She was with him yet again. By his side, smiling, laughing, the corners of her perfect mouth tugging slightly upward into a small, shy smile. And she loved him again. And, oh, he was happy. Very, very happy.

He stirred, one eye creeping open and a sigh escaping his lips. If only these things happened in real life, and not in his dreams.

But she was stubborn, sometimes the most stubborn person he knew. She fought and kicked and screamed and protested no matter how much you wanted to apologize and confess the truth. It didn't matter because she didn't want to hear it, and that was what counted. Everyone else could hang. Scowling, he sat up from his bed and looked out the window. It was night, and the moon reflected on the landscape of Hogwarts. Rubbing a hand over his tired eyes, he stood from bed and wrapped a housecoat around himself, before sitting himself down at his desk. He needn't worry about his bunk mates, they slept like logs, anyway.

She just would not listen! No matter how many times he attempted to corner her and spill out all the things she needed to hear, she avoided him. It was beyond aggravating, it was downright infuriating. Perhaps his first approach had been a bit too forward, and he could honestly understand her anger, but all he wanted to do was talk.

All he needed to do was talk.

He'd known he'd made a mistake the second that the word had escaped his lips, yet he couldn't apologize to the surprised girl in front of him, at least not in front of her goons. No, the deal they'd made would not allow it. Not that he had much of an excuse for what he'd said. In fact, he had no excuse at all.

The thoughts had come and go since they'd begun dating. Little random things that were bred into his character, such as 'you're dating a mudblood, you pathetic excuse of a Malfoy', but most of the time he'd had no problems ignoring them. He'd almost convinced himself that none of them were true. Almost.

For the fact was that sometimes when he was kissing Hermione, he felt as if he were doing something wrong. He blamed it partly on his father, really, but laid most of the fault at his own doorstep. If he really loved her, wouldn't he forget his previous beliefs? Why would any of it matter now?

And it's not that he thought of her as disgusting or lowly. He had a great respect for the young woman whom he'd come to know so well. She was intelligent and mature, yet fun-loving as well. She was courageous. She was a lot of things he was not.

It was just so hard to keep the thoughts from coming. And he'd thought it for so long, the random notions bugging him on and off through the years they'd been dating, that when he'd seen her that day, quill tucked behind her ear, hair bushy and long around her face, smiling with the terrible two, he couldn't help it. The words had to be said. He hadn't the will power to deny them.

He'd hoped she'd understand.

Of course, he wasn't surprised by her reaction; he had, in fact, anticipated it. Yet hope against hope, he had wished that she would ask why, and give him a chance to explain. He had dreamed that she would understand that he hadn't meant them, not really, but he'd bottled them up for so long that they had to be said before he exploded with guilt. Not that he wasn't at this point and time anyway, but that really didn't matter.

As for now, he was sure she hated him. And to be perfectly honest, he didn't blame her, either. But he still felt as much for her as ever, maybe even more now that the nasty thoughts he'd kept to his own self for so long were no longer what mattered. What mattered was that she was no longer his, and probably never would be again.

It was at night that he felt loneliest.

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