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The next day.

Harry woke with a start at the sound of an engine revving somewhere down the street. For some reason she kept waking up at the best part of her dream. She would getting picked up by a redheaded woman, and carefully tucked into a side car of a motorcycle. Muscled arms would wrap around her and she'd be flying through the air, squealing with delight, loving the feeling of flying, when she woke up.

Since Harry didn't see any point in trying to go back to sleep, as it was already morning, and went to start Uncle Vernon's bacon. She hated the smell of bacon, but as long as she didn't have to eat it, she could tolerate the vile odor.

Carefully closing her cupboard door, she slipped into the kitchen and got the bacon cooking. She had previously tried covering the bacon with a lid, so that she couldn't smell the bacon as much, but Uncle Vernon quickly put a stop to that saying, 'The smell of bacon makes life worth living', or something like that.

The bacon had crisped quickly, and the smell had brought Uncle Vernon out of his and Petunia's room. "Hurry up with the bacon," Vernon growled, apparently too tired to utter his usual lame insult. Harry quickly brought a plate full of bacon over to Vernon's spot at the table, and left to get the newspaper from the front step.

When she returned with the paper in hand, Petunia and Dudley had come down from their rooms. Both sat at the table, Dudley waiting for breakfast, and Petunia waiting for the toast to pop up. Harry handed Vernon the paper, sitting down at the table as well, though not waiting for anything food related, she was still waiting. She had hoped that as soon as Petunia came down, they would go, but she knew that that was unrealistic and unreasonable, because Petunia had to eat too.

After breakfast had finally finished, taking way too long in Harry's opinion, Petunia headed upstairs to get ready to leave for Diagon Alley. Harry took this time to walk to the door and read her letter for at least the hundredth time. No matter how many times she read and reread her letter, she still couldn't quite wrap her mind around the fact that she, Angharad Lily Elizabeth Potter, was a wizard.

Soon after Harry finished rereading her letter, Petunia came down the stairs in an outfit that looked like a forest full of animals had thrown up on it, and then given it to a whale, who then used it as a hanky, before it landed in Petunia's closet. "How do I look?" Petunia asked, twirling so that Harry could the full affect of the clothing.

"Um... you're not really planning on wearing that are you?" Harry responded with a question.

Expertly hiding her growing giggles, Petunia nodded at Harry and ruffled the tie-died ankle-length skirt that she wore over her clunky brown boots that had a Dudley-tantrum stain on them. "Well, it's, um, certainly a statement," Harry said nervously. Surely her aunt was not going to embarrass her today, of all days. She couldn't, could she?

The answer is no, no she could not. Petunia could no longer reign in her ever increasing laughter. "No, I'm not really going to wear this outfit, like this anyway," Petunia added the last bit with a gleam in her eye. 'Lily, please have cast the right spell on this outfit.' Petunia hoped to herself.

"Alter!" Petunia said, hoping the word her sister had given her worked. Both people in the entryway gasped as the outrageously colored clothes swiftly changed into ordinary clothes that anyone would wear. "Yes! It worked!" Petunia said mostly to herself, and then realized Harry was going to want an explanation. "I'll tell you all about it once we've finished our shopping, but I am going to have to change the outfit again once we get there."

Harry nodded, accepting the agreement and heading out the door to the car. "By the way, since you're going to need more space for your studying, Vernon and I decided to let you have Dudley's second bedroom." Petunia said nonchalantly, knowing that this was what Harry had been working towards since her last birthday.

"Really? You finally convinced Uncle Vernon to let me have Dudley's second bedroom?" At Petunia's nod of confirmation, Harry did a little victory dance that included some very sporadic arm flings, one of which happened to hit the fence post as she walked by. The following dance move, if named, would probably be named the yeah!youch!, a combination of pain and joy.

The car that left the driveway contained an ecstatic girl and a very happy aunt.

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