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(The Infinite Cycle)

By The Samurai Prince

The mind of the subject will desperately create memories where none exist…

- Rosal Leiku


The mind of the subject will desperately try to create memories that never were there…

- Robek Leiku


All in all, it is true that the mind is a very fragile thing.

- The Leiku Twins

"Do we all agree to this?"

"I think it is quite necessary from what we've been told."

"I deem it necessary as well. We should all come to an agreement to this."

"Roku, what do you think should be done?"

"…From what has been said, this sounds dire. I concur to this. I shall warn the Avatar while he's asleep, and that is when we shall send him to the location of his quest.

"What of the waterbender, the blind earthbender, and your great-grandson?"

"…I think it is appropriate for them to journey with the Avatar as well. He'll need all the help he could possibly get. We shall send them off just as the same."

"…Do you really think this will happen?

"…We cannot take any chances. We shall take this risk."

"From what we heard though, this journey will be a perilous and treacherous one, more so than the '100 Year War'. Do you think they'll be ready?"

"They must…"

"You not only worry about the Avatar and his friends, but you worry about your great-grandson, do you?"

"…I do. But again, they must do this. If everything that was said is true, then they have to stop what comes their way…we can only hope that they do."

"Then is it decided?"

"…Yes. We shall commence once I warn Avatar Aang of what's to come. …Let the Spirits watch over them."

All Aang could see was white.

He was floating…

Huh? Wha…What's going on?

A figure came into view in the white mass of nothingness. The figure was calling him…

"…Aang…Avatar Aang…"


"Yes, it is me…"

Roku appeared in front of him.

Roku! What's happening? Where are we?

"I cannot explain everything right now. We haven't much time, Aang."

W-what? Roku, what's going on?

"Young Avatar, you and three of your friends are about to be sent into another land. Listen to me closely."

What!? B-but, me and my friends are all vacationing! Roku, what's the rush? Why are we in hurry?

"Because this is very vital. You and your friends are being watched."


"Again, I cannot explain everything. When you reach your destination, do NOT bend unless if it's necessary."

Roku, you're not making any sense!

"Just heed these words that I'm about to say, Aang! Do NOT bend unless necessary! That goes to your friends as well!"

What? But…

"The destination you're about to go to will be in the future. There, you-"

THE FUTURE!? Roku, what is all this about!?

"Aang! Listen to me! You will be sent about fifty years into the future!"


"In about that time, you will not be able to contact us. There will be no Avatar in the future. You will now only airbend."


"Now do you see how dire this situation is?"


"Even I and my past lives don't know of this. We were told by an outside source from the future. You and your friends MUST figure out a way to stop this from happening!"

Who's coming with me?

"Katara, Toph, and Zuko."

Okay…who were the outside sources?

"They didn't say their names. They only told us of what may happen in the future."

Well…alright…but…do I have to go now?

"Yes, Aang. You must. This is very important."

(sigh) …Okay…we'll put our vacation on hold for now.

"Good. We are using our power to send you into the future as we speak. Once you and your friends wake up, find a lighthouse."

Uh…okay…find a lighthouse…got it. …Roku?

"Yes, Avatar Aang?"

There being no Avatar in the future included…how bad is this situation?

"…All I can say is 'be on your guard', Young Avatar. Farewell."

Aang slowly woke up, his eyelids struggling to open. Something bright was shining into his view. He raised his right arm to shield his eyes from the light. His eyes slowly adjusted to the bright colors, as he was now awake.

He was lying on his back, looking upward to see that the branches of the trees and the slightly dark clouds were partially blocking the sun's light. It was really cloudy today and the weather felt humid…

Wait a minute…why was he outside? Wasn't he in his room in Zuko's beach house?

Alarmed, he quickly sat up…and noticed two things.

He was sitting on grassy field with tress surrounding him…and his clothes were different.

He was wearing long sleeved white shirt, along with a buttoned up vest with orange and brown vertical stripes under it, a brown blazer over it, brown casual pants and brown shoes. He was also wearing something strange and orange around his neck. Some kind of neck…accessory?

"What the…?" Aang said in confusion, studying the outfit he was wearing. He glanced at the grassy ground, wondering where he was at.

Laying his hands down on the grass, his left hand touched something. He looked down to his left. It was a strange looking hat with a round brim and two slim looking bumps on top of it.

Aang blinked in astonishment. "What in the world?"

Then he remembered.

