Naruto: Shocking Revelations, Chapter 2

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Naruto was mad, scratch that. He was furious. At himself. He was realizing now how little he knew about Kakashi. Due to the conversation he was currently having with the man, he was realizing it. It drove him absolutely mad that most of what he knew about the man was common knowledge. He had a Sharingan, he was almost always late, he was a Jonin, and he read porn in public. Obviously there were other things, but honestly most of his friends could name off everything he could.

Great now he had even more things to add to his mental to-do list.

1:increase repertoire of jutsu and finish currently possessed jutsu

2:Get to know Kakashi better

3: protect Danzo on this mission

Naruto had a feeling it was only going to get longer and more challenging too. But he wouldn't give up, he never had before. Wait, had he given up on Sasuke? Yes, he had. He had given up on Sasuke , looks like he couldn't say that phrase anymore.

It didn't matter though, he wouldn't give up on this, he would fight for Konoha,for his friends, and for his dream. Sasuke wasn't the main objective, Sasuke didn't control him. He lived his own life, the only person that could tell him to do anything was the Hokage.


Kakashi wasn't a Jonin just for his vast repertoire of jutsu, he had excellent observation skills, and could deduce a fighting style in a few minutes.

Of course with peacetime some of that skill had converted into people reading skills. And, despite it being well hidden, Naruto was upset, very much so. Why? Kakashi had no clue. But it had to be something serious if Naruto was that upset.

There was no reason, or time for that matter however to question him however as Danzo approached.


Naruto was mad, Kakashi was curious, he would be damned if he let those emotions screw the mission over.

"I assume on this mission there will be no emotional interferences?" Danzo asked bluntly. Both Naruto and Kakashi looked at him surprisingly before nodding there heads realizing Danzo was expecting an answer. "Good, let's head out right now."

Nodding once more both Kakashi, and Naruto took their positions by Danzo's side, and prepared to protect their soon to be Hokage.


They had been traveling at a sedate pace for several hours now, and they had no interference, much to Kakashi, and surprisingly, Naruto's relief. That didn't mean that it couldn't happen though, they were still a few hours from the Land Of Iron. A few hours was an eternity in the ninja world, and an attack could come any minute. Knowing this however, both Naruto and Kakashi were rather casual. They supposed it was okay since Danzo hadn't commented on it.

All casual behavior came to an end however as a barrage of kunai hailed over the area. All three men thudded on the ground, kunai sticking out of various points in their bodies.

A masked assassin jumped down with his team to confirm the deaths of their targets, and was delighted to see the battle was already over, and they said Kages were the best ninja in their village's.

" Well, that went better than expected, we'll cash in the bounties tomorrow-!" his sentence was cut off however as blood began to trickle under his mask, onto his generic Anbu outfit. The rest of the group looked on in both shock and horror, as their leader fell to the ground lifeless.

The next to fall's bones could be heard shattering for no possible reason, he fell to the ground screaming in unfathomable pain, until his life finally ended. The entire group stood still for a minute waiting to see if anyone else would die, when nothing happened for ten minutes they assumed it safe and tried to jump away, another fell on the ground screaming in pain however.

The deaths would only get more gruesome however, as the rest of the squad was killed in increasingly horrible ways, until just one remained.



"Excellent genjutsu Kakashi." Danzo complimented as their would be assassins frothed, and writhed on the ground before all finally ceasing to move.

"Thank you, I've been training." Danzo nodded and continued on, with Kakashi following a few feet behind. Naruto stayed behind an extra minute however as he looked at the dead ninja, that had, or would have attempted to kill them. He noticed however on was still moving, whispering a feint 'help.' Naruto stared a second, and a look of pity came over his face.

The ninja believed the boy would help him, and reached out crying for help, and believed he would be saved. Before he found a kunai planted in his heart, his eyes widened behind his mask and a look of disbelief came over him before he drifted into the world of the undead. Naruto looked on emotionlessly before catching up with a slightly smirking Danzo, who schooled his features upon Naruto catching up.

"What was the hold up Naruto?" Kakashi asked casually, not even looking up from his book.

"Just some unfinished business, I wouldn't worry about it." Kakashi just nodded, and continued his never ending book.

"I think it's time we speed up our travel." Danzo suggested, despite it being an order. Both Naruto, and Kakashi nodded and jumped to the increasingly scarce trees to speed up their travel.


"We will soon be at the Land Of Iron." A calm voice said to his small party. His company nodded, slightly straightening their posture. "I don't want either of you to act brash, or take any action unless I order it, or I'm in obvious danger, it's obvious that my sand cannot defend against someone as strong as a Kage." Both nodded once more, not at all surprised by his admittance of the inadequacy of his sand. Though they both thought that he didn't give himself enough credit.

