Setting: Late Afternoon/Evening/Midnight when Harry and Hermione go back in time in PoA. Will mainly follow CANON storyline and branch out during/after GoF

Note: AU after GoF

Edit 1: Slight spelling + grammar fixes

Pairings: H/Hr


Hermione leaned around the large tree she and Harry had hid behind. Moving forward, she shifted a bunch of leaves out of the way, and stared at Ron, Harry and most importantly herself as they hid behind the giant pumpkins raised by Hagrid.

"Is that really what my hair looks like?" asked Hermione with a grimace.

Hiding behind the big tree, Harry couldn't help but smile at his best friend's antics as she looked rather intently at the back of her head. If Harry wasn't under so much pressure, he would of thought of Hermione's actions as rather cute. He did however notice Hermione's doppelganger begin to turn towards them.

As her doppleganger turned around fully, Hermione was grabbed around the waist and pulled backwards. She found herself pressed against the tree trunk, Harry right up close to her pinning her against the tree with his arms next to her. She watched him peek from the trunk, seeing that they were leaving and breathed a sigh of relief, closing his eyes. Only when he opened his eyes he noticed Hermione staring at him with wide eyes, a prominent blush on her cheeks. Both noticed the quick pounding of their hearts at their close proximity, only centimetres away from each other. Harry couldn't help but glance at Hermione's soft lips, and unconsciously licked his lips, and he wondered for a moment what the consequences would be. Quickly however, Harry realised their position and he quickly stepped back, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

"Uhhh, w-we...let's go" he spoke, ignoring how his voice was shaking or how red his face was.

Hermione didn't trust her voice, and just nodded. Her heart rate was pounding heavily, and she had noticed Harry's eyes on her lips. For a moment, she wondered what it would be like if he had taken the plunge, and kissed her. Her eyes widened in shock and she shook the thought away.

'He's your best friend, you shouldn't get so flustered when he's close' she thought, following after him.


Harry's eyes were full of despair and horror as he spun to Hermione. She noticed the look of defeat clear on his face as he stared at her which shocked her. It was rare to see him so defeated. He was Harry Potter, the one who stood up to Voldemort time and time again, the one who fearlessly jumped onto a troll to save her. She realised that look, one of hopelessness. Behind him, she could see the Dementors swarming around Sirius and Harry's bodies, passing by and sucking the souls out of their bodies in a swirl of torture.

"I don't have a memory happy enough to fight that many dementors" spoke Harry, his voice frantic.

Hermione, regarded as the brightest witch in a generation moved from her position in the trees, running to Harry, her brain whirling overtime. Harry's eyes widened as she moved forward, her face bright red as she wrapped her arms around his neck. It took him by complete surprise.

"Then let's make a memory together" Hermione whispered.

From the moment she began pulling Harry's head downward towards her, she realised that nothing would ever be the same. That this kiss, no matter what her intentions were would change their relationship forever. For a moment, nothing but sheer terror erupted into her soul at what she was about to do. But she had to save them, she could not have any regrets. And so she pulled Harry into a kiss and pouring every single drop of happiness and sisterly love for Harry that she held in her body into it.

All her memories, of her first friendship with Harry, the little boy who bravely yet also stupidly jumped on a troll for her. Their laughter and companionship with their friend Ron. How Harry was always the one to help Hermione when she needed help, mature enough to understand when she needed space. The slacker that Hermione had to prod to do his homework and essays. The one, who was her first ever friend and who never gave up on her. All these thoughts helped fuel her kiss. The kiss filled the both of them with a joy that both had rarely had in their lives. Harry never noticed his arms wrapping around her, crushing Hermione into his chest as if she was his only lifeline. It was their first kiss. But it was as if they were also complete, a puzzle completed, two sides of a coin now united. For now, they clung together.

Harry couldn't think at all, his mind had gone all fuzzy. This was Hermione Granger, his best friend, her deliciously soft lips on his, arms wrapped around his neck and body crushed against his. But it fueled him with hope and with joy. It was a wonderous memory, one that he would no doubt carry for the rest of his life. All Harry could feel internally was the happy beating of his heart and his soul feeling like it had been reborn. The kiss quickly ended seconds later due to the dire nature of the situation. Holding Hermione against him, Harry turned his head to the Dementors with his wand arm raised. Hermione watched as Harry breathed loudly, as he poured every drop of magical energy he had and channeled it into his wand. Magic surged through the phoenix heart, as it was unleashed against the Dementors.

"EXPECTO PETRONUM!" he shouted.

