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Off the central west coast of the Earth Kingdom…


The storm was getting heavier.

'Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debts.'

That was the plan.

And here he was, on a rowboat to his destination.

He hated boats. Especially small ones like rowboats. A boat like this one makes him nervous, like it's going to topple over anytime. But mostly he hates them because they sometimes make his stomach queasy…that and he can't swim. But nonetheless, he has to suck it up if he wants to complete this job.

When he got this job, this LAST job…he wondered if what they offered him will be enough. Enough to wash away the things he's done.

…To forget.

A man in his mid-thirties, he has short brown hair, wears a red ascot around his neck, a taupe sports-coat with a metallic sheen to it, a blue button up shirt, along with a white collar sticking out of it, and brown khaki pants with a belt, completed with brown shoes. His facial features are very sharp and masculine.

He was in a rowboat with two other people in yellow raincoat getups, one male, and one female. A lantern was hanging on the bow to light the way for the male, who was doing the rowing at the bow, while the female was sitting in the middle of the boat, facing the man who was rowing. They were chattering away about some things, he really wasn't paying attention. They must be a married couple by the way they were talking to each other. He met them at the coast; they didn't say their names, which was fine with him, he's not really good with pleasantries. Actually, he doesn't like to talk much, period.

"Are you going to just sit there?" the man rowing asked the woman.

"As compared to what? Standing?" the woman replied.

"Not standing. Rowing."

"Rowing?" she scoffed. "I haven't planned on it."

As she said that, she turned around to pass a wooden box to the man who was behind the woman, their guest. The guest took it and

"What's this?" The guest questioned the woman. She ignored him and went back to her conversation to the rower, in which he said, "So you expect me to shoulder the burden?"

The man raised an eyebrow at the notion. He looked down at the front on the box.

There was a golden plaque that said, "Property of Rekoob: Unit 7, Wounded Finger".

'Well, that's me.' the man whose name is Rekoob thought dryly.

"No, but I expected you to do all the rowing." answered back the woman.

"And why is that?"

"Coming here was your idea."

"My idea?"

"I've made it very clear that I don't believe in the exercise."

"The rowing?"

"No. I imagine that's wonderful exercise."

"Then what?"

"The entire thought experiment."

While they had a pause in their talking, the guest, Rekoob, said to them, "Excuse me? How much longer?"

Once again, he was ignored.

"One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail." The man suggested.

"But one does not undertake an experiment knowing one HAS failed."

Rekoob rolled his eyes at the couple and looked down at the box again, opening it with the lid up. Inside was a semi-automatic pistol, in which he picked up first and checked to see if the bullets were in.

"That'll work." He muttered to himself and pocketed the gun in his holster. He also found a drawing piece on the inside of the lid of three objects, a scroll, a key, and a sword. Each of them had numbers next to them; the scroll, one; the key, two; and the sword, two. Another thing that was stuck on the inside of the lid was a postcard that has a pagoda tower on it. The postcard itself revealed the place as 'Monument Island'. Curiously, he took off the pieces of paper and put them in his other pocket.

Looking at the contents in the box, there was a key that has an emblem at the top of it with a birdcage on one side, and a bird on the other side. He picked it up and examined it. Through with that, he pocketed it. There was also a piece of paper that has the words 'Ba Sing Se' on it, with the latitude and longitude posted on it that passes by as directions on where to drop her off, some money, a black and white photo of a teenage girl with her back turned in the picture, barely catching a glimpse of her face. He pocketed the two items as well, but observed the photo. The girl was wearing a long sleeved blouse shirt, along with a skirt, her hair in a long ponytail. She was also carrying a book in her right hand. Rekoob then flipped it over, revealing a message on the back.

Bring to Ba Sing Se unharmed.

Putting the picture inside his breast pocket, he closed the box.

"Can we get back to the rowing?" the man asked.

"I suggest you do or we're never going to get there." replied the woman.

"No, I mean I'd greatly appreciate it if you would assist."

"Perhaps you should ask him?" the lady motioned to Rekoob. "I imagine he has a greater interest in getting there than I do."

"I suppose he does. But there's no point in asking."

"Why not?"

"Because he doesn't row."

"He doesn't ROW?"

"No. He doesn't row."

"…Ah. I see what you mean."

They stopped talking after that. Rekoob gazed upward to see a rotating light on top of a slowly transparent building; a lighthouse. They were approaching closer to their destination. A minute later, a wooden docking ramp came into view, complete with a fisherman's shack. The ramp was connected to the stone island formation that the lighthouse was built on; its plain white colored stone exterior being basked in what light is left of the cloudy day.

"We've arrived." The woman said, stating the obvious. The rowboat came to a gradual stop.

Rekoob took quick glances at his environment. He glanced at the ramp, the lighthouse, and the sea that surrounded him. He was basically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water, and the town behind them was four miles away. He looked to his left to see that a latter was attached to the ramp. He grabbed onto it with both hands and pulled himself up to it, climbing each step carefully. After reaching and climbing up the ramp, he stood there for a moment to give one last look up at his destination.

'Well, this is it…' Rekoob thought as he shields his eyes from the rain. He really should've thought of buying a raincoat before coming here, but if it wasn't for his poor finances…

"Shall we tell him when we'll be returning?" the lady asked the man rowing. The two in the rowboat were turning the boat around to head back to the direction of the shore.

"Would that change anything?" the rower man replied with a question of his own.

"It might give him some comfort."

"At least that's something we can agree on."

"Hey!" Rekoob yelled out. "Is somebody meeting me here!?"

"I'd certainly hope so!" The man yelled out to Rekoob.

"It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded!" the woman also yelled out to him.

And that was that. They were stroking their way back to the shore. Rekoob watched as they drifted away from the lighthouse, the waves carrying them off into the distance.

