The life and times of Beastboy—A Teen Titan—as told by Raven—His teammate

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Beastboy? Why on earth would you want to know about that brown noser? Hn, Beastboy is—in one word—annoying. I cannot fathom the reason as to why a person would willingly melt their brain away by playing those…obnoxious video games. That's all he does. Well, I guess that wouldn't be entirely correct. He occasionally reads comic books and oh why am I even telling you this? I don't care about Beastboy or his antics. They have no effect on me or my personal life. Sure, in times of trouble, he is there—as a good team mate should be. During the…encounter with Adonis, Beastboy rescued me and defended me even when our teammates accused him of hurting me.

He's green. From his spiky hair, right down to his fingernails. All green. The only reason you can call him human is because of his white teeth. His jokes are beyond terrible, sometimes I see it as my duty to tell him so. Torturing our other teammates with his sad attempt at humor is just something I cannot put up with.

When I first met Beastboy, I will admit, I thought he was funny. (And believe me, I really wish I hadn't told him that) There was something about his dorky purple mask that had me ready to burst out into laughter. I never laugh…I don't. [Let the record state that Raven is now sending a heated glare at the interviewer.] He had just came from the Doom Patrol, he ran away I suppose. He looked defeated but at the same time determined to help people. I guess that's was drew us all together. The need to help others. Maybe that's why he tells so many jokes…

Beastboy is scrawny and vertically challenged. (as well as mentally) Both Cyborg and Robin are taller and more physically fit than he is, but then again, Beastboy can turn into whatever animal he wants. He seems to love his T-Rex form quite a bit seeing as how he changes into that one the most. More times than not, Beastboy is used for his abilities and quality traits…

When Terra was…around, Beastboy and she were inseparable. Beastboy care for her very much but Terra had a different agenda. She used Beastboys' kindness and tricked him—all of us—into telling our secrets. She broke his heart and his spirit. He still forgave her however, because he is a good friend.

Yes, Beastboy grates me nerves. He annoys me and makes me wish I could send him to the seven pits of hell, but I wouldn't. It pains me to say this but, without Beastboy, we wouldn't be able to function properly. We need him with us. His friendship is incomparable. I've never, before the team, had a friend who would be willing to go as far as he had. He knows the Beast, his strongest transformation, is unpredictable yet he used that form to try and stop Slade from getting to me. He gave me his lucky penny when I had lost hope in myself.

Beastboy is like the grass. Once you've smelled the fresh grass in the spring and felt the blades between your toes, you never forget it. Beastboys' kindness, his friendliness is like that. Once you've felt it, you can't forget it. Not like he'd let you anyway. He makes it a habit to remind you on a daily basis. Is that all you need? I'm done talking. It's time for my afternoon meditation.

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