Hey everyone. Anybody interested in creating a crew member for Marco's crew in The Phoenix Requiem? If you do, please fill out the form in this chapter to see if they get accepted.

A copy of the Character Bio Form can be found on my forum page, and the link to the forum page can be found in my profile.

Submissions can be sent through either reviews, PM, or post it in my forum soyou can do any needed edits if needed.


Nickname: (can also be the name the Marines call character on their wanted posters)

Wanted Poster Picture: (What picture of your character on Wanted Poster looks like)

Wanted Poster Bounty Price: (please include Price that character is worth if captured)

Wanted Poster Nickname: (what do the Marines call your character on their wanted poster)



Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Height with Devil Fruit Transformation (IF they have one):


Weight with Devil Fruit Transformation (IF they have one):

Haki Power (IF they have one can have up to 2): Conquerer OR Observation OR Arms

Species (Human, Fishman, Giants, etc.):

Type of Devil Fruit (IF they have one): Zoan OR Paramecia OR Logia

Name of Devil Fruit (IF they have one):

What does Devil Fruit power do? (IF they have one):

Personality: detailed info please

Physical Appearance (normal): Detailed info please

Devil Fruit Physical Appearance (IF they have one and IF their Devil Fruit physically changes them when activated): Detailed info please

History: Detailed info please

Job(s) on crew: (Example: Sniper(s), swordsman(s), navigator(s), marksman(s), cook(s), doctor(s), entertainment, martial artist(s), 'Fishing' Squad (all abled bodied non-devil fruit crew members who can still swim who's job is to rescue devil fruit using crew members if they fall overboard, etc.)

Weapon(s) of Choice: Detailed info please

Fighting Skills: Detailed info please

Special Attacks and Abilities: Detailed info please