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(Alice POV)

I've been having a terrible terrible week. Oh don't get me wrong from some perspectives it's been fun. It's felt extremely cloak and dagger, a lot more than you would expect it to be in high school. I've been hiding in bathrooms, hiding behind people (sometimes it pays to be short), ducking into doorways and classrooms and sometimes I'll admit using my supernatural senses to know when to head in the opposite direction. For the first time since I first saw Dr. No in theaters I think I'm getting some idea of what being a spy must feel like.

But overall the whole week has been an exercise in annoyance and frustration. Why you may ask? Because I've only grown more and more curious and inexplicably more and more drawn to get to know Bella. At the same time I've had to avoid her like the plague ever since Tuesday by going extremely out of my way to make sure we never have an even semi-private moment between us. Our interactions have been limited all week to just cheerful greetings from down the hall on my part and awkward halfhearted waves on her part.

You see I've been avoiding Bella because I keep getting clear visions every time it looks like we are going to get a moment together. Every time it's a variation on the same theme. If I give her a chance to talk to me she is going to tell me very rudely that not only is she not going to go shopping with me on Saturday, but that she never wants me to speak to her again. In my visions she always ranges from rude to just nasty. It really ticks me off seeing that over and over again. I'm just trying to be friendly, what have I done to deserve that kind of treatment? If it were just the natural fear humans have of vampires she wouldn't be acting like that.

I'll admit, I'm mad at Bella. Anyone in my family will tell you you don't want me mad at you because someway, somehow I always get my revenge. The vampire in me wants to roughly grab her, pin her down and show her her place. However I usually settle for more subtle means of revenge. No matter what Bella is going to be my friend and once she accepts that there is going to be a little payback time for how mean she's been wanting to be to me all week.

It's Friday now and my visions have shown me what I need to do to make sure Bella still goes shopping with me tomorrow. It took a little trial and error but I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on how to deal with wig-and-face paint girl now. Luckily for me even though visions in general having to do with Bella are still hit or miss on this particular topic the vision gods have decided to give me all the information I need. It was kind of amusing to find out what Bella responds to the best.

Instead of wavering from amused to annoyed and acting skittish I was sitting in my last class waiting for it to end feeling confident and relaxed for the first time since Monday. Rosalie sitting next to me had clearly noticed my changed demeanor if the sideways glances she was sending me were any indication. In the end it didn't take that long for Rosie to crack and say what she had been itching to say.

"So you're finally ending this ridiculous farce with the weird human girl?" she asked quietly as we worked on our assignments.

"There's nothing ridiculous about it. I'll have you know that everything I do is for a very good reason," I replied haughtily.

Rosie snorted in amusement like that. "Next you'll be telling me not to question you because you're subtle and quick to anger," she replied knowing that I had been joking.

"I can be subtle. It does take something extra to piss me off though," I replied saying the last bit rather harshly.

"Ouch. What did the little meat bag do to tick you off? And are you finally going to tell me why you've been fleeing her on sight all week? It was only really amusing in the first day before you turned it into something obnoxious," she said.

I'd been keeping her in the dark all week. It's one of those slightly petty things we vampires tend to do to keep ourselves amused in our sometimes dull long life. Rosalie had been a trooper and played right along so I figured I owed her an explanation.

"She's been wanting to call off our shopping date all week. There's no way I was going to just let her do that, I mean it's shopping for God's sake. I just need to time things right today to get her to stop fighting me on this and just cave to the inevitable. She and I are going shopping this weekend no matter what the heck she thinks she wants!"

Rosalie gave me another long questioning look. Ok I'll admit that sounded maybe a teensy-weensy bit psyco but something about this whole situation with Bella Swan has just gotten under my skin. And it wasn't just me either. That vampire side of me was for some odd reason really possessive of her too. Like, beat her up and force to her acknowledge my superiority over her possessive. It was weird and I wondered if this was a normal thing when vampires starting letting humans into their lives.

"A date huh?" said Rosalie, her expression and tone halfway between a smirk and disapproval, "wonder what Jasper would have to say about that?"

"I didn't mean it like that," I snapped at her sharply. Immediately I regretted it. "I'm sorry I really shouldn't have snapped," I said right away. To further smooth things over I decided to add something personal, "I don't know what it is this whole befriending humans is new to me. This situation just has me on edge you know? I'll be fine, it's just making me feel a little more vampy than normal I guess."

"I still think this whole thing is a stupid idea. If she's making you feel more vamped out why are you still insisting on going through with this? What you're essentially saying is that your control is suffering. If you slip up and bite the weirdo we're all in a world of trouble," Rosie said, once again letting me know her 'stay away from all humans, it's dangerous to us' opinion about these things. As I was tired of hearing it I decided to ignore it.