Rekoob sighed and said softly to himself, "Ah well, maybe there's someone inside…"

More thunder and rain was rolling in, and Rekoob dashed through the ramp, to the stone ground, to the lighthouse stairs, and to the double door entrance. Once he reached the doors, he found a grim note on the left door that looked to be stained with something red:

Rekoob -

Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debts

This is your LAST CHANCE

"Yeah, yeah, I get it." Rekoob muttered as he began knocking on the left side of the door. "Ah, excuse me…it's Rekoob." He made himself known as he pushed open the door with his left hand and went inside. "I guess you're expecting me…"

He looked around his surroundings. Silence met him. The inside of the lighthouse was clean, a support beam in the middle of the first floor, stairs were spiraling upward, barrels, tables, and chairs were placed around. There was a table placed in front of the support beam with a water basin on it filled with water, along with wash towels on the side. There was also a sign hanging on the support beam:


Blinking at the sign, Rekoob walked up to it, stopped in front of it, and looked down at the basin that was filled with water. He can see his reflection, which masked uncertainty. He then looked back up at the sign.

"…Good luck with that, pal."

He then went to the stairs to encounter another hanging sign next to them.


Raising an eyebrow at the sign, he kept climbing the steps. "Is anyone here? Hello?"

He reached the second floor to find that there were amenities around, like a bed, a desk, a sink, an oven, and a radio, which was playing a merry tune. Another set of stairs were going up to the third floor. Rekoob slowly studied his environment, feeling a little bit uneasy.

"…" Rekoob was silent as he walked to the radio and turned it off. He listened for any sound, anything that indicates any life was here. He decided to trek to the next case of stairs, but not until reading another hanging sign next to the stairs.


'More of these signs…' he thought absently.

He went up the stairs…

…when he reached to the third floor however…

…Rekoob's eyes widen in shock, his mouth slightly agape.

There in a chair, was a clothed dead man(1), whose arms were tied up behind his back, his throat slit, and with a brown bag over his head. Blood was traveling on the floor, making it into a large puddle. But there was one message that was written in red and has it looped around his neck by a thread that caught his eye. It was laying against the deceased man's stomach, which it said:


"…shit!" Rekoob said quietly to himself. The third floor was mostly empty, except for a couple of tables that looked like they had torture devices on them.

'Damn…these guys are serious!'

He cautiously passed the corpse as he made his way to the other case of stairs that led to the top of the lighthouse. There was one last sign next to them however. He read it, shifting his attention away from the dead body:


Not knowing what all these signs mean, he just decided to disregard them and move on to the top of the lighthouse, leaving the corpse behind.

"Okay, if no one's meeting me here, then what else is there to do?" Rekoob questioned himself.

He climbed the stairs all the way to the top of the gallery of the lighthouse while the rain was still coming down. As he reached the gallery, he found the door that leads to the lantern room. However, this door looked peculiar…

"What the…?" Rekoob observed the door.

The door to the lantern room had three bells with strings attached to the clappers on it. Above each of them were circled bulbs, and behind the three bells was a metal emblem of someone, a woman in robes(probably a monk), spreading her arms wide open, her sleeves drooping down, and her hair flowing and framing her face, with the background looking as if she was radiating with a holy light. She was also wearing a low beaded necklace.

But there were a few other things that caught his eye. The bells on the door have drawn symbols on them. The first was a scroll, the second a key, and the third a sword.

"Wait a minute, that card." Rekoob said as he was fishing out the card that had drawn symbols on it as well. Shielding it from the rain, he looked at it again.

Scroll, one. Key, two. And sword, two.

"Huh…well, it's worth a shot." Rekoob commented.

He began ringing the scroll bell once, the key bell twice, and the sword bell twice as well. The bulbs above them lit up as he rang them.

…Nothing happened…yet.




Rekoob blinked. "What the…?"

The bulbs above the bells are…flashing a red light. One flashed red above the scroll bell.


Two times above the key bell.


Two times above the sword bell…

Rekoob looked on in fascinated wonder.



A loud foghorn noise emerged from out of nowhere! As the sound reverberates greatly across the area, the lantern room then started to glow a hue of red as it shines out of the windows and syncs with the sound.

Startled, Rekoob backed away from the red glow of the lantern room hastily as he glanced rapidly around to find the source of the powerful noise.


The noise changed its pitch.


"What…in the world?" Rekoob looked back at the door to the lantern room.


Rekoob stood there in puzzled silence.


The noise had stopped.

Rekoob stood there, wondering if anything else was going to happen.


It sounded like a door unlocking. The bells on the door lowered themselves a bit…


The door then suddenly opened inward to the lantern room. He kept his focus straight ahead at the entrance to the lantern room, as inside of it, there was much activity, as he can tell from looking in. The lens chamber was going upward, while the center platform flipped over on its other side to reveal…

…A red plush chair.

The chair looks like the ones you'd see in a barbershop, with a bottom footrest to complete it.

"…Huh. Alright, it looks like they want me to sit on their fancy chair." Rekoob said to himself.

Cautiously, he walked over to the chair, examining it. Gazing around the room to see if anything would pop up, he carefully sat on it.

As he sat, Rekoob said, "Okay…now what-"


"-the hell!?"

Rekoob looked down to see that his wrists were strapped on the arms of the chair! A loud hissing noise caught his attention as four sections around the platform of the chair were opening up, revealing six strips of thin but thick metal from each direction, while the platform was rotating his position around in a circle. A monotonous female voice then appeared.

"Make yourself ready, dear guest. The bindings are there as a safeguard."

Once all the strips were up, they closed in on Rekoob's position, and they joined with the other pieces as they snapped in place. He was now facing one strip that has a window, along with the left and right metal strips having meters and gauges next to it.

"Oooooh no…" Rekoob said, now feeling very uneasy. His eyes shifted everywhere, looking at the surroundings that trapped him in. "No, no, this can't be goo-AAH!" Rekoob yelled out for the last second, the platform suddenly turning downward. From his point of view, he could see four huge funnels that looked like they were about to erupt from the bottom…which they did. To make matters worse for Rekoob, his gun fell out of his holster and into fire below.

"Oh, no no no-AH…damn it!" Rekoob cursed.

After the engines started roaring, the platform and the chair sat straight up again.

The voice spoke again.

