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Steve Waterman was a veteran of St. Mungos hospital. St Mungos was well known for being one of the top hospitals for magical users in the world, and many flocked to its halls to learn the wonders of healing and magic. Additionally, St. Mungos was well regarded for its staff, in order to preserve patient confidentiality when examined, staff were extremely well trained occumencists and any attempt of legitimiacy would be noted straight away. Steve was one of the top staff in St Mungos, having worked at the hospital for over forty years and had seen the absolute worst of humanity in these hallowed halls. From the most simple of injuries to life threatening death, he had seen and done it all. As a grizzled veteran, his view of the world had greatly changed since he had left the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, going through a terrible Wizarding War that cost the lives of thousands. He was at this moment slowly walking towards the cafeteria, taking his ten minute break and to get a drink of coffee. As it was early afternoon, the peak of visitors would not be for another two hours or so and St Mungos was relatively empty, barring the staff and patients. As he slowly shuffled down the empty hallway, a figure stepped into view at the end of the hallway, raising a hand in greeting, before bringing it forward.

Waterman chuckled as he pulled out his hand to shake the figure's hand.

"Professor Dumbledore, it is a pleasant surprise to see you here," said Steve, smiling at his old professor. "What brings you here?"

"Please, Albus. We are not at Hogwarts anymore Steven. I was just visiting one of my students who I found out was injured during the Quidditch World Cup. A terrible shame."

"Ah? The muggleborn? Miss Granger?"

Albus nodded, his eyes twinkling. "That would be the one."

Steve hummed in agreement. "Just a bit of bruising, and a nasty concussion. But she'll be fine. Nothing to report at all."

"Nothing?" enquired Albus curiously, eyebrows raised.

Steve frowned slightly at Albus. In all of his years of working with Albus Dumbledore, he knew that the man had a purpose for everything, for every word he said. And he had promised to try and protect those two and their secret. If Albus wanted to find out information on Miss Granger, he would have to find out himself. "Yes...nothing out of the ordinary. I only have 10 minutes as a break, so I must be off. It was good to see you Professor, perhaps you can come visit again."

Steve quickly ended the conversation and moved down the hallway, passing by Albus who let him through.

"I'm sorry Steven" sighed Dumbledore and pulled out his wand.

Steve spun quickly at his words, his eyes wide at the wand, eyes full of panic. "W-what are you doing?"

"Imperio" intoned Dumbledore, taking full control of Steve and his actions.

Steve's expression went dull and Dumbledore spoke to him. "You are to go into your office, and attain the confidential documentation. In it, you will write everything you have noticed about the muggleborn Hermione Granger, anything and everything. You will then meet me back here, and hand me the document."

Steve simply nodded, and moved off to do Dumbledore's bidding, while internally Steve screamed at Dumbledore's betrayal.

"I am sorry," said Dumbledore, shaking his head. "But it is for the greater good."

Several minutes later, Steven returned, holding a folder with the words 'Confidential' clearly marked. He handed it wordlessly to Dumbeldore.

"Ah, thank you" said Dumbledore, tapping the folder, shrinking it and placing it in his robes. "You have been of great use to me Steven, but I cannot allow you to remember this conversation."

Once again Dumbledore raised his wand. "Obliviate."

Steve Waterman stumbled forward, shaking his head strangely.

"Must of phased out" muttered Steve, shaking his head.

He almost jumped when Albus Dumbledore emerged around the corner into the hallway.

"Steven? Are you alright there? " asked Dumbledore, standing in front of him.

"Professor Dumbledore! W-what a surprise! I'm sorry, I seemed to have blanked out for a few minutes."

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling madly. "It happens to me occasionally as well. I am no young spring chicken. I was just passing by to visit a student by the name of Hermione Granger, I believe you took care of her?"

Steve Waterman nodded. "Ah yes, Miss Granger. She's doing just fine, Mister Potter is taking good care of her."

Dumbledore seemed to hum with agreement. "Indeed, they are very good friends. Only stopped to get your attention since I recognised you. I am rather busy today however, and I must be off Steven, it was excellent to see you again."

"Good to see you too Professor" replied Steven, as he let Albus past.

Albus hummed a merry tune as he strode through the hallways. It was always nice when things went according to plan. Steve frowned slightly, scratching his head as if forgetting something. It was rare that he would phase out for minutes at a time and have no recollection. Shrugging, he headed off to the cafeteria, none the wiser. Albus Dumbledore was an element unto his own self, it would only frustrate a person to try interpret the man. He was an enigma. Steve felt a hint of pain creep into his brain as he tried to think back on what he had did. He remembered visiting Miss Granger, then going for his break. There was a five minute gap where his memory was missing however. Steve decided to find out whether Albus had obliviated him or not.

