Author's note: We had a task in school where we were ought to write a play about young parenting. Our first thought was to do a play between John and Sherlock, so we did. Let's just make a summary: This is ordinary Parentlock with a spice of Shakespeare.
************************************************** ********************************

*Knock on the door*

Mrs Hudson: Sherlock, darling! There is someone at the door.

Sherlock: *Rises from sofa* Do I have a case?! *takes coat on, rushes to the door and nearly knock the child outside the door down* *scream*

John: What happened, Sherlock? *run after Sherlock*

Mrs Hudson (to the child): Oh, sweetie, what's your name? Come on in! Do you want a cup of tea? *take the child inside*

Sherlock: No! Don't let it in!

John: *Looks judgingly on Sherlock*

The Child (to Mrs Hudson): I'm Tom Adler, and who are you?

Mrs Hudson: I'm Mrs Hudson, the landlady. Come along dear, and we'll fetch you some tea.

John (to Sherlock): Could that boy has something to do with the famous Irene Adler?

Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Well, of course! How many more Adlers do we know?

Mrs Hudson: *yell from the kitchen* The boy says you're his father!

John & Sherlock: *Flabbergasted faces*

~ Two Years Later ~

*John and Sherlock sit in the living room*

John: Sherlock, you know normal people, who don't shoot holes in their walls because they're bored, buy Christmas gifts. Should we get something for Tom?

Sherlock: *Remain silent*

John: *sigh and go back to his newspaper*

Sherlock: *lying on the sofa* I'M BORED! Tom, com here!

Tom, the child: *runs in, dressed in a Loki costume* I'm not Tom, I'm Loki now!

John: Oh, my God, Sherlock, what have you done with him?!

Sherlock: *Ignore John and sit up straight* So, Loki,what do you want for Christmas?

Tom: I want-

John: Do you want a toy, or something?

Tom: No, I want-

Sherlock: Of Course he doesn't want a toy! He wants to solve a case! *upset voice*

Tom: No! I want an Iron Man suit!

*John and Sherlock sigh and turn to each other*

*Loki out*

John: No, but Sherlock, I was serious. We have to send Tom to school. He has to meet people his age.

Sherlock: Oh, you're probably right. Is there any school nearby?

*Tom/Loki in*

Tom: You have to keep the flat clean. I've been sneezing all day. And you have to buy food, I'm hungry and there is nothing home!

Sherlock: *hand over credit card* Here, you can use my card.

John: No, you can't. There is no money.

Tom: *makes sad and confused face*

Mrs Hudson: *comes in with a card in hand* Here, Loki, buy something good for yourself.

John: we really need to get real jobs.

Sherlock: Ugh. Work. Work is dull.

John: *tired voice* Alright, I will get a job, then. But then you have to promise that you will take care of Tom.

Sherlock: *distant voice* Mhmm…

John: *sit down on the sofa, next to Sherlock* Really, you have to drop him off at school, you have to meet him there in the afternoon and you have to help him with his homework.

Sherlock: *Irritated voice* Yes, of course!

*Both sigh*

Sherlock: It's been a weird day… *put out hand between them*

John: Well, it's always a weird day with you, Sherlock. *Puts hand on top of Sherlock's*

*looks in each other's eyes*

Tom: *Runs in* Oh… I should leave you alone… *Leave again*

Mrs Hudson: *Comes in with a teapot in hand* Anyone want some tea?

Tom: *Run in again, like a madman* LOKI POWER!

~ The End ~