Zoro woke up with the distinct feeling that something was off, but his body didn't register any red alerts, so he kept his eyes closed a little longer and tried to read his surroundings by touch first.

He was in a bed, he could feel the soft comforting warmth cradling him, but it wasn't his bed. It didn't smell right. It was musty, smoky, with a distinct sharp odor. Stale cigarettes and cologne – that was it. It smelled like Sanji, he realized, and with that realization came a rush of memories from the night before.

He remembered waiting out in the cold and coming back to Sanji's place. He remembered the apple pie, and Sanji's obvious and poorly masked agitation. Best of all, he remembered Sanji's touch, his body, and the look on his face as he…

A body stirred in the sheets next to him. That same body from his memory rolled over, bringing himself impossibly close to Zoro.

"Marimo," Sanji murmured sleepily. His voice was coarse from sleep and disuse, but it was so similar to the voice Sanji used when he was on the verge of coming that Zoro couldn't help but shudder.

"If you're going to get that turned on at least roll over," Sanji griped. "You're poking me."

Zoro's face reddened. There was no helping it. Sure, morning wood happened, but waking up next to Sanji after a night like that, of course his body was going to react.

"Sorry," he muttered, clearing his throat.

Sanji twisted her upper body to look over his shoulder at the clock on his bedside table. He sighed.

"It doesn't matter, it's almost time for me to get up anyway. Might as well…"

He moved so fast Zoro had a hard time believing he had only just woken up. Zoro for his part had a hard time keeping up, even as Sanji threw the covers off both of them and moved to straddle his knees.

"What the hell?" Zoro choked out.

"Shut up," Sanji snapped. "I'm taking care of it."

Zoro was about to protest when he felt Sanji's lips against his cock and then the entire vocabulary of language escaped him. What came out instead was a sharp hiss, followed by a groan as Sanji sucked him deeper into his mouth.

Zoro was powerless to do anything but throw his head back and thread his fingers through Sanji's hair. Sanji's tongue dragged along the underside of his cock, lapping against the tip with every bob of his head. His hand worked what his mouth couldn't. With every pass, Zoro watched more and more of himself disappear inside of Sanji's mouth, until Sanji's lips reached the base of his cock and Zoro could feel his length meeting resistance in Sanji's throat.

"Fucking shit, Sanji," Zoro growled, his head hitting the pillow again. He couldn't watch any more, he'd burst right then and there.

Sanji released Zoro's cock with a soft pop, but his hand never stopped stroking over him in tight, quick jerks.

"Is something wrong, moss head?" Sanji asked, a shit-eating smirk on his face. "You sound a little… strained."

Zoro groaned. "Fuck you."

"Mmm," Sanji hummed and licked his lips. "Tempting, but I don't have time for that right now." He lowered his head again.

Zoro sucked in air through gritted teeth as Sanji's lips passed over his length again, his hand and tongue working in tangent to bring Zoro closer and closer to the edge. He swallowed around him, and Zoro's fingers tightened in his hair. He expected Sanji to say something about that, complain about how it hurt or claim he was messing it up, but he only groaned, the vibrations of his smoky voice rocking Zoro to the core.

Just when Zoro was sure he would come, Sanji stopped again.

"You should see yourself from this angle," he said. "It's really something." His hand left Zoro's cock for a moment and brushed against his lower stomach. Zoro's muscles twitched under the gentle touch, his body hyperaware and too sensitive.

Sanji chuckled, a deep, sensual sound. "Yeah," he said, as if he were answering and unspoken question.

Then his lips returned to Zoro's length, and Zoro knew he wouldn't last another minute. His hands fisted into Sanji's sheets, holding on to them like his life depended on it while Sanji's lips and tongue sent him soaring.

Every breath became more ragged and desperate, and he could feel his hips jerking and twitching, despite his best efforts to keep them still. He barely managed to tip his head, just enough to see Sanji's and to watch his cock disappear into his mouth. Sanji was watching him as well, one blue eye darkened by lust and desire. He was enjoying this, the bastard.

Zoro's orgasm ripped through him like a tidal wave, almost unexpected, but so powerful he could do nothing but hold on for his life. His legs tensed and his back arched in an effort to keep himself from thrusting himself down Sanji's throat. Wave after wave of pleasure hit him as his cock pulsed into Sanji's mouth.

