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Chapter 1: Game Changer

One week after The Lost Hero

In the immortal city of Olympus all was quiet, Due to the earliness of the hour. Thanks to the recent cut off of Olympus from the mortal world the night was more silent then the city had seen in an age. Yet through the streets of Olympus strode a lone figure with all the confidence one would expect from the queen of the gods. Juno moved as quickly as stealth would allow knowing that if discovered the consequences would be unimaginable. If even a word of the location of Poseidon's favorite son reached the god of the seas ears, regardless of his approval of her plan, he would tear Olympus down brick by brick to reach Percy Jackson. The goddess held no illusions that Poseidon only went through with her plan due to the lack of a better one and the fact that only she knew where Percy was hidden. Her husband would have been more challenging to hide his child, if only because he lived on Olympus unlike the god of the seas. Her champion Jason, had done well at the greek camp. Showing why he was a praetor of the twelfth legion by gaining the respect of the greeks and building the foundation for trust. As she weaved through the torch lit streets of olympus she allowed a small smile to cross her face as she thought of how well her plan, which even she had doubts about, seemed to be working so far. Unbeknownst to the Queen of Olympus she was being trailed by one who's skill at stealth far surpassed Juno's and with each step Juno took, she heralded the doom of her fragile plan. Juno reached her destination, a inconspicuous pillar close to some minor gods temple. She placed her hand on the pillar and a space big enough to accommodate the goddess appeared. With a quick glance over her shoulder she rushed through the opening eager to finish the night's business. Before the pillar could reform itself a figure detached itself from the surrounding shadows and sped through the opening right before it sealed.

Juno Walked down the stairs at a more relaxed pace having reached her destination. After a minute of descending the stairs she came to the chamber she had worked so hard to conceal from the eyes of all of Olympus. The chamber was a perfect square thirty feet wide and long, with a ten foot tall ceiling. Torches lined the dark obsidian walls, giving off enough light to see but not enough that the chamber's single occupant would wake by chance. Juno approached the end of the chamber and looked upon the Hero of Olympus with a slight twinge of guilt. A pod looking device that stood about eight feet tall filled with water held Percy Jackson as he slumbered. Juno sighed and prepared to take the necessary memories, reviewing in her mind what she would allow to stay in the boy's mind.

"I am sorry Perseus." Juno muttered, stepping forward to finish the deed.

"As am I Juno." A voice from behind the Goddess said, cracking slightly with emotion. Before Juno could react a arrow pierced her shoulder and ripped clean through, knocking the Queen to her knees. Juno looked at the arrow and was shocked to see a familiar silver design engraved in the arrow. With wide eyes The queen of Olympus watched Artemis step from the shadows, bow in hand, eyes watering on the verge of breaking down.

"I have no choice Juno. Gaia S...She has forced my hand here." Artemis managed to get out as she continued to walk towards the pod containing Percy. Juno was stunned. Never in her wildest dreams did she foresee this possible scenario ever playing out, yet here it was, unfolding right before her very eyes. Juno's rage grew in an instant as she realized that this little upstart bastard child of her husband was about to ruin her plans. Juno attempted to stand, gathering the energy to blast Artemis all the way to her damned moon, and promptly met a mind-shattering headache that forced her back to her knees. Artemis watched with a small measure of sympathy despite her lack of love when it came to her step-mother.

"The arrow was coated with a special poison. It block the flow of energy needed for a god to use their powers, if only for a short time." Artemis said sadly turning from the pained Queen of Olympus.

"Why?" Hera whispered through the pain caused by the poison flowing through her veins.

"Because Gaia...has someone who i could not abandon to her fate. i could not fail her again." Artemis said with more steel in her voice as she stopped in front of the pod holding Percy Jackson.

"One person for all of the world! You are not a fool, you know what will happen if Gaia wins this war." Juno pleaded

"I know all to well what will happen!" Artemis hissed at Juno turning around, her eyes glowing silver with anger.

"Every night since the end of the second titan war, I have been haunted by Gaia in my dreams. Every night i watch the earth shrug the cities off it like a dog does fleas. Every night i was forced to watch the world end." Artemis said with barley contained rage.

"Until you captured Perseus that is." Artemis said her voice softening as she turned back towards the pod.

"Artemis i beg of you, do not do this! whatever Gaia has planned for Perseus can only move us closer to losing this war!" Juno exclaimed trying to reach the goddess of the moon. Artemis just stood there back turned for a minute giving Juno hope that she might have broken through. Then Juno heard sobs coming from the usually stoic Artemis.

"I'm s..sorry" Artemis choked out. as she grabbed the pod and flashed out of the Chamber. Juno stared at the spot where the Hero of Olympus had been in pure shock before she succumbed to the darkness, slipping into unconscious.

Somewhere in The mountains of New Mexico

Artemis Appeared with the pod containing Percy Jackson at the agreed meeting spot. Looking around she marveled her surroundings despite her situation. Mountains rose around her, Barren of all but the smallest of vegetation clinging on for dear life. The sky was filled with stars and as Artemis's eyes found the Hunter constellation she felt another round of tears threaten to spill over.

