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CHAPTER 41 MONTH LATER Bola enters the study where Ian is looking through some papers.

Ian looks up "I thought you went out with Connor."

"Nah. He needed some time to himself."

"Something wrong?"

"I wanted to talk to you about something."

"All right." Ian leans back in his chair. "What's going on?"

"Connor's Father."

"What about him?"

"Connor refuses to talk to him... or any of his family."

"Do you know why?"

"Not really. All he's told me is that he did something."

"And what do you want me to do about it?"

"Here." Bola hands him a piece of paper. "You decide what do to about it. Just don't bring it up with Connor. He doesn't want them to know where he is."

Ian looks at the paper "All right." He nods. "I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks." Bola starts to walk out of the study then stops "Oh there's something you need to know."

"And that is?"

"Connor's Dad Angel... he's a vampire."

"A vampire?"

Bola looks at Ian and nods. "He's a good vampire though to Connor he's not. Anyway from what Connor has told me Angel has a soul and works with humans."

Ian nods. "I'll take care of it."

"Thanks" Bola gives him a small smile walking out of the study passing Sara as she does. "Hi"

"Hey sweetie." Sara greets as she passes Bola. She enters the study to find Ian staring into space. "Hey honey."

"Hello my love." Ian smiles as Sara sits on the edge of the desk. "How is she?" He reaches out rubbing her middle.

Sara looks down. "She's finally calmed down." She regards Ian "What's wrong?"

Bola wants me to go talk to Connor's father.

Are you?

He's probably concerned.

Where is he?

Los Angeles. He's a private investigator.

When are you going to go?

I should probably do it this week. She doesn't want Connor to know I'm going though.

And? What aren't you telling me?

Connor's Dad is a soulled vampire.

Sara's eyes widen at the knowledge "Now I understand what I saw."

Ian nods "I'm going to check more into him before I head out there."

"Want me to come with you?"

"I'll be fine. Besides you know the doctor said no flying."

Sara scowls at her middle. "Kid you better come out soon."

"Just over a month Sara." Ian chuckles

"Good." Sara rubs her middle. "You know she needs a name still."


Sara scrunches up her nose

"I take that as a no." Ian kisses Sara's nose "We'll figure it out."

"I think she needs a name that fits." Sara states

"We'll get there... sooner or later."

"I know."

NEXT MORNING "I need you two to watch Zeke this afternoon." Ian requests as he drives the teens to school.

"Meetings?" Bola asks

"Mmm have something to take care of. I'll be back tonight."

"Not a problem." Bola assures.

"James will pick you up after school." Ian pulls the car up to the curb.

"OK" Bola says as she gets out of the car Connor getting out from the backseat.

30 MINS LATER: FAUST "Ian are you sure about this?" Sara asks as she shifts Zeke on her hip rubbing her lower back with her free hand.

"You were the one who said he deserves to know. I'll be back late tonight." He kisses Sara's forehead. "I'll call you later."

"I'll be at work." She rolls her eyes at his expression. "I'm only going to be doing paperwork honey. Dante wants me to finish up with the paperwork before I start my maternity leave."

"Daddy stay home." Zeke whines holding his arms out towards his Dad.

"Zeke I can't. I have something very important to do." Ian takes the boy from Sara, "I will be back tonight, OK?"

Zeke sighs then nods. "Story before bed?"

"I'll try to be home before bed time. If not I'll read to you tomorrow. OK?"

Zeke nods

"Be good all right?"

"I will." Zeke promises

"Good. Give me a hug"

Zeke throws his arms around his Daddy's neck hugging him tight. "Love you Daddy"

"I love you too Zeke." Ian sets Zeke on his feet then looks at Sara. "I love you Sara."

Sara smiles "I love you too." She steps into his arms "Be careful huh?"

Ian nods "I will." He kisses her sweetly then releases her stepping back he walks out of the mansion to the waiting car.

COUPLE HOUR LATER: LOS ANGELES Ian steps off the plane to his waiting car. "I'll call and let you know when I'm ready to leave." He informs the co-pilot.

"Yes Mr. Nottingham."

Ian removes his phone from his pocket dialing the memorized number.

"Angel Investigations how can we help you?" A cheerful woman asks.

"I need to meet with Angel"

"Um well he's busy right now."

"It's about his son."

"Really? Is he OK?"

"Tell him I'll be there in an hour."

"Uh who are you?"

"Ian Nottingham." Ian hangs up the phone getting into his car.

HYPERION HOTEL Fred stares at the phone in her hand.

"Who was that Fred?" Charles Gunn asks seeing his girlfriend's stunned expression.