Sanji swallowed around him, that blue gaze never leaving him as he milked the last of Zoro's orgasm. When he was finished, he gave Zoro's softening cock one last lick, making Zoro jerk violently.

Sanji chuckled and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. His lips were reddened and slightly swollen, and his face pink. He sat back, still straddling Zoro's knees, and Zoro couldn't miss the sight of his cock standing flushed and full. He'd just gotten off and already he wanted more of Sanji.

"I gotta take a shower," Sanji said. His voice was rough. "I have to work."

He climbed off Zoro, and stood up from the bed. Zoro watched him, still out of breath and even more tired than he'd been last night, but he couldn't take his eyes off Sanji. He watched the rise and fall of Sanji's chest, his breathing shallow and erratic. His gaze followed the curve of Sanji's shoulders and down his chest and abs. His body was so perfect, Zoro was almost envious.

Sanji's cock twitched when Zoro's eyes found it, almost as if it could feel his desire to touch.

"A shower?" Zoro asked, forcing himself to sit up. His body felt heavy and sluggish but he ignored it. "That sounds good, I think I'll join you."

Sanji's smirk was more than invitation enough.

Zoro hummed to himself and tapped his fingers against the glass counter as he watched the minutes tick by on the wall clock. Johnny was saying something to him, but his voice had long since taken a back seat in Zoro's mind. Instead, Zoro caught himself once again replaying the events of that morning, and immediately tried to think of something else, like Usopp doing naked hand stands or something. Work was the absolute worst place for him to be right now, right after leaving Sanji's.

"Bro, are you listening to me?" Johnny asked, nudging Zoro with his elbow.

"Yeah," Zoro said, tearing his attention away from the clock and from his thoughts of a certain blond cook and forcing himself to look at his coworker.

Maybe he should try picturing Johnny naked instead; it might be more effective.

"So you don't know anything about it either?" Johnny asked.

"Wait, about… what?" Zoro frowned.

Johnny gave an exasperated sigh. "I knew you weren't listening."

"Sorry, Johnny," Zoro said, stretching his arms over his head, his back popping in several places. "What's going on?"

"It's Brook," Johnny said. "He was with that guy again. You know him? That creepy pink guy. His name is… what is it? Some kind of bird."

"Doflamingo?" Zoro asked. Johnny had his full attention from the moment he mentioned Brook, but now he had it in spades.

"Yeah, that's it. Doflamingo. He came in here yesterday and they talked for like, hours. Then he left and a few minutes came out saying he had to go. He had me close up for him, which isn't bad I guess but he never leaves early, you know Brook."

"Yeah…" Zoro agreed, his brows furrowed as he processed Johnny's story. Brook was the owner of the record shop, so technically he could work whatever hours he chose, but he put himself on the schedule with the rest of his employees regardless. It was rare for him to leave earlier than he was on the schedule to. So rare, in fact, that Zoro had never seen it happen. Not even once.

"Yeah, and then he was supposed to be in this morning, but the shop was dark when I got in he hasn't come in since," Johnny continued.

Zoro froze. "Wait, Brook was supposed to work today?"

"Yeah," Johnny said. He reached under the counter, pulling out the binder that Brook kept their schedule papers in. "See? He's in here, but he never came in. He never even called."

Zoro leaned over Johnny's shoulder to get a better look at the scheduler. Brook had himself scheduled to open, Johnny was scheduled to come in a couple of hours later, and then Zoro was in for the closing shift.

"He wasn't here when you got in?" Zoro asked for clarification.

"That's what I'm telling you! I had to open us up when I got in at eleven. There wasn't even a note. I thought you might know something about it."

Zoro stared at the schedule, wracking his brain, trying to remember if he'd heard Brook say anything about missing a day this week. Admittedly, he hadn't been entirely focused on work the past couple of days. He'd been distracted with too many thoughts of Sanji to think clearly about much else, but he felt like he would have at least remembered and important conversation like that. But nothing came to mind. As far as he could remember, Brook had never mentioned missing work.

A chilling thought crept into his mind, but he tried to keep it at bay.