Eyes wide, he remembered the dream(he thinks?) he had.

"…Then…this must mean that I'm…" Aang faltered.

'…in the future…' he finished in thought.

Aang also remembered something else…

"My friends!" He exclaimed as he stood up in an instant, all the while trying to be comfortable in his new clothes. He quickly looked around each direction to see if anyone was present.

"Zuko, Toph…Katara!" he yelled frantically.

'Ugh…what happened to my nice soft bed?' Toph thought irritably as she rolled on her back in the grass and sat up.

'…Wait a minute…grass?' Toph's eyes widen as she grabbed a handful of grass, thus realizing that she was outside.

"What the…" Toph frowned. "Okay you clowns! If this is your idea of a joke, then I'm not laughing!"

No answer…

She huffed…until she noticed something was off…

"…What am I wearing?" Toph inquired, feeling the strange fabric on her.

She may not see it, but she's wearing a brownish skirt that reaches down to her ankles exposing her feet, which they have black wrappings around them, making it look like footwear, a dark green buttoned up long sleeved shirt that stops to her waist, and a brown woman's coat over the shirt. Her attire wasn't the only thing that has changed; her hair was now in an elegant bun, her face clear from any hanging bangs, except for maybe two.

Toph felt the fabric on her fingers and touched the bun on her hair, causing her to blink in confusion.

"…Wait a minute…WHO DRESSED ME!?" exclaimed a ticked off Toph.


The girl in question turned to where the voice was and recognized it instantly.


"Toph, there you are! I was-whoa…" Aang came in running to find Toph near a tree. He stopped for second to gaze at Toph's new delicate look. "…Uh…"

"Twinkles! Was this your idea!? Talk now!"

Aang blinked stupidly '"…Wha? Oh! Uh, Toph, it's a good thing I found you! Listen, I'll tell you everything later! We got to find Katara and Zuko!"

"What?" Toph said in confusion as soon Aang spoke. He sounded in a hurry. "What happened to Sugar Queen and Sparky? Twinkles, what's going on!? And who DRESSED me!?" Toph demanded.

Aang hold his hands up to calm her down, but realized that she couldn't see them, so he did the next best thing instead; clearing his throat, "Uh…well, to answer that last one, the, um…Avatars did that…I think."

Toph did her impression of a dull stare. "…The Avatars? Really?" she said in a disbelieving tone.

"Hey, you're the lie-detector, you tell me." Aang said with a shrug.

"…Okay then. So why would the Avatars dress me up like a doll? For their own sick perverted pleasure?"

Aang shook his he head and sighed loudly. "Toph, I really can't explain everything right now. I'm dressed as weird as you are too. We just need to find the others."

"At least tell me where we are, cause this is definitely not Zuko's beach house from where I'm standing!" Toph said, crossing her arms impatiently.

Aang blew out another sigh. "Would you believe me if I said that we're in the future?"

…Toph stood there for a moment as her eyes widened. "…Are you serious?"

"Dead serious." Aang nodded.

"…How far are we?"

"About fifty years into the future."


"Now can we go find Zuko and Katara?" asked Aang.

"Uh…yeah, sure." Toph said, still trying to wrap her head around this phenomenon.

Zuko sat there…wondering what in the world was going on.

'What are these clothes?'

Looking at what he was wearing, Zuko had a buttoned up dark maroon vest underneath a white long sleeved shirt, with a red clothe neck accessory looking thing around his neck and in his vest. He also was wearing a brown blazer over his vest, brown pants, and brown shoes.

Zuko blinked. "This is…strange. Am I dreaming?"

He sat there for a second and decided to test that theory out. He used his firebending to warm the tip of his fingers, and pinched the knuckle of his thumb.

"Ow!" Zuko exclaimed, waving his hurt hand in pain. "Okay…I'm not dreaming."

He gazed around to where he might be. 'A field, some trees…not anywhere familiar.'

He got up, all the while thinking how weird these clothes feel, and walked around to see if anyone else was there.

"Hello? Aang, Toph…Katara?" Zuko called out.

"Zuko!?" a recognizable feminine voice called back.

"Katara!?" Zuko dashed through the field until he can see a figure appearing and coming into view behind one of the trees. The figure's back was facing Zuko, which the figure's attire was as strange as his. The figure turned around to face Zuko, which revealed to be none other than Katara!

"Zuko!" she said.

"Katara!" Zuko said as he slowed down his speed when he ran and came to a full stop.