He moved to the floo, portkey and apparation reception centre.

"Olivia" said Steve, gaining the attention of the middle-aged dark haired witch sitting at the coutner.

"Ah, Dr. Waterman, is something the matter?" she asked curiously.

Steve nodded. "Yes, I would just like to know when Albus Dumbledore arrived?"

Olivia nodded, glancing down at her scroll."He only arrived maybe, one to two minutes ago at the most."

Frowning, Steve scratched his head. "Very strange. Are you sure that's correct?"

Olivia's raised eyebrow and stern stare was all Steve needed to see as he hastily made his retreat. "Thank you very much."

Olivia just smiled and waved him off. Steve walked towards the cafeteria and shook his head. He was probably just being stupid. Albus Dumbledore couldn't have arrived at St. Mungos just then and be the one to cause him memory loss. With that, Steve wrote off the possibility of Albus being part of foul-play to find out information about Miss Granger and headed off for a much deserved coffee. Back at St Mungos, Albus made his way into an isolated room and entered it. Fawkes sang softly as his master arrived, and Albus scratched the head of his old friend.

"Well done Fawkes" he said, eyes twinkling.


The golem's head shifted to Harry who was moving away to give Hermione space, and then to Hermione. It's clunky and heavy body took a step forward, the clicking of gears filling the arena, it's chilling 'shlit' sounds of gears grinding together. Hermione stared at it in awe, the size and scope of the golem impressive.

"There must be a weakness" muttered Hermione, eyeing the six arms wielding various weapons of death. "But I have to get past it's arms..."

Quickly in her mind, Hermione logically thought out the best way to defeat the titan. She decided on an up and down approach. She would aim heavily on the top right and bottom right arms, making sure that the titan had to defend two places at once, and try push its multi-tasking to the limit. Additionally, Hermione would play very defensive and passive, until an opportunity would arise where she could take advantage. Hermione decided however if possible to draw it out of its position, then dart around it to grab the cube. She wouldn't be able to stand up to it in a duelling slugfest for a long period of time.

The titan seemed to shift, it's sword arms turning, and slamming both spell blades into the thick stone floor, sinking them both into the ground several inches. Hermione watched as it slammed two of its fists several together in an intimidating manner, the sound echoing through the arena. Hermione took a tiny step back, the intimidation working. Hermione's heart thudded in her chest as she took another step back.

"Death to all sinners," the mechanical voice coming from the golem, its eyes gleaming at her evilly.

"Bombardia!" shouted Hermione, aiming for the fists as they slammed together.

A protego shield came up from the titan with an words of "Protego", blocking the bombardia, the hex doing nothing.

"Foolish meatbag" the voice said, the titan staring at her. "Die. Confringo."

Hermione whipped up a protego shield, shading her eyes with her arm against the flare of the fire charm.* Her gut instantly screamed at her to move, and she ran to the left, dodging the two throwing blades in anticipation of her being blind from the confringo. Hermione continued running to the right, quickly flicking her wand at the golem with a quick 'expelliarmus.'

The golem struggled to keep up with her as it shifted it's slow body and rotated towards Hermione, the expelliarmus sending one of its wands flying away from its arm. She followed it up with a quick 'accio' spell, secretly thanking in her head Harry's insistence for her to learn the spell. The wand zoomed into her hand, and with a quick reducto the wand was shattered. Hermione attempted to sprint past the golem towards the cube, but was quickly rebuffed by a large sword slamming in front of her path. Immediately Hermione backed off, ducking under two throwing blades and blocking a reducto hex with her protego shield. She eyed the golem warily.

Six arms, two swords, one wand.


The golem seemed to finally sense that Hermione was a dangerous opponent, and whirled into action. It's heavy feet moved forward, as a constant stream of throwing knives and spells from the wand flew forth. Hermione ducked and weaved, always in motion, always moving. Her limbs began to scream in pain, her chest and lungs heaving as she pushed her body to the absolute limit. Even through all the pain and agony, she stayed one hundred percent focused. She would thank Harry later for his demanding physical training regime that allowed her to keep up physically with the golem.

"I need a gap, a gap" she muttered to herself, patiently defending and dodging until she could see one.

The golem raised it's spellblades as it came into range, lifting them with a roar. Additionally, both top arms were reaching for more throwing blades to reload, while the wand had just cast off a hex. Hermione spotted the opening and shifted from defense to offense, her right leg shifting backwards to steady her movement as she flung out her wand arm.