"A guy who's name sounds familiar."

"What did he want?" Cordelia Chase asks joining them.

"He said he wants to talk to Angel about Connor." Fred said "He'll be here in an hour." She heads to the computer typing in the name. "I thought so."

"What?" Cordelia asks joining her friend.


"He's a billionaire." Cordelia says stunned "How did Connor find his way... never mind I see." She notices a picture of a teenage girl holding a little boy. "I see how he found his way there." She shakes her head "Just like his Father."

"You better go wake Angel." Fred suggests

"He is hot" Cordelia states staring at the picture of the dark haired man.

Fred rolls her eyes. "Cordy go. He'll be here in an hour."

HOUR LATER: HYPERION HOTEL Ian steps out of the car looking around his senses picking up someone watching him. His eyes narrow behind his sunglasses as he closes the car door. Heading up to the doors he enters to find a dark-haired young woman pacing and biting her nails while a young black man sits on a chair twirling a blade.

"Hi Mr. Nottingham. I'm Winifred Burkle... call me Fred."

Ian inwardly smiles at the hyperactive young woman. "Call me Ian. The only people who call me Mister are the ones who work for me."

"Angel will be down in a minute." A woman states walking down the stairs "I'm Cordelia Chase."

"Names Gunn." The black man finally acknowledges the man.

"So you are the person who knows where my son is." A voice says

Ian looks towards the stairs to see a man with spiky dark hair walking down the stairs. "He's safe. He doesn't know I'm here."

"How did Connor end up with you?" Angel demands

"He and my daughter became friends."

"Is he OK?" Cordelia asks

Ian nods

"Let's talk outside." Angel suggests heading towards the side doors leading out to the enclosed garden.

"There are people watching this place." Ian states as they walk outside.

Angel nods "I know." He remains in the shadows "How is he?"

"He's good. Going to school."

"You got him to go to school?" Angel says surprised "I couldn't even get him to stay still."

"It was the deal for him living with us." Ian removes a picture Sara had taken of the three kids playing in the backyard with the dogs. "Here"

Angel takes the picture "At least he's not with them." He says looking at the picture. "Your kids?"

Ian nods "Bola is 15. Zeke just turned 2. Number 3 is due in a few weeks."

"How is he?"

"He's doing well; Bola helps him with all of his school work so he's passing. He's made a few friends but he mostly sticks with Bola." Ian watches the vampire seeing the sadness he speaks. "He works in the warehouse district on weekends. As long as he keeps his grades up, goes to school and keeps out of trouble he has free reign of his comings and goings."

"Connor isn't exactly... normal."

"I know. I've seen it when we've done some training."

"You aren't exactly normal either." Angel states as he stares directly at the 'younger' man.

"No." Ian admits "Neither is the rest of my family."

"Not a demon." Angel remarks thoughtfully.

"No... genetically enhanced."

Angel lifts his brow not wanting to pry he changes the subject. "Maybe you'll be able to get him to see the world as it is."

"How so?"

"Connor shouldn't exist."

"How so?"

"He didn't tell you?"

"No. He doesn't talk much about his past. All I know is what Sara has seen."


"To some extent... hard to explain."

Angel nods "I'm a vampire."

"That I know."

"His mother Darla was a vampire." He looks at the other man. "Connor shouldn't exist... both of us are the walking dead."

"His Mother?"

"He wouldn't have been born if she hadn't staked herself." Angel takes a deep breath "Not long after he was born he was kidnapped by a former friend." He says with a low growl. "He thought I was going insane so he took my son. He took him to a man who wanted me dead for something I did centuries ago... he took Connor to another dimension. When Connor returned he was the age he is now."

"He told us little about that."

"What did he tell you about what happened when he returned?"

"Nothing. Just that he did something and you'd never forgive him."

Angel winces "I forgave him. I just wanted him to grow up and learn that the world is more than what the man who raised him said." He looks at the picture. "No matter what I said or what the others said Connor couldn't get over the fact of what I am and what I once was and see the fact that I have a soul. I never expected he'd take off and end up leaving the city though. Where is he?"

"New York."

"He doesn't know your here." Angel says

"No. Bola and Sara wanted you to know he's all right."

"I guess I'll have to trust you to keep my son alive." Angel looks at Ian "My son isn't supposed to exist... that makes him a target from many."

"He'll be safe."

"Not from Wolfram and Hart."

"The lawyers?"

Angel nods "They want him for something and I don't know what for."

"They won't harm anyone under my care."

"You don't know them... they'd do anything to get what they want and they want Connor."

"So far no one has tried anything."

"Good." Angel nods relieved "Perhaps they'll leave him alone... let him see what it's like to be normal."