"Zuko, what's going on!?" said a worried Katara. "Why are we in these weird clothes?"

Zuko studied Katara for a moment to look and see what kind of weird attire she had on. She was wearing a light brown skirt, with black lady styled boots for footwear, and she was wearing a dark blue long sleeved buttoned up shirt that stopped at the waist. Her hair was still down in wavy locks, framing her face. The only thing that was noticeable was her water skin that was hanging from her the side of her waist.

"I don't know. But it doesn't look like we're on Ember Island anymore." Zuko contemplated, checking around their new setting.

Katara looked around as well, confused and anxious. "Well…where are we then? We were all asleep at your beach house and…then we woke up here…" Katara said to herself softly, at a loss.

Zuko was silent in thought. "…My only guess would be that maybe this has something to with the Spirits."

"The Spirits?" Katara questioned. "But…why would the Spirits do this?"

"Again, I don't know. If Aang was here, he'll tell us what's going on. I think this would be right up his alley."

Katara sadly frown at the mention of her boyfriend. 'Aang…where could he be at?' She then sighed and said, "Well…what do we do now?"

"We probably need to look around where we are." Zuko glanced at Katara's water skin. "Is there any water in there?"

Katara blinked and looked down at the water skin stepped to her waist. She looked surprised. "My water skin?" She moved her hands around to bend the water out of it, succeeding to gather some. "There's…water in here."

Zuko raised an eyebrow. "Wait…you didn't know you had your water skin with you?"

"No, I didn't…" she bends the water back in the pouch. She stood there, thinking… "…I think we're here for something."

Zuko gazed at the ground. "...You may be right."

They all stood there in silence…

Uncomfortable with it, Zuko looked up to stare at Katara and what she was wearing. Weird clothes or not, he had to admit she looked nice…

Katara took note on Zuko's staring and blinked at him. "…What? Do I look that weird?"

Snapping out of his gaze, Zuko said, "O-oh, uh, sorry, it's just that…well, weird clothes or not, you…look really nice."

Katara's eyes widen as she stood there was a tint of red. "Oh, uh…well, thanks…I, uh, guess I can sport this, huh?" She joked. She then smiled. "You look pretty dashing yourself."

Zuko blinked and look down at his attire. "Oh…um, thanks." He chuckled. "It does have a style to it, doesn't it?"

Katara giggled. "Wherever we are, the people who made these certainly had some interesting taste in fashion!"

Zuko chuckled some more…then he paused. He heard some voices…

"…Zuko! Katara!"

"Where are you guys!?"

He turned his head to the left at source of the voices.

Katara heard them too. "Hey! That sounds like Aang and Toph! Come on!" she said, relieved.

Zuko followed Katara to the direction of the voices, which soon led them to the speakers.

"Katara! Zuko!" Aang said happily.

"Sparky! Sugar Queen!" Toph also said in content.

They soon met up with each other.

"Thank goodness I found you guys! There's a lot of stuff I need to tell you!" Aang said.

"We figured." Zuko said with a smirk.

"Aang, what's happening? Why are we in these bizarre clothes and in a field?" Katara inquired. "…Is that a hat you're wearing?"

Aang looked up at the hat that was placed on and adjusted it. "Uh, I think so, yeah."


Toph jumped at the sound. "What the hell!?"

Zuko looked up at the sky. The clouds were getting dark, and it was cloudier than usual. "A storm is coming. We need to get to shelter. Toph, could you bend a rock dome over us?"

When he was saying that, Aang remembered what Roku said.

'Find a lighthouse.'

"Wait! We need to find a lighthouse!" Aang exclaimed.

The three of his friends looked(well, at least one of them try to.) at Aang oddly.

"Uh…why, Aang?" Katara said questionably.

"Roku told me that we need to find a lighthouse around here! I don't know what for, but it's linked to why we're here!"

"Well…if my great-grandfather told us to find a lighthouse, then I guess we need to go find a lighthouse." said Zuko, although it raised more questions for him.

"Well, what are we waiting for!? Let's find this lighthouse before we get rained on!" Toph insisted.

"Wait a minute! We don't even know where to look to find this lighthouse!" Katara said, bursting everyone's bubble.

"The question shouldn't be where to look for it, rather than how to look for it." said a refined voice.

They all jumped at the random voice and turned to where the source was.

