Title: Bad Things

Rated for: T – general grossness, gore, zombie deaths etc.

Genre: Horror

Fandom/Universe: The Walking Dead

Characters: Carol Peletier, Juan Morales, Miranda Morales, Louis Morales, Eliza Morales / OC's - Waverly Skye, Tenneyson Skye



Disclaimer: The Walking Dead and all related characters come from the great mind of Robert Kirkman, then AMC for the TV adaptation/spin off? No infringement intended.

Summary: Coming home wasn't how they imagined it would be. Home wasn't there anymore. Home was over-run by walking corpses hungry for human flesh. The world ended and the promise of 'family' became something else.

Status: In-Progress

Author's Note: I started this because 1. I always wondered what the heck happened to the beaner and his family after they left the group. –If my use of 'beaner' offends anyone, tough. I'm a beaner and proud of it- 2. It doesn't seem like the show is in any hurry to bring back any of the old characters not killed off in previous seasons, well, except for the Governor.

I'm only planning on 2 or maybe 3 chapters. Short and sweet.

Chapter: Prologue

Carol drove trying not to let the tears blind her. There was enough already that could kill her without adding her own dangers.

The one thought in her mind was that she was truly alone now. She wasn't welcome at the prison after what she did to Karen but Carol had only been doing what was needed, what had to be done. For everyone's safety. The same as she had been doing in the library with the children. They all had to know how to protect themselves, how to kill.

They couldn't die like Sophia.


They lived in silence. It was the only safety afforded to them and even then, silence didn't mean much if one of those things caught sight of them.

She kept her tread light, just like she'd been taught back when birds used to chirps in the trees and they could run in the field, laughing without concern that something would crawl out of the darkness to eat their flesh.

At the top of the stairs, in the window seat, keeping an eye on the street out front of the house sat one of the littlest members of their 4person family. He was looking right at her and only turned back to the window when she nodded. She turned down the hallway past the little guy dropping a granola bar in his lap along with a water bottle. He made a face she caught from the glare in the window.

'Some things don't change even when corpses are trying to eat you.' She shook her head smiling.

The harsh coughs coming from the room at the end of the hall reminded her of their second littlest family member. The little girl burning up with fever and fading by the minute. All she knew of first aid came from her dead Mother- the doctor. But it wasn't enough to save either of them…

"Tenn?" she whispered. She pushed the door open gently, the rug muffling any sound she could've made. The curtains were drawn because the light hurt her eyes and the windows were firmly shut, nailed and locked- one of those safety things they'd been forced to make a habit of.

"It's starting." He looked up at her, the bloody bit of rag he was using to wipe her mouth was soaked.

"The meds-."

"Aren't working on her like they did on the rest of us." Tenneyson cut her off. "Like Mom." He whispered.

Those two words were like ice in her veins. She was shaking her head without realizing, backing out of the room until she was at the front door of the house.

'He'll be more than an orphan now.'

They'd both lost their parents, so young and now Louis was losing his sister as well.

'Way to keep a promise.'

She grabbed her weapons; a quiver full of arrows, her compound bow and the spare- a going away gift- and the backpack she used for scavenging. That wasn't the point of going out because there was plenty to eat. They were stocked for a good while yet. No, there were a lot of Walkers to put down and Waverly had the energy for a good cleaning.


Its was quiet enough Tenneyson heard his sister leave the house. There was one rule; don't go off alone. Just one rule but it didn't seem like a rule Waverly ever felt the need to follow. Yes, they both had the same upbringing. They had the same parents, they travelled the world, they lived in Japan most of their young to teen age lives, they trained with the same master … he was only two years younger but Waverly had taken up the role of 'Mom' even before theirs died. Month of being mothered by two Skye women … 'Right now, I wish Mom was here.'

Tenneyson stared down at Eliza. She was having trouble breathing, her chest barely rising and the wheezing breath pushing out of her dry lips had him tense. He didn't know if he should get Louis, let them say goodbye… She was the last of his family. He knew Waverly was pissed about this, about Eliza. She promised Morales, she promised their Mother to take care of them, keep them safe …

'There's nothing safe anymore.'

And soon it would only be the 3 of them.

Tenneyson placed the wet rag on Eliza's forehead. It was all the comfort they could give her and how much longer would she hold out? An hour? Two? Minutes…?

He sighed, wishing his sister would hurry up, vent and get her ass back to the house because he didn't want to stick an ice pick in Eliza's ear when she died.


They moved to a new house the same day Eliza died. Waverly made them and Louis was glad because he didn't want to sleep in the room his sister had died in.

The new house was different. It was on the opposite side of town and they'd had to kill a few Walkers just to get there but there was a wraparound porch on the first floor that served as a deck at the back of the house. The room he picked was at the back with a large window seat where the moon light painted shadows on the rug over the hard wood floors.