"Ascension…Ascension in the count of FIVE…Count of FOUR…"

"Oh no…no, no, no, no!" Rekoob said hopelessly. He looked outside to see that the whole shuttle was shaking and small debris was coming from the ceiling.





Rekoob started to panic, but kept his cool. "Okay, just stay calm." He tried reassuring himself.

"Five thousand feet…ten thousand feet…fifteen thousand feet…"

Rekoob was getting more anxious. He could see the reflection of himself on the window and could see the anxiety on his face.

'Oh, what the HELL did I just get myself into!?'

But then, all of a sudden…a flash.


"…Praise the Spirits…"

They were…floating…

Aang's eyes adjusted to the sight before him.

In all of his years of exploring around the world, he had never witness anything so…beautiful

…so majestic…

…so magnificent


"…Wow…" was all Aang could say in amazement.

The scene in front of him was just as he described it. There were buildings, all of them in different shapes and sizes with influential touches of Earth Kingdom architecture, along with some new architectural design that looked pleasing to the eye. Some buildings were ten stories high, maybe even higher. There were clouds all around them…some clouds that looked like they were carrying the buildings themselves! The grounds that the buildings floated on were even in different levels of altitude, some grounds high and some grounds low. They almost looked like…islands. Islands on air…

Something else caught Aang's eye; an airship. An enormous airship was flying past him and his descending pod. The airship almost looks like it belongs to the Fire Nation, but it looked a little more advanced, with its propeller fans operating on each side of its two wings, the long carrier underneath the massive air balloon, to the modern tail of the ship. It flew by, not minding the person in the descending pod the slightest. There was also a huge bridge that was connected to both of these air islands. The structure was majestic as well, with cables attached onto each tower of the bridge. The bridge itself also had powerful fans underneath the bridge to keep it afloat.

But the most noticeable thing of all about the city was the huge, tall, and grandeur-like pagoda tower. The tower looked like it was placed right in the middle of this levitating city, where all the floating islands surround it. Aang wondered what the tower's purpose in the city could mean, but couldn't keep up with every detail of the city - it was a lot to take in – as the pod came slowly down. His view of the floating city was then blocked, as a belfry tower came into his line of vision.

Aang noticed that below the belfry was a banner; it was a bust of a seemingly elderly man with a full white beard with a wispy tail that hangs at the center of his chest. He also had white sideburns, and has white hair around the back of his head, making him bald from the front and top of his crown. His eyebrows are even white, making his appearance all in all look seventy years old. His gaze though looks commanding and intense. He couldn't see the eyes real well, due to the moving pod going downward, but just from the man's gaze alone looks he could see someone's soul.

The banner did show something else; words were printed on it. From the top of the banner to the bottom of it, it said:

Father Shozu

Our Savior

Aang blinked at that. "Savior…?"


A sudden jolt snapped Aang out of his thoughts.

He and the pod that he's in were now on top of a building platform. Outside of the window, he could see the bottom of the buildings, all of them having hot air balloons attached underneath their structure and propeller fans keeping them in flight. The pod then suddenly went down slowly, descending wherever he and his friends are about to go.

'Wait…' "My friends!" Aang said in alarm. Where could they be at?

Katara, dumbstruck with awe, let the scenery she just witnessed sink in…

Her rocket pod was slowly descending down inside the building she landed on, enveloping her in darkness momentarily.

The waterbender couldn't believe what she saw…

Buildings…buildings that were floating...in the sky!

How is that even possible!?

She noticed that some mechanisms under the buildings were supposedly keeping them afloat, but still, even with all that equipped, she wouldn't think that some propeller fans and hot air balloons would be enough to hold that much weight structure. Katara shook her head to clear her thoughts of wonder for a moment to focus on the situation at hand. She and her friends were in these pods, that just flew up to the sky, arrived in a FLOATING city, landed somewhere(at least she hopes they all did), and now were going down to wherever these shafts were taking them.

And there was also the questioning banner that depicted the man named Shozu before she landed.

'Savior? …That's interesting. What did this man do to earn that title?' she thought curiously.

Before Katara could think anything more about it, light has flooded back into her window. Even bigger windows in the building came into view, which were lined vertically, shining brightly to make the rays of light seem…heavenly.

But there were more things to note in the building as well; like the giant pendulum like objects and the gears operating inside of it, along with chains and pipes adorning the interior. But the last interesting detail that she noticed as the pod was slowly descending and while she was looking out the window, piercing rays from the sun revealed a message encrypted in a steel beam, as it passed by quickly as it had appeared.


Katara blinked at the sentence in confusion. "What the…what's this all about?"

Another message engraved on a steel beam, continued where the other left off.


Zuko blinked in puzzlement. "What does that mean?" he said quietly.

A new message appeared on another steel beam.


"The craft?" inquired Zuko.

Another steel beam passed by.


'Maybe Toph was right. Maybe we are dealing with some sort of cult…'

One last beam passed by.


"…To fully live?" Zuko said to himself, not sure what to make of that.

"…Hello!?" Toph called out again for the third time. Her first reaction to being lifted so high into the air was appropriate enough, but now that she knows that she's going to live, she's completely relieved, albeit she's still a little jumpy after that experience. Nonetheless, Toph managed to keep her cool after it was over. Of course, she couldn't see what was happening, which set her on edge. She hated to be away from her earth, it makes her feel truly blind! Wherever this pod is taking her - which she could feel the slight vibration of it going down - she just hopes there will be some earth there for her feet to walk on.

Toph then felt the pod go to a gradual stop.

"Hey! Is…is anyone here?" Toph called out again.


"Ah!" Toph yelped. The door hissed as it slid to its right.


Toph felt the wrist restraints snap off. She grunted in relief as she rubbed her wrists.

'Okay, I think the worst is over. Now to see where the heck I am.' She thought as she got out of her rocket ship pod. Feet now planted on the ground, she stomped one foot to 'see' her environment. It seem to be a wide area; there was a walkway to the far left.

She began to take the first step to this foreign place…


"Huh?!" Toph inquired as she lifted her foot out of the wet sensation on her foot. "…Water?"


Toph turned where the sound of the voice was. "Aang!?"