Standing a little ways in front of them on an dirt pathway that led outside of the woods, was a nicely dressed man, similar to what Zuko and Aang are wearing, with nicely groomed jet black hair. He was also holding an umbrella.

Toph blinked and raised an eyebrow in surprise. 'What the…where did this guy come from?'

The others wondered the same thing.

"Uh…what?" Katara asked, confused at the man's words.

"Who are you?" Zuko asked in suspicion.

"That is of no concern. If you are looking for a lighthouse, follow this path. It will lead you to your destination." He said as he moved out of their way to open the path in front of them.

They all(except Toph) stared at him oddly. Aang studied him for a second. The man may have dressed peculiarly like the rest of them, and didn't seem to give out a bad vibe, but…where did he came from was the question.

"I suggest you all hurry. It's about to rain soon, and it would be very unpleasant for you all to get your clothes wet." The man said with an impassive face.

"Uh…thanks…" Aang said hesitantly.

"Do you, uh…live around these woods?" Katara asked the man curiously.

The man shook his head. "I am just a mere traveler." The man said with a slight smile. "You better be off now.

"O…kay, but what about you?" Zuko asked him warily.

The man then hold the umbrella up and opened it, letting the top of it hover above him, covering him from the rain.

"Problem solved." He said with a wry smile.

They all stood there looking at him even more strangely.

"Uh…" Aang started to say, until…


They all jumped at the sound as Toph yelped and said, "ACK! Forget it! Let's just get to that lighthouse!"

Aang and the gang ran through the pathway, running pass the man. As Aang ran, he took one last look back at the man, who was just standing there waving them off.

'Who was that guy?' Aang thought.

"There it is! I see it!" Katara said happily as she and the gang ran.

They were out of the woods and into a large cliff side facing the ocean. On the giant cliff, there stands a huge, tall lighthouse, its wide, white colored structure imposing and grand.

"That's...a big lighthouse." Zuko said with wide eyes.

They all reached the entrance to the lighthouse. The double doors to the entrance had intricate designs on them, such as the doors being bronze for one, with designs of two snaking dragons with their tails pointing upward on top of the doors, slithering down to the handles to make their heads seem to be holding the ring in their mouths, which were the handles. Around the frame of the doors, were sculpted lines to make them look like beams of light were coming out of them.

"Wow…this lighthouse is fancy." Aang commented, looking up at it.

"Yeah, yeah, it's a work of art! Let's get inside!" Toph said cynically and hastily.

Aang, Zuko, and Katara blinked at Toph's hurried pace. She shoved the bronze door, which was made of metal, so with one push, she easily open one of the doors as if it was made of simple wood. Toph went in first and sat on a chair she found that was next to the huge supporting beam that supports the lighthouse.

From the inside, it was somewhat of a mess. Few chairs and a couple of tables were scattered across the area, along with some barrels. There was a staircase to the right that spirals up to the next floor. Upon entering, Aang and Zuko first noticed a plaque nailed on the beam in front of them as they walk in, right above a table with a metal tray with a few towels next to it.

The boys walked up to where the plaque was hanging and read it to themselves:


Each of them raised an eyebrow and glanced at each other. Aang checked the tray on the table to see that it was, in fact, full of water.

Zuko gazed to his right to see another plaque next to the staircase, in which it said:


'What's all this about?' Zuko thought in wonder.

Katara went to where Toph was and said with a smirk, "You seem like you wanted to get out of the rain."

"Well, doesn't everyone?" Toph said carelessly with her arms crossed.


Toph jumped in her seat. "Ah!"

Aang and Zuko turned their attention to Toph with surprised wide eyes.

"…Are you scared of thunder, Toph?" Aang wondered.

Toph regained her composure and said defiantly, "Scared? Of stupid thunder? I hope you're joking!"

"Toph, if you don't like thunder, then it's okay to admit it." Zuko said.

"Admit what? I'm not scared of anything!" Toph scowled.

"Toph, we're not going to make fun of you if you're afraid of a little thunder." Katara now said in a comforting tone.

Toph narrowed her eyes. "I. Am not. SCARED! I just don't want to get rained on and get sick!"

"…So you're afraid of getting sick?" Aang questioned.

"I'M NOT SCARED!" Toph exclaimed.


Toph jumped and squeaked.

Aang looked at her in shock. "…Did you just squeak?"

"NO! I was…just clearing my throat!" Toph said in defense.