As the words left his mouth, Prongs emerged powerfully with a gallop, charging forward to save them. Prongs charged, his strength magnified by the positive emotions pouring off Harry. The first few dementors close enough felt Prong's aura straight away, and were immediately destroyed, their hatred unable to match the energy and fury of the deer. The rest of the dementors fled for their lives as the deer crashed through the swarm of dementors, killing several and driving off the rest. Noticing that the dementors had been driven off, Prongs pranced in the air and dissipated. However, from the distance, one last dementor emerged from the forest, hungry for souls. Noticing the prone bodies nearby, it's greed and hunger overpowering the lingering positive magic in the air, began to feast on two souls at once. Both Harry and Hermione's souls were being sucked out.

"Hermione" gasped Harry, exhausted from the use of magic as he leaned heavily against her, then he pointed weakly at the one dementor sucking away greedily.

"Go" shouted Harry with the last of his energy as he collapsed.

Hermione wasted no time, going into an all out sprint. She rushed to where her body and Harry's laid, side by side, where the Dementor was still sucking out their souls. Adrenaline poured through her veins, ignoring the ice cold that seemed to freeze her very blood at the close proximity of the foul beast, such was her desperation to save all of them.

"NO!" she screamed at the dementor, who gave a hiss of annoyance and continued to suck at their souls, ignoring the troublesome live creature below it.

She didn't know the Petronus spell, and so she did the only thing she could think of. She forced all her magic within her and fuelled by the kiss and happiness she had shared with Harry moments earlier, and injected it at the dementor with her wand, trying to keep the soul from being sucked out completely. The backlash of her magic clashing with the dementor shot pain up her hands and through her body, and she screamed loudly in pain, but held on desperately to her wand. The Dementor shuddered as the souls it was draining mixed together, before it exploded into black dust. She watched as their souls mixed in the air, before falling down on their bodies, as if like rain and being absorbed back into the body. Hermione blinked several times as she stood over the their bodies, and breathed a sigh of relief. She had saved them. She was also glad to see that all Sirius and their doppelganger were still unconscious, but breathing. They would never see who saved them. And with that, Hermione made her way back to Harry who was slowly lifting himself up off the ground.

"You did it" he smiled, grimacing as Hermione helped him up, gripping onto his right arm and helping to heft him up. Harry's limbs felt like jelly, and he felt drained, yet also elated. They were all alive.

"I did it? I'm not the one who conjoured a patronus the size of a quidditch pitch!" exclaimed Hermione.

"Well it was an amazing kiss..." Harry shot back quickly, before he realised what he said and blushed furiously and moved towards Buckbeak to escape Hermione's grasp and her reaction. He doubted that he could face her after sharing that intimate moment.

Hermione watched him run off, glad for the night that hid her furious blush as well. She would think about her new found attraction to Harry later, right now they still were on borrowed time.


"Good boy Buckbeak," he spoke softly, holding out his hand and the hippogryff came over and nuzzled his hand. "I need you to take us to Hogwarts."

Buckbeak seemed to understand, and nodded as it went on all fours. Harry helped Hermione onto the hippogryff before hopping on in front of her.

"Ready?" smiled Harry.

"No" muttered Hermione, who surprised Harry by wrapping her arms tightly around his stomach. She shut her eyes tightly as Buckbeak lifted off, and was pleased she only screamed...moderately loudly as she was taken up into the air.

Nothing was more exhilarating to Harry than flying. A broomstick to Harry represented freedom from all his troubles and pains, where he was free to do what he liked and with reckless abandon. Riding Buckbeak the first time Harry had whooped with joy, amazed at the creature's ability in the air. He was afraid at first, clutching on for dear life but later feeling relaxed and enjoying the majestic creature as it soared through the air. While Hermione was afraid of heights, she felt strangely content, the smooth glide of the hippogryff's powerful wings beating through the air as she clutched onto Harry. She felt excited however, running on adrenaline with her newfound feelings for her best friend spurring her on. She would relive this moment in her dreams for years to come. It immediately also became her favourite moment ever at Hogwarts. The stars and moon twinkled brightly, their lunar aura shining forth across the landscape.

"I realised something when I was casting the patronus" shouted Harry over the wind, glancing back at Hermione.

"Yeah? And what's that?"

"I could conjure a patronus that big because...well I suppose because I've done it before! It was me, who had cast it before all along!"

"Did we really have to take the hippogryff though? I really don't like FLYINGGGGGGGG"

Hermione's shout against the wind turned into a scream as Buckbeak swooped downwards. She clutched Harry tighter and held onto him for dear life. Hermione regretted her thoughts earlier. She might like smooth flying, but not this!

O.o.O.o.O End of Prologue O.o.O.o.O