Hello! This is one of those Avengers rules fics which have been done countless times before but I wanted a go so I thought 'why not?'

Please give me prompts and review!

1) Tony, we are not accepting the idea for a 'Shawarma Wednesday' because it is quite clear that Steve doesn't like Shawarma.

2) Bruce does not, I repeat, not play bongo drums so please whoever keeps leaving them outside his room... stop.

3) We apologise, Thor, for the amazed stares that your arms get sometimes but it would be really nice if you could sometimes cover them up to avoid unwanted attention to those beauties.

4) Clint and Natasha, we know that you're training in the art of 'invisibility' but hiding in dark places and jumping out on new agents is not very kind and extremely unhelpful.

5) Can we please recover from the Breaking Bad season finale? It's disrupting work. This also applies to Merlin, Sherlock and every single episode of Supernatural ever.

6) Disney movie nights are banned because someone always ends up getting upset when their favourite childhood film is teased by the rest of you.

7) Pokemon is getting far too competitive now. It started off as a light-hearted catch-'em-all game and it's developed in to a war. Calm down.

8) If Thor wants to boil his poptarts instead of put them in the microwave, do not stop him. He doesn't understand the microwave yet.

9) The Hunger Games (or the Games of Hunger, if you are Thor) are banned. It gets Clint agitated and he has explosive arrows so...

10) Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill need to be left alone once a month. Please do not bother them when this is happening.