Zuko sighed, "Seriously Toph, it's okay to be frighten over things like this. Everyone is afraid of something. Mai is afraid of caterpillar-worms…don't anyone one of you tell her that I said that." he said firmly.

"Really?" Katara said in surprise.

"Really? Needles is afraid of an ol' crawly bug?" Toph said as she laughed. "Wow! Talk about weak!"

"Toph, it doesn't make you feel weak at all to be scared." Aang reassured. "Being able to admit you're afraid makes you pretty much strong. And it only means that we're human."

Toph pouted and sat there for a while, until she sighed and said, "Fine. I just get jumpy around thunder, okay?"

Katara smiled and softly said, "It's okay Toph, we get where you're coming from."

Toph scoffed. "Okay, we're scared of everything! Now that we're here, why don't you explain what's going on, Twinkletoes?"

"Oh yeah!" Aang said, realizing that they haven't heard the whole story. "Well, while we were asleep in Zuko's beach house, Roku visited me in a dream saying that we were sent here to prevent something."

"Prevent?" Katara asked, a little confused.

Zuko narrowed his eyes in puzzlement. "Wait…preventing something? …" His eyes went wide. "A-are you saying..."

Aang sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "Um…if we just time traveled? Then…yes."

Zuko and Katara were both appalled at the news. "TIME TRAVEL!?"

Aang and Toph cringed.

"Then…we're in the past!?" Katara asked anxiously.

"Well…actually, we're in the future." Aang corrected.

They both blinked in confusion.

"…The future?" Zuko asked.

"Fifty years into the future, to be exact." Toph butted in.

"Fifty years!?" Katara yelled.

"But…to prevent something, shouldn't we have been in the past?" Zuko theorize, trying to make sense of this.

"Well…that's for us to find out, I guess." Aang said unsurely. He then remembered, "Oh! And…Roku said something about we can't be using our bending right now, only when it's necessary."

"What!?" exclaimed Toph. "What kind of order is that? Why can't we use our bending?"

"That I don't really know; he was in a hurry to send us here." Aang said as he lowered his head in thought.

"Well…whatever it may be, my great-grandfather Roku has to have a good reason to send us…uh, to the future…and wear these…clothes." Zuko said, hesitantly uncertain while looking down at his clothes.

Aang then remembered something else that was pretty important to bring up. "Uh…guys? There's something else I have to mention…"

They all looked at him and listened.

"…I…I don't think I can go into the Avatar State."

All three pair of eyes were wide as they can be.

"You can't go into the Avatar State!?" Katara exclaimed in shock.

"What the-but…why!? I thought you already opened it!?" Toph said, bewildered.

"Aang, how did this happened!?" Zuko asked, stunned.

"Uh…well, Roku…said that there was no Avatar in this future, meaning that…I can't go into contact with the spirits of the past Avatars…" Aang said solemnly.

All three of them were silent, stunned after hearing the news.

"…This is serious." Zuko finally said gravely.

"…No Avatar…then that means you can only airbend?" asked Katara, still trying to let this info sink in.

Aang nodded sadly. "Yeah…"

Everyone still stood there, silent as the rain started to come down outside.

"…Hey…this is a lighthouse, isn't it?" Toph inquired.

They all looked at her oddly, with Katara answering, "Uh…yeah…"

"Then…should someone be living here?" Toph asked in curiosity.

The three blinked at that claim.

"Hey…yeah, there should be at least someone here to watch over the lighthouse. We did make a lot of noise, so someone should've come down here by now." Aang speculated.

They all stood there in quiet, waiting for anything…

"…I don't like this." said Katara, feeling on guard.

"Yeah…it's too quiet in here." Zuko said as he cautiously looked around the area.

Aang then tried to call someone out. "Hello!? Anyone here!?"

No answer…

"Maybe we should go up." Katara advised.

Silently agreeing, they went on their way to the staircase. As they did, Katara looked at the plaques that were on the beam and the one next to the stairs with a raised eyebrow.

'Hm…that's kind of peculiar.' She thought as she walked passed it.

They walked up the stairs to the second level, which seems to be a room filled with cabinets, drawers, a bed, a desk, a sink, and a stove. But beyond that, the second floor looked like someone had a struggle; plates were crashed on the floor, a small drawer was turned over, other objects littered on the floor.

"It looks like a struggle happened here." Zuko said grimly.

Aang and Katara looked concern at the sight. "…This doesn't look too good."Aang stated.

