Thank you everyone! Suggestions are gladly recieved!

11) Tony, we know that you 'ship' Fitzsimmons but, please, you're starting to creep them out.

12) If anyone knows who keeps breaking into the helicarrier and stealing Thor's gummi bears, please let us know. We think it's Loki but we're not sure.

13) Flicking the lights on and off is not funny.

14) We are running out of Captain America outfits, whoever keeps shrinking them in the wash, stop.

15) Reenacting the corridoor scene from Inception is impossible and only ends in tears. Stop trying!

16) That also goes with all the other impossible things that they do in their dreams.

17) Natasha, we love you but when you do shooting practise through the walls of the helicarrier... it's dangerous.

18) Hawkeye does not have a nest.

19) Tony, we will not have 'Shawarma Thursdays' either. Stop asking.

20) We are all aware that Spiderman is stalking us because he wants to be in the Avengers. We are ignoring him.