Chapter 2
A/N: Here it is as promised, sorry for the long wait. I am not really sure about this story at this point. It sounded a lot better in my head, but I will try to make it work.

The evil Queen Regina paced the room as she watched her deceitful fail at even the simplest of spells. She ran a stressful hand over her raven locks at the poorest attempt at a fire ball sizzled in her palms. Upon the third flaming out Regina back handed the younger girl in rage and disappointment. Morgana traced the claw marks along her cheek as she meet the infuriated eyes of her teacher. She rose to stand upon shaking legs. "It would seem that I displeased you."
"Displeased," the queen mused. "Oh, darling that is no where near the right word I would use. Try pissed off."
"I am doing-" another smack made contact to the already bleeding gashes.
"Your best," Regina sneered. "I don't want your best, that is waste of effort. I want to fury, rage, utter annihilation. Things that will fill that weak heart to the brim with darkness. Or am I wasting my own time?"
"No, Regina," Morgana stuttered."
"What did you call me?"
"No, my queen," she corrected fearfully
Regina rolled her eyes at the innocent lamb. Seeing the cowering in those lovely blue eyes though made the pleasure or torture all the more enjoyable. She placed a gentle hand on the young sorceress cheek. "I shall forgive it for now, but the next time you are a hair our of line. Well, I might just have to teach you a lesson." Regina slowly and sultry traced a finger over the young girls heart. "And I do not think you would want that one to be taught."

"Not at all my queen."

"Excellent," the queen replied with a purr, and with a little pat of the head Regina sent Morgana on her way.

Around the corner away from the hawk like eyes and ears of her mistress and teacher Morgana clutched a hand over her chest in shear fright. Never had she witnessed or felt such raw and demonic power in all her life. Not even when her half brother sent his wizard to attack her. Taking a deep breath in she knew that despite all the pain and turmoil this women might cause her. Yet, this had to be done in order to reclaimed what should be rightfully hers.

"I say we burn her before the forsaken witch from hell, before she kills us," a voice demanded.

After having collapsed from exhaustion of running away from the unknown Morgana had finally awoken to see her raven haired savior among the group of men. "Fire won't work on that demonic hag, only tossing her into the river would suffice," another one barked.

Hearing someone dare to suggest throwing her to a water's grave made her cringe uncontrollable.

"Now, men," Robin Hood, tried to calm. "She may have been evil, but that doesn't mean she is now."

"Robin, listen to your men," Lil' John pleaded, "Think of your son, that heartless wrench will burn him to ashes."

Robin crossed his arms over his chest in contemplation and glanced at his son who running around with a wooden sword. He looked over tot he warrior who had yet to say a word about the situation. "What do you have to say about this Mulan?"

Stealing a quick glance back to see the girl sitting up with fear in her eyes as had overhead the conversation. Those green eyes only reminder her further of the princess she had lost. "She has yet to display anything wrong, so why punish what hasn't been done."

"Then it is settled until the girl does something heinous then dunking does not need to happen." The unhappy group of Merry Men grumble about the final decision, but comply with their leader. "Now, then we have a castle to raid, get ready men."

The group of men made their way over to their bags. Mulan began to head over to were Morgana sat, when a tap upon her shoulder stopped her. The warrior turned to see Lil' John with a displeased grimace upon his face. "Robin, may be ok with this idea of not killing her off, I'm not. If that little witch slips up once it will down to the grimy depths with her."

Mulan's hand inched for her sword as the Robin's right hand man made threats to what seemed like a perfectly innocent person. Instead she withdrew her hand and walked away from the fool. Taking a seat on the log Morgana turned her head to avoid the gaze. She whispered, "Thank you for defending me."

"I wouldn't think too much on it. Those men would love to get rid you without a second thought."

"I wish I knew why," she said forlornly."

The warrior reached out to give younger girl a calming pat on the shoulder's. "I am sure it will come back to you eventually."

"If they act like even when I don't recall a thing I worry how they might act once I do regian whatever memories I have lost."

"That issue will be worried about when the time comes. For now I should pack."

"Alright," Morgana said, a little happier then was. "Thank you again."

Mulan grabbed the coat and placed it over herself, made her way over to the bag, and started to pack. Morgana decided to go see if the warrior needed help, but as she began to feel comfortable with her place an evil laugh resented in her ears sending a chill down her spine.