They searched to see if anyone was on this floor, but with no such luck. There were, however, weird contraptions around the area, ones that looked foreign to them. Aang went over to the desk to study one of the contraptions, while Zuko was behind him looking at a map that was above the desk. Meanwhile, Katara was still observing the second level, while Toph sat on the bed waiting.

Aang studied an object that looked way more like a candle stick to him, but looked way too advanced to be one(1). It had some sort of receiver at the top, with another receiver, one that was connected to wire, strapped to the side. He picked it up, noting that it was heavier than it looks, and examined it.

"Huh…weird." Aang said, while inspecting it. He put it back on the desk and glanced at Zuko to see what he was looking at.

Zuko was looking at the map, which depicts the Earth Kingdom, above the desk. The map had pinpoints to different places and cites, all of which were white, but one pinpoint that was near an area of the coast somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, was red. He also noticed a note on the lower right of the map that said, "Be prepared. He and his disciples are on their way. You must stop them! -S"

Zuko blinked at the note curiously. "Stop who…?" he asked quietly to no one.

Aang looked at the note as well. "…Who's 'S'?" he spoke softly to himself.

As they stood there, Katara walked up to yet another plaque that was next to the spiraling staircase. She read to herself:


Katara cocked her head to the side, puzzled.

'Whoever put these plagues up must very be really religious.'

"So, see anything interesting?" asked Toph as she sat on the bed, rocking back and forth.

Aang was looking at a machine of some kind that had papers being attached to a horizontal cylinder roller(2). He replied, "Well, there's these odd objects around here that look complicated…"

Zuko then added, "…But there's a map that's pinpointing places around the Earth Kingdom, along with a note."

"Oh, so we're probably in a futuristic Earth Kingdom then? Cool." Toph said a little nonchalantly.

"What does the note say?" asked Katara.

"It just says, "Be prepared. He and his disciples are on their way. You must stop them!". It's signed by a person who's name starts with an 'S'." Zuko says.

"Disciples? Oh great, what are we facing now, a cult?" Toph said bitterly.

"Hmm…" Aang was in thought. "…Maybe that's who we're supposed to stop?"

"There's only one way to find out. Maybe if we go up more of these stairs, we'll find answers." stated Zuko.

They all nod their heads. They started up the second spiraling staircase, Aang in front of them, and Zuko in the back. Thunder was still evident from outside, making Toph jump a little bit, in which Zuko calmed her down from behind.

As they went further up the stairs, Aang noticed something on the wall that was above the spiraling staircase, leading to the third floor.

It was a bloody handprint.

Aang slightly gasped at the handprint, as did Katara who noticed it as well. They rushed further to see what awaits them on the third floor.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

Aang's eyes widened at the grisly scene in front of him. Katara gasped in horror.

"What? What happened?" Toph said as she hurried up the stairs.

Zuko came up last and witnessed what the two were staring at.

It was a man sitting on a chair, his arms tied behind it, clothed and with a brown bag covering his head.

The man had a puncture wound to his head through the brown bag, blood staining it, while the blood was making a puddle underneath the man and the chair.

"…Why is everyone quiet?" Toph asked. She then sniffed and said, "And what's that smell?"

"Um…Toph? I really mean it when I say this, but…it's a good thing you're blind right now. You don't want to see this." Zuko said solemnly.

Toph raised an eyebrow, but she put two and two together at what could possibly make her friends react this way.

The silence, the smell…

"…Oh." Toph said grave realization, now getting it. She didn't say anything else after that.

"Who could've done this?" Katara questioned softly to herself.

Aang stepped towards the dead body on the chair, examining his decease form. Frowning sadly, he put his hands together in a prayer pose and bowed a little, blessing him.

Katara and Zuko looked on at the scene, feeling both sadness and pity for the man, who likely has been tortured for some reason. Zuko distracted himself away from the dead body to look around the third floor, in which he noticed something interesting.

There was a large metal circled grated floor in the middle of the third level, and up above them were…large multiple funnels hanging from the ceiling…

'What are those?' wondered Zuko.

After Aang did his peace blessing on the deceased man, he turned around to the others and said, "I don't really know what's going on myself, but…I think we have to keep on going up."

"So our mission is to go up a lighthouse in stormy weather, huh? Great." Toph said in slight cynicism.

"Well, this place certainly does hold some mystery already." said Katara as she looked around the third level, trying to ignore the dead body sitting on the chair.