We spent the rest of the class period in silence and I wondered how many more times in my lifetime I was going to have to pretend to learn about the American Revolution and write useless papers about it when I could have probably written scholarly tomes on the subject by now. My eyes flickered to Rosalie and watching her pretending to focus on her work it suddenly struck me how ridiculous this farce is. I mean we're all chronologically at least senior citizens and we are spending our un-life pretending to be silly human teenagers? Since time doesn't really mean much to us I know I'll go along with it for now… but really, isn't there something better to do with eternal life than go to high school over and over again?

My moment of reflection is cut off by the bell ringing signaling an end to our last class of the day. Finally the time was ripe for me to ambush Bella and show her just what I think of what she was thinking of doing. I sniggered a little (sub vocally of course). This was going to be fun.

I got my books and rushed out of the campus heading over to Bella's truck. Just like in my vision parked next to her colorful vehicle (the whole thing is really quite cute) was a massive Ford F-350. I went and stood on the other side of it from Bella's truck. Sometimes being tiny is a great advantage… its useful for hiding and getting the drop on mean girls who just don't know when they've picked a fight the just can't win.

Five minutes later I heard the distinctive sound of her footsteps and picked up her unique and titillating scent. She still smells the same delicious combination of power and nature. It's a miracle my control isn't any worse with her than with any other humans given how heavenly delicious she smells.

When I heard her jiggle her keys and start to put them in the door I stepped out from behind the F-350 I had been standing behind. With a slightly evil smirk I strutted my way over to her. This was going to be fun.


(Bella POV)

As I left the school without getting a chance to talk to Alice yet again I breathed a sigh of relief and disappointment. I didn't really want to be mean to the pixie, one because she didn't deserve it and two I actually kind of did like her. Still it was the best thing for both of us if she just left me alone. She would be much happier and better off if she forgot I even existed.

Oh who am I kidding, my motives for doing this are entirely selfish at heart. Still that doesn't mean she wouldn't be better off not getting invested in someone who has no intention of seriously returning her friendship.

Turns out though maybe my doing a b-i-t-c-a impersonation on her wouldn't be necessary. Reason is she's been avoiding me like the plague all week. I'll admit part of me feels kind of hurt and disappointed. Still, it makes sense. Beautiful popular girl with perfect grades turns out to be a total flake. Try hard to befriend the new girl on day one and forget about her the next. Knew she just seemed way too perfect. It looks like she forgot about our "shopping trip" all on her own without me having to say anything about it. It makes me feel kind of small that someone who made plans with me just forgot about me like that but I end up getting what I want in the end anyway. That's a win for me right?

I was looking forward to a quiet weekend now. Maybe go to the library and start researching life after high school. Eat some deer meat (I really needed to find something else to hunt around here) and further explore the woods in the greater Forks area. Just normal, boring, and living for when I can go out and cut loose at night. Nothing new there.

I stole a quick glance towards the fancy cars of the Cullen's and saw that the cars were still there but none of the obscenely stepford family was anywhere in sight. Glad for an excuse not to have to contemplate whether or not to talk to Alice I pulled out my keys and neared my truck.

The lock had just popped open when I heard a familiar, nearly hypnotic voice right behind me.

"Leaving so soon?" said the voice sounding cool and slightly accusatory.

I turned around at hearing that voice. One perfectly manicured eyebrow was raised in question and the look she sent me was clearly angry. Those golden eyes pinned me in place and I was scrambling to remember what I could have possibly done to piss her off.

"Well?" she said, spreading her legs as she stood, her whole body radiating displeasure. Suddenly Alice didn't seem all that little or harmless anymore.

"A-Alice," I stammered suddenly feeling like I should be frantically apologizing for something, "I … uh, guess so?" I said uncertainly.

"You know after you agreed to go shopping with me this weekend I thought you wanted to be friends. If you don't that's one thing, but why have you been avoiding me all week?" she asked, still angry but sounding just a little hurt.

I just looked at her. "I've been avoiding you all week?" I asked incredulously. That's totally not what had happened!

"Why have you been running away from me?" Alice asked ignoring my response, "is there something about me you don't like?" she said, voice hitching just enough to sound vulnerable.

"No!" came my immediate denial and I surprised myself with how forceful it was, "there's nothing wrong with you. You're great, really but it's not really about you-"

"So does that mean you like me?" Alice asked. This conversation was bizarre just like my last conversation with her had been. But she had perked up and looked so hopeful so I couldn't help but answer honestly.

"Kind of hard not to like you Alice. And I haven't been avoiding you. In fact I think you're the one who's been avoiding me," I said.

She just waved it off and it kind of irked me. "Don't be silly Bella, why would I be avoiding you? I was the one who was trying to befriend you. But it's ok I forgive you because you just admitted that you like me," she said and her smile was so radiant my eyes widened and I think I stopped breathing altogether. "So should I pick you up tomorrow at eleven? Port Angeles is going to be a blast. Or we could even go as far as Seattle if you wanted to" she said.

Huh? Oh crap that's right she still thinks we're going shopping this weekend. Now though after seeing her all pissed off and scary and now smiling up at me like going on a shopping trip with me is making her the happiest girl in the world… I almost couldn't bring myself to shoot her down.

