A/N: So this is my first story I've ever posted. This is the prologue and first person flashback of Hermione's. I already have a few chapters written and the rest of the story will be in the third person. Please be nice and enjoy the story! The first two chapters are short, but it's necessary, the others are longer.

It was a cool night, a light breeze blew through the clearing as I paused by a tree to catch my breath.

In the distance I could hear shouts and screams and saw intermittent flashes of light flying behind the tree line.

A couple meters into the forbidden forest I hid out of sight.

Taking stock of my body I discerned that everything was in working order and mapped out my next move.

I had to find my friends. I couldn't just hide out in the trees while they risked their lives. I was a Gryffindor, I was supposed to be the one to rush head on into battle with no fear. But I was scared, I had seen so much death and destruction today and it was finally getting to me.

Flashing before my eyes I saw the dead faces of my friends.

Cho. With her stomach brutally slashed open and her internal organs spilling onto the grass.

Seamus. I found his head first, and then the rest of his body several meters later.

My hands started to shake and I gripped my wand harder, but the images kept coming.

Finally I was able to get a grip and refocused on the task at hand. The battle.

I ran across a dark grassy area and as I did so I spotted a dark form dashing across. I followed it, unnoticed hoping to assist if it were friendly, or attack if it were an enemy.

The form was still slightly ahead of me running parallel to the forest, luckily it seemed to not have noticed me following. A 2nd form came bursting out of the tree line.

"Expelliarmus!" I heard a feminine yell. The dark figure easily deflected it. Moments later a flash of green light erupted and the female voice crumpled to the ground.

The figure, paused for a second, as if contemplating something, but didn't even bother to examine the body or emit any sort of emotion. It simply jogged off in the direction of some shouts.

Cautiously I approached the body. I squinted in the waning moonlight trying to make out the face. I saw the vacant brown eyes of Ginny Weasley staring back at me. Shock wracked my body and I had to choke back the tears. I quickly shoved the emotions away as I had been doing all night, now was not the time to mourn. I still felt torn, I didn't want to just walk away and leave her like that all alone. I knelt down, hesitantly reaching out to close the eyes of my closest female friend.

Behind me I heard a rustling sound. Quickly, I spun around finding myself face to wand with Lupin.

Upon recognizing me he slowly lowered his wand. He opened his mouth to say something, but stopped as his eyes drifted to Ginny's limp figure.

I could see the pained look in his eyes. Together we stood for a moment, paying Ginny this small respect.

After a long moment Lupin cleared his throat, "Let's go help the others, there nothing you can do for her." He said.

I looked back once more, letting myself feel loss just for an instant, not only for Ginny but for the multitudes of others we had lost or would lose before the battle was over.

With a curt almost emotionless nod, I gathered my resolve and we hurried back towards the main battle.

As we jogged the flashes of light became brighter and the screams louder. I could hear a death eater's cackle ring out in the distance over a man screaming out in excruciating pain. On occasion I would feel my thin canvas shoes squelch thorough puddles of what might be blood, or even worse things I didn't even want to think about.

Coming up to a thickly wooded area, we were forced to slow down. Through the foliage I saw flashes of green light and heard a man grunt in pain.

Hesitantly I peered through the branches and I saw Harry locked in the heat of battle with a masked Death Eater.

There was a flash of red light and Harry was knocked on his back. I briefly wondered why the Death Eater hadn't called his master, we'd heard that You-Know-Who had made an appearance.

The Death Eater raised his wand over Harry and a flash of blue light sped towards him.

Without pausing to formulate a plan I Burst onto the scene, screaming out "Protego!" the Death Eater's curse was deflected. It was not my most clever move as I had left myself completely exposed to counter attack.

Luckily Lupin had followed closely behind me, and together we were able to get closer to Harry and assume a somewhat defensible position.

The Death Eater looked up at us his grey eyes narrowed not moving his wand from Harry.

At a temporary impasse we eyed each other, sizing up the opponent.

Harry slowly got to his feet, eyes locked on his wand that lay several meters away.

There was a rustling noise in the trees on the far side of the clearing. We all turned wands at the ready, self-preservation delaying the matter at hand.

Ron burst into the clearing out of breath and glassy eyed. I felt relief wash over me, with Ron here could save Harry and take down this lone Death Eater. A few seconds later I realized something was wrong. Ron stopped for a moment and swayed and jerked. Harry had started on a mad dash for his wand the second he saw Ron.

I watched Ron's eyes track Harry's movement. He raised his wand and I suddenly realized that the man standing in front of me was not in his right mind. I started to raise my wand, but it was too late, Ron yelled "Avada Kedavra!"

I watched the green light speed towards its target for what felt like hours.

Harry's body hit the ground. No one moved for a second. I should have done something, I wish I had done something but I was too shocked.

Ron spun on me, "You're next mudblood." intoned a cold voice that sounded nothing like my best friend.

"Stupefy!" I yelled, at the same time Ron said "Avada Kedavra", and the Death Eater muttered a spell I couldn't quite make out.

The red, green, and blue lights all flew towards each other, seemingly on a collision course.

There was a blinding flash of violet light and it all went dark.

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