cool! She encourages you to get into trouble and she's gonna teach DADA in Hogwarts this year! Then there's my Dad's twin sister, Anna. She has two twin daughters, Jess and Sam and another daughter, Rachel. They're great. They are about the same age as us. I never asked. Their best friend, Melody, is round here right now. That smile. She's really pretty Lastly, is my Dad's little brother, Ryan. He's cool as well. Have a good holiday! When are you going to Diagon alley? Maybe we can meet up! Reply A.S.A.P! Buh bye! Harry!

Harry re-read the letter, then went over to Hedwigs cage. 'Here you go girl! Take it to Ron, ok?' Hedwig soared out the window with the letter. Harry watched her silently, until there was a knock on the door. He went over and opened it to Rachel. 'Dinners ready!' She said, brightly. 'Thanks! Oh and Rachel.' 'Yeah?' 'How old are you, Melody and the twins?' '15. But Melody's 14. She skipped 2nd year, kinda. She doesn't really go to school, but We're all going to Hogwarts this year and be in the 5th year. What about you?' 'I'm 15! I guess we'll be in the same classes for Hogwarts!' 'Yep! You know, I want to be in Gryffindor. What house are you in?' 'Gryffindor.' 'Cool!' With that, they walked to the elevator.