She heard ground footsteps first and then splashing footsteps, along with him muttering, "What's all this?" to the water that seem to flood the whole room.

"Twinkles! Where are we!? What's going on!?" Toph said as dipped her foot in the water to see that there was a shallow bottom to it.

Aang turned to his friend with a frown, "I don't really know. This is all new to me." He said with a hopeless shrug.

"You mean Roku hadn't told you anything else?" Toph said in disbelief.

Aang rubbed the back of his head. "Well…he was in a hurry to get us here, so…basically, no."

"Are you serious!? Then where are we!?"

Aang stood there and thought in ankle deep water. He remembered the name that the voice said while he was in the pod…

"…We're in some kind of…floating city called Airloft."

"…A…floating city?" Toph said slowly and dubiously.

"Look, I know what you're thinking, but that's what I saw! We're on a floating city!"

Toph's eyes widen at the truth that Aang spoken. "…Wait a minute…are you telling me that…we're on a city that's fifteen thousand feet into the air, which is technically in the SKY!? Cause I heard something like that in the pod. Is that true!?"

Aang scratched the side of side of his face timidly; afraid on how she will act. "Um…yes?"

Toph stood there, flabbergasted, with her feet drenched in water, her mouth slightly agape. "…" She shook her head. "O…okay then…so…can I ask WHY is there a city in the sky?"

"Uh…that, I have no idea…" Aang replied awkwardly.

"…Great. Not only that I had the biggest scare of my life while screaming my head off, but now we're in a city that floats high into the SKY! Fan-freaking-tastic! I bet the laws of physics are rolling in their graves by now!" Toph exclaimed exasperatedly.

Aang frowned sadly at Toph. 'Oh man, that's right.' He would bet that being shot up into the sky can be a nightmare for someone like Toph. He can probably imagine that was a terrifying experience for her. Aang looked at the ground/water to see his reflection and said in apology, "I'm sorry."

Toph ceased her grumbling and turned her attention to Aang. "Sorry? For what?"

"For putting you, Zuko, and Katara into this situation. I didn't know thiswas going happen…" he frowned even further. "I just wish we find out what we need to do and just do it."

Toph stood there for a moment…she sighed, and said, "Aang, look, it's not your fault. It's not like you drag us over here, and you wouldn't have known this was going to happen. We pretty much just got dumped here by coincidence."

"Well…yeah…I guess…" Aang glanced to his right. He noticed the stained glass window as he got out of the pod, but his attention was on Toph when she spoke. Now that he's looking to his right, he can fully grasp what he was looking at.

The stained glass window depicted a scene of some sort. It showed a full body picture of a man, which looked like the man on the banner, in brown elegant clothes that look really different. He had on a pair of pants, shoes, a large coat on, and a large piece of fabric wrapped around his neck to make him look like he had somewhat of a cape. He was pointing with his right hand and arm in the distance with people looking on at him that had expressions of happiness, joy, and relief. Some even looked like they were praying to him. But the one thing that Aang noticed on what he was pointing at in the distance of the hills and valleys was…a floating island. He used his other hand to gesture the people to follow him.

That's not all, though. Aang looked up at the top of the stained glass window and saw a message there. The message was on a stone material that was crafted to make it look like a wide flowing scroll, each of the handles spread left and right. The message said:


"What is it? Are you looking at something?" Toph questioned after Aang went silent.

"Yeah…it's some sort of stained glass window with a plaque on top that has writing on it. It's kind of written in the way like the messages I saw while I was going down." Aang described it.

"While you were going down?" Toph raised an eyebrow. "Well, I obviously couldn't see them. What were they saying?"

"Um…I think they were talking about…a 'savior' or something of the sort." Aang tried to explained.

"Savior?" Toph tilted her head a bit in confusion. "Really? What did this person do that was so special?"

"Beats me." Aang shrugged. "This one here though just said something about the 'savior will lead the purities to enlightenment'.

"…The savior will lead the purities to enlightenment?" Toph said incredulously as she blinked. "…Yep, I knew it! We're dealing with a cult! What did I tell ya?" she said as she shook her head and threw her arms in the air.

"Wait a minute, Toph! We don't know for certain." Aang reasoned.

"Oh come on Twinkletoes, who says this kind of stuff? It'd be either a religious person or a kook in a cult!"

"But we don't even know the story of this…um…movement. Besides, we're in the future. Something must've changed…" Aang said. He then frowned thoughtfully, as he remembered the first and second writing he saw, that involves the mentioning of the Avatar.

'Why would the Spirits send the Avatar unto us, if we will not raise a finger for our own sake?'


Aang snapped out of his thoughts and said, "Huh?"

"You're standing really still. You alright?" Toph asked, her arms crossing over her chest.

"Oh, um…yeah, I'm alright. It's just…I hope things haven't changed too drastically."

Toph felt there was a hidden meaning on what he said, but decided not to touch on it. "Hey, we're on a floating city in the sky. I count that as a drastic change." Toph shrugged. "Right now though, I think we need to find Sugar Queen and Sparky. I don't hear or feel their footsteps, and I don't think I can with all this water here. What's up with this place anyway? Why the water?" she asked, befuddled.

Aang looked around the room to see that the whole floor was indeed, filled with ankle deep water, though there were also lots and lots of candles that were lit and scattered across every nook and cranny, table, edges of sculptures, and on the water even. "I don't know…but you are right. We need to find Katara and Zuko. And it already looks like they didn't arrive with us. There are only two of our pods here."

"Do you think they're still here?" asked Toph.

"They have to be. They must be in another section of this…city."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's find them! I want to get out of this place immediately so I can get my feet dry!"

"Right." Aang nodded as he patted the hat on his head. He might need to keep it on, so people won't mistake his head tattoo as his past self, since he was the last one. As soon as they went left and reached to a downstairs pathway, however, Aang remembered something. "Wait! Toph!" he said as he stopped her by grabbing her shoulder.

"Hey!" Toph said, shaking the hand off. "What's the big idea!?"

"Toph, listen, remember when I said that we couldn't use our bending when we got here? That still stands, so please don't use your bending for now. Remember, use it only when necessary!" Aang clarified.

