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On a silent street in a silent town in a silent city in a silent county in a silent country on a silent night, A tall, bearded man appeared on the end of the street. His half moon glasses glinted in the street lamps. The man dug into his vibrantly colored robes, obviously looking for something. He found what he was looking for after searching for about thirty seconds. He held up the strange object and clicked it. One by one, the street lights went out, cloaking the street in an immovable blackness.

Pleased that the only light came from the pale, low-hanging moon, he walked toward a seemingly normal house. His hands appeared empty, but if you looked closely enough, you could see a tiny bundle tucked under his arm. As he walked toward the house, a tabby cat started following him. The tabby cat leaped onto a fence post close to the house. The cat was sporting a very feline scowl, a low growl rumbling through her.

"Are you sure you want to leave a baby here with them?" The cat, now an elderly woman, whispered angrily. "I've been watching these people all day, and they are the worst sort of muggles anyone has ever seen!" The man did not appear phased by her transformation, or her use of the word muggles, and kept walking quietly toward the door.

"These are its relatives, it'll be safe here, Minerva" The man said, continuing his solemn walk.

"They won't keep the baby, and you know it, Albus," Minerva responded, quietly seething with anger at what her colleague and friend was about to do.

"It will be fine, everything will be fine, they'll keep the baby, I've contained all the information in this letter," Albus held up a wrinkled envelope, and handed it to Minerva.

"A letter!?" Minerva asked, forgetting to whisper in her shock. "You think that they're even going to read it? You're smart, Albus, you know how Lily talked about her sister and her husband. We can't leave the child here, I'll care for the child, as if it were my own!" Minerva grinned slightly at her own ingenuity, but the grin faded when she realized Albus was no longer listening.

Albus continued on, placing the baby on the house's doorsteps. He tucked the letter into a fold in the blanket, cast a light warming charm on the baby, as it was nearing winter, and left. Minerva remained at the house, internally debating with herself. She finally decided that she couldn't take the baby, as Albus would surely find out, and she couldn't leave the baby outside. Knowing what she had to do, she cast a stronger warming charm on the chilly child, knocked on the door, and apparated out.

Seconds after the silent apparition, a thin woman came to the door, grumbling about the time of night and uncaring visitors. She stopped talking when she saw the small bundle, sleeping on the steps. She looked around, leaned down, and scooped the child up. She opened the top of the bundle, and recognized her sister's husbands messy black hair. The baby, woken up by the shifting of the blanket, opened its eyes. The woman gasped when she saw the eyes. The baby's eyes were a startling green color, and had a small line of hazel just around the pupil. The baby yawned, and smiled up at the stranger, recognizing her from photos that the baby had seen in an old box. The woman, despite herself, smiled back at the small baby.

"Petunia! Why is the door open, it's making my feet cold!" Petunia's husband shouted down the stairs.

"Sorry, honey-face, some careless visitor wanted to call on us but left before I got to the door. I was just looking to see if I could find them to give them a piece of my mind when you called," Petunia responded, quickly hiding the small bundle in the under the stairs cupboard. She would show her husband the child tomorrow, when he was in a better mood. Perhaps she would even soften the blow with some homemade cherry and almond tarts, her husband's favorite snack.

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