AFTERNOON: 1111 FAUST "Connor what are you doing?"

"Playing." Connor replies not looking at his girlfriend as he plays with Zeke on the floor.

"You know if we don't get our homework done we aren't going out tonight."

"I know. I'll get it done once Zeke and I are done with this."

"Look" Zeke holds up a red block.

"Where are you going to put that one kid?" Connor asks curiously

Zeke regards his blocks then smiles "Here" he sets the block down.

LOS ANGELES "Does he hunt at night?"

"Yes. He usually returns around 2 unless Bola is with him. Sleeps a few hours then goes out again just before the sun comes up and returns in time to get ready for school."

"So he's doing good in school?"

Ian nods "To avoid issues I had to forge the paperwork and he has to work harder than everyone else in his class to keep up. Bola keeps him in line with everything. He catches on fast with his schoolwork so it works out. He keeps an eye on Bola when they go out at night."

Angel nods his eyes on the picture of his son. "At least he's found some sort of peace." He looks at Ian. "Why did you take my son in?"

"We knew there was something about him... something different."

"At least you might be able to get through to him... I only had a few weeks and he never trusted me." Angel says sadly.

"He trusts Bola... not us." Ian corrects

"You aren't going to tell him you were here." Angel states

"Not until it is relevant. I hope you and your friends will respect his decision."

"I do. More than you'll ever understand." Angel remarks

"If you want I will contact you every so often to let you know how he is."

"Thank you." Angel nods handing the picture back to Ian.

"Keep it. Sara wanted you to have it."

"Thanks." He meets Ian's gaze. "Protect him will you? For whatever reason he exists is big and he'll be needed someday."

Ian nods "As long as your son is under my care he is part of our family. My family protects its own."

"If anything happens to him I will forget I have a soul." Angel warns his eyes flashing his features shifting briefly.

"As long as he is under my care anyone who messes with my family risks more trouble than they can handle."

"Good" Angel nods back into his human features. The two men walk into the hotel where the others are lounging around.

"Well how is he?" Cordelia demands hands on her hips.

"Yeah how is the teenage vamp?"

"Charles" Fred chastises


"I should return. It's my night to read to Zeke." Ian bows his head. "I will let you know how he is doing."

Angel nods

Ian nods his goodbye then walks out of the hotel.

"Well?" Cordelia demands

"Not now Cordy." Angel pleads walking up the stairs.

8PM Ian walks into the media room where he sees Sara lying on the couch watching TV. "Hello beautiful." He sits beside her on the couch getting a smile in return.

"Hey you." Sara smiles then groans feeling a sharp kick to her side. "Will you stop it." She rubs her side. "She's in a good mood." How did it go?


He's not coming here is he?

No. He agreed that Connor needs to find out about this world without him. He kisses her forehead. He told me that Connor is in danger.

I know. We'll have to keep him safe... for both of them.

Ian nods We will. He shifts pulling Sara into his arms he rests his hand against Sara's belly. "So how was she today?"

"She's been kicking up a storm." Sara smiles as she looks at Ian's hand resting against her belly. "I think she's getting excited about coming out." She watches as Ian leans down pressing his lips to her middle and runs her fingers through his hair. "I know I am."

"I can't wait to meet her."

"Neither can I."

Ian sits up "Did he go to bed?"

"Yes. Connor and Bola wore him out playing." Sara chuckles

"So where are they?"

"Somewhere. They went to meet up with Jenna and some other kids from school."


Sara grins "Sounds good to me. Help me up?"

Ian stands holding his hand out to Sara he bows slightly. "As you wish my Lady."

Sara smiles taking his hand she stands with a groan. "Kid I can't wait until your out." She laughs rubbing her middle. "Then I'll be able to stand without help." Once inside their bedroom Sara sighs "God I can't wait until she's born... get back to being able to stand without help... fit into normal clothes."

"I like seeing you like this." Ian wraps his arms around her his hands slipping under her shirt.

"No you don't. I'm huge."

"No you aren't."

"You are sweet honey but I am. I've gained more weight with her than I did with Zeke."

"I love you whether or not you're knocking me on my ass or carrying part of us."

Sara turns "Really?"

"Really." He kisses her sweetly.

"God I love you." Sara smiles against his lips.

CHAPTER 42 (And Last) MONTH LATER Sitting in the nursery Sara watches Zeke and Ian playing then wincing she slowly stands. Rubbing her lower back she walks the floor.

"You OK my love?" Ian asks concerned as she walks the floor.

Sara looks at him "Um honey... my contractions have started."

"Are you sure?"

