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Weekitty and I, Jess2002, have written her this little story. It is going to be full of everything. It's funny, a little angsty, and I am so sure some things are going to piss people off, but hey, can't make everyone happy. Anything these characters say is on them we had nothing to do with it. If you live in a trailer, which I do, don't be offend...js.

Mismatched Love: Zany Bella is the maid of honor of her sister's wedding. She has to deal with Charlie, her soon to be brother in law and his uptight rich family who don't like her. To top it all off, Charlie's brother Edward is back and they seemed to be pushed together in everything they do. They are a mismatched pair that can't seem to tell each other how they feel.

Bella's point of view.

"I'm lying alone with my head on the phone.

Thinking of you 'til it hurts.

I know you hurt too, but what else can we do.

Tormented and torn apart.

I wish I could carry your smile and my heart.

For times when my life feels so low."

I smile as I sing along with the radio. "Isabella!" my sister, Renee, shrieks.

"What?" I ask looking at her. Renee's hand shoots out to grab the wheel and I hit her off.

"Oh my god, I'm going to die! Why in the hell, did I allow you to drive?" I roll my eyes and look back to the road.

"You're not going to die. I'm a really good driver," I say, moving across the lanes to my exit. Renee jumps as a few cars honk.

"Really, you're a good driver?! Then why the hell did you just cut across three lanes to get to our exit?"

"Did we crash?" Renee lets out a huff.

"Bells, please, can we just get there, alive!" I roll my eyes nodding my head at her.

"So why has Charlie waited until a month before the wedding, for you to meet his brother?" I ask.

"Edward, his brother, has been a way and just came back last week." I frown looking at her.

"He just came back? Back, from where, Metropolitan Correctional Centre?" Renee glares at me as I glance at her.

"What?" I ask because she's still glaring at me.

"Eye's on the road, Bells."

"Stop glaring at me then, Ren. I don't know why you're being a spaz. If I remember correctly you were the one that taught me how to drive." She looks away and I look back to the road just in time to see our turn off is coming up.

"He's military, well ex-military now," Renee says quietly.

"I think I preferred the ex-prisoner," I say gruffly

"Please, Bella, Edward is important to Charlie and Charlie's important to me. Don't screw this up for me." I let out a sigh and see Renee giving me her sad puppy dog eye's.

"I'll be good, as long as he is." Renee looks at me trying to see if I'm being honest.

"Scout's honor," I say holding up my three fingers like a girl scout.

"Both hand on the wheel, and you weren't in the Scouts! How the hell did you pass your road test?"

"I found out the guy couldn't handle crying women, so when he said I failed, I started crying 'til he passed me," I tell her.

"WHAT!" I look a little confused to why she is shrieking again.

"What's with the shrieking? You'll soon reach levels only dogs will hear."

"Isabella, you did not cry. I was with you!"

"Fine, I didn't cry 'til he passed me." I say with a smile. "I would have if I needed to, though."

"You're killing me, just drive like I taught you," she says with a giggle and a sigh.

I pull up at Charlie's house and park the car far from the pretty sliver Volvo. No way do I want some soccer mom hitting Bernie.

Renee gets out and gives me another pleading look as we get to Charlie's door. I watch her take some deep breathes, before she opens the door and walks in.

"Charlie, honey?" she calls as she walks through the house. Just as we get to the living room, Charlie comes out and wraps his arms around her.

"Renee, baby, I was getting worried about you." Renee, who is thirty I may add, giggles as if she still a teen.

"Me too, Isabella was driving," she says seeming to explain everything.

"Well, I'm just glad that you arrived alive then." I glare at Charlie and he winks at me with a grin.

Charlie lets Renee go and pulls her by the hand to the living room and I follow behind them. "Edward, this my girl, Renee, and her sister Isabella-Bella for short."

I look behind Charlie seeing a tall man, he must be six-two maybe even six-three. He has black pants and shirt on, but the shirt sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. I can see that he has some tattoos as well. He has a really nice jaw line, amazing green eyes, and brown-blond, I just had sex hair.

"Yes, she is rather short." I raise my eye brow at him as he eyes me up and down. "And they are also ten minutes late." I roll my eyes at him, but as I look back at him, I see that his eyes look as if they are about to pop out of his faces.

"Edward," Charlie says.

Edward narrows his eye at Charlie and they seem to have this silent talk, which Charlie wins. Well, I think he wins, anyway. As we head out to the car, Edward seems to want to take control of the evening.

"I think I should drive to dinner," Edward says as he walks past us. "There's a short cut that I can take." I frown as he talks more.

"Wouldn't we be taking that route anyway?" Edward doesn't take any notice of what I said and keeps talking.

"I should be able to make up for our lost time." I roll my eye and then burst out laughing, when I see him open the sliver Volvo.

Edward turns and tilts his head looking at me. "This is your car?" Edward nods his head at me.

"It's the safest car around." I nod my head at him still laughing.

"That's because it's a soccer mom's car." Edward shakes his head at me as he open the car door.

