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Chapter 4

"Alright then," Dumbledore motioned to Hermione after they'd finished picking out stories, "Name? backround?"

"My name is Hermione Hurwit, I am an American transfer student. My parents sent me here because now is not a good time to be a wizard in America. I am an only child, my family lives in a small wizarding village in Virginia. I am a pureblood and best friends with Ron and Draco who I grew up next door to."

"Good," Dumbledore gestured to Ron, "Next?"

"My name is Ronald Winch, my story is pretty much the same as Hermione's. I am also a pureblood and live in the same town as Hermione and Mal-Mercon."

Without waiting for Dumbledore to ask him Malfoy jumped into his story, "I'm Draco Mercon, also a pureblood," he smirked at this, "I grew up with Winch and Hermione, we are fleeing some dangerous times in America."

After he finished Dumbledore nodded. "This is such perfect timing, tonight is the start of term feast, so you three shall be re-sorted after the first years, as well as be introduced to the school."

"Professor," Hermione started, "I know you said it was necessary to say we are all purebloods, but I think it's wrong to lie to everyone, and I'm proud to be a muggleborn."

"I'm not sure how things are in your time but here there is still a lot of blood prejudice, it will make it easier for you to stay under the radar as well as making your contact with Mr. Mercon less suspicious if he is re-sorted in Slytherin."

"I guess I understand, even if I'm not pleased." Hermione said.

"Now one last thing before we go, "started Dumbledore, "Your Grandfather, Mr. Mercon is a 7th year here. The Malfoy Family resemblance is very obvious, mostly in hair. If you would allow me I'd like to change your hair to more of a darker dirty blond."

Malfoy ran his hand through his hair, looking slightly nervous for his hair for a second.

Ron snorted, Hermione elbowed him and glared.

Ignoring them Malfoy turned to Dumbledore "If it's necessary I suppose I have no choice, go ahead."

Dumbledore muttered a quick spell and Malfoy's hair changed. It was either a dark blond or a very light brown.

Hermione started him, amazed at how the change of hair color complemented his features, (which she'd never admit) as well as making him look less like, well Malfoy. He almost looked like he could be a nice person.

"And the last thing we need to take care of are your accents," Dumbledore flicked his wand at each of them, "There now you should sound just like an American."

They all started talking, to no one in particular, testing out their new voices.

"Wow this really weird," said Ron.

"I think it's amazing, I've read so many books and I've never heard of such a spell. I'll need to ask Dumbledore about it someday."

Dumbledore clapped his hands. "I need to get down the Great Hall the first years are arriving, you three wait in the Entrance Hall until I call you in." With that he swept out of the room.

Hermione, Ron and Draco stood out in the entrance hall. Inside they could hear the first years being sorted, they were at a student with a last name that started with S. So they were nearly done.

Hermione and Ron stood close to each other with Draco standing a little distance away leaning against the wall.

None of them spoke, not really knowing what to say to one another in this situation.

Finally Malfoy spoke up, "You guys do know we are in the same year as the Dark Lord?"

Hermione nodded, "I did the math earlier, but I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure how to bring it up." Internally she cringed at the American accent she spoke it. It was so different from her normal voice.

Ron just looked shocked and said, "What?!"

Momentarily they forgot about the news as they heard the applause in the Great Hall signaling the end of the sorting.

They heard Dumbledore's muffled voice, "Now before we eat," There were some groans, mostly from the guys, "We have some transfer students to be introduced and sorted."

That was their cue. The three of them walked in together trying to hold their heads high and ignore the stares and whispers of the other students.

After what seemed like ages they finally got to the front.

"First I shall let them introduce themselves, and then we'll sort them."

They glanced at each other and Malfoy and Ron took as small step back.

Hermione shook her head slightly, realizing that this was up to her.

"Hello everyone," She said her voice magically amplified, "My name is Hermione Hurwit, and these are my friends," She paused allowing them to say their names.

"Ron Winch."

"Draco Mercon."

"We are transferring from America, we are having some political problems and now is not a very good time to be a wizard there, so our parents sent us here to be safe and for a more stable education. We are all very happy to be here." She finished slightly awkwardly.

The student applauded politely.

"Now for the sorting," said Dumbledore as he herded them over to the stool.

"Who would like to go first?" he asked, just to the three of them.

None of them really wanted to, but Malfoy lazily raised his hand, "Let's get this over with."

He sat on the stool and put the hat on. After about 10 seconds, the hat shouted "SLYTHERIN!"

Ron muttered to Hermione, "Shocker"

She ignored him.

Malfoy stood up, as regal as ever and seated himself at the Slytherin table to the applause of his housemates, especially the girls.

Ron said "I'll go next."

He sat on the stool confidently.

He sat there for almost a good 45 seconds, Hermione got nervous, what could be taking the hat so long.

Suddenly the hat shouted. "SLYTHERIN!"

Hermione felt her heart stop for a second. What? was the only coherent thought she could manage.

She hid her shock and looked and Ron's red face, his fists clenched. He walked over and sat next to Malfoy refusing to look at his smirking face.

Suddenly nervous, she forced herself to sit on the stool.

She heard the Hat's voice in her ear.

Oh look here's another one. Tsk Tsk, so far from home. Oh well, might as well make the most of your time here. Seems as if you were a Gryffindor, hmm also an exceptional mind. But that's not where you belong this time.

No, Hermione thought, not Slytherin.

You'll have to take my word for it, this is how it is meant to be.

Then she heard the Hat yell "SLYTHERIN!"

Shakily she stood up and walked to the Slytherin table, almost in a daze.

She politely listened to her housemates as they introduced themselves. Responding, but not really digesting their words. They all picked at their food, even Ron who normally had the appetite of 3 people. The shock on all their faces was obvious. None of them would have ever guessed they'd all end up in Slytherin.

Soon dinner ended and they were dismissed. They all stood up, pretending to look confused and not know where the dormitories were.

A strikingly handsome young man walked up to the three of them. He was tall, probably about 6 feet, with light skin and dark brown hair, perfectly coiffed.

He stuck his hand out, "I'm Tom Riddle, one of the Slytherin Prefects, I can show you where the Dormitories are."

Hermione's body tensed and she could see the other two's bodies do the same.

Not missing a beat, Malfoy stuck his hand out, "Draco Mercon, and thanks that would be nice."

Jerkily Ron shook his hand too, "Ron Winch."

Hermione, not wanting to make her fear obvious plastered a smile on her face. "Hermione Hurwit."

Tom smiled back at them, sending a chill down Hermione spine. "Lovely to meet you all, now if you'd follow me, I'll show you to the Dormitories.

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