Hey guys so i'm doing a different story cause i have this idea that wont get out of my head this is Based on The Girl From Nowhere (episode 2 season 2) soo here you go...
Maddy Pov
We were doing the test i sneakily swap my textbook to Jana's,even do i don't like her i have to be nice to her,Rhydian asked me to anyway and i can't say no to him.I can hear her talking to Kay something about cheating and i also heard Kathrina said what was the question then the teacher told Jana to collect the textbooks then she had a little fight with Kay and good thing she didn't wolf-out and when she collected Rhydian's book i can see he gave her a smile and then he noticed me looking i them to i quickly turned away i can feel he frowned when i looked away but i'm not sure.

I was sitting there in the dark room with Shannon,we were looking up some facts about our project then Rhydian came in"hi"i said in a weak tone.
"hey Mads"
"Why weren't you at the playground?"we were about meet in the playground talking about how me parents will accept Jana."i was with Jana to get some sandwhiches" right after he said Jana i stood up walking at the grabbed my hand."Maddy where are you going?"he asked i can see Shannon putting her headphones awkwardly and she sits in the corner."Why do you care..You'd Rather stay with your girlfriend JANA!"i shouted but i made sure no one heard us outside and then i let go of his i ran a single tear went down on my face i didn't care if anyone saw me i just ran to the i was completely tired and i sat down with my face full of tears and i asked my self "Why am i crying,i don't know whats happening i just feel heartbroken".

Rhydian Pov
I ran and ran till i found Maddy she was sitting down her face in her knees.
"Maddy?"i said in a soft gentle voice then she shouted at me
"What do you want?" I sat beside her and then she turned to the side
"Maddy Jana's not MY girlfriend she's just a friend...i never wanted to say this cause i was scared about your reaction but Maddy I...LOVE YOU"she turned to face me."You do?"her eyes lit up but still has few tears then i started rubbing the back of my neck and said "Yess..and i was hoping if you lo-" she cutted me off with a kiss and i returned it and when we broke apart "Maddy let's go before Jana might get in trouble"i said while taking her hand.

Turns out Jana did got in trouble we were waiting for her outside the principle office.
Here she come."What did she say"i asked
"She said she's giving me detention..but she didn't give me anything"
We laughed but Jana stood there confused...

So yea if you like me to do another one just asked what you want it based as and if my grammar is bad i explained it on my other story also i wanted to stop at i said holding her hand but i just loved the part when jana got detention and that's all ...
Love Stacey 3