"What would you know? You're what, sixteen?" I frown when I see that Charlie and Renee have both gotten into the back seat.

"I'm eighteen, about to turn nineteen, but even at sixteen I knew this car was a soccer mom's car," I say walking around the car and getting into the passenger's side.

I go to put on the radio, but Edward put his hand in front of mine. "What?" Edward rolls his eyes and starts to drive.

"I don't play the radio when I am driving." I look at him as if he's nuts, because right now, I think he is.


"It can cause people to loss focus on what they are doing." Well, isn't he just Mr. safety.

"In that case, get out and let me drive, because I'm able to drive while listening to the radio and sing all at once." Edward looks at me with yet another glare.

"And that's the reason why there are so many accidents." I chuckle as he begins to drive.

"And not listening to the radio will stop that? You many not trust yourself, or know outright that you're not a good driver. But you see, I trust myself and know that I am an excellent driver," I say proudly. Both Charlie and Renee snigger in the back seat and I glare at them.

"Huh… sure you are, little woman-girl," I roll my eyes at him again.

"You better stop with the eye rolls at me," Edward says as his lips tighten together.

"Edward!" Charlie says almost in a warning tone.

The car is silent after that. All that can be heard is Charlie and Renee kissing, which seems really loud. I huff and look at the other cars around us, feeling like they're all going so much faster than what we are.

"Gramps, could you speed it up a little?" Edward doesn't look my way, but I know he's glaring again. "Seriously, that old woman was on a mobility scooter and she just passed us." Edward doesn't respond to me, and keeps his slow ass speed. I should have driven myself.

I begin to tap my door handle out of shear boredom. "Will you knock it off? Do have ADHD or something?" Edward says raising his voice. As I glance around to see people in other cars even look our way.

"Maybe, I don't know, I just don't like being in a car that is silent. And there is no need to shout, I'm not one of your crew, old man."

I watch as Edward's knuckles turn white as he grips the steering wheel. After a long ass time, we arrive at the restaurant. The valet opens Edward's door as Charlie opens his door and then helps Renee out. I open my own door and walk around to them.

We all walk in together and I see Charlie and Edward's parents wave at us. I let out a sigh and Edward looks at me before walking toward them. I see that Charlie and Edward's sister Rose is here with her husband Emmett. With them are their two kids, the pixie shopaholic Alec and the supper bitch Tanya. I had the misfortune of going to school with them both. Alec is the youngest and was in my grade. Tanya was the year ahead of us.

"Sorry we're late, Mom," Edward says as he hugs her and then sits down in a seat.

"Yeah, Mrs. Cullen, Dr. Cullen, I'm sorry it was my fault," Renee say as she bit her lip making herself look a lot younger than what she is. I look to my watch and see that we are a whole six minutes late.

I sit down in the seat that is in front of me. I block out all the chatter that's going on, just trying to make it through.

"I don't know why I can't plan it. I swear, Renee, I will do a great job of organizing your bachelorette party." My head shoots up and I glare at Alec.

"Hey, control freak, that's my job! You've taking the rest of the stuff I was meant to do. I'm keeping this one!" Alec looks at me and his lip start to wobble.

"But she's going to be my aunt and I already love her. I see her as one already. I just... I'm sorry," Alec says before crying as Rose and Tanya rub his back.

"Alec, I'm sure Bella will welcome your help, and yours too, Tanya." I turn and glare at Renee and she knows quite well Tanya and I have never gotten along.

"No, just let them do it," I say as I dig in to my dinner. Alec claps his hands and Renee puts her arm on my shoulder, but I shrug her off. I carry on eating as Alec again takes control of everything. I feel eyes on me and I look across the table to see Edward frowning at me.

"Don't let her upset you, Uncle Edward, she's just trailer trash. Thank god we only have to suffer her through the wedding," Tanya say loud enough that the whole table can hear.

I roll my eyes as her parents and grandparents both pretend they didn't hear her and carry on talking, even Renee let it slide.

"Tanya, that was rude! Apologize to Isabella." I stop eating and look at Edward in surprise.

"What? She's trash! Why should I say sorry? She made Alec cry!" Edward shakes his head at her.

"Rose, are you going to let her be disrespectful?" Rose looks at me and sighs.

"They don't get along, Edward. Tanya has said worse than that to her, just let it be." Edward looks around the table in shock.

"Really? So, it's okay for her to talk like that to someone? As for Alec, he's a big boy and should start to act like it. He has no right asking what he did. Isabella is Renee's sister and her only family yet, Alec is planning everything the maid of honor does? He has pushed himself in and you have allowed him to push Isabella out, that's unfair." The whole table goes quiet and Alec starts to bubble again. Freaking baby, but at least the food is good.

"It's fine. The princess wants to do it, its fine, just leave it," I say as I get up and walk to the restroom.

"Isabella!" Renee scolds as I walk faster away.

Once I'm inside, I sigh and look in the mirror, splashing water in my face as the door opens.

"Bella." I don't look at Renee as she talks. "I want them to like me, and Alec wants to help. I'm sure he's not meaning to push you out. It's just so hard to say no to them." I nod my head at her and start to dry my hands. "I love you." I let out a breath and turn to her.