"BOMBARDA!" she screamed, powering all her magic into the spell as she flung her arm out.

The effect was instantanous. The hex flew true, aimed for the golem's top right arm as it exploded, sending scrap metal, glass flying everywhere and water pouring to the ground. The golem roared in anger, as it lifted a free arm, and crunching the metal together at the shoulder, to prevent the water from spurting out of its arm. It was a temporary fix, but the fragile piping had already been damaged, and water was slowly dripping from the severed arm.

Hermione noted it straight away, knowing that she had to stall out the duel if possible, and sooner or later the golem would run out of steam to run on. The more the golem would move and act, the faster the flow of water and the less steam the golem would be able to run on. Harry from his position smiled at the dripping water running down the golem.

"Hang on Hermione" muttered Harry.

Hermione then shifted back into defense, as the golem roared again, and charged at Hermione. The soul within the golem had recognised the danger of stalling out the duel, and moved in to end it. Hermione wasn't stationary when she had cast the spell however. She had already taken steps to fall back to a more defensive position, and as such had backed off several metres already. The golem charged recklessly after her.


Dumbledore stood from his chair, flashing his eyes to the Asian ministry, the workers frantically pressing buttons and trying to control the golem, however it seemed that their efforts were to no avail as the golem thrashed wildly in the arena, as it rampaged after Hermione. A chill ran down Dumbledore's neck as he watched his student back away desperately from the furious golem, firing spells desperately in retaliation, fighting to not be overwhelmed.

"Berserker..." whispered Dumbledore.

Moody stared impassively at the scene, but the tiniest corner of his mouth tilted into a grin at the sight. Dumbledore didn't notice as he moved to intervene, but Karkaroff stood up, halting Dumbledore's progress.

"No Headmaster" his grave voice said as he shook his head. "I did not intervene when it was Krum's turn and he was in danger, nor should you be involved."

Dumbledore frowned at Karkaroff, who stared back defiantly. Madame Maxine eyed Dumbledore as well.

"I too cannot allow you to intervene. That would make it unfair on the Beaubaxons champion Fleur, I will not jeopardize her chances."

Dumbledore sighed softly, and sat down, albeit reluctantly. He could not afford for Hermione to die, as doing so would kill the only one who was able to slay Lord Voldemort.


Hermione rattled off two quick reductos at the golem, trying to stall it's approach. The golem effortly blocked it with crossing the spellblades in front of its body, charging. Hermione continued to backpedal, exchanging fire with the golem, as hexes flew back and forth.

Hermione gasped in pain as she failed to fully dodge a throwing blade, slicing through her jersey and into the flesh beneath on her left side. The golem seemed to sense her pain and threw another volley of three throwing blades.

"Depulso(1)!" shouted Hermione, whipping her wand out and pouring a tremendous amount of magic into the spell.

The effect was immediate. The throwing knives were banished away and flew towards the golem at a reckless speed. The heavy armoured golem was too slow to react as the blades slammed into the torso, piercing the thick armour. The golem took a step back in surprise at the counter-attack for a moment, and Hermione pressed her advantage.

"Immobulus!" she shouted, aiming for the other wand hand, "Expelliarmus!"

The freezing charm worked, stopping the targetted arm in mid motion, while her disarming charm hit the arm, sending the wand flying towards Hermione.


Hermione's wand twirled in the air in perfect motion as she slashed towards the wand as it flew towards her. The golem's wand broke in two, both pieces flying past Hermione's head, whipping her hair backwards as it ricocheted against the floor, and slowly came to a stop, destroyed in two. Hermione gave a tiny smile of victory.

The golem roared in anger, twirling it's spellblades around in its impressive arms and pulling out a fresh volley of throwing blades.

Five arms, two swords, no wands.


The battle raged on as Hermione dodged, ducked and weaved against the relentless attacks of the golem. Gasping for air, she threw herself recklessly to the side, slamming hard against the stone tiles as the spellsword came crashing down. Throwing blades whipped towards her as she flicked out her wand.

"Depulso!" shouted Hermione, sending the blades back in the direction they came in. "Reducto!"

Hermione cast a reducto at the hilt of the spellsword, only for the hilt to also absorb the spell. Hermione backed away, thinking carefully.

"Aim for the arms, stall out the duel" she muttered to herself. "Make the golem multitask."