Toph sighed exasperatedly with a roll of her sightless eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I heard, don't get your undies in a bunch. I don't see why I can't, but eh, whatever, you're the Avatar."

Aang smiled at the good enough answer. "Thanks Toph. Also, watch out for the candles."

"Candles?" Toph asked, a confused expression on her face.

"Yeah, they're all over the place. On the floor, on the ledges and on tables, and even in the corners. Just wanted to warn you."

"Ugh. Terrific. Now I have to dodge candles as I walk on this stupid water." Toph grunted.

"Um…I can guide you on where to walk, if you want me to?" Aang hesitantly offered.

"…" Toph sighed in defeat. "…Just don't make me step on one of them, got it Twinkletoes?"

Aang smiled at Toph again. "Sure thing."

And with that they walked on, their feet splashing in the water.

"And the Savior shall lead the…Purities to Enlightenment?" Katara read, raising her eyebrow at the scroll-like plaque above another stained glass window depicting the same image of the man pointing at the floating piece of land. Zuko was looking at it as well, albeit strangely.

Zuko and Katara came out of their separate pods to reunite once again. Although glad to see each other, there were two others that were missing. Stepping in the ankle deep water, they surveyed their surroundings. The one thing that they noticed immediately was what they were staring at now.

"…I'm starting to think Toph was spot on about that cult stuff." Zuko said, expressing his opinion.

"Well…maybe he really did do something special to be called a 'savior'?" Katara asked herself, staring at the image and curious about whom this man 'Shozu' is.

"Maybe. But I would think the Avatar deserved that title." Zuko said, speaking his mind. He looked to his right to see a pathway to some stairs going downward to another area. "Speaking of which, we need to find Aang and Toph. It looks like they weren't here with us."

Katara averted her gaze from the stained glass image at the mention of her friends, "Do…do you think they made it safely?" she asked Zuko.

"I would think so. These pods linked themselves here onto this…place, or…city. So in that case, there must be other places like this."

Katara had a determined look on her face and nodded. "Then let's go find them."

They followed the only pathway that led them down to the other area. While they were walking, they came upon another large plaque above them while entering the other open room.


The two looked up at the sign and blinked. "…The Seed?" Zuko questioned.

"The Holy One? Could that…be the same man?" Katara wondered.

"Ah, I thought I heard an arrival up here!" said a cheerful voice.

The two averted the sign to look at a man, who was garbed in a white robe with warm smile on his face.

"Welcome, dear guests! It seems we have young ones entering our fair haven today!"

Zuko and Katara blinked again at the man, and glanced at each other in question. Turning to the man, Katara asked with a smile, "Um, hi there. Do you, uh…know where we are?"

The man chuckled. "Why, you're in Airloft, young one! The closest thing we'll ever get to Nirvana!"

'…Best keep questions to myself, 'less I want to get made.' Rekoob thought.

After almost having a heart-attack, he landed safely to…wherever this place is. He knows he's in some sort of shrine; it looks like it from the way it's built, albeit differently. There were so much stonework, stained glass windows, and lit candles around here. As he walked on shallow water, he could hear soft humming somewhere in the shrine. Going further to the sound, he encountered a circular room with a column that has a statue of the man named 'Shozu', the so called Savior, and Holy One, from what Rekoob could gather.

Two rooms were at his left and right, them being what seem to be worship halls. The floors in each room were also flooded with water as well, with each room having stained glass windows. One of the windows in the left room depicted a beautiful looking woman, dressed in a lithe, flowing blue dress that insinuates her waist and her form, completed with pleats, long sleeves, and intricate designs on the dress. Part of her hair was in an elegant bun while her long sideburns framed her delicates face. There was a plaque on the bottom of the window, which said: And in my womb shall grow the Seed of the Savior.

The other window in the right room depicts the same woman, but this time, the man known as Shozu was accompanying her. The woman was behind Shozu, looking over his shoulder with a gentle look on her face, as the man, Shozu, was carrying along a baby. The most interesting part about the window was that there were circles around both the woman, Shozu, and the baby's heads, with colorful 'rays' of light emitting from both of them, making them have a holy effect to it. Shozu, in the art-piece, had a look of tenderness as he looks down on the child as well. There was another plaque on the bottom, in which it said: The Sheep-Lamb: The future of our City.

As soon as Rekoob was done looking around each room, he walked into a corridor, where a man in a white garbed robe was approaching him.

"Oh excellent! Another new arrival! Welcome, welcome!" the man said jovially.

"Um…excuse me sir, but…where am I?" Rekoob questioned.

The man chuckled, "Well, some people call it Nirvana here! But in short, you are in the city of true paradise: Airloft!"

Which led him to where he is now.

He was following the man down to a water soaked stairway…

…to an even wider, more open hall area, with rows of pillars from each direction, horizontal and vertical, along with vertical walkways flooded with water, with even more lit candles, people in white robes, and flooded walkways. Men and women(which the women have white hoods draped over their heads) were slowly walking along in their own flooded walkway, their heads bowed and their hands ready for prayer, all the way to a tunnel opening at the back of the building with a clear, white window above it, shining down on a crowd of more white robed figures. There were also candles on either side on each walkways, some even floating on water. Pillars adorned Rekoob's walkway as they did others, but in his pathway were six pillars with six statues attached to them, which acted as an arch for him. The statues looked to be female monks in fluid robes, their long hair flowing in the supposed wind. They were standing on each side of the pillars, holding up their arms and hands(which the hands were holding candles as well) as if they were glorifying something. This place was also where the melodic humming was coming from.

'Man, what is this place?' Rekoob thought as he kept walking. 'That guy said I'm in the city of Airloft, which is the place I need to go, but…either I've been sleeping for a long while, or I've missed something here. There wasn't no city like this where I was from. I actually haven't even heard of this place until now. Hell, I haven't even heard of this Shozu fellow, this so called…'savior'…"

He glanced around his surroundings, walking as he looked to his left and right as robed people were passing him by on their water filled walkways.

