It has been a week since Ron came to the tower and all the titans get along just fine with him, Hannah, and Yori. Kim had left three days after coming to the tower but not before giving Robin her phone number. Cyborg has been working on a robot that looks just like Beast Boy for a plan to guarantee Beast Boy's and Ron's acceptance to the HIVE. Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven have kept their relationship a secret from Robin for the time being but today that will change.

"Hey, Robin you almost ready to start with the plan?" asked Cyborg putting the finishing touches on the Beast Bot that will allow it to transform into one animal, a lion.

"Yeah I'm ready. Where're the others?" asked Robin

"I think Star and Raven are at the mall. BB and Ron are passed out in BB's room along with baby Hannah. And Yori is standing right behind you."

Robin quickly whirled around to see what Cyborg said was true. This utterly confused the Boy Wonder not many people can sneak up on him without him noticing some kind of presence.

"How long have you been standing there?"

Yori looks to the clock on one the walls. "Just fewer than fifteen minutes Robin-san."

"Oh," that's all he could think two say for the situation. "Well could you go get Beast Boy and Ron and tell them that they should start getting into position for the plan."

"Hai" and with that Yori went to do what was requested of her.

"That girl has to be a ninja." stated Cyborg when Yori was out of ear shot.

Fifteen minutes later Ron and Beast Boy were standing on the roof of one of many banks in upper Jump City in their undercover clothes Hannah was sitting on Ron's Left shoulder while Rufus was sitting on his right. Ron was wearing a black mask that covered the bottom half of his face and a modified version of his mission clothes the pants stayed the same with a red sash to hold up his pants but now his shirt was a black GI without the sleeves giving any women and a few men a nice view of his developed muscles and a pair of fingerless gloves on his back was the lotus blade in an elegantly designed sheath. Ron had a black head band with a metal plate in the middle with the kanji for Lotus inscribed and on the back of the GI was the kanji for warrior. Hannah was wearing the basic ninja uniform from Yamanuchi given to her by master sensei himself.

"You ready Ron?" Beast Boy asked placing his shades over his eyes

"Let's do this man." Ron said making his way over to a skylight on the roof with Beast Boy by his side. Beast Boy pulls out his scythe rifle while Ron unsheathes his sword and together they both smash the window and jump through.

The customers were shocked to hear the shattering of glass and three figures showing up from the roof. "Alright people, my name is Dawg and these two behind me are my partners Monkey and the one sitting on his shoulder is Tank and if you don't cooperate you'll find out why, and we are Kings of the Wild and we will be robbing you today." Said Beast boy now known as Dawg waving his scythe riffle around in a lazy but with intimidation.

Dawg right ear twitched seconds before flipping away to be replaced by a bird-a-rang. "The only thing you three'll be doing is going to jail."

"Yes told you he would say a stupid one liner. Pay up Dawg." said Hannah now known as Tank holding out her little hand.

"Dammit" Dawg said while digging in his pocket pulling out fifty bucks. "Here, you little thief."

"That would be insulting if we weren't robbing a bank." Hannah said pocketing the money.

"Are you two done yet cause we have a job to do." Monkey 'Ron' said in a bored tone that made Raven proud especially sense since he's been at the tower Raven has been helping him work on his undercover personality.

Dawg looked to Monkey and shrugged. "Fine, which one you want I think I'll take the changeling and the tinman."

"I wanna fight the two girls, onii-chan." Hannah practically bouncing on the balls of her feet while looking to Ron, finally she would be able to cut loose and not have to act as weak as a five year old.

Monkey nodded his head in understanding why she would want to fight Raven and Starfire. Hell the child was almost as strong as strong as the Tameranian. "that just leaves the Boy Wonder then." Releasing a sigh he continued "I'll fight the leader than he seems like a little bitch anyways." Monkey's monotone rang out. In all honesty Ron doesn't like Robin in the least he didn't know why but he could tell that there was something off about the Titan leader.

Robin was the first to get over his stunned stupor of being called a bitch by a guy he's only known for a week.

"I'll show you who's little bitch Monkey!" Robin roared before charging Ron with bo-staff in hand swinging wildly.

A simple duck at the waste is all that was required from Ron to set up his counter attack since Robin over charged his opponent and let him in his guard, Ron bright his upper body back up at a blinding speed cathing Robin's jaw with the back of his head.

"Dude I've fought three year olds that had more technique than you," with having to train and raise Hannah for the last tow years that statement rang true "Man no wonder the dark night dropped you for a new Robin."

Meanwhile with Beast Boy, Cyborg, and the Beast Bot

"Beast Boy go lion and we'll pounce him together." Cyborg commanded 'Beast Boy'. The Robot did as commanded and shifted almost as well as the real Beast Boy. 'Huh? Gotta give Cy his props that's pretty close to my own morph.'

As Cyborg and the Beast Bot jumped towards the real Beast Boy he leveled his scythe/riffle at the Beast Bot and fired a strange device into its chest. The device was made so that it deactivate Beast Bot but to everyone else it would looks as if 'Dawg' had killed 'Beast Boy'. 'Man I really don't like watching myself die' The once gre changeling thought until a certain empath was sent into his field of vision. Turning his head Beast Boy saw something that will shock him through all eternity. It was Hannah but it was what Hannah was doing that shocked him, she was winning a fight against Starfire by running along the ceiling just to jump off at high speeds and slug the orang extra-terrestrial and vice versa with the floor and walls.

To Be Continued

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