Okay so this is one of the many one-shots that will be uploaded in here. I'll be posting a summary for every chapter since it's a different story.

Summary: It's Makoto's birthday and Haru is spending the weekend to celebrate it with him, but Nagisa, Rei, and Rin walk in on them doing the do *wiggles eyebrows*. What will be Makoto's and Haru's reaction? What'll happen to the others?

Makoto's POV

I was sleeping soundly when I felt something pressed against my back; it was warm and soft. I was used to this feeling so I immediately knew what it was, Haru. I smiled half asleep and turned around to pull him closer to my body. I was planning on going back to sleep but Haru snuggled to my neck and breathed into it, tickling me and making it quite hard for me to go back to sleep. I chuckled a little at the feeling of Haru´s breathing against my neck, he was falling asleep.

"Haru," I called his name as I shook his body lightly. "You're tickling me."

I tried to move him a little so his head was lying on my chest, but he kept me in place by hugging my waist and just mumbling a soft "hmmm". I laughed at this, waking him up. By this point I was already fully awake.

"Sorry, did I wake you up?"

"Oh Makoto." Haru said still half asleep. He rubbed his sleepy eyes. He's so cute. Finally he looked at me and smiled lightly. "Tanjoubi Omedetou." He said, and kissed my lips lightly after it. I smiled while kissing him and pulled away lightly.

"Thanks Haru. I'm really glad you're here with me." I said as I kissed him again.

Today is Sunday and it's my birthday. Since my parents are currently in a work trip and Ran and Ren are staying over with our aunt, I have the house all to myself. Well me and Haru, he spent the whole weekend here and I have to admit it was the best weekend of my entire life since I got to spent it all with Haru.

Friday night after school Haru and I were planning on coming back home early to play some video games, but Nagisa had other plans. That little energy ball dragged us all to a karaoke joint, even Rin came, which surprised us all, especially Rei. After that we all came back to my place and chatted for a little while. Rin left early saying something about not wanting to let Nitori all by himself at night ´cause there was a storm coming. He blushed when Nagisa made some dirty innuendo, after that he left grumbling something under his breath. Rei and Nagisa left quickly after that because they wanted to catch the last bus home. Haru helped me clean the living room and after I was done doing the dishes I found him sleeping on the couch. Cute. Sadly I had to wake him up, he still needed to have a bath and if he slept on the couch he was going to hurt his back.

When morning rolled around I found Haru sleeping on the floor next to my bed, he had dragged the blankets all the way there and was cuddling with a pillow. When I woke him up and asked him what he was doing there he shyly confessed that he couldn't sleep in a bed with me without thinking about us doing lewd things. Seeing Haru blushing that way and saying that made me lose control. Needless to say, we spent almost all day in bed, apart from the time when we had to eat, that time I got to see Haru cooking in my kitchen with nothing but an apron on.

So here we are. Haru greeting me in the morning with a happy birthday kiss.

Haru smiled at me and looked me in the eye as he drew random patterns on my bare chest. I could see a faint blush on his cheeks as he spoke. "You know, you're parents won't be back home 'till midnight."

I smiled at him suggestively. "Oh yeah? And what do you suggest we do then?" I asked him faking innocence. I was about to ask what he had in mind but he attacked my lips with his mouth. The kiss started off as slow and romantic, but after a few seconds it turned wild and hot. Haru moved on top of me so he was straddling my hips, moving his so our now very prominent erections would rub together. Haru was only wearing boxers and I pajama pants, so the friction between our cocks was amazing. As we rubbed on each other, I moved my lips from Haru's mouth towards his neck, and my hands that rested on his butt moved towards his chest. I pinched his nipples and played with them until they hardened. By that time Haru was moaning loudly.

"M-Makoto." He moaned as I returned my hands to their original place on his perfect ass, but this time I sneaked them inside his boxer shorts squeezing his ass and moving him closer to me, making him buck his hips. "Makoto please."

"Please what Haru?" I breathed into his neck, biting hard afterwards. My hands were moving inside Haru's boxers and I slowly touched his sensitive ring of skin, while with my other hand I stroked his erection. "Oh Haru, you're dripping. You want it that badly?" I whispered in his ear. I've come to realize that dirty talking is a major turn on for Haru, and it turns out I'm quite good at it.

"Yes." I retrieved one hand from his boxers and placed two fingers on his lips.

"Suck them." I ordered. He did what I asked for and as he did he moaned loudly. I was still stroking his cock, and when I touched the tip he bit my fingers, not hard enough to feel any pain though. When they were nicely coated with saliva I slowly penetrated Haru with on digit, making his throw his head back in pleasure. By this time I was painfully hard and I needed some attention too, and I guess Haru sensed this too because as I inserted another finger and prepared him, his hand sneaked into my pajama pants and began to pump my cock slowly.