'…I may be confused, but in the long run, I need to find that girl. As before, just keep the questions to yourself.' He reminded himself. 'You don't want to start a racket just yet.'

The man ushered Rekoob to the crowd. As he did, the man called out to them, "Our visitor has arrived!"

The crowd of people turned to them with warm smiles.

"Welcome, brother!"


"Greetings, my brother!"

Rekoob stood there uncomfortably and said, "Um…hi." 'Okay…this is kind of weird…' As he walked up closer to the crowd, there was an elderly man who was wearing a black robe with while trimmings on his neck and on to his sleeves. Behind him was the tunnel, which looks like it leads outside, the water flowing directly into it. The way out had other statues of the same female monk on each side of it, with another plaque above it saying: The path of purity and forgiveness is the only way to the city.

"Who is this? Is it someone new? Is it someone from the Ground Below? Newly come to Airloft to be washed clean, before the Holy One, Prophet, and Savior, and to the Spirits?" said the old man in black.

"Um, look, I just need passage into the city." said Rekoob, not really wanting to be the center of attention right now.

"Passage to the city?" the man in black chuckled. "Oh, my brother, the only way to Airloft is through rebirth! You must be drench in the sweet waters of cleansing."

"Why hello and greetings to all of you! Welcome, little ones from Ground Below, for you have reached paradise!" said a cheerful white robed and hooded woman who approached Aang and Toph.

Aang blinked at the woman while Toph crossed her arms and said, "Okay you. Tell us where we are right now!"

Aang turned to his friend in shock, "Toph!" He then cringed as he remembered that he couldn't call Toph by her name. They were in the future, so to avoid suspicion, he has to think of a different name for her.

Thankfully, the lady didn't notice, as she chuckled wholeheartedly, "Oh my! You're a lively one!"

"I'm sorry! What she means to say is, where are we exactly now?" Aang said as he spoke for Toph.

"Dear children, you are all in one of the many Shrines of Shozu, our Savior, Prophet, and Holy One! In here, it is where we worship him, and in here for visitors, it is their first step into entering our fair city, and into pure enlightenment!" explained the woman.

Toph raised an eyebrow in skepticism. "Really?"

"Oh yes! Follow me, young ones!" she ushered them. "The only way to the city is to go through the Hall of Cleansing!"

"Hall of Cleansing?" Aang inquired.

"Yes! It will clear and wash all of the impureness away!" she said excitedly as she led the way to the staircase.

Guessing they wanted to follow her, they walked their way to where she was leading them. Certain that she's out of earshot as they walk, Toph whispered to Aang, "See? What did I tell ya? Cult central!"

"Well…perhaps this Shozu guy really did do something great to get all this attention? I mean, not only he's said to be a savior, he's also a prophet!" Aang whispered back to Toph.

"Prophet? What's that?" Toph asked.

"I heard about them in stories. Prophets are supposed to be able to foresee the future, to see what happens before it does happen! I never think that there would be a real one, but if this Shozu guy's the real deal, then maybe that's why everyone respects him so much." Aang answered.

"Well, telling the future or not, I still think it's kind of creepy that they're worshipping some guy who has the power to see if it's gonna rain the next day." Toph frowned.

Aang shrugged. "Maybe we'll meet him soon? I'm pretty curious to see what he's all about."

Toph 'hmph'…she then said, "By the way, I'm thinking of the names from this point on, not you. I don't think she noticed it, but you almost blew away our cover. I'm Tophnae and your Aina."

Aang blinked, "…Wait…I'm Aina? That's a girl's name! And why are you called Tophnae?"

"Cause chances are, this lady here might've heard you goof up, and I have to find another name that sounds like mine. Toph will be my nickname, and your Aina, okay? No buts about it!"

Aang pouted, mumbling, "I want to be called something manlier."

Toph smirked as they walked.

After they trek through the water filled stairs, the woman guides them to a grand hall, the water still flooding the entire floor. Before coming down, Toph had heard harmonious humming of some kind while up in the upper floor, and just as her suspicions were correct, it was traveling from this very room.

Aang had heard it too, but really, he found it soothing. He was also mesmerized at how beautiful everything looks, and was even surprised to see female Air Nomad monk statues lining their way. White robed people were walking to the back of the shine to where the way out is. A crowd at the end of the hall was there, and it seems that they were waiting for them. Toph cautiously kept her senses alert as best as she can, just in case they do anything weird. The water was giving her a hard time to sense people's actions. At least she has her ears to back her up.

As they approached the crowd, Aang noticed the tunnel and the plaque above it. After he read it, he shifted his attention to a man with a black robe with white trimmings, who said, "Oh, welcome, welcome! I see we have little ones here entering our glorious city!"

"Okay, look pal, we're not little. We're thirteen! We're basically young adults!" Toph said in annoyance.

"Toph-nae…" Aang pleaded, emphasizing the last syllable.

Toph just snorted.

The man just laughed warmly, "No, no, she's right! You are in the age of adulthood as of now. My mistake! Sadly though, that is the age when innocence is lost. But fortunately, you've reached the age of new beginnings, your path to purity! So I bid you salutations, as you two enter our city, our true paradise, Airloft!" he stretched out his hand and arm to the tunnel. "And now…we shall begin the cleansing."

"Cleansing?" Katara questioned as she blinked.

"Why yes! You can't enter the city without being reborn in the sweet waters of cleansing!" said a man in black robes and white trimmings.

"Um…I uh…I'm not comfortable being washed with water." Zuko managed to say, scratching his neck nervously.

"Oh, if you're talking about your clothes, then don't worry about that! Our cleansing is more of cleaning just the mind!" the man in black explained.

The two turned their heads to glance at each other, wondering what they should do. Zuko turned to the preacher and said, "So…you'll just wash our heads?"

"Yes, young one." the preacher(3) said as he was handed wet towels by one of the white robed people. He walked to them and said, "Now, are you ready to be rinse clean of your sins, and be reborn, pure again, in the name of our Savior, Prophet and Holy One, and in the name of all the Holy Spirits?"

