Three Months Later

"Are you sure they're alright, Bobby? You know how much I worry about them," JJ said, speaking through her cell phone to the older man. Bobby was back home in Sioux Falls and he kept in touch with the FBI team of profilers.

"Yeah, I know," Bobby chuckled. It was the same conversation every time. "But you should relax a bit. Those ijits will keep just fine. They've been staying with Ellen at the Roadhouse. Have a room right next to Ash. Lisa's been bunking with Jo. I think she likes having a family of her own now, even if it is a bunch of Hunters."

JJ laughed, happy to hear that Lisa was doing well. It had been a painstaking process, even with the team's connections, to get the adoption pushed through. Ellen and Will had another daughter now and JJ was glad that they all seemed to be getting along. "Are the boys there now?" she asked.

"Sam is," Bobby told her. "Dean's in Georgia with Will, hunting a skinwalker. They should be back sometime before school starts."

"They're going to school?" JJ asked, surprised.

"Yep," Bobby said proudly. "Sam tested into the seventh grade so he's skipping a few levels. Dean's about average so they aren't behind like I thought they would be. Besides never being enrolled in an actual school before, both boys seem prepared so I'm not worried. Dean's anxious about not being able to take his car, though. He can't get his permit for another six months, but I told him I'd drive the Impala up there for his birthday so he can work on it."

"That's amazing, Bobby. Tell them I said hi."

"I will," he affirmed. "How's John doing? I couldn't be there for the trial, but since I haven't heard from him, I'm guessing he was found guilty?"

JJ sighed. "Yeah. Twenty-five to life at a medium security penitentiary," she said. "It could have been worse—they wanted him in SuperMax—but since Cate's testimony wasn't too incriminating and we were able to get the murder charges dropped, they gave him the option of parole. With a huge amount of luck, he'll be out before Dean turns thirty."

"With the Winchester luck, I don't think that's going to happen," Bobby said sadly.

JJ knew that Bobby was probably right, but she still liked to hold on to the hope. "Do Dean or Sam want to see him? I know you guys can't bring them, but I don't mind taking them in myself if they want to talk with their father. It's the least I could do."

"I don't know," Bobby told her honestly. "I'll talk to Dean when he gets back from his Hunt and let you know."

JJ watched as the team arrived in the bullpen. Now that she knew what was out there, she'd been flagging cases here and there that were Hunter related. She passed them along to Bobby in the last few minutes of their conversation and with a hastily said goodbye and a promise to talk again soon, she grabbed the topmost file of the large stack on her desk and walked to Hotch's office, ready to present their next case.



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