Well, almost.

"I'd love to but, you see something came up and I'm busy this weekend," I said. So seeing her all happy and hopeful made me not want to be mean and chase her away for good, at least not right then. I can be a bit cruel if I have to but I have my limits.

"Really? Busy with what?" she said in such a fake cheery tone I couldn't help but feel like I was walking into a trap. But that's totally silly right?

The truth is I had no plans for that weekend so I just stared at her blankly for a few seconds furiously trying to come up with a lie. But like I've said before under the light of the sun my brain isn't always working on all cylinders. Instead of something especially clever all I came up with was, "Well I uh, kinda promised my dad that I could do this thing for him-"

"Oh you don't have to worry about that," said Alice to me cheerfully, looking a little too self satisfied for my tastes.

"What? What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"I called and talked to your dad last night. Since I'm taking his daughter out for the day I thought it would only be polite to introduce myself and ask his permission, you know? He seemed to think you don't get out enough and don't have enough friends. We talked for a little while and he was very excited about you and me spending the day together tomorrow. I think he called it a 'stupendous idea' if I remember right. So whatever thing you said you would do for your dad I'm sure he'll let you off the hook for tomorrow seeing how he already gave us his blessing to spend the day together and all," she said and something in her shrewd eyes and tone made me think this had all been deliberate and I had just been outplayed.

Damn it this was so not good. I had gotten in late last night after Charlie had gone to bed and he had to be at the station early today so he left before I was up for school. Because he didn't tell me Alice had called him I really put my foot in it and got tripped up in my really crappy half-assed lies. I was definitely feeling the pressure now. Everything combined was weakening my resolve and I felt on the verge of caving in. Besides, even though I hate shopping some small part of me did kind of sort of want to go with Alice and explore this friendship she was offering.

However anyone who's known me for a while will tell you one thing about me; Bella Swan is stubborn. Even though it would make me look and feel like a total ass I wasn't ready to give up just yet. I knew Alice was dangerous to me in more ways than one. I had to nip this 'friendship' in the bud before it got too far… or very soon it might be too late for me.

"No Alice, I don't want to go shopping with you tomorrow," I said. I wanted my voice to come out strong and confident but instead it came out weak and shaky. I couldn't look her in the eye when I said that and looked away suddenly feeling ashamed of what I was doing through I'm not sure exactly why. Part of me expected her to be hurt, or get mad and storm off. Instead what she did caught me totally off guard.

She stepped right into my personal space and I backed up instinctually until my back hit the door of my truck. Alice put one of her hands on the truck next to my head and brought her body so close to mine our breasts were almost touching. Our faces were so close I could smell the minty sweetness of her breath on my face and her chest heaved with forceful breaths. The look on her face was far from the happy and friendly face she usually wore. Alice was pissed.

I looked into her eyes and almost wish I hadn't. Her beautiful golden eyes were bleeding into black. Into black! Her eyes were intense and furious boring into mine with frightening intensity. I suddenly felt terrified, like a mouse caught in the claws of an angry jungle cat. Something in my primordial brain screamed 'danger danger!' and I listened to it freezing still and not moving in case any slight movement might set her off. My heart pounded in my chest and at that moment I was convinced that my life was suddenly very much in mortal danger.

I just looked at her eyes, wide eyed, as the black completely overcame the iris and sclera and pupils and I was just looking into a black abyss. It was all I could do not to wet myself right then and there.

Alice then spoke, her voice clipped and a shade deeper than normal. "This is not a negotiation Bella. We will become friends one way or the other. We have to. I am going to pick you at your house tomorrow at eleven and you will be ready and waiting to spend the day with me. Have I made myself clear?"

I couldn't do anything but nod shakily. I didn't want to risk speaking and I wasn't sure my voice would have worked anyway. Alice held me pinned to the side of my truck for a few moments longer looking at me as if trying to see if I was being honest or not. After what seemed like an eternity she pulled away from me and turned around looking away. I just stood there frozen looking at Alice as she took a few deep breaths seemingly trying to calm down. When she turned back to me she was all smiles again and her eyes had returned to their regular lion honey-yellow color again.

"Great, I'll see you then!" she said with a cute little wave and strode off towards her where her family's cars were parked.

I watched her walk away still recovering from the sudden terror and half worried that she would come back and actually rip my face off or something. As I saw her approach the cars I realized that all the Cullens were standing around looking from Alice to me and back again. Something about the way all four of them stood perfectly still against the cars as they alternatively watched me and Alice unnerved the crap out of my already frazzled nerves.

The blonde girl, Rosalie I think, caught my eye and sent me a scathing hateful look that felt like a physical impact all the way clear across the parking lot. Quickly I turned and entered my truck, turning it on and peeling out of the parking lot as fast as I could without running any of the students over.

As I sped home I only had three words repeating themselves in my head over and over again.

What. The. Fuck?


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