"Um…" Katara looked at Zuko, who looked back at her, giving each other an uncertain look. Katara then turned to the preacher, who was smiling warmly at her and Zuko.

'Well…if it's just a simple wash on the head…' "…Y-yes." Katara nodded.

The preacher then carefully placed the wet towel on her forehead(4), which made her close her eyes at the warm but cool sensation of wet cloth. The preacher then began saying, "Be clean! Be clean, and be born again!" He lowered the cloth down on her face to be washed and put it back on her forehead to do it once more a second time. "Let the Spirits guide you to your path of purity!" He washed her face one final time. "Be reborn again, and fullylive, in the name of our Savior, and in the name of all the Spirits!" He stopped washing Katara's face. She opened her eyes, feeling…different, somehow.

"And now, for you, young man." The preacher said as he was about to used the next wet towel on Zuko.

"W-wait, I-I didn't-" But the preacher didn't let him finish, as he placed the cloth on Zuko's forehead. The firebender didn't say anything and decided to just give in when the man began washing his face. He did it three times and said his declaration like he had done with Katara.

As he stopped washing Zuko's face, the preacher said onto them. "Now…you may enter Paradise."

"Now…you may enter Paradise!"

'…O…kay…' Rekoob thought as he stood there, water dripping from his face. He carefully took a step forward, hearing the crowd encouraging him to go further.

"Praise it be!"

"Go on, brother!"

"You're free now! Be pure!"

Rekoob kept walking through the tunnel, guided by the light from outside. 'Well…out I go, I guess.'

He walked all the way out of the tunnel.

"Wow…that was…"

"Weird and anti-climatic?" Toph said simply, her face dripping a bit with water.

"I was gonna say different, but…"Aang faltered there. He held onto his hat that was thankfully stuck on his head. While the preacher was washing his face, he had to hold onto the hat on his head so that he won't be exposed as an airbender. Fortunately, the preacher paid no mind to it, as he was still washing his face. When it came to Toph's turn, she tried not to fidget when the cloth came into contact with her face. She really didn't want to do it, but if it's the only way in to this city, then so be it. She'll get 'cleansed' either way, even though she and Aang would have just walked right out of the exit if they wanted to. But like Aang said, they're in a foreign time, and she didn't want to start a ruckus…even though deep down, she wanted to break some rule. But thankfully, the preacher just washed her face, so it wasn't that bad. As long as they don't touch her feet, which they felt really clean enough from all the water she was standing on, then everything will go smoothly with her.

After that was done, they entered the tunnel, leaving the robed people and preacher behind as they bid them farewell, waving them off.

"So, what was the whole point of that? I don't feel any different. I don't feel 'reborn' or 'pure' or whatever that guy said." Toph asked.

"It was supposed to affect the spirit...I guess." Aang said, a little unsure on what had happened. He didn't really know too much of this religion, because…well, he just heard of it until now. He did feel different after the cleansing…but he didn't know if he felt different spiritually or mentally.

"Hmph! A splash of water doesn't make the spirit different; it's what you do with it that makes it different. And even if we try to be all pure, we're still gonna mess up. That path is too hard to follow, so I just let myself be who I am, along with trying to make good decisions along the way! That's all I can do for my spirit." Toph clarified.

Aang turned his head to Toph in interest. "…Huh…I thought you said you weren't too keen on that spiritual stuff."

"Hey, we got to go somewhere when we die." Toph said casually with a shrug.

Aang blinked at her as they walked. "…Well…I kind of feel different…" he mumbled as he looked down.

"Yeah, well that's just you. You're into that spiritual jazz." Toph said as they made it outside.

"Wow…" Katara said quietly, awestruck on where they were now.

Zuko agreed as he was amazed by the beauty he's witnessing as well.

They were in a small, but beautiful garden, the sunlight shining on every flower and on every white marble stone structure. Different kinds of colorful flowers were in full bloom around the bushes, while cherry blossom trees sprinkling petals on the ground. Their watery path ends at the entrance of the garden, now on solid ground. Katara and Zuko stepped on foreign soil, as they observed their environment. There were also three statues around them, all of them depicting Shozu in heavenly robes. Each statue held their right arms straight out. One held a key, one held a scroll, and the last one held a sword. As they gazed at each statue, they noticed the one with the sword had steps on either side of the base around it.

"I wonder what these statues represent?" Katara asked out loud to herself as she was staring at the one with the sword.

Zuko stared at the one with the scroll, which was to their right. "I don't know…but this guy Shozu really favors himself a lot."

"No, my brother. We favor him, because he showed us courage, justice, and wisdom." said a voice belonging to a woman.

Zuko and Katara turned their attention to yet another individual in white robes, who was coming down the left set of stairs, with a hood concealing part of her face.

"Oh, uh, s-sorry, I-I didn't mean-" Zuko said trying to apologize, but the woman cut him off gently.

"It is quite alright, brother. You are forgiven." The woman said with a smile. "It is actually expected of people from Ground Below to be skeptical at first. But when they do meet him, they will always be in awe at what our Savior has done for us, and what our Savior can do for us."

Katara walked in on the conversation. "Um…what has he done?" she asked, really interested.

The woman beamed at the question. "Oh, he has done wonders! I've been a believer for three years now, and he always amazes me! Not only is he our Savior, but he's also a Prophet as well!"

"A prophet? I heard about that from the one who cleansed us. Is that true?" Katara said in curiosity.

"Oh yes! It is indeed true!" said the excited woman.

"A prophet? But…those only exist in stories." Zuko said, a little bewildered.

"Oh, no! This one is very real! He knows all about me, where I came from, what my name is - which is Rena by the way!" she said with a smile and bowed. "And before all of that, he can predict what the weather will be like tomorrow and the next day, and the day after that! He even predicted the city's rise into the clouds and its foundation! Oh, and all the wonders his city has made! One of his trusted followers, Jekan Fe, was inspired to make inventions that Father Shozu had told him about!"

"Really?" Katara asked, very intrigued.

