TITLE: Ezekiel

AUTHOR: Inquisitive One

EMAIL: Inquisitive1@angelfire.com

DISTRIBUTION: Eventually my site http://www.angelfire.com/tv/inqstive1sfanfiction

DISCLAIMER: I own only the characters not on a show.

RATING: PG13 up to NC17

SUMMARY: AUish for Season 2. Sara leaves New York.


NOTES: *Images from Witchblade* //Flashback// Ian communicating to Sara Dreams * * * * PROLOGUE 2001: NEW YORK "Did you get them?" Sara Pezzini demands as she meets her dark haired friend Gabriel Bowman in an alley.

"Yeah, are you sure about this Pez? He'll look for you." Gabe remarks as he hands his friend a manila envelope with cash and contacts.

Sara nods "I know. Don't tell him you saw me."

"I'll try but you know how he gets." Gabe reminds

Sara gives her friend a small, sad smile "I know. Thank you Gabe."

"If you need anything call me... email me."

Sara hugs the young man "Give these to Danny." she hands Gabe a couple envelopes

"Pez, why won't you tell me what is going on?" Gabe asks

Sara winces at his question. "Gabe, if I tell you he will try to get it out of you."

"Alright, be careful Sara."

Sara smiles "I will. Be careful yourself Bowman. If you need anything, go to Danny... or Ian... I'm sure Ian will help you if you need something."

"I'll email you any new information" Gabe assures

"Thank you Gabe... for everything." Sara hugs him again before walking away.

SAME TIME: 1111 FAUST "Sara" Ian Nottingham awakens with a gasp his body covered in sweat. He rubs his hands over his face then frowns. Sara? He tilts his head as though searching for connection to the Wielder. Concerned by the lack of emotions or reactions, Ian throws off the covers getting out of bed he quickly dresses.

HOUR LATER: BUS STOP Sara takes the ticket nodding at the woman behind the counter. 'I'm sure he's realized I'm gone' she runs her fingers through her hair.

"Bus leaves in five minutes Ma'am." The teller announces

"Thanks" Sara picks up her duffle bag hurrying towards the buses.

WHILE LATER: SARA'S LOFT Ian looks around quickly as he slides the window up, climbing in he looks around with a frown, "Sara?" he calls. Not getting an answer, Ian walks through the darkened loft towards the kitchen stopping in his tracks when he something catches his eye on the counter. Dread fills his body and soul when he sees his name written on the front, slowly he picks up the envelope opening it he takes a deep breath then reads almost hearing Sara's voice.

'Hey Nottingham,

Had a feeling you would stop by. I would have said goodbye, but its better this way, you won't be able try to talk me out of this. With everything that has happened; I need to get away, I'll be fine. Please just leave me alone for a while huh.

Keep an eye on Gabriel for me; make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.

I'm sorry for everything. Good luck Ian. ~Sara Pezzini'

Ian stares at the note in his hand SARA?! He closes his eyes leaning against the wall

SAME TIME: BUS DEPOT Sara glances at her wrist seeing the colors swirl angrily, she pulls her sleeve down. She winces as she hears the angry, pained scream echo through her mind. 'This is for the best... for all of us.' She closes her eyes at the feel of tears burning 'Goodbye Ian, I'm sorry... for everything.'