"You said Doflamingo was in here, did he leave with Brook?" Zoro asked Johnny.

"No," Johnny said. "He was in and out of here pretty quickly yesterday, a couple of hours maybe. Which is quick for him, you know? Then he left, and Brook left a little after that."

That news eased Zoro's fears, but only a little.

"Hey do you have Brook's address?" Zoro asked.

"Nah, but it's in here." Johnny flipped the sheets of paper in the scheduling binder back to the beginning. In the front pocket was a sheet of paper with all of their names and contact information on it, including their addresses. Brook's was at the top, and Zoro had never been so grateful for Brook's openness with his employees as he was in that moment.

"Here," Zoro said, copying down the address Brook had listed for himself. "Stop by there on your way home."

"What? Why me?!" Johnny asked, backing away from the sheet of paper Zoro held out to him as if it were made of poison.

"Because you're on your way out, and I don't get off until nine. Aren't you worried about Brook?"

"Well, yeah…" Johnny swallowed. "But what if that guy is there?"

Zoro frowned. He didn't want to deny the possibility, because it was honestly something he worried about. He didn't want to give Johnny false assurance.

"He might be," Zoro admitted. "But if so, I don't want to leave him alone there, you know?"

Johnny frowned. It was difficult to make out the expression on his face, because he insisted on wearing dark sunglasses at all times ("they make me look cool!") but the twist of his lips suggested he was thinking very hard about it.

"Johnny," Zoro said, twitching the paper in his direction. "We can't just leave the shop unattended, either you can go or you can call Yosaku to go for you, but someone has to go."

"What if… you went?" Johnny asked, looking from the slip of paper to Zoro.

"Me?" Zoro frowned. "I can't leave the shop."

"I could look after it," Johnny said.

"You mean to say you'd rather work a double than go to Brook's house and check on him?" Zoro asked, fixing Johnny with a look that suggested exactly how stupid Zoro thought that was.

"Yeah," Johnny nodded. "I'll work a double and close up if you'll go to Brook's."

Zoro stared at him for another moment, but then looked away with a sigh. "Fine."

Johnny's expression brightened a little.

"But just so you know," Zoro continued, "you're not getting paid for this. Those are my hours and I'm keeping them."

Johnny deflated a little but nodded. "Sure, sure. Just tell Brook I said hi."

Zoro shook his head and slipped the schedule binder back under the counter before seeing himself out the door. He swore he could hear Johnny's sigh of relief even through the glass. He shook his head in disbelief at his coworker's cowardice. He pulled the copy of Brook's address out of his pocket one more time to study it. Rumbar Villas the place was called. Zoro roughly knew the area, and figured he could find his way there easily enough. He slipped the address back into his pocket and sighed, bunching his coat around him a little tighter and taking a left from the record store.

He hoped Brook was just sick, and as strange as that sentiment was, he couldn't shake it. The alternative, his mind not-so-politely reminded him, was so much worse.

The complex that Brook lived in was well kept and cared for, but there was a general air of stuffiness and a kind of sophistication. It didn't seem like the kind of place that suited Brook, who was lively and carefree even as he got older. He was a man that seemed to live for the moment, a free spirit, and it didn't feel like the kind of place that fit him.

Zoro could feel several pairs of eyes on him as he approached Brook's door. He turned cautiously, expecting the worst, only to find several of the neighbors watching him, their noses pressed against the glass of their windows in curiosity. Zoro snorted. A bunch of old fogeys.

So it might have taken Zoro a little while to find the place, and it was long after sunset at this point, but that wasn't any reason for them to be staring out at him was it? It was winter, after all, and the sun set early. It couldn't be later than seven, a reasonable hour for a guest to pay a visit, actually.

Zoro approached the door with Brook's house number above it and pounded three heavy knocks on the door. The banging of his fist against the solid wood made several of the gawkers retreat back into their homes, their blinds shut tight behind them. Zoro smirked, and made a mental note to pound harder next time, if needed.

"Whoever it is, I'm not home!" Brook's voice called from within.

Zoro shook his head. "Brook, it's me, Zoro!" He called back through the door.

There was a pause, and Zoro raised his fist, prepared to pound down the door once again. Just before his hand could strike, however, there was a series of clicks and rattles from the other side of the door.

