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The apartment was dimly lit, casting several glass boxes and their chittering inhabitants in shadow. Spinarak, Yanma, Paras and Durant were settling down for the night, snug and secure in their cases. One of the Kricketunes decided to try a play a very screechy lullaby for the benefit of the other bugs.

"Be quiet." The girl in the other room commanded. The Kricketune immediately obeyed, silencing his instrument and chittering a small apology. All the bugs knew better than to annoy their master.

The girl was staring at her apartment's television, watching a news broadcast on the upcoming Lily of the Valley conference. Every so often, a dark shape that wasn't an insect would hover around her, only to be shooed away. The reporter was cheerfully babbling about the contests, battles and other events to come, but the girl wasn't really paying attention to her.

Part of the pre-tournament story was a list of all the participants, with a few spotlights on important trainers/contesters. The girl wasn't interested in the show as much as who would be there.

"…and here, gathered together for the annual participation photo, are all the trainers that will be battling in the Lily of the Valley Battle tournament. Trainers gathered from all the regions, from Kanto to Hoenn and even Fiore, all brought here today."

The image on the screen shifted, presenting a huge crowd of Pokemon trainers standing together in the stadium, looking up at the camera. The girl's eyes scanned the crowd intently. The screen was too grainy to make out any details, but she thought that in the right hand corner, representing the trainers coming from the Kanto region, she saw who she was looking for…

The shot panned over the crowd, getting closer to the trainers. "Judges and referees have speculated that this is the greatest collection of Pokemon trainers to come to Lily of the Valley in years. Trainers include local legend Tobias Machima, popular contest performer Nando…"


There was no doubt now. That was him. The camera crew didn't think he was important enough to stay on, but the trainer with the baseball cap and jacket was all the girl needed to see. A small, satisfied smile appeared on her face, and she looked down. Lying on the table in front of her was a very important doll.

As she took a cutting knife and sewing needle out, the television continued jabbering on heedless of her diverted attention. "…and making a special visit to the tournament is Pyramid King Brandon, taking a break from his Frontier Brain duties to participate in the battles. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview later today."

The girl scoffed, bringing the small cutting knife down on the doll. She was sure that title was very important and this visit was big news, but this 'Brandon' wasn't important. Really, none of them were. There was only one trainer here that mattered to her.

It's not like she was…obsessed with him, oh no. It wasn't like that. She might not be the most…decent person on the planet, but she wasn't like that. She had made a deal with that trainer, and that bargain had to be kept. That was all.

Though she was looking forward to seeing him again.

"To kick off the festivities, we've asked a native of Sinnoh, young up-and-comer Paul Shinji, to light the ceremonial torch that will burn until the tournament ends…"

The girl put down the knife and focused on the sewing, though her eyes involuntarily flickered up to see the colossal flame being lit. The torch was being held by some purple-haired kid with a smug smile on his face. He probably wasn't as important as he thought he was.

It didn't take long to finish her work. Taking the doll into her hands, she placed it inside a handy shoebox. Before she closed the box up, she took out a sheet of paper and wrote a note to the gift's recipient. It was only a few sentences, but the trainer she was sending this to would understand.

The box was closed, wrapped up and addressed as the ceremony fireworks started to go off. She could hear them from outside her window.

"And with the lighting of the League Torch, the Lily of the Valley conference is underway. I think it's safe to say that this year's tournament battles will be unforgettable."

Alessa Gillespie couldn't resist a dark chuckle. "You have no idea."