"Please fuck me Makoto." Haru moaned loudly as the door of my room opened and in came Rei, Nagisa, and Rin singing happy birthday. I screamed pushed Haru down to the bed and covered our bodies with the blankets.

"Makoto!" I heard Rin scream at me angrily.

"Guys what the fuck?!" I asked in disbelief. This isn't happening, I'm just dreaming. Please let this be a dream! "Could you at least knock?" I said frustrated at our friends standing by the door.

"Oh Makoto! Congratulations!" I heard Nagisa saying happily.

"Nagisa!" Rin and Rei scolded him.

"What? Isn't it great that Makoto got some for his birthday?" Nagisa continued speaking. Why is Nagisa still speaking? Oh my God, Rei please make him stop! "Nee Rei, my birthday was in August and you never did something like this." He said pouting like a little kid.

"Nagisa! W-What are you talking about?" Rei was blushing furiously.

"Haru get out of that bed right now!" I heard Rin say. Ever since Haru and I started dating he's been acting all motherly over Haru.

God, I can't bare this torture anymore! "Guys please get out! This is really embarrassing!"

"Okay okay, we're leaving. Geez Makoto, don't get your panties in a bunch." Nagisa said as they walked away, but he stopped and turned around. "But I guess Haru took them off already." He said laughing and with that they all left, closing the door after them. All I could hear was Rei scolding Nagisa as he laughed all the way downstairs and Rin freaking out even more.

When I was sure no one was going to come into my room again I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and relaxed my body. Then I realized that something was shaking next to me. "Haru?" I called him as I removed the blankets from his face. His face was the shade of a tomato and he had tears in his eyes. "Haru!"

He said something really low and I didn't catch it, so I asked him what he had said. "T-They heard me." Haru said as he pulled the covers over his face again.

"Heard you?"

"They heard me as I asked you to fuck me!" He let out a pained moan as he balled up inside the bed. "I'm never coming out again. How am I going to look at them in the eye now?"

Haru continued on and on worrying about what just happened and I reassured him that everything was going to be okay.

After a few minutes of trying to convince Haru to get out of bed and get dressed so we could go down and meet our friends he finally gave in, and in no time we were down in the living room with our other friends. They sang me the happy birthday song and after about an hour Nitori jointed us, along with Gou. Nagisa told us that they wanted to surprise me with a birthday cake and that's why they entered my house without knocking. Of course they teased us all day long about them walking in on us having sex, they even told Nitori and Gou, which caused Nitori to tell us about the time when coach Mikoshiba walked in on him and Rin making out. We were not shocked to hear this, except for Gou, but Rin just made up and excuse denying it and telling us he was just drunk out of his ass and thought Nitori was a pretty girl and that he would never kiss a guy. This seemed to upset Nitori and Rin noticed. He was not going to get any tonight. Serves him right.

Haru was quiet and distant all day long, still embarrassed about the little incident, and after everyone was gone and we were done cleaning the living room, again, I found Haru sitting on the couch looking intensely at the floor as he hugged a cushion. I walked towards him and kissed his cheek as I sat down next to him.

"What's wrong Haru? Everyone's gone now; you don't have to be embarrassed anymore." I reassured him but he just blushed even harder and hugged the cushion even tighter. "Haru?"

Before I knew it Haru threw himself to me and we fell off the couch. He attacked my lips just as he did this morning and I felt his very prominent erection poking my leg. After a few seconds he pulled away and still blushing he spoke. "I'm not embarrassed anymore. It's just that we never got to finish what we started this morning."

Oh, so that's why he's been holding a cushion this whole time and didn't speak to anyone but me. I giggled at this. "You're really cute Haru." I said and kissed him again. "I love you." I whispered between kisses.

"I love you too Makoto." Haru said pulling away. "Happy birthday."

After that we finished what we started in the morning, but this time on the living room floor. Haru must've been really horny since we ended up doing it in the kitchen and on the bathtub, as well as on my room again. Needless to say it was the best birthday ever.

I think I like birthdays even more now.

Me: So what did y'all thought? Wasn't it so hot?

Makoto: Why did you make us do that? *blushed furiously* It was so embarrassing. Haru even went and hid in the closet after this.

Me: *Sighs* Haru come out of the closet!

Makoto: He's not coming out until you leave ¬_¬

Me: Okay I'll leave. Makoto you know what to do.

Makoto: *Fists the air dramatically* Unn.

Me: Bye bye now. *leaves*

Makoto: *super kawaii voice* Here's a little sneak peek on the next one-shot! Nitori and Rin have a huge fight over what Rin said at my house tonight. Don't miss it and make sure to follow us and leave your reviews. Bye bye~ *cute peace sign*

Haru: *in the distance* Makoto get back here and cuddle me until I feel better!

Makoto: COMING! *leaves*

Me: *sneaks head into view* Bet you'll be coming in no time.

Haru: *throws a book at me*

Me: Okay I'm leaving. *retrieves with a bleeding head*