Zuko was still looking at the large funnel like contraptions on the ceiling as he walked under them. "Hey, what do you guys make of this?" he asked the two who can see.

Aang and Katara looked up at where Zuko was staring. Both of them held looks of confusion.

"I don't have any idea what those things are." Aang said, at a loss of what they could be.

"Beats me." Katara shrugged.

"What do you see?" asked Toph.

"Some funnel looking…things…on the ceiling." Aang replied, trying to explain what they were.

"Oh." Toph replied back, 'looking' up at the ceiling.

After Katara stopped observing the ceiling, she looked behind her to see yet another plaque next to the staircase. She read this one out loud.


"…Huh?" inquired Toph.

"It's another plaque. We've been encountering three of them as we went up the lighthouse. This should be the fourth one." Zuko explained.

"Oh. Well, what have they've been saying?" Toph asked.

"I think they mostly have been talking about spiritual cleansing." Katara guessed.

"Spiritual cleansing? Now that definitely reeks of a cult." Toph said with a frown.

"Aw come on Toph, spiritual cleansing is used for almost everyone." chimed Aang.

"Tch! Yeah, almost everyone. If it involves water and cleansing, as in getting clean away from my dirt, then no way! …No offense on the water part, Sugar Queen." Toph said.

Katara chuckled softly. "None taken."

Thunder still erupted from outside, making Toph once again jump in surprise.

"S-so are we waiting for something or are we going up!?" Toph stuttered.

Aang smiled at her in reassurance. "I think now would be a good time to go up."

"Good, let's go!" Toph said, in a hurry to get this over with.

Toph apparently was first as she walked up the stairs in a rush, with the other three, Katara, Zuko, and Aang right behind her. As they went up the last pair of stairs, Aang took one last look at the dead body. He sighed glumly, 'I hope we don't have to deal with a lot of death in this mission.'

They arrived at the top of the lighthouse, which unfortunately, didn't have a roof. As they reached to the top, they quickly surveyed their surroundings. Strangely enough, there were four ball-like structures on the large gallery surrounding where the lantern room is. The rain was still coming down gradually, basically getting them all a little bit wet, with the wind blowing hard, as Aang was holding onto his hat, while Katara and Toph hold onto their skirts.

"Okay, so we're here! What now!?" Toph yelled over the wind.

"Umm…" Aang looked around the area. "…Hold on!" he said as he ran to one of the structures. Examining it, he touched the exterior, which felt like weak stone. Looking around for anything else, he circled around it, trying to see if he can spot anything…until he founded something.

There was a hand-print on the structure.

Baffled by that, there was also something else that caught his interest.

It had the Air symbol on it.

Aang blinked in puzzlement at this.

"Aang! Did you find anything!?" Katara yelled through the wind, hugging herself so she won't be cold.

"I think the rain is starting to get little heavier!" Zuko noted.

Aang gazed around the gallery at the remaining three sphere-like structures. He quickly dashed to another one that was nearest to him to see if he can find a different symbol. Sure enough, he found a hand-print with the Earth insignia on it. "Guys! Check everyone of these things! I think this will lead us to wherever we need to go! Find a hand-print that might have an insignia of a different element nation! This one has the Earth symbol on it!" he exclaimed.

Katara and Zuko looked at each other in question, while Toph hollered over the wind, "It does!? What does that mean!?"

Aang stood there in thought. "…I think we need to put our hands on them and…I don't know, bend them, I think!" he exclaimed as he speculated.

"Well, I'll try anything at this point!" Zuko exclaimed as he went to one of the spheres. "Hey! I found one with a hand-print with the Fire Nation symbol above it!"

Katara went to the ball structure further away from where Zuko was, and examined it. She also found the Water insignia above a hand-print as well. "Here's one with the Water symbol on it!"


"AAAHHH!" Toph jumped, but not so much as her skirt would fly everywhere. "Come on, let's get this over with!" she yelled.

All four of the benders started bending their element to the place where the hand-print is. Katara, gathering water from the rain, Toph, ready to bend the stone ball into pieces, Zuko, conjuring up fire in his palm, and Aang, readying himself to give it a push of air into it, all got into ready stances.

They unleashed their element on each other's spheres…

…the spheres started to crack.



…The stone spheres crumbled to pieces, to reveal…

Aang and the gang stepped away from each crumbled mess to witness a metal pod of some sort…

The metal pods looked like eggs, which they have bronze shells, and intricate metal work on them. There were glass windows on each pod in front them. Looking inside of the pods were cushioned seats.