"I love you too. Really, it's okay. I mean, I have college to get ready for, work, and I have to look for a place to live." Renee hugs me.

"I'm going to miss living with you, so much." I shake my head at her.

"Well, I'm not going to miss having cold showers or cleaning up after you," Renee chuckles and walks me back to the table. As we approach, I can see they seem to be having a heated discussion. I slowly sit as we arrive at the table.

"I'm sorry about the girls, Bells," Charlie says as I chuckle. He always calls Alec a girl. "I don't know if this make you feel better, but I like you way more than them. You and Edward tie for second place after Renee of course," Charlie says as he kisses my temple and shuffles my hair.

Charlie is the only one that knows Renee and my full story, and I do like him very much. He seems to make Renee come alive and be a happy person again. That's why I put up with Rose, Tanya, and Alec, the three witches. To be fair, Alec isn't as bad as Rose and Tanya, but he's very spoiled and doesn't take no for an answer well. That and ever since he came out and said he was gay, the spoiledness became worse.

The rest of the dinner seems to fly by with the chatter all being around the wedding.

I look at my watch as I stand alone at Edward's car. I turn and look around seeing Renee with Charlie's family all around her. She looks so happy and they all seem to love her. For that I am happy. The last few years for her have been really hard. She had to give up a lot for me, so I really don't mind that she has a whole new family. I know I'll still see her after the wedding, but I know it won't be as much.

I think back to five years ago, when she had come back from college. She was studying to be a doctor. I really couldn't wait to see her. I missed her a lot. We were very close despite the eleven years that separated us. She had just returned back to college, when our parents had died. It took her two days to get to me, but it felt like I was alone for a lifetime. She dropped out, giving up everything to come and look after me. Money was really tight and we lost our parent's house after two years. She worked as much as she could and I worked as many hours as the law would allow, but we just couldn't make ends meet. I really think she couldn't take much more and I thank God he sent Charlie to her.

I wipe away the tear I feel on my check. "Are you okay, Isabella?" I drop my head.

"I'm fine, Edward, and it's Bella," I say.

"I know you don't know me, but if you need to talk, I'm available." I again nod my head at him.

"Bella, sweetie, would you mind if I went home with Charlie? I'll get the car back to you before you need to head to your interview." I look at Renee and roll my eyes.

"That's fine. I'm a big girl now," I say to her and her smile gets bigger.

"You're not that big. Hell, I've seen bigger ten year olds," Edward says walking around his car.

"So where am I dropping you off?" Edward asks when I close the car door and he begins to drive. Charlie tells him our address and Edward looks at me in shock.

"You live in a trailer park?" I look at Charlie and then to Renee who looks upset and embarrassed.

"Yes, we live in a trailer park, that's why Tanya said I was trailer trash, or did you not hear that?" I say angry that he upset Renee.

"Charlie, you got some explaining to do. Do Mom and Dad know?" Charlie sighs and nods his head. "Charlie, with your money..." Edward start, but I cut him off.

"You better watch what you say. Renee is not after your brother's money! She even fucking signed a lot of papers to protect it! What the hell is wrong with you and your family? Why do you think you have the right to treat people that way, Huh? Just because you would marry for money, doesn't mean everyone else will. Renee loves Charlie. She doesn't give a rat's ass about how much money he fucking has!" I say with all my anger showing, sick of hearing that shit about Renee.

Edward looks at me in shock, and then he seems angry. "Well, little girl, if you would've let me finish, you would've heard me say that with all his fucking money, as you put it, he could've had you both in a house safe, not staying in some crappy trailer." I gulp and look away.

"Well, after your entire family has said it, I'm a little put on edge." Edward nods his head.

"I accept your apology and I apologize on behalf of my family, but they all raved to me about Renee. They know she's not after his money." I look to the ground feeling a little ashamed. Thankfully, Edward pulls up outside of trailer park, so I can finish my crappy night.

"Thank you, have a good night, Edward. Night Charlie, and see tomorrow, Renee," I say getting out of the car. It's only a few moment later I feel someone behind me. I turn and see Edward running toward me.

"What?" I ask confused.

"I'll walk you to your trailer." I roll my eyes.

"There's no need." Edward doesn't say anything, but he keeps walking besides me. I let out a breath when I get to the trailer.

"Thank you, Edward," I say opening the door.

"This is my number. Anytime you need help or don't feel safe, call me." I take Edward's card and nod my head at him.

"I mean it, Isabella, you better call me." I frown at the harshness of his voice. I wonder if he thinks he sounds mean.

"I will, okay?" Edward nods his head at me. I was so not calling him.

"Good night, Isabella, it was very nice to meet you."

I watch as Edward walks away shaking my head. The guy is nuts with more personalities than Sybil.

I grab a book and lay on my bed reading 'til I fall asleep.

Kasi I hope this was up to your standards. Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! We will be posting a couple times a week. We still need to write out the ending so I want to make sure we give ourselves enough time.