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The door slammed hard behind Robin as he slipped through. A buzzer was heard and Dick tried the door just to be safe. It was locked.

"Well, onwards and upwards I suppose," Dick said, gesturing to the latter two meters in front of them.

Artemis went first, slinging her bow over her shoulder before climbing. Robin followed quickly after.

~The Ruins of a Maze~

Bruce watched as Batgirl skillfully took down all the training dummies.

"Six and a half seconds."

"Whoo!" Barbara jumped in the air. "Personal best." She smiled a Bruce, pulling back her cowl.

"Do you really need to have your hair out?"

"M'gann and Zatanna have their hair out " Barbara countered. "And there's no way it will fall in my face with my cowl."

"I was talking more about the color " Bruce clarified. "If you still want to keep this from your father, don't you think you should change your hair color?"

Barbara raised an eyebrow at him. "Don't you think it'd more obvious if I changed my hair color at the same time a new vigilante shows up with that color?"

Bruce resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"If you feel ready, you can go out on patrol with me tomorrow."

"Yes! Thank you, Bruce!" Barbara started running off to change. She spun around. "Can't wait to tell Dick. He thought you wouldn't let me out 'til next week." She did another happy hop and then ran off.

*Call from: Green Arrow*

"What do you want, Ollie?"

"Did you assigned Artemis to something tonight?" Ollie asked in a worried voice.

"If I did I would have told you."

"So did Robin steal her?"

"Is there a reason for him to?"

"Uh, no, its just she didn't show up for our stake out and her mother said she left two hours ago..." Ollie trailed off.

Bruce tapped away at the Batcomputer for a few moments.

"The tracker in her suit is turned off," Bruce said.

"So she's not in costume?"

"No," Bruce corrected, "it means the tracker has been deactivated. Either by her or someone else." Bruce frowned. Ollie was silent. Bruce placed his hand to his ear. "Batman to Robin."

The other line was silent.

"He's not answering," Bruce stated the obvious for Ollie's benefit. Ollie had no reply. Bruce changed channels and spoke again, "Batman to Batgirl."

"I promise I haven't left the cave yet, gosh."

"Have you spoken to Robin?"

"No, I was gonna wait until he got back to the cave. Why?"

"He's not answering his communicator. I'm heading out. Stay on line with Green Arrow." And with that Bruce pulled the cowl over his face and headed for the Batmobile.

"Wait! Bruce!" Barbara shouted after him. She ran over to the computer, her socks not yet on. "Ollie, what's going on?"

"Artemis is missing and now Robin's not answering his communicator," Ollie explained.

*Batman to Cave*

Barbara answered the call.


"Robin's tracker is off as well. Heading to last known location."

"Should I call Wal-Kid Flash?" Barbara asked.

"Leave him out for now," Batman replied before turning off the call.

Barbara nervously chewed her lip. A moment later Alfred came down the elevator.

"Miss Barbara, are you coming up?"

"Can't. Artemis is missing and Dick's not answering his communicator and his tracker is off Bruce is heading out now and-"

"Breathe, Miss Barbara," Alfred said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Right, right," Barbara took a deep breath. "Ollie, Bruce checked Artemis's tracker?"

"Yeah, he said it was turned off."

"Oh bad, oh bad, oh bad, bad, bad," Barbara quoted the children's show as she brought up Artemis and Robin's last known location. Growing more concerned, she hit her com-link.

"Bru-Batman, are you seeing this? Robin and Artemis disappeared within a one mile radius of each other."

"I see that now."

"What does that mean?" Ollie asked.

"They went out within 30 minutes of each other," Barbara continued as if Ollie hadn't spoken.

"So more than one person?" Alfred asked.

"It seems too planned out to be more than ten people," Barbara said. "No one could get that many to behave long enough."

"Would ten people be able to overpower both Master Robin and Miss Artemis in 30 minutes?" Alfred asked.

"If this was a normal kidnapping I'd say it would work with two. But there's no way Dick and Arty would go down that easy," Barbara said.

"Sending scans from location one now."

"Receiving," Barbara answered.

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