"…Well, what is it?" asked an impatient Toph.

"Uh…I'm not sure." said a confused Aang.

"They're…pods of some kind." Zuko said as he studied them.

"Are we supposed to get in these things? There's no door." Katara said, looking for a handle.



Toph and Katara yelped. Aang and Zuko took a step back.

The doors on the pods made a sound that sounded like air releasing…the doors went in the pods and slid to their left side, making them have an entryway inside them.

Katara, still startled from what had happened, said, "Oh…well that…works..."

"What a minute. Are we suppose to enter these…uh, pods?" asked a wary Toph.

Aang studied it some more. "…Uh…I…think so."

More intense thunder rolled in.

"I'm getting in!" said an alarmed Toph.

The others decided too as well, before the rain-pour started to come in.

Aang sat on the chair, which was comfortable to sat at the least.

"Okay…now what?" he asked himself.


"Huh!?" Aang looked down at his wrists that were on the arm chairs.

They were strapped on!


The door closed.

Zuko struggled in the wrist constraints. The door was closed.

'Wha-what's going on!?' he thought frantically.

"Uh…guys?" said a timid Katara. Her wrists were bounded and the door was closed.

"What the-HEY!" Toph felt constraints on her wrists. She heard the door closed.

"WHAT'S GOING ON!?" she exclaimed.

"Okay…just stay calm…" Aang said to himself, not really knowing what's going on.

Then a monotonous, strange sounding, female voice came into the pod.

"Salutations, visitor from Ground Below. Mind the restraints. They are for your safety."

"What…who's there!?" Zuko said as he anxiously looked around for the voice.

"Countdown to ascension begins in the count of five…"

"What!?" said a confused Zuko. Then he felt a tremor and heard roaring.

"Wh-what's that?" Katara said apprehensively, feeling the vibration and hearing the sound of a deafening roar.


"...Aang…Zuko…Toph?" she said nervously. She was feeling claustrophobic all of a sudden.


Toph was struggling to get the restraints off, but couldn't. All she could grab were plush arm chairs.


"GUYS!? WHERE ARE YOU!?" Toph said in a panic. She did not like the sounds she's hearing.




"AAAAAHHH!" Aang yelled as he felt like he was being sent off into the air…which he was!

Zuko's eyes widen as he was being pulled towards his seat, the pod he was in violently ascending him up into the sky. Out from his window, he could see the landscape growing smaller. He could also see that the other pods that Aang, Katara, and Toph were in blasting off in, were shooting up into the sky as well, with fire erupting from the bottom of their pods.


'WHAT IS ALL OF THIS!?' Zuko screamed into his mind.

Katara was staring straight ahead in fear, hyperventilating as she was looking at the passing clouds as she was rising higher and higher.

"...Five thousand feet..."

'This...this can't be happening!'

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !" Toph screamed, her eyes widen in terror. She never felt this scared before in her life. And the worst part of it is…she can't see what was happening!

"…ten thousand feet…"

"Oh spirits, oh spirits, oh spirits, oh spirits, oh spirits, oh spirits, oh SPIRITS!" Toph sputtered.

'Is this it? Am I going to…die?'

'What have I gotten ourselves into!?' Aang frantically thought.

Was this supposed to happen? Where were they going!? Why were they going higher!?

"…fifteen thousand feet…"

Sitting there in his chair, his face showing a look of helplessness, he said each of his friend's names in despair, "Zuko…Toph…Katara…" Aang's eyes widen, realizing he just put them in harm's way. "…No…I-I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I dragged you all into this…" He closed his eyes, waiting for something bad to happen at any moment.

And then…light.

"…Praise the Spirits…"

…Aang slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes once again widened, but this time, in shock.

"…What?" he said in a whisper.

The rocket ship pod had stopped accelerating, as it was floating downward in slow speeds…but outside was what really struck him with awe…

"W-…what?" Zuko said, as calmed himself to gaze at the marvelous sight before him.

Katara's eyes were wide in awe and wonder. "…Oh my…gosh…"

"…What-what happened? Hello? G-guys!?" Toph called out, her heart racing in her chest as she takes fast deep breaths.

"…Is…is this real?" Aang asked in wonderment.

What he and the rest of the gang were seeing…

…was a wondrous, vast floating city in the sky…

The mechanical recorded voice then spoke out to them…

"You have reached paradise. Welcome to Airloft."

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