"We'll do our best Gaara." said the first of his company; a young woman, with a black kimono, a red sash which held a large fan on her back, her hair was also fashioned in four short blonde pigtails.

"Ya' no reason to doubt us, were all family!" Said a young man with purple warpaint (see, make-up), in a full black body suit, that left only his face revealed, with three scrolls on his back, held by a strap, along with tape on his ankles.

Gaara turned his head and smiled slightly, yeah, that was his family behind him alright. Gaara wore a red battle robe with a gray vest which had several straps, which held a massive gourd on Gaara's back, he also had a mop of red hair.


A dark skinned man with the build of a bodybuilder, who wore white Kage robes, blue pants, a wrestling belt and two golden gauntlets on each forearm, looked behind him to make sure his party was keeping watch, he usually wouldn't have cared so much, but one of them was a sensor who wasn't an expert in combat. His other guard was however a man he considered to be his right hand man, he was also the only one left in Kumo that was capable of using the famed storm release, which was marked by the tattoo on his left shoulder.

"Raikage-sama, are you sure Bee wont misbehave while you're gone?" asked another dark skinned man, with shaggy white hair, wearing normal join attire, with a massive cleaver like blade on his back, .

"No, I am not Darui..." The Raikage answered honestly, knowing his brother would throw some stupid rap concert or some shit while he was gone, and probably wreck a mountain or something ridiculous like that.

"Then why did you not bring him along?" Darui asked once more.

"Because Bee is Kumo's guardian, and with the threat of Akatsuki I wont bring him out of the security of the village." Despite him saying that, a small voice in his head was saying otherwise 'Little good that did Yugito' Darui however seemed pleased with the answer and nodded.

"Ce, can you detect any enemies?" Ce shook his head in the negative, complying the Raikage to smirk slightly. Ce also wore rather generic clothes, with just the normal blue pants with tape around the ankles, a regular Kumo flak jacket, along with having yellow hair, and fair skin.


A women with auburn hair reaching to her ankles took one last look at Kiri before kicking her speed into high gear with her guards following closely behind.

She wore a long blue dress which opened on her right leg, which was revealed to be covered with fishnet, the dress hung on the lower part of her shoulders with fishnet covering the top of her breasts, and shoulders, her right eye was covered by her hair, and she wore shinguards in place of the traditional bandages.

Her company included a young man with a large wrapped sword on his back who wore a blue chest guard with his Kiri headband, his shirt was a gray turtle neck with blue strips, his pants were snake patterned cargo pants with a kunai equipment pouch on either leg.

Her other guard was an older man with gravity defying blue hair, an eye-patch over his right eye, two earrings which had the kanji for the words "to hear", he wore a standard green haori, with a gray striped turtle neck. With blue sandals.

The former seemed very nervous in general, which the older man seemed to be slightly put off by, and expressed his feelings by telling the young man to...

"Grow a backbone kid! Back in my days we weren't afraid of a mission or two!" The young man looked disappointed in himself, before the woman added her 2 cents.

"Don't worry Chojuro, I'm sure you'll do just fine, you're one of the Seven Swordsmen for a reason." Chojuro got a confident look about him,(along with a blush) after being encouraged by the Mizukage. "Besides you're still very young, it's natural to be afraid."

"That's no excuse for him to not be a man, and accept his mission!" Despite having said that the woman seemed to have only heard a piece or two...

'no excuse... man... accept...'


"Yes Mizukage-sama?"

"shut-up before I kill you..."

"What I do?"


"NNNNGGG HHH" A small elderly man yelled in exertion, trying to pick up his luggage.

"You sure you don't want any help Jiji? (Grandpa)"

"SHUTUP KUROTSHUCHI!" The young women struggled to contain her laughter as she watched the old man try with renewed effort to pick up his luggage. The old man wore a Standard Iwa's flak jacket with a red shirt underneath, both of which were covered by a striped red Collar, which held four green and gold banners(?).

The young woman wore a standard Iwa flak jacket with a red shirt underneath, which had only one sleeve which that went past her hand and past her thigh a bit on the opposite side, she wore shorts, with fishnet covering the rest of her legs.

"I can carry it if you want Tsuchikage-sama." said a giant of a man in a light, and friendly tone. He had the same attire as the young woman with the exception that he wore a yellow scarf around his neck, and had his forehead protector on a bandana on his head.

"(incomprehensible grumbling) Fine, take it. Now let's go we've wasted enough time as it is." with that the three jumped off for the Land of Iron.


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