Louis couldn't sleep. He could hear them both downstairs, Waverly was quieter than Tenneyson. It was mostly Tenneyson that he heard, just a slight muffled voice but Louis focused on picking out each word because he did not want to sleep.

He wondered where Sophia and her Mom were. If Carl and his Mom had found that doctor with a cure. He wished his Dad hadn't decided they should go off on their own – why couldn't they have stayed with the others? They had been safe…

'There isn't anywhere safe.'

Louis didn't want to say it out loud but they were all going to die. It was just a matter of when.


Waverly heard it. The shuffle and moan of Walkers on the hunt. She had a second of debate; get back to her brother and their cub, or … indulge curiosity.

"I'm a friggin cat." She muttered under her breath. There was one flash bang in her pack- same as in all of their packs. Its was a limited supply so they were careful not to use them if there was another way out.


Waverly stopped at the corner. She could hear struggling and the Walkers banging on metal- either they were trying to get in a car for whoever was trapped inside it, or they were running into the cars in their way of whoever they were trying to eat.


Waverly grabbed the flash bang from the pocket in her pack and slipped it inside her vest. She readied her bow, knocking an arrow and quickly stepped into the middle of the street.

"What… the…?" her surprise didn't last long.

At the end of the street was a woman trying to keep the walkers from breaking into the car she was stuck in. she was using a long spear to jab at the closest ones from out of the sun roof and there was a pile of dead Walkers already around the SUV.

The first arrow was quickly followed by a second and third. By the time Waverly had taken down 6Walkers the woman in the sun roof finally noticed she was getting help. She looked relieved, then confused when Waverly motioned for her to get down. The sight of the flash grenade seemed to do trick because as soon as Waverly pulled the pin the woman ducked into the SUV.

"God, I hope you don't flip out when you hear this go off, Tenney." Waverly tossed it as far as she could, aiming at the house across the street from the SUV. Of course it fell two houses short but it was still enough time for her to duck behind the truck on the opposite side of the street, a little closer to the woman.

The bang left her ears ringing even this far back but it certainly drew the walkers. The problem with using the flash bang is the Walkers all the noise would attract.

Waverly knocked another arrow and quickly made her way towards the SUV on the sidewalk. She took down stragglers- the stubborn ones refusing to go check out the smoke in the yard across the street.

"Out!" she hissed in the loudest whisper Waverly dared. She grabbed the few arrows she could while the Walkers shuffled their decaying bodies away from them. The creak of the back passenger door felt like another grenade to Waverly and she froze, staring at the backs of a dozen Walkers. She didn't breathe, let alone move when two large packs landed on the sidewalk with a muffled thud.

"Christ lady!" Waverly glared, hissing at the salt and pepper haired woman grabbing at her bags with one already on her back. "Silence is golden."

"Thank you. I'm Carol-."

"Great." Waverly cut her off. "Shut up." She ordered and sharply motioned for her to get a move on into the yard behind them.

Carol clamped her mouth shut, shouldered her bags and moved quickly into the yard. Waverly spotted quite a few arrows but the Walkers were too close to try getting them.

'Not worth it. Not worth it. Damn it!'


Tenneyson made sure the house was secured; there was no way Walkers could get in. Louis was stationed at the second floor window facing the street, watching for Waverly. There was no way they hadn't heard the flash bang go off. They'd only used them one other time before, when Hector sent them ahead and –


He turned towards the stairs where Louis skipped the last four, arms swinging and pointing to the door.

"Open! Hurry, open!" Louis ran into the living room. "She's coming!"

"Waves?" he questioned moving to the side door – the one designated as their emergency entrance. The sun blinded him for a second but he blinked, stepping out with his own bow ready.

"Get inside." Waverly ordered is a low voice. She didn't even make a sound coming up the wooden steps, unlike the woman stomping up to the porch. "Go, Tenneyson."

He moved inside as Waverly closed the door behind her. He helped secure it, catching her eyes. The unspoken question was there, Louis hovering in the kitchen entrance waiting to know if they were grabbing gear and running.

Waverly shook her head. "They didn't follow."

Tenneyson nodded, a soft breath of relief his only sign that he was really worried.

"Carol?" Louis' small voice broke through the silence.

Carol straightened, her hand braced on the kitchen island. She squinted, looking at the boy but her eyes kept blurring, stinging with tears. "… Louis…?"

He ran and threw his arms around her waist, shoulders shaking accompanied by muffled sobs. His head was bent awkwardly but Carol held him tightly, crying. She hadn't thought to ever see Louis, or anyone that she knew. The few people left were back at the prison…

"You've met." Waverly dryly waved a hand towards them. She looked at her brother. "Carol. Flash bang." And that was plenty explanation.