Hermione prepared herself for the next round of dodging, breathing in great gulps of air. She was already exhausted, but refused to give in. The golem seemed to eye Hermione, as it spun it's spellblades around in a twirl. Then without warning it moved into action again, whirling it's blades as it charged. Hermione summoned a giant rock in front of her, copying her tactic from previous duels with the golems. She ran away from the rock, crouching over so she wouldn't be spotted at the last minute. Behind her, the boom of the blades smashing into the rock was the telltale sound she was looking for. Shifting her right foot out, she slid to a stop as she spun around, wand brandished. The blades destroying the rock caused a dust cloud to form, blinding

"Expulso! Bombardia! Reducto!" she shouted, casting three spells in rapid succession through the smoke blindly.

The exploding hexes seemed to hit their target. The dust began to clear as the golem charged through, missing another arm and it's breastplate with a small burnt hole in it where the heart was, which revealed a blue round sphere which seemed to glow. Hermione's eyes widened as she transfigured the broken rock scraps into four wolves, sending them to attack and stall the golem as she prepared her next hex. The golem was successfully distracted as the arms wielding throwing knives threw volleys at two of the wolves which were running to flank the golem. A wolf leapt for the golem, teeth bared and turning into rock as a spellblade tore through the body. Another wolf was impaled by another spellblade, leaving the golem completely wide open and vunerable.

"Vulnerans lumos (4)" said Hermione, aiming for the blue sphere.

The golem jerked to the right, Hermione's piercing hex just missing the hole and hitting metal instead. With two missing arms, water was beginning to drip on the floor, and Hermione took advantage of it. Summoning the water to her, she banished it towards the golem, casting a freezing hex as soon as the water hit the golem, causing ice to form all over the golem.

The golem's remaining four arms went to work immediately, desperately crushing through the ice that was freezing the limbs and would put further pressure on the hot water , and batting away the last two transfigured wolves. Hermione took the time to try another piercing hex, but this time the golem was ready, and blocked the hex with a spellblade. A fresh volley of throwing blades sent Hermione dodging to the left. Fatigue had set in, and Hermione was slightly too late in moving as two blades cut deeply into her right forearm and right thigh. Hermione let out a scream of pain as she crashed to the floor, clutching her arm and thigh. Hermione glanced at the golem which moved jerkily, trying to shake off the effects of the ice, which had bought Hermione precious time.

"I can't lose" she muttered, ignoring the screaming pain of putting pressure on her legs and took off to the right.

Four arms, two spellblades, no wands.


Hex after hex, Hermione threw at the golem. The golem returned as good as she gave, a constant stream of throwing blades returned as it tried to breach the gap between them. Hermione then spotted the golem shifting forward and quickly cast a swamp to form on the ground. Instead of stepping on hard ground, the golem's leg sunk into the ground. The golem immediately began to topple over, only for it to pierce the ground with it's blades, holding it upright, barely. The resounding shaking of the ground from the blades piercing the ground almost toppled Hermione over as the arena shook. It bought the golem precious time, as its other two arms gripped the side of the marble, pulling it's leg out of the swamp. Hermione took advantage of the distraction, casting an expulso and bombardia at the bottom right arm which was wielding a spellblade. It hit truly as the golem roared in anger, emerging from the swamp like a monster from hell. Hermione's follow up reducto and bombardia hexes slammed into the arm, and the limb toppled to the ground with a resounding boom. The golem paid no attention as it brought arm over, crunching the joint like the other three to stall the water flow as much as possible.

Three arms, one spellblade, no wands

Gasping for air, Hermione knew she was almost at her limit. She had to either win right here and now, or she would lose, and possibly die. She took a glance at the exit, also happening to catch eyes with Harry, who was looking at her. His face was grim, but he nodded to her, conveying all he needed to say with one look. He believed that she could win. Hermione turned back to the golem, which were inspecting the drops of water and steam escaping the broken limbs. Already the golem's soul noticed that its body was moving sightly more sluggish. It needed to win very soon, or he would fail. As a mass murderer, he had failed in assassinating a high ranking Ministry Official, and paid for it with his soul. But having broken free of the controls, he could feel the Asian Ministry's remotes back on him, trying to contain the bloodlust. If the soul had a face it would smirk evilly. Although he was now a tool used by the Asian Ministry, he could still resist the remotes and kill the annoying little girl in front of him.

"Die!" roared the golem, charging forward, four arms flailing in action. The sword blade arms shifted backwards, heavy clockwork gears clinking as the soul pushed his form to the absolute limit. The legs moved as fast as possible as the steam powered its movement. It reached the girl in five steps, throwing two volleys of throwing knives at her.

Hermione dodged to the left, returning fire with a hastily aimed severing charm onto the golem's foot, which did minimal damage. Hermione then skidded to a halt, rolling to the right as the spellsword came crashing down onto the ground where she was a second ago. Hermione blocked another hex, before sprinting forward, barely ducking in time to dodge a giant fist crashing to the ground behind her.