Sara sighs "Definitely."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why worry you before you need to." Sara shrugs rubbing her middle.

Ian stands "How long have you been having them?"

"2 hours ago."

"You didn't say anything?!" Ian exclaims picking Zeke up he sets the boy in the crib.

"Daddy out." Zeke demands

"I didn't say anything because they were like 10 minutes apart."

"And now?"

"More like 6." Sara admits

"OUT!" Zeke yells

"Just a moment Zeke." Ian says looking at Sara. "I'll call the doctors." He kisses her forehead. "You OK?"

Sara nods "I'm fine." She assures giving him a small smile. "You call the doctors I need to take a quick shower." She walks out of the nursery to their bedroom. "Oh and don't forget the kids need to be picked up from school."

"I'll have James pick them up."

10 MINS LATER Ian walks into the bathroom to find Sara leaning against the counter her hands flat against the counter as she breathes. Ian stands beside her gently rubbing her back.

Sara lifts her head giving him a small smile when she sees the concern in his eyes. "Hey I'm fine." Slowly she straightens up. "How is Zeke?"

"He's downstairs with Mrs. Ellis."

Sara nods walking passed him into the bedroom where she finds some clean clothes on the bed. "Thanks honey." She kisses his cheek before dressing.

5PM: HOSPITAL Sara leans into Ian's arms as they sit on the bed awaiting her next contraction. "Where are Connor and Bola?"

"Bola went back to the house with Gabe to occupy Zeke and Connor is probably out by now."

Sara nods

"No use having them wait." Ian shrugs

"Good point. We could be here a while... she's a stubborn kid." She rubs her middle fondly. "We still need a name for her."

"I kind of like the name Cassandra."

Sara nods "I was thinking of that or Alexandra... or Callan."

"Callan?" Ian questions

"I like the nickname Callie." Sara shrugs "And calling her Callie just seemed so... plain. Callan just seems like a good name."

"Callan." Ian says thoughtfully. "I like it." He says after a moment. "It's different."

"There are a lot of Alexandras and Cassandras in the world."

"Well then Callan it is." Ian kisses her head looking over at the monitor that is keeping track of Sara and the baby's heart beat. After a moment he looks at Sara "What about a middle name?"

"You choose." Sara says rubbing her middle.

"Elise?" Ian says thoughtfully.

"Callan Elise Pezzini Nottingham huh?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Why Elise?" Sara asks

"I'm not sure... just sounds good."

"All right." Sara nods "Callan Elise she is." She laughs feeling a kick. "And she approves."

"Well at least she'll have a name." Ian remarks dryly.

"Gabe wanted us to name her after him."

"Over my dead body." Ian growls

Sara rolls her eyes then shifts feeling another contraction. She sighs in pleasure as she feels Ian rub her lower back.

DAWN: HOSPITAL Sara looks at the small, screaming, blood covered newborn on her chest and smiles through her tears. "So you're the one who's been kicking me." She says with a laugh then looks at Ian who is staring at the baby awed. What do you think?

She's beautiful.

She is. Sara runs her finger down the baby's cheek.

"I need to clean her up." The nurse says softly.

Sara nods handing the baby to the nurse.

"I'll bring her back in a few moments." The nurse assures as she sets the baby in the basinet rolling it out of the room.

"All right." The doctor announces "You are stitched up." She gives Sara a small smile. "I'll go check on her."

Sara nods. Once the door closes she looks at Ian. "Well?"

"She's incredible my love." Ian brushes her hair back kissing her forehead. "How are you feeling?"

"Not bad." Sara shrugs giving him a small smile. "What about you? Ready to deal with a screaming baby?"

Ian shrugs "I adapt to everything thrown my way."

"That you do." She brushes her fingers down his beard.

LATE MORNING: HOSPITAL Sara watches Ian hold the baby. 'For such a big guy he is such a softie.' She smiles

Ian looks at Sara "She's incredible."

"I think she's going to be more like you."

"Why do you think that?"

"When Zeke was born he was loud... not in a screaming way really but a happy, 'I want attention' way."

"He is a talker." Ian agrees with a faint smile.

"She is definitely quieter than Zeke was." Sara says dryly.

Ian looks back at his daughter who is watching him intently.

She smiles seeing the look on his face. 'He's in love with her.'

Across the street Lazar stands looking at the hospital. 'Finally they have gone beyond the past. They are getting ahead of what they were... back on track. The Wielder and Protector are back together and getting stronger. But this is no longer just about their journey but the Miracle Child and the girl as well... their journey will be very interesting. I just hope they survive it.' Lazar shoves his hands in his pockets walking away.

(There could be a sequel but who knows.)