"Now now dear. No need for all of that." a deep feminine voice resonated around the clearing. About twenty feet away from the goddess the earth shot up and slowly formed the features of a beautiful woman. Wrapped in a dark green cloak, she stood around six feet tall with a face that could only be described as ageless. But the thing that sent a chill down Artemis's spine was the fact that her eyes were closed , as if blackmailing an olympian wasn't even worth getting out of bed.

"I have him." Artemis stated as confidently as possible. Gaia Chuckled.

"Oh i have eyes child. They may not seem open but the earth sees all, i promise you." Gaia said with amusement evident in her voice. Artemis shifted uneasily, unsure how to proceed. After ten seconds Artemis broke the silence.

"We had deal. Perseus for...Zoe." Artemis said resigned. Gaia smirked at the goddess of the moon.

"Did we?" Gaia said innocently twirling her brown hair with her finger absently. Despite the situation Artemis glared at Gaia in anger.

"You swore on the styx that Zoe could leave with me if i brought you Perseus." Artemis spat. Gaia smiled at the goddess, making Artemis even more uneasy.

"You are correct child. That was our exact bargain and i shall honor it to the letter." Gaia said unable to hide the grin growing on her face. Artemis for her part was to relieved to notice. Gaia raised her hand and the earth shot up, depositing a tired looking Zoe Nightshade. Artemis started to run to embrace her oldest friend but was stopped by a gentle tremor. Gaia was looking at Artemis expectingly.

"You first child." Gaia chided.

"Take him, he is yours." Artemis said breathlessly, snapping her fingers the pod appeared next to the Primordial god Of the earth. A look Of triumph crossed Gaia's face as she gazed at the Hero of Olympus. Artemis ran to Zoe but was stopped short by the look her former lieutenant gave her. Those volcanic black eyes burned with a hate that Artemis had never seen in them.

"No closer Artemis." Zoe coldly stated. Artemis just stood there staring at Zoe in pure confusion. A loud laugh penetrated Artemis's thoughts as she turned towards Gaia, who was laughing with reckless abandon.

"Oh child did you never wonder how i managed to grab your friend here from the court of my husband Uranus?" Gaia asked with barley contained excitement. Artemis eyed her warily but her eyes showed she had been thinking that exact question.

"It's quite easy. I didn't." Gaia smirked. Artemis looked to Zoe even more confused and met only disgust in Zoe's eyes.

"Your father, in his great wisdom, decided that the daughter of a titan was not worthy of being in his domain." Zoe spat disgusted.

"So he sent me somewhere more appropriate for 'my kind'. " Zoe continued. Artemis's face went from a look of confusion, to realization, and settled on absolute horror.

"H...H..He wouldn't..." Artemis sputtered out. Zoe's glare impossibly intensified.

"He did. For two thousand years of loyal service i got a one way trip to Tartarus." Zoe snapped at her former mistress. Artemis let the tears flow as she looked at the person she considered her closest friend look at her with pure hate. She felt as if her world was torn apart in that instant. Gaia smiled evilly watching the prideful goddess break down.

"I swore on the styx that i would let Zoe leave with you child, my exact words." Gaia Turned to Zoe expectedly.

"Going anywhere?" Gaia asked with mirth. Zoe smirked.

"Fuck no. In fact i wish to take my oath now." Zoe said excitedly. Gaia laughed before she spoke.

"Come then, and pledge yourself to the cause." Gaia said to Zoe . Zoe walked past her former mistress without a second thought and knelt in front of Gaia. Artemis looked up to watch Zoe.

"I swear on the styx to fight against Olympus till my last breath. To not rest until olympus is nothing but dust. And to follow the general for the rest of my life without fail." Zoe recited. Artemis sobbed into her hands as she saw her most trusted confident swear an unbreakable oath of war against arose and stood on Gaia's left while the pod containing Percy sat on her right. Gaia watched Artemis gleefully for a full minute before she spoke up.

"Well child this has been fun, really it has. Alas all good things must come to an end." Gaia said with mock sadness as Zoe snickered. Artemis looked up finally composing herself enough to speak.

"Why hate me Zoe? What my father did was unforgivable but how did i hurt you? Artemis asked desperately. Zoe looked at Gaia who nodded.

"Because of how you are the same as all the other olympians. Greedy, arrogant, hypocritical, and stubborn. Goddess of maidens? Tell that to triton, he sure would wonder who he has been fucking for the past eight hundred years. Forcing us hunters to swear an oath you can't even keep yourself. All you olympians are the same but now your time is up. Gaia is rising and the general shall herald her coming." Zoe finished breathlessly. Artemis stood there, mouth wide open, that her best kept secret was known. She quickly recovered and asked a question she just thought of.

"Who is the general you mentioned?" Gaia and Zoe both started laughing heartily.

"Why he's right here. I present Perseus Jackson, general of the pit, bane of the gods, and destroyer of Olympus." Zoe Said with pride evident in her voice. In an instant Gaia, Zoe, and Percy's pod all disappeared into the earth leaving a stunned goddess in their wake.

Artemis looked to the sky. as she gazed upon the constellation of the hunter she whispered

"What have i done?"


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