Hi guys. Oh god what am i doing it's 1AM here and I have school tomorrow, but i suddenly thought of this while scrolling tumblr heheh. This story (one-shot?) is adapted from a tumblr post. I might make this a multi chapter fic (tell me if I should hehe), but anyway here's something haha. Go go read it please :)

Beca Mitchell wasn't one to accessorize. But what choice did she have when she was given a necklace at birth, like everyone else? These were apparently special necklaces. It identifies your soul mates and possibly even partners. It gets warmer when you're closer to your soul mate, and colder when you're further apart. Beca didn't believe all this when she was younger, okay so she still didn't believe it, but seeing some of her friends finding their soul mates still made Beca happy, and it kept her wondering when she would meet hers. What if she never met hers?

Beca's mind had been racing for the past hour. Since she arrived at Barden, the charm on her necklace became warmer than it usually was. Beca instantly became excited. Was her soul mate here at Barden? Beca wasn't one to socialize though. It wouldn't be easy for her to find her soul mate.

Beca sat in her dorm with her antisocial roommate, Kimmy Jin. She quickly set up her DJ equipment and tried conversing with the Asian but all she got were glares and stares. Beca sighed as she sunk into her chair and worked on her mixes. Her hand unconsciously drifts upwards to her necklace and grips it, feeling the slight warmth emitting from it. She smiled faintly as her head bobbed in time with the music flowing from her headphones.

About an hour later, she found herself standing in the middle of the activities fair. How she got there? Oh right, her father made her join a club and blend in, how exciting. Beca didn't like the idea of mingling with others, but at the same time found it exciting to be looking out for her soul mate. She fingered her necklace once more before strolling through the crowds of people.

After disappointing herself with a booth titled 'Barden DJs' but meant 'deaf Jews' instead of deejays, she continued wandering through the fair. She passed by a few swimmers and other booths before realizing that her necklace was getting warmer.

Beca skeptically raised an eyebrow before lifting her left hand and gingerly gripping on to the charm. It was an odd-shaped charm. She compared her charm to her friends' charm and all of them were unique. Apparently, your soul mate has the same charm as you, and when two charms connect, they immediately join and they would glow a certain color. All her friends had been blue. She was certain everyone got blue.

What are you even thinking, Mitchell. Get your shit straight.

Beca's eyes quickly scanned the area, her hand never leaving her necklace. She walked slowly along the booths, trying to notice if there's a slight change in temperature on her necklace.

Oh this is getting so warm. Is this even real? How do you even find your soul mate in a sea of people? Is it just the sun causing the necklace to heat up? Damn it.

"Hey!" A chirpy voice brought Beca out from her thoughts. "Any interest in joining our a Capella group?"

Beca turned her head and saw a bubbly redhead standing in front of her. She was so entranced by the stranger's startling blue eyes that she didn't notice her necklace burning up. Beca blinked twice and refocused.

"I...huh?" Wow good going Mitchell. "I mean- this whole a capella thing is in now right?"

"Yeah! We do covers of songs but without any instruments! It's all from our mouths." The redhead smiled brightly. Beca winced slightly before muttering an almost incoherent 'yikes'.

"Aca scuse me?" Beca heard string objection coming from behind the redhead.

"Um what Aubrey meant is," the ginger immediately amended. "Is that we would really appreciate if you join us. Help turn our dreams into reality?"

"Sorry but I don't sing." Beca said apologetically. Her hand still on her necklace, rolling the charm between her fingers. Her eyes fluttered around her, searching for that one person that might be her soul mate. Flitting her eyes to the blonde, Aubrey, she mentally prayed that it wasn't her.

Beca stared back at the redhead, who was staring at her with puppy eyes. For the first time, Beca noticed how her eyes complimented her hair beautifully. Her eyes focused on the necklace resting around the ginger's neck as she twisted her own around her thumb and forefinger. They looked almost similar. She didn't notice the weird look Aubrey was giving her.

Beca's eyes widened. She stared back at the redhead in front of her as her mouth fell open.

"Are you okay?" She heard the redhead giggle. Beca numbly nodded before blinking to make sure it wasn't a dream. She could feel a slight pull towards the redhead and she wondered if the redhead knew too.

"By the way, I'm Chloe." The ginger smiled warmly.

"Bec-Beca." Beca stuttered as she kept switching focus between Chloe's necklace and her eyes.

"Guess I'll see you around, Beca." Chloe cheerfully said as she grinned at Beca. Beca could only manage a slight smile as she pulled her necklace out slightly and looked down towards it. It was definitely warmer than usual, in fact, it was pretty much burning.

Slowly strolling away from the booth, Beca felt her charm slowly fade from hot to warm as her cheeks flushed and her heart beat sped up.

Beca was quite sure she found her soul mate. And it was a certain beautiful, bubbly redhead.

So this was rather short, huh? This idea was fully based off tumblr haha. Sorry like I mentioned it's 1AM haha I didn't proof read this. Reviews are welcome as usual hehe. Until the next time, guys. Love you :3