"Carpe Retractum(3)" shouted Hermione, as the orange magical rope appeared, latching onto the golem's leg.

Hermione willed the rope to move her towards the golem and she flew through the air at a lightning speed. Hermione smiled at the opening she had just created. It would lead her to victory. The golem was horribly out of position, it's bulky size slowing it down, and it's arms slow to react to the fast movement of Hermione. She cancelled the magic rope as soon as she touched down just below the golem, immediately going into a dead sprint. As she passed through the golem's legs, she fired a powerful banishment curse at the golem's left knee, sending it reeling and off balance as Hermione sprinted with everything she had left towards the cube on the pedestal. Her breath came out ragged, her heart pounding wildly in her ribcage.

40 metres...

30 metres...

20 metres...

The golem turned, eyes narrowed. The girl thought she had him beat. The golem lifted an arm, and let go of its last two throwing blades, completely confident that with those two blades it would be enough. Enough to stop the girl in her tracks, so close to her goal. But she would be stopped, and there she would die. The golem's soul smirked evilly as it move towards the muggleborn witch. It raised its remaining arms like a champion sprinter having won a race, facing the sky. The witch would now die.

Hermione was only ten metres away when her leg felt on fire. A hoarse scream emerged from her throat as she crumpled to the ground, two throwing blades lodged firmly in her right calf, her wand clattering several metres away, out of reach. Gasping in pain and clutching her leg, she turned her head to see the golem moving towards her sluggishly, the spellblade raised in triumph. Hermione glanced at the cube quickly, so close yet so far away. She attempted to stand, only to cry out as her leg gave way, the previous cut and the blades doing their damage.

"Hermione!" came Harry's desperate shout.

Hermione looked up at the golem as it loomed over her, and she turned to Harry, sprinting towards her desperately. He was too far away. Simultaneously, the Asian ministry quickly held down the remote controls, trying to stop the golem. The remotes failed as they watched on in mute horror. Dumbledore's move to stand was shut down immediately by Karkaroff who shook his head, while Madame Maxine gripped the armrests of her chair. Alastor Moody's grin turned feral and his one eye went wild with insanity. Professor McGonagall held a hand to her mouth. Harry desperately tried to get to Hermione. However, unlike everyone else, Hermione's reaction was tranquil.

"I love you Harry" she said softly, closing her eyes as the golem raised its last remaining spellblade, roaring triumphantly.

"And that's why I'm going to win!"

Hermione's eyes snapped open as she held out her hand in the direction of her wand.

"Accio wand!" she declared, as the wand snapped back into her hand.

With that, she raised her wand at the golem, bloody, bruised but not broken, as the golem brought down the spellblade.

"Vulnerans lumos" she screamed, aiming for the tiny hole in the middle of the golem's chest.

Her aim was true, and the golem vanished in a flash of white light, just before bringing the spellblade down on top of her. Hermione let out a breath of fresh air, before painfully dragging herself the remaining metres to the cube. Hopping onto her left leg, she grabbed the cube, raising it in the sky. The roof vanished, and she soaked in the cheering of the crowd. Her task completed, Hermione fainted due to sheer exhaustion.


No cliffhanger here folks, I gave you enough of one last chapter. One thing I wanted to do was that Hermione wins of her own power. Not Harry comes in and saves the day like the hero he is. Yes, he is the protagonist of this fic, but so is Hermione. I want readers to know that Hermione, in her own right is kick-ass. She may not have the raw power of Harry, but she has the sheer brilliance to counter-act it. So while I wanted Hermione to stand toe-to-toe in some respects with the titan, it's more her approach of how she beats the titan. Utilising the environment and various spells to different effects. However, in also saying that I had to limit Hermione's power. You wouldn't see a fourth year casting a fire whip hex or something, no matter how awesome that would be. Still, I think I did a reasonable job here, and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter.


Hermione's ability to cast wandless magic is due to the soul bond, and absorbing some of Harry's abilities.

Props to those who spot the references as well (there are 2)

All spells can be found on the HP wikia, unless otherwise noted.


(1) Depulso is the banishment charm.

(2) Diffindo is a cutting curse.

(3) Carpe Retractum is also called the Seize and Pull charm.

(4) Piercing hex is a spell I made up on my own. It is basically a yellow hex that pierced through hard metal in a very confined area, able to pierce through thick metals with ease. When it is released from the wand, the yellow light emerges and fires immediately. The wand incantation is middle down to the right and up. Incantation is "vulnerans lumos" which according to my english to latin (via google) means piercing light.