"Indeed! As of now, I am dedicated to following his works, to become purer person, just like him! That's why I joined the Shrine of Shozu! Not only does he tell the past and future, but he gives us wisdom and understanding of the spirit! How to become pure! And he knows, too! He knows what we do even before it happens! And even if we mess up in our walk to purity, he forgives us!" Rena said, small tears forming in her eyes as she get little emotional. "That is what's so beautiful…he forgives! Because what is purity…without forgiveness?"

Zuko just blinked at Rena, flabbergasted at what she was saying. Katara, however, was very fascinated about all that was said.

"Wow…so, where is Shozu?" asked an amazed Katara.

"He always spends his time in Shozu House, his working base and his abode! He rarely comes out, but he might today! Today marks the twentieth anniversary of our Airloft's rise to becoming a full nation!"

"Really?" Zuko said, interested about his little tidbit of information.

Rena giggled. "You haven't gone out much have you, brother?"

"Oh, um, uh…" Zuko thought of something quick. "I'm…from a very far off…land." He finished lamely.

"U-um, me too." Katara said to back Zuko up.

"Well, you have come to the right place to go if you ever want to stay here! I can tell you all about what this city has to offer, but I want you two to experience it yourselves! If you go up these stairs and take a right, you'll be led to one of Airloft's busiest districts!"

"Um, thank you." Zuko said in gratitude. "We'll um, keep that in mind."

"Thank you for telling us all of this!" Katara said with a smile.

"Oh it was my pleasure!" Rena smiled. Before the two left, she stopped them by saying, "Uh, I have to ask though, and pardon me if I sound nosy, I'm just curious, but…young man…what exactly happened to your face?"

Zuko froze. Katara blinked and looked at her friend. Now that she thinks of it, he never told them how he got his scar.

Zuko mentally cursed to himself. The scar was so much like a second skin that he'd forgotten it was there. And if this is the future, then people will see a resemblance. He can't let anyone know his, Katara's or Toph and Aang's name. He really hopes Aang and Toph already realized that. When the time comes for when someone asks his name, he will be called Lee, his old alias. He turned Rena and answered hesitantly, "Um…a…firebender attacked me…"

"Oh…" Rena's expression then suddenly turned dark. "…I'm sorry…is that why you came to Airloft?"

Zuko blinked. "Uh…" he didn't know what he meant by that, but he decided to play along with it. "…y-yes?"

Rena then walked up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder as her face remained stoic. "Don't worry, my brother. You'll be safe here. No people of the Craft will try to hurt you here."

"The Craft?" Zuko questioned, confused at the man's words.


Rena perked up as he heard the bell. "Oh! I have to go! It's time for my daily worship and devotion to the Savior! It was nice meeting you all, um…"

"Lee." Zuko said immediately.

Katara, confused why he would call himself that, but soon realized what he was trying to do, quickly said, "Oh, um…Kat." She said, and cringed, mentally face-palming.

"Well, Lee and Kat, I really hope you will all enjoy this wonderful paradise! I bid you all farewell." Rena said with a warm smile and bowed. She went up the stairs to wherever she is needed to go.

"Wow…that was interesting." Katara said as they walked up the stairs to another level of the garden which was empty of people.

"Interesting is right." Zuko agreed, although for different reasons.

As they walked, Katara turned to Zuko and asked, "So, we're keeping our names a secret, huh?"

"What? Oh, yeah. Just in case they don't put two and two together about who we are." Zuko reminded. "…Really though, Kat?" He asked with a smirk.

Katara looked at him with a scowl. "Hey, it was all I can think of!" she said, a little annoyed.

Zuko chuckled, "Alright. Whatever you say, Kat."

Katara scowled at him a little more. She sighed and said, "Okay then Lee," she said the name with a smirk as she glanced at him. "How about we set off to find our friends?"

"Sure thing." Zuko said with a smirk of his own.

'I need to find a landmark and figure out where the hell I am.'

He looked around the garden that was filled with white robed worshippers, sitting on benches, reading books that belong to this religion, and kneeling down in front of statues that depicts this Shozu guy.

Rekoob muttered to himself. "Just cause a city flies don't mean it ain't got its fair share of fools."

He walked past the worshippers and tried to find the way out of this place.

"Alright…still got a girl to find." Rekoob said, looking for some sort of door that would say 'exit' on it.

He found one eventually, as there were double doors with a sign that says 'exit', conveniently enough.

"Okay…" Rekoob said as he pushed opened both doors.

Light was streaming out of it.

"Here it is! The exit!" Aang said to Toph, as they were in front of the some double doors.

"Well, what are we standing here for? Let's go!" Toph hurriedly said, glad to be on ground again.

Aang began pushing one of the doors, opening them…

…What he saw stunned him.

As Toph began walking out of the garden, she stopped.

"…Aang…" Toph said cautiously, "…I can't sense any ground up ahead…are you sure this is the exit?"

"Uh…" Aang said, in awe of what he's witnessing.

"…Wow…" Katara said, in total shock and wonder on what she's seeing after she and Zuko opened the exit doors.

Zuko's mouth was agape. "…This…this is amazing."

Rekoob stared ahead in awe, looking at the end of the walkway…which the whole entire land he was on was elevated and was descending down to link to other pieces of floating land to make another walkway, a bridge, which was ascending from below the moving land where the Shrine was. It came up, and gradually stopped. There were people on it as well, couples sitting on benches cuddling, few people conversing, and a man operating a food stand. The links on either side of the bridge came in contact with the links on the floating island that Rekoob was on, while also linking onto the other levitating island, where a huge statue of Shozu, who was wearing formal attire and holding out a sword, stood place. The statue was in the middle of what seems to be a square, with some shops and restaurants dotting around it. People were walking on cobble-stoned streets, while some were having a picnic on the round patch of grass that surrounds the statue. High above them, two connected steel rails were looping around buildings and were carrying cargo boxes that were attached to the rails. The cargo boxes were soaring away on the rails to their docking destination, like some sort of high adrenaline ride.

All in all…everything he's witnessing so far was all so…bizarre…so otherworldly.

…Yet…it had a strange…hypnotic beauty to it…

"…I'm definitely not in Ba Sing Se anymore." Rekoob said in amazed wonder as he blinked.

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