Brook pulled the door open an inch and peeked out. "Zoro?" he asked, squinting into the darkness. His eyes held a suspicious glare.

"That's what I said right?"

The light above Brook's door flared to life. Zoro winced and blinked, attempting to adjust to the new brightness.

"It is you!" Brook exclaimed, throwing the door wider now and beaming at Zoro. All the suspicion he's holding until that moment seemed to vanish, and only the welcoming smile that usually graced his face was present.

"Please do come in!" Brook moved aside, allowing his friend to step in. "What brings you here so late?"

"Late?" Zoro frowned. "It's not late. It's only like, what, seven?"

"Ah, Zoro, it's actually almost nine."

Zoro's frown deepened and he scanned the walls of Brook's home for a clock to confirm. The apartment was lavishly decorated with all kinds of knickknacks, most musically related; Brook's own personal collection of music history. But the decorations were tactful and well displayed, and it made the apartment Nami and Zoro shared look sparse by comparison. The light cast by several lamps threw a golden hue onto everything, adding to the beauty of the decorations. Several live plants lined the window sills, and a comfortable living room set say atop a rich red carpet.

Zoro managed to find a clock sitting on a shelf, it's golden hands pointing out the time. It was five till nine, just like Brook said.

"Well it's not my fault you live so out of the way. This place was impossible to find," Zoro grumbled, folding his arms across his chest.

Brook chuckled. "If you say so. May I ask what brought to so far out of your way then?" He closed the front door, sliding several locks and deadbolts into place and gestured for Zoro to follow him inside.

Zoro let his arms fall to his sides again as he followed after Brook. He tried to think of the best way to word his concerns to his employer without coming off as nosy.

"You were on the schedule today, but you didn't come in." Subtly had never been Zoro's strong point. "Johnny was worried," he added.

Brook's smile fell from his face, and his brows knitted, just slightly. "Ah, that's kind of him to worry."

"Does he have a reason to?" Zoro asked, arching one brow.

In all the time he had known him, Zoro had never seen Brook act this way before. He was used to his boss being open, lively, and forthcoming with all of his issues. He was not the kind of man to bottle his problems away, although that seemed to be exactly what he was doing right now.

"Hm?" Brook hummed, seeming to be pulled from his thoughts. "Oh. No. I'm sorry I didn't notify you sooner, I just needed a day off today. I'm feeling a little under the weather. In fact you should probably not stick around too long, Zoro, I'd hate for you to catch anything."

"I'm fine," Zoro said. His voice was slow and level, but his eyes remained alert and watched Brook carefully, making notes about his peculiar behavior. "Nami says it's impossible for me to catch a cold."

"Oh? You're lucky, but still, you shouldn't tempt fate you know…"

"Brook," Zoro interrupted him. The seriousness in his voice was enough to snap Brook out of his distraction, and commanded his undivided attention.

"Johnny said that Doflamingo guy was hanging around again yesterday. Does this have something to do with him?" Zoro asked, his eyes never leaving Brook's.

Brook shook his head and opened his mouth, obvious denial about to spill from his lips. But he hesitated, and his lips came together in a thin line instead.

"I'm sorry to trouble you," Brook said. He tore his gaze away from Zoro's, choosing to study the floor instead. "But you should be careful about asking too many questions, Zoro."

There was a grave seriousness in his voice that was so rare it stole any thought of retort from Zoro's mind.

"You should probably go now," Brook said, moving back to the door. "And Zoro, be cautious of how you use that name as well." He pulled open the front door, staring at Zoro expectantly. "I'll be back to work on Monday, you can tell Johnny that. I hope that's all you'll need to know."

Zoro found himself standing on Brook's porch steps before he could even fully process what had happened. The weight of Brook's words seemed to carry heavier meanings, and the seriousness in his usually light-hearted employer's expression was almost haunting.

He rolled his shoulders and sighed, setting back off into the night. There was nothing else he could do at the moment, Brook's dismissal had been final. But Brook was an idiot if he really thought Zoro was going to let it go like that. Especially after the expression Zoro had seen on his face.

"Oi, Nami," he said into the receiver of his phone. "Could you come pick me up? I need your help with something."

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