Never, Never, Never Chapter 3

The Warren

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Bunny and Jack entered the warren and hurried to the rabbits room not caring about anything, only wanting each other they finally stepped into Bunny's room or "nest" as he called it they stumbled into the bed in a mess of legs trapped into the other's . Bunny was desperately tugging on Jack's clothes so he could take them off after a while and Jack's help they managed to pull off all of Jack's clothes tossing them to the side. Jack and Bunny kissed for what seemed like an eternity they tongue fucked and pushed their body's against each other not getting enough wanting more of each other they need to be connected here and now.

The guardian of fun was mindlessly thrown into heat, he began thrusting into the air and groaning, his mate ran his claws down his spine sending tingles everywhere and turning him on even more. Then Bunny pulled away from Jack and started to kiss the pale beautiful skin that he so loved. He moved down until he reached Jack's cock then he began to suck it like it was a lollipop causing Jack to moan in pleasure, Bunny suddenly had this craving he needed to hear that moan again so he began to suck harder putting Jacks full length in his mouth

Jack had never experienced anything like this pleasure before, he didn't even know it existed. But somehow with Bunny it just felt right, as if the Pooka were made for him and for him only. He soon had his hands clinging into Bunny's fur as if he let go he would lose his sanity his hands.

Bunny stopped licking Jack to the boy's disappointment, then Jack had an idea he bent down licking Bunny's cock like he had done to him. Now it was Bunny's turn to moan, Jack had absolutely no experience but that was what turned the rabbit on would be the first and only to take Jack

After a while of Jack sucking on him Bunny found it hard to contain himself, if his mate kept on doing that he would cum much too soon.

"Mate if ya keep doin' that things will get embarassin' "

Jack didn't reply instead he hummed still licking Bunny's cock. The vibrations sent waves of pleasure and then when Jack started to lick is balls and rub his cock he came.

Bunny growled and shoved his cock into Jack's hole. Jack screamed because of the pain. It seemed to burn him and hurt so badly. For Bunny though it had no effect on him witch made Jack wonder if he had done this to many others before him. (HINT HINT *cough*)

"Mmm...Jackie...So tight... ah... so good"

Jack tried to listen to Bunny's voice to distract him from the pain as his name was being chanted like a prayer. Bunny started to thrust in and out and then hit Jack's bundle of nerves that sent his feelings flying. Now there was pleasure that was coming with the pain.

Bunny had never had sex like this before, he never thought that he would be in his domain the warren fucking Jack Frost. If someone had hold him that this would happen he would have punched them in the face and accuse them of lying. But now right here right now everything was perfect. To Bunny Jack had never looked this beautiful before, his hips moving ever so temptingly, his sinful moans that never seemed to stop, his lustful eyes, and his body that begged to be taken and loved by Bunny.

"AH! Bunny I can't... I'm cumming!" Jack threw his head back crying the Pooka's name. Then a second later Bunny joined him cumming inside his mate.

The Guardian of hope hugged Jack pulling him into a loving hug, Jack was worn out by the mindless fucking and was falling asleep but before he did he said "I love you Cottontail."

And when he fell asleep he though he heard Bunny say "I love you too Larkin"


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