Zoro wasn't much of a go-out-and-get-drunk guy. Bars were alright and all, but he much preferred the privacy of his own home (or Luffy's if he was with his friends, as Luffy had the tendency of breaking things). Small groups of friends Zoro could handle, but crowded bars filled with people steadily getting more and more inebriated were not really his thing.

Unfortunately for Zoro his friends were far more outgoing than he was, and sometimes he found himself alone in his opinion that they all go to Luffy's and hang out there. Tonight was one of those nights. Zoro found himself alone at the bar, sipping steadily at his drink and scanning the dance floor and pool tables for signs of his friends. Nami was racking up cash playing pool, which was pretty typical, and Luffy seemed to have realized wings were on special tonight and was swallowing them down faster than they could be served to him. Usopp was harder to spot, and it wasn't until the song changed to the kind of irritating music style Zoro had been forced to listen to a million times that he found his long-nosed friend.

Sure enough, Usopp was standing on the DJ's platform, directing the crowd in some sort of chant. He was wasted, the poor guy, and Zoro didn't envy him for the hangover he was going to have tomorrow. Well, at least he was safe for now. None of them had started a bar fight yet, and that was good enough for Zoro as he turned around and returned to his drink.

"Could I get a whiskey sour?" A voice shouted past Zoro to the bartender. The woman nodded once in acknowledgement and began mixing the drink.

"Do you mind?" The same voice asked as a man slid up next to him, tugging off his scarf and jacket and sliding onto the barstool to Zoro's right. The bar was crowded tonight but so far Zoro had been able to keep the unruly drunk strangers away from him with a few harsh glares. Zoro spent a lot of time training his body and it showed; most people took note of it right away and steered clear. This guy clearly couldn't pick up on Zoro's 'go away' vibes though, and Zoro found himself begrudgingly shifting in his seat to make room for the newcomer.

"Thanks," The man smiled gratefully. "It's been a rough night and I could really use a break."

Zoro didn't bother asking what was wrong. That was inviting a whole conversation that Zoro wasn't interested in having. He just wanted to enjoy his drink in peace until Nami decided it was time for them to leave.

Fortunately the blond man next to him seemed to be okay with Zoro's vow of silence and preoccupied himself with his phone instead. It was one of those fancy affairs with a touch screen and a ton of apps for just about anything you could think of. Those kinds of things were too complicated for Zoro, he got angry the one time Nami asked him to make a call on hers. In his opinion a phone only needed to make calls, maybe shoot the occasional text. It didn't need to have wifi, GPS, and an app about how to cook anything.

Zoro watched with mild curiosity as the guy opened the camera on his phone and lined up a shot of his drink. The camera on his screen mimicked a shutter closing and reopened to reveal a clear and crisp image of the drink. He watched as the blond tapped the screen of his phone a few more times before setting it aside with a satisfied sigh, picking his drink up for the first time since it had been set down in front of him.

That seemed to be the end of the man's strange behavior for now. Zoro had no idea why the guy felt it necessary to take a picture of his drink, but he wasn't really that concerned about it. Maybe the guy was one of those artsy types. He certainly looked the part, with mussed looking blond hair that fell over one eye, concealing it from view (didn't that get annoying?) and a neatly trimmed goatee. His clothes fit the part as well; a neatly pressed, pinstriped blue shirt tucked into tight fitting dark slacks. The almost formal appearance was thrown with the addition of a studded leather belt and a silver wallet chain that hung on his hip. He wore a tie as well, but it had been loosened and the first few buttons of his shirt undone to reveal a surprisingly defined chest that didn't quite fit his slender appearance.

Definitely the artsy type, Zoro decided. Probably took a picture of everything he drank during the day and put it on the internet for other artsy people to ooh and ahh over. Definitely not his type of thing, but to each their own he supposed.

Zoro's attention drifted again, now that he seemed to have figured out the blond man next to him he was in need of a new distraction. He watched as Usopp led the crowd in some sort of dance of his own invention. It seemed to be working, and Zoro could see the self-satisfied look on his drunken friend's face. Well, let him enjoy his victory while it lasted. He'd pay for it tomorrow.

Zoro's attention had barely made it half way around the bar when a buzzing sound interrupted his observations. He could feel the buzzing as well as hear it, and his eyes landed on the phone the blond had set on the bar. The screen had lit up, flashing a name, and that was all Zoro could see before the blond snatched it up and slid his finger across the screen.

He fiddled with it for a moment before letting out a bitter laugh.

"I think she's mad," He said to Zoro, titling the screen so Zoro could see. A feminine hand with the middle finger raised was the sole focus of the picture on the screen.

"Uh," Zoro replied unintelligibly. He wasn't really sure he wanted to know, but then again the picture raised just enough questions that his curiosity got the better of him. "Your girlfriend?"

"I think?" The blond replied, sounding just as unsure of the answer as Zoro was. "She was-is…might still be? Hold on," He frowned, tapping his screen a couple of times before handing the device over to Zoro. "Do you mind?"

Zoro looked confused down at the object in his hand. The camera app had been opened again, and he could see the floor of the bar portrayed through the screen. "What?" He asked, feeling more confused than before.

"I need an extra pair of hands," The blond explained. "Usually I have Franky help me, but he's not here and I'd rather not wait so…" He settled into his seat, rolling his shoulders a little. "Do you mind?"

"You want me to take your picture?" Zoro asked in slight disbelief. He might have to revise his previous opinion on the guy. Artsy or not, he was pretty weird.

"Yes," The blond replied, looking exasperated. "Can you handle that, moss-brain?" The blonde asked, shooting a glance up at Zoro's hair.

"Shut up…" Zoro looked over the man's appearance, picking out the first feature that stood out. "Curly-brow." He settled on lamely. "This is a pretty weird request."

"Just help a guy out?" The guy asked.

Zoro sighed and held up the phone, aiming it carefully at the blond. It would probably be easier just to follow through with the guys request than it would be to argue about it.

Fortunately despite the complexities of the phone, the camera seemed pretty self-explanatory, the one large circular button on the screen was obviously the capture button. He trained his finger over it, ready to tap the button.

"Are you ready?" He asked the man.

"No, hold on," The blond rolled his shoulders again before raising them into a shrug and letting his face fall into one of question. Like he was asking for an explanation for something he didn't understand. "Okay," He said quickly before resuming his pose.

Zoro tapped the button before handing the phone back to the blond. The guy looked the picture over once before nodding in approval and sending it away with a few more taps on the screen. When he was finished he set it down on the bar again and returned to his drink as if nothing was amiss.

Zoro was debating moving himself someplace else away from the strange blond when the phone went off again, moving slightly on the bar with the force of its vibrations.

The blond snatched it up quickly looking over its contents before clicking his tongue. "Ah, she broke the rules," The blond sighed.

He could have been talking to Zoro, but Zoro didn't bother to reply and that didn't seem to disturb the blond in the slightest.

With another heavy sigh the man set his phone back onto the bar. "That's a 'was' now," He said to Zoro. "She was my girlfriend."

"Oh," Zoro frowned down at his drink. "Sorry."

The blond shrugged. "It's not a big deal. We didn't have a lot in common, anyway. She was fun though. And great in bed, you know?" He chuckled, but the laughter died quickly. "Anyway, it wasn't really much of a relationship," He said, lifting his drink and tipping it in Zoro's direction. "Cheers."

Zoro watched the man swallow down his drink. Despite his carefree attitude about it, the man did seem genuinely kind of down. Zoro watched the man curiously as the blond ordered another drink.

Finally his confusion and need to know got the better of him. "What was with the picture?" He asked.

"Oh," The darkened look in the man's eyes momentarily fled. "It's a game. Well, kind of. You know, people have a million ways to communicate, but we get so caught up in speech that we forget it. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, right?"

He paused, and Zoro realized he was actually waiting for an answer.

"Yeah," Zoro nodded, not looking any more enlightened than before.

"Well, I thought, what if instead of using words we used pictures to communicate?" The blond announced with a proud smile. He was obviously impressed with his own ingenious. "So instead of texts, I send pictures."

"Huh," Zoro pondered. "Sounds pretty complicated."

"Not really," The blond shrugged. "Look here, I'll show you. Give me your number."

"What?" Zoro frowned.

"Come on," The blond rolled his eyes. "It's not like I'm some weirdo or something."

Zoro had seen enough eccentric and odd behavior out of the blond tonight to argue that statement, but a sense of intrigue stayed his tongue. He was a man of few words, after all, and like the blond had said, there were other ways to communicate besides speech. Still, he couldn't imagine how cell phone pictures could ever be used as a clear concise form of communication. And maybe it wasn't….given the fact that the blond had just been dumped after sending a few.

But at the same time, Zoro was curious. There were some things, ideas and phrases, he couldn't even imagine sending via picture. How did you send an abstract idea through a photograph of your booze?

The idea was absurd of course, but just intriguing enough that Zoro felt his lips moving before he'd even realized he'd been speaking.

"3-8-2-5," He was recited, his brain finally catching up to the fact that he'd just given out his number to a stranger in the bar.

The blond had been ready for it, and typed the last few numbers in as Zoro spoke them.

"What's your name?" The blond asked.

"Zoro," He replied immediately, again before his mind had a chance to bash him with common sense.

"Perfect," The blond smiled, tapping the name into his phone and adding it to his contacts. "I should get going now. Early morning tomorrow," He stood, pulling his scarf and jacket off the back of his seat, piling them on as he prepared to leave.

"You're leaving already?" Zoro asked, confused. "I thought you were going to show me pictures or something."

The man laughed. "It doesn't do me any good if you're sitting right here! You'll have to see what I mean tomorrow."

Zoro scowled, wondering just what he'd gotten himself into and wondering if Nami knew how to block numbers from his phone. He didn't like texting on a good day, let alone messaging a total stranger.

"Besides," The man added looking down at him. "I just got a cutie's number. I should quit while I'm ahead," He winked.

Zoro sputtered and reddened. The blond had already proven to be unpredictable; Zoro really shouldn't have been surprised. And of course surprise was the only reason for Zoro's reaction!

"See you later," The blond smiled, turning and making his way out of the bar.

"Wait!" Zoro called.

The blond stopped some ways away and threw him an inquisitive look.

"I didn't get your name!"

The man considered this for a moment before holding up one finger in a 'wait a moment' gesture and disappearing from the bar. Of course that didn't answer Zoro's question at all, but with a heavy sigh he resigned himself to the fact that he'd never know the blond man's name, and he'd probably never actually hear from him either. Not that he cared much; the guy was weird.

He was just about to track down Nami and ask her to call it a night when he felt the telltale vibration of his own phone in his pocket. He pulled it out and flipped it open. It was a basic black flip phone model; something fairly sturdy and always reliable.

He read the strange number above the incoming picture message icon. It wasn't one he recognized, though it had a local area code and he thought he could figure out who it was.

Sure enough when he opened the message, an all too familiar face greeted him. It was obvious the picture had been taken in the parking lot. The lighting was dim save for the harsh glare of a street lamp, casting a washed out glow over the golden hair and making it appear almost white. Shadows couldn't hide the distinctive eyebrow though, and they definitely couldn't hide the kilowatt smile the blonde was wearing. It was a pleasant expression on the man's face, and if Zoro hadn't noticed it in the bar, he definitely couldn't help but notice how attractive the blond man was.

Below the photo of the beaming blond there was a single word:



Soooo, originally this was just going to be a short PWP (or maybe porn with very little plot) based on a prompt from the OTP prompts tumblr:

Imagine your OTP sending each other sexy and silly selfies.

But then I started writing it, and almost 2,500 words later I realized all I'd really done is written an intro. So this is going to be a multichapter now I guess XD

I have no idea how long it will be. I could wrap it up in three parts or drag it on for more. To be honest I only have the vaguest idea where this is going right now. We shall see how it goes. It promised to be fairly angst free though, I'm giving you guys a little break here.

And also, I am not giving up on TEoiA, in fact now that this is written I'm going to spend the next couple of days working on the next chapter. Sorry that's taking so long

Anyway